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Jeong Kwan: The Zen Buddhist Chef

Nov 24, 2018
Jeong Kwan: The Zen Buddhist Chef

Ven. Jeong Kwan is a 61-year-old Zen Buddhist nun who has lived the life of a hermit for the past 44 years. Born into a Korean family with six other siblings, she grew up on a farm and learnt to make noodles by hand at the age of just seven. This deeply impressed her...

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The Guangxi Community in Bentong

Jul 26, 2018
The Guangxi Community in Bentong

Bentong is one of the few towns in Malaysia which has a majority of Guangxi Chinese within the Chinese community. Around 75% of the Chinese population in Bentong...

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Dec 24, 2017

近代科学使人们对黄豆的营养价值充分认识,中国发明的豆腐与其副产品在饮食界的地位迅速提升。品种、数量和烹调方式相应增加,如今豆腐在中国更是无分南北东西,贫富身份,早已冲出海外,传播到其他国家, 发扬光大其滋味。

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Chinese in Malaysia

Feb 13, 2017
Chinese in Malaysia

  History The Chinese people are the second largest ethnic group in Malaysia after the Malays. Malaysians of Chinese descent consist of several sub-ethnicities, such as Min Chinese, Yue Chinese, Hakka Chinese, Wu Chinese and Northern Chinese. The first established Chinese settlement in Malaysia was formed in the 15th Century when the Chinese Princess,...

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Restaurant Veggie House

Feb 9, 2017
Restaurant Veggie House

  Overview Restaurant Veggie House is the latest vegetarian restaurant in Bentong, Pahang. It serves vegetarian “mixed rice” in the afternoons, and is the only vegetarian restaurant that is open for dinner. Although this is a new restaurant, the chef is one of the most experienced vegetarian chefs in Bentong, so the food...

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25 道令人垂涎的马来西亚美食

Nov 15, 2016
25 道令人垂涎的马来西亚美食


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25 Makanan Terlazat Di Malaysia

Nov 15, 2016
25 Makanan Terlazat Di Malaysia

Ramai orang mengatakan bahawa salah satu perkara paling menarik menetap atau berkunjung ke Malaysia adalah juadah makanan tempatan. Ia bukan sahaja murah malah banyak pilihannya. Di sini saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda beberapa jenis makanan yang boleh anda nikmati di Malaysia. Saya faham bahawa kebanyakkannya adalah makanan berdaging dan saya tidak pernah menggalakkan pemakanan...

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7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

Jan 20, 2016
7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

If you are considering taking on a vegetarian diet but are still uncertain about it, this might just be the right article for you. People always say that meat provides our body with the nutrients it needs but fortunately (or unfortunately for some), studies have proven otherwise. Meat is in fact one of the...

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20 Ultimate Health Benefits Of Guava

Dec 21, 2015
20 Ultimate Health Benefits Of Guava

Dear friends around the world, I recently came across this article and found it very interesting, I never knew that Guava has so many benefits and I have always loved Guavas, especially those that are sweet and crunchy. I hope you will enjoy reading this article. I sincerely hope this information will help you....

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You want to be fooled?

Sep 15, 2015
You want to be fooled?

Dear friends around the world, Food is sustenance. Food can be enjoyment. Food can be symbolic, bonding, a sort of expressing care and also cultural, but one thing food should not be is pain for animals. Last year when I saw the Forgotten Battery Hens video (or watch the video ), I decided to...

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Can you make this?

Aug 30, 2015
Can you make this?

Dear Friends, These are some delicious Tibetan favorites of many. What is wonderful is that they are vegetarian. So they taste good and  harm no one. I am not very fond of cooking but I know many are. I wonder if there is anyone out there who can make these? They are delicious. Please...

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20 Pounds of Poison

Aug 6, 2015
20 Pounds of Poison

I found this illuminating article explaining how much ‘poison’ we actually store in our bodies because we don’t consume the right foods or drinks to cleanse it! If you have never had a detox session before, then it is highly likely that your body contains a lot of ‘poison’ which is bad for your...

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Thank you Kamala Harris!

Mar 17, 2015
Thank you Kamala Harris!

Dear friends, This is super good news. Another good turn of events that the law helps to protect what needs to be protected. I really find this encouraging. I wish more state and federal governments will pass laws to protect animals. I am so happy to hear this and I will send a note and...

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Good news at Nando’s!

Mar 17, 2015
Good news at Nando’s!

  GOOD NEWS! I was having a casual chat with Pastor David last night about vegetarian food and he said he heard Nando’s has vegetarian burgers! I hadn’t heard of this. I was like really?? I asked him to please check! Today he confirmed that certain Nando’s branches does have vegetarian burgers now! Nando’s at 1Utama shopping mall in...

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What is 200 Calories?

Dec 3, 2014
What is 200 Calories?

As society becomes increasingly more health conscious, many people count the number of calories in their food.  Below is a fun pictorial example of what 200 calories look like for 35 different types of foods. Some of them only fill 10% of the plate… whereas some fill the entire plate AND is piled! Scroll...

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This can help you!

Sep 30, 2014
This can help you!

I’ve always liked natural or home ingredients to bring closure to some illness, problematic symptoms or discomfort. This article struck a chord. and I wanted to share with you. I haven’t had this made yet, so I don’t know what it tastes like but I do like garlic and always have. If any of...

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Recipe: Bone Nourishing Soup

Sep 1, 2013
Recipe: Bone Nourishing Soup

Dear students and friends, I would like to share with everyone another great recipe that Mrs Chuah (fondly known as Madam Chuah) taught the Ladrang kitchen to make. It is a bone nourishing and strengthening soup which Mdm Chuah kindly offered to Paul and I when she found out we both have back pains related...

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BEWARE! Too dangerous for you!!

Jul 8, 2013
BEWARE! Too dangerous for you!!

We are often so busy nowadays that we find ourselves regularly grabbing a quick bite from our usual haunts. I'm sure that many of you reading this are nodding your head in agreement! Hehe...

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Buddha Bar?

Jul 6, 2013
Buddha Bar?

I found this interesting news about an incident in Sabah where a young boy was forced to change the name of his club which he originally named as the Buddha Bar.

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Organic Leaf – Vegetarian Restaurant Review

Apr 6, 2013
Organic Leaf – Vegetarian Restaurant Review

Organic Leaf is a vegetarian restaurant dedicated to bring healthy organic food to their patrons.

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