Can the Dalai Lama say this one day?

Jan 21, 2016 | Views: 5,391
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Dear friends,

These are some thoughts I came up with. I am hoping one day His Holiness the Dalai Lama will speak these words but of course in his own special and charismatic way. I do not mean any of these memes to mock His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I would never do that. But the ban against Dorje Shugden practitioners has been happening since 1996 and it has been repressive, severe and heartbreaking to say the least. So much confusion, hatred and disharmony within Tibetan Buddhists have been created due to the segregation against Dorje Shugden followers. I don’t think any human being should be segregated due to their religion, spiritual choices, race, economic background or sexual orientation. Life is short and let it be. Anti Shugden people say you can build your own temples, worship as you like but stay away. Stay away? That is like how lepers were treated hundreds of years ago. How people of color were treated even as recent as a hundred years ago and even now in some places. You cannot say I have religious freedom on the one hand and on the other hand if I practice Dorje Shugden you cannot eat with me, associate with me and unfriend me. Also call me evil and warn me I am going to hell??! Doesn’t something sound wrong with that? And all on the basis of this one single difference from me to you which is I practice Dorje Shugden and you don’t. That is ridiculous. The ban must come down. Segregation due to political, religious or racial differences must stop. His Holiness the Dalai Lama should speak up about uniting everyone including Dorje Shugden followers. We are people too. We deserve equal rights, respect and dignity also.

Hence these memes are something I wish His Holiness the Dalai Lama will say very soon and bring harmony. He has the power to bring harmony within Tibetan Buddhists again. I respectfully request His Holiness to do this. I fold my hands and beg His Holiness the Dalai Lama to do so. Please bring the ban down.

Humbly, Tsem Rinpoche

Do please save these memes and share with others in order to create awareness. Thank you.




这是我的一些想法。我希望有一天,达赖喇嘛尊者会说这些话,不过当然是以他自己特殊及充满感召力的方式来发表。我并不是利用这些趣味图来嘲弄达赖喇嘛尊者。我永远不会这样做。自1996年开始,对多杰雄登持修者的禁令是非常压抑、严重和令人痛心的。由于多杰雄登持修者被隔离,这在藏传佛教徒之间造成了太多的困惑、仇恨及不和谐。我不觉得任何人应该因为他们的宗教、精神信仰、种族、经济背景或性取向而被隔离。生命是短暂而且应该让它如此。反对雄登持修的人说,你可以建立自己的寺院、随你意地持修雄登,不过你必须远离我们。 远离?一百年前人们是如此地对待麻疯病患者。这是有色人种在最近的一百年里仍然在某些地方遭受的待遇。你不能一方面说我有宗教自由,另一方面因为我持修多杰雄登而不能和我一起吃饭、联系以及与我有友好关系。说我邪恶,并警告我说我将下地狱??!这听起来难道不觉得不对劲吗?这一切就只是基于我和你之间的单一区别——我持修多杰雄登而你不持修。这是荒谬的。这项禁令必须解除。因政治、宗教或种族差异的隔离必须停止。达赖喇嘛尊者应该开口呼吁大家团结,包括多杰雄登的持修者。我们也是人。我们应该得到平等的权利、尊重和尊严也。



尽请保存这些趣味图,并与他人分享,为此课题建立意识。 谢谢。


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20 Responses to Can the Dalai Lama say this one day?


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  1. Pema Thinley on Jan 27, 2016 at 3:18 am

    Dear Rinpoche,

    May your wishes come true very soon and the all the sufferings and confusions be cleared once and for all. This has gone for many years and so many are under threats 🙁 Only if everything the ban is stopped officially by His Holiness _()_. I wish that His Holiness say that he did to make The Dharmapala Dorji shugden known to many and test the students or practitioners’ devotion.

    Thank you _()_

  2. Edwin Tan on Jan 26, 2016 at 3:36 am

    Dear Rinpoche,

    Thank you for the heartfelt and creative memes.

    I too, hope His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be compelled to say those words.

    He is a Nobel Peace Winner, He advocates compassion; yet what are happening to all practitioners of Dorje Shugden do not reflect peace nor compassion.

    We are in such advance of age where tolerance of all religion, tolerance of all races are witnessed everywhere.. yet such great segregation against practitioners of Dorje Shugden.

    I pray that the ban and segregation for DS and practitioners be removed soon.

    Thank you.

  3. Jason on Jan 26, 2016 at 2:37 am

    H.H Dalai Lama always promote compassion .can this be apply to Tibetan Dorje Shugden practitioner.Why Tibetan Dorje Shugden (DS)must be segregation from non DS practitioners until many were suffering?we can’t critsed others people practising because of we don’t practice it. DS is an emanation of Majushri.this fact can’t be denied.many high lama or Rinpoche already practiced long time ago.If DS really demons , why many Rinpoche already reincarnation back ?i am here to plea H.H Dalai Lama uplift the DS ban soon and more sentient beings will get benefit from practice DS .

  4. Pastor Henry Ooi on Jan 25, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Compassion has no boundary
    Compassion knows no barrier
    Compassion has no limit
    Compassion conquers all.

    These are some examples what compassion means, ultimately bringing lasting happiness to sentient beings. And we know that. All religions teach that. The Dalai Lama teaches that yet when it comes to treating Dorje Shugden practitioners, compassion does not exist. It defies logic why the selectiveness. It boggles the mind why the Dalai Lama sees Dorje Shugden practitioners as not equal as every human is but as pariahs.

    Forget about religion and spirituality, where are the basic human rights? I hope that soon the Dalai Lama with his great wisdom will see that almost 20 years of suffering has brought a heavy toll on the people. And these great memes are hopes that Dorje Shugden people look forward too, in the very near future. Let there be peace and harmony.

  5. Uncle Eddie on Jan 25, 2016 at 11:43 am

    Buddhism is said to be universal, not confined to any country or particular nation. Buddhism is therefore unique, mainly owing to its tolerance, non-aggressiveness, rationality, practicality and universality. It makes the noblest of all unifying influencea, and the only lever that can uplift the World. His Holiness,The Dalai Lama, is universally regarded as one of the great spiritual friends of our twentieth cnetury. He is the product of an unbroken lineage extending back to the historical Buddha. As spiritual and political leader of the Tibetan people, he has consistently advocated polices of non-violence, even in the face of great aggression; an approach that in 1989 won him the coveted nobel Peace Prize. A brillant scholar, his words and experiences go far beyond the academic. His teachings as said, are well-rooted in a life, tried and tested, dedicated to peace, human rights, social changes and the total transformation of the human mind and heart. Most of his lectured-tours around the World has touched people’s hearts, transcending religious, national and political barriers by simple, profound and great-heartedness of his message – that of universal resposibility and great compassion! His wisdomised explainations are filled with utter clarity and good reasoning with compassion. As such, we humbly and sincerely beg His Holiness, The Dalai Lama to utilise his good office to restore back peace, harmony and unity amongst all Dorje Shugden practitioners and worshippers once again, and to bring the ban down. With the Dalai Lama’s atruistic compassion and help, coupled with his immensed wisdom, we are confident that whatever problems or troubles of any kind can be contained and solved easily. With deep heartfelt gratitude, I humbly thank you, your Holiness.

  6. Uncle Lai on Jan 25, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Buddhism teach us to respect all religion and not to criticize them because we don’t believe them. But what I don’t understand within Buddhist faith itself there is isolation of Dorje Shudgen practitioners who are barred and banned from attending schools, hospitals, restaurants and other activities including H H The Dalai Lama teachings. This sound ridiculous but is true and it has been going on for 19 years.

    I hope the Dalai Lama see the plea of the people and end the confusion of Buddhist belief and end the ban. For this I support H E the 25th Tsem Rinpoche’s wish that the ban will come to an end soon.

  7. Sarah on Jan 24, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    The ban on Lord Dorje Shugden’s practice has caused a lot of suffering and confusion for many Shugden followers. I strongly support H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche’s wish that His Holiness will remove the ban very soon. I sincerely hope and pray that the suffering which has lasted 19 years will end very soon.

  8. freon on Jan 23, 2016 at 9:58 am

    These are a very good memes. Some how, it suit H.H Dalai Lama’s images on compassion. Wheres when this ban is on the way H.H Dalai Lama talk about the ban is totally opposite on the images he have- peace, compassion, understanding and logic. The ban, have not only destroyed the harmony of Buddhist society, bring confusion, bring chaos, bring hatred but also bring a very bad image on H.H Dalai Lama. Especially when Refugees in Tibet request for FREE Tibet, people will begin to look at how their own people, have been treated badly and become refugees in between refugees just because they practice the lineage Guru’s believed.

    Dorje Shugden practices, is not something new. Something created out of mind. But it have been practiced by the lineage gurus and also generation of Tibetan. How many people have their families relationship destroyed. How many people suffered the unknown fear of what is going to happening to them next. How many people being bullied severely in foreign land- not going to school, can’t even go to hospital – just because they practice the Lineage’s Gift- Dorje Shugden. Many of Dorje Shugden’s reincarnation have benefited many people. It is impossible that this beneficial High Lama whom are a Bodhichitta could be harmful now. The logic does not support that. May the ban be release soon. Om Benza Wiki Bittana Soha.

  9. Joy on Jan 23, 2016 at 12:40 am

    We need the discrimination, the prejudice, the bigotry and the segregation to end. The Dorje Shugden ban must come down for it is only just, fair, right, legal and a compassionate action from the leader who preaches compassion. So many have suffered for over 19 years… how many more years must this go on? If anything this ban has brought, it is the degeneration of Buddhism and humanity because no Buddhist should ever shun, condemn or hurt another being even if it was one’s enemy. I believe this was the teaching of Lord Buddha and all the saints of the many colourful religions of this planet. So how on earth is it in anyway correct for this kind of discrimination, segregation and division to amongst people, teachers and students, mothers and children, friends and brothers and sisters be allowed to continue? It is an outright breech on our human right freedom to practice freely what religion and faith we wish that does not break any law or cause any harm to others.

    How is it that it is okay for the Dalai Lama to say that respect, understand and dialogue is required for ISIS leader but not for Dorje Shugden representatives and people? Are we not human too? And these are people who His Holiness your very own people too. This I do not get, this is completely illogical and no matter how many excuses the Tibetan leadership comes up with, it all sounds pretty bad from the perspective of Buddhism, humanity, democracy and plain logic because it still does not justify the pain and suffering brought on to Shugden people all around the world.

    Thank you Rinpoche for these memes, it is what HH the Dalai Lama should be saying, it is what Buddhist should say, it is what’s right and it what the world needs now. May the ban and discrimination on Shugden people stop and peace and harmony restored like before.

  10. Wah Ying on Jan 22, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Too much sufferings and pains caused by the ban to practice Dorje Shugden for the pass 16 years. It’s time to lift the ban, it’s time to get things back to years prior to 1996, where friends and families are together, your choice of faith is respected, we all can eat together, sit down and share with each others… We are respected as a human being, without seeing what practice we are practising; just as we should be respected without being judged by our skin color, cultural background, lineages and so on.

    The wish expressed by H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche is not something created to humiliate H.H. Dalai Lama or anyone. Because this is the wish of so many people around the world, from India, China, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore to Tibet and more…to lift the Dorje Shugden ban, that brought, and still bringing segregation, persecution and discrimination to the Dorje Shugden practitioners. Furthermore, the pain and sufferings are not limited to Dorje Shugden practitioners, but to non-Dorje Shugden people as well. And, the wish is not something comes out from nowhere, the wish is in line with the Buddha’s teaching – treat all equally, having compassion and be acceptance to all, beyond their belief, color and background.

  11. Stella Cheang on Jan 22, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    These memes raised an obvious question of why world peace is a loop sided affair in Dalai Lama’s world and interpreted with absolute bias by HHDL’s followers. As the icon of Tibetan Buddhism, HHDL appeared to be oblivious to the pain and suffering from his own people due to HHDL’s own action and decision. I sincerely wish that HHDL will lift Shugden ban in the nearest future to stop the pain suffered by Shugden practitioners. In this way, the world peace agenda that HHDL is pushing can stand corrected as a hypocritical initiative to pull wool over people eyes. All the talks and the initiatives on world peace sound hollow when we see the Tibetan Buddhsim community is suffering from segregation & persecution due to difference in religion practice. Albeit a slight difference in the eyes of many.

    Something serious for haters to ponder.

    Thank You Rinpoche and everyone who created these memes with a message. I will help spread the message to others.

    Humbly, bowing down,
    Stella Cheang

  12. Pastor Patsy on Jan 22, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    These memes are beautifully designed to highlight the importance of the ban to be lifted. Dorje Shugden practitioners have suffered so much the past nineteen years because of this ban! Buddhism preaches tolerance, compassion, peace and harmony so why create discrimination and sufferings for Dorje Shugden practitioners? The lifting of the ban would bring so much harmony and unity amongst dharma practitioners!

  13. Pastor Han Nee on Jan 22, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    Thank you, Rinpoche, and the dedicated team for all these beautiful and heartfelt memes.

    Nineteen years of persecution and discrimination of Shugden people must surely come to an end .The Dalai Lama, and all who are against Shugden practitioners, should recognize the need for the ban to be lifted for the sake of peace and unity and to end suffering. Recently, H.H. the Dalai Lama was quoted by (an independent American news network) as saying that “there has to be a dialogue” with ISIS people – the Sunni radical terror network that is bent on carrying out terrorist acts of bombing, beheading, etc of people all over the world.Why can’t H.H. Dalai Lama also agree to peaceful negotiations with Shugden people, to being about a peaceful solution to the controversy over Shugden practice?

    We ask Dalai Lama to please say those words that will bring an end to conflict and strife against Shugden practitioners, whose only ‘crime’ is to practice Shugden out of their own strong sense of commitment and conviction. May freedom of religion reign for all for the sake of peace and unity and to end all suffering of Shugden people. May the ban be lifted.

  14. Lum Kok Luen on Jan 22, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Dear Rinpoche,

    Thank you for the many beautiful and creative memes to “intensify” our plea to HH to help end the ban.
    I have shared this out through social media to do my little bit to create this cause continuously to help bring an end to the ban.

    Humbly yours,
    Lum Kok Luen

  15. JP on Jan 22, 2016 at 1:25 am

    Thank you Rinpoche for this article and for highlighting the importance of acceptance and non discrimination. Being a spiritual leader that is world renown, HH The Dalai Lama has a social responsibility to be consistent with what he stands for and promotes around the world. The Dalai Lama can’t be promoting world peace and harmony for all except for Dorje Shudgen practitioners.

    Why the exception? How does this fall in line with his world message of peace and holding dialogues to work out the differences and come to a compromise? Why does the Dalai Lama not hold a dialogue with Dorje Shugden representatives and come to a compromise? Why stay quiet knowing that many Dorje Shugden practitioners are ostracized and suffering as a result of his ban?

    The world already has too much conflicts due to different opinions and beliefs. We don’t need more. And we certainly do not need a spiritual leader to add on to the sufferings regardless of his justifications. Religious discrimination is wrong on all levels. Period

  16. Beatrix Ooi on Jan 22, 2016 at 1:13 am

    Thank You Rinpoche for having all these heartfelt memes available for us on the blog. Dorje Shugden practitioners especially those who live in Tibet are suffering a lot, they are being discriminated and segregated by their own people.

    There are some people who like to put the blame on Dorje Shugden practise or practitioners just so that they can continue to live in denial. Number 1, it was not the practise that has created division amongst the people. Number 2, if the ban was not implemented, there wouldn’t have been discrimination and ostracism against Dorje Shugden practitioners. So when there’s no discrimination, there’s no division.

    Why is practising black magic allowed while propitiating Dorje Shugden(who’s a Buddha that comes from a pure lineage) isn’t? I do not see the logic behind this, why is ONLY Dorje Shugden practise excluded while other religions or faiths like bon or even black magic are allowed? I’m not saying this to blame His Holiness or anything, but I just think that we should respect each other since we are individuals who have different views/ perspectives.

    Then we have some people who call themselves His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s “followers” and supposedly are “practising” the Buddhadharma and yet acting like barbarians, wishing Dorje Shugden practitioners to go to hell?? What makes you a religious practitioner? You’re a humiliation to Buddhism and I’m sorry to say this but you’re only making people to lose respect for His Holiness. His Holiness the Dalai Lama sure didn’t preach you to hurl all sorts of vulgarities towards others?! His Holiness teaches compassion and kindness, we all respect and love Him even though we may not share the same religious views.

    Dear Your Holiness, I beg You to please consider this and ease the pain of Dorje Shugden practitioners, no one is at fault for believing what they believe in. Putting our faith in something/ someone we believe in is not a crime, please lift the ban and end the sufferings of the people.

  17. KB on Jan 21, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    We have created this memes because we want H.H. To give us some love too and let us practice our Buddha. We really hope this dream will com true, may all Dorje Shugden practice be equal with other religion in the world and may H.H. Live long ..

  18. Sock Wan on Jan 21, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    Why do we create all these memes? Because of injustice and too much sufferings. We are not into politics, we just want to practice spirituality.. One of the things we learn in spirituality is not to inflict pain onto others and to help others out of sufferings. We are Dorje Shugden pratictioners, we are very lucky that in Malaysia we have a very open-minded government who allows us to practice our belief. However for other Dorje Shugden practitioners in India especially, they are discriminated by their own ‘government’. They are not accepted in the monasteries, in the school, in the hospital and shops. We cannot bear to see them suffer, thus the ban must be lifted. Please share the memes to create awareness, hopefully these messages will reach His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

  19. Choong on Jan 21, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Love, not for just some, for everyone…

  20. Carmen Koo on Jan 21, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Thank you for these memes which I am sure required a lot of work editing, conceptualizing, writing etc. from a dedicated team with a burning wish like Rinpoche that the ban against Dorje Shugden is lifted.

    It would bring much unity and harmony to Tibetan Buddhism which is very much needed. All practising Tibetan Buddhists should not be further segregated by discrimination, violence, hatred, anger, yidams, practices, protectors because we are here to spread the teachings of compassion,kindness, transformation, bodhichitta as taught and written in the kangyur by Buddha Shakyamuni and I don’t think in the sutric texts, did Lord Buddha encourage discrimination against others. So why is there so much discrimination and segregation today? It has to stop and the power lies in the hands of the Dalai Lama to unite us. Please lift the ban soon!


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  • nut’ tip
    Tuesday, May 24. 2016 10:31 PM
    One day the great ((Protector of Samye)) , Nechung, __ .Tip: #Setrap is not Samye’Guard, so re:think is Nechug is strictly conected with place Samye’PRotector? i not have enaugh experience-so not write conclussions,,but Ningma have own staff in that (#Samye)place before Gelug’ 5th Dalailama secret temple trunghor base on PemaLingpa movements, not gelug made!it. ?……It’s same as excelent pure samajas:bonpo yogis :Siakyamuni &GuruRinpoche in previous lives been.And some teachers&students :ningma , kagyu quote bonpo is black magic, or white bonpo is not bhudist dzogchen, HHDL perfectly &unmistaken recognize Bonpo as spitritual part of tib’heritage. mount.#kailas before drukpa been bonpo’ by many years thousand&ceuntrys.#karma all is?in kaliyouga acumulate new good karma is no easy:( . of course bonpo lamas as lamas are, but generalization and opinion abt others sepeciality its?need to be delicate ,sensitive and try not judge what is not so easy base on own view. So HHDL atemptings to harmony btw 5 tib spiritual! schools is sth good.
    [no sender]
  • nut’ take a look.
    Tuesday, May 24. 2016 09:19 PM
    dont you LIVE TO LOVE ( Lord Siakjamuni’Charioter ) HH TRIJANG DearRINPOccE almoust500K. from feb2013
    [no sender]
  • nut’ take a look.DS,hm
    Tuesday, May 24. 2016 09:06 PM
    ##HHDL use PAT (druk’explanations from sanscrit as paper handly destroy?)not PHAT (ningma?) . || Between earlier and later conceptions, the #continuum of the clear light of innermost ##awareness #remains #unbroken. Shock lionsroar’advert 25$ can you belive? 25$.its quite ecpensiv for me me me me me me = ego’evho? &U? R under TR may be every 3-6?months Q&A? 1time/year TR’Q&A for nonkecharians?with russian translator on “”russian FB”” : ..later/portugal?spain?french? cn&us Uhave!it. (note:i have no questions lol) very very nice to hear excellent english accent?55min! same same DS (in night i saw) same as mandziusri? DS&CACTUS =same c4citroen’base : and final QUESTION is TR know how ride bicycle and health conditions allow for it? comfortable& good bike ? of course DS:) any one in Kechara tested it?i not have aexoperience.90%ppl in bhuddist ”society”have diferent READINGS
    [no sender]
  • Ai Nin
    Tuesday, May 24. 2016 06:08 PM
    Thank you Rinpoche and Pastor David for this post.


    1. 違反上师依止心
    2. 破坏传承,自造与推翻所有上师的灌顶,上师传授的口传等等
    3. 分上师的高低级,由因他只是一位格西就离开或很高级的上师就跟從
    4. 破坏弟子与上师三昧耶


  • samfoonheei
    Tuesday, May 24. 2016 05:33 PM
    Dear Rinpoche thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of Manjushri Statue. I havent got s chance to see it yet but from what i heard and read its such a beautiful Statue..I will visit it some day to see it myself.May all be blessed by this beautiful Manjushri Statue at KFR.
    Thanks again for sharing
  • Lin Mun
    Tuesday, May 24. 2016 06:04 AM
    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing thing article. I agree that a lot of people mixed up secular and spiritual for each convenience.

    Should a person choose a spiritual path then he or she should act in accordance to it. The ban and segregation in Tibet to those people who practice Dorje Shugden is not right. Every human has religious freedom and choice of practice. Dorje Shugden practitioners will continue their practice because it is given by their Guru. In Tibetan Buddhism it is very important not to break the samaya with Guru. So for those who do not agree with it then it is fine but they cannot harm the Shugden practitioners and even critised or discriminate them. I hope the ban on Shugden will be lifted soon and stop the sufferings of the practitioners.
  • Stella Cheang
    Monday, May 23. 2016 02:05 PM
    Every chapter of His Eminence the 25th Tsem Rinpoche’s life is an inspiration to mundane being like us. He grew up separated from biological parents, suffered in the hands of abusive parents, and faced endless obstacles for wanting to be learn and spread dharma; yet, His Eminence never sway from His purpose in life. He could have led a life of celebrity in Hollywood since His Eminence was tall, dark and handsome. He could have ran when the poor living condition in Zong Ladrang was unbearable; sleeping in the cow shred with leaky roof and full of mosquitoes. He could have left when there was no sponsors to send money and support His monthly sundry expenses, and He had to rely on only of Tsampa (barley flour) mixed with tea for all His meals. But He stayed, and taught Buddha Dharma without any resentment on the harshness life He encountered. He is always kind and loving, always find ways to benefit others, unconditionally. He is truly a living Buddha.

    Thank you Rinpoche and Valentina for this structured and neat compilation of the Biography of His Eminence. I hope many more people will now get to read about His Eminence.

  • Stella Cheang
    Monday, May 23. 2016 01:44 PM
    Our mind is important. What the mind thinks it becomes. Mr Rodrigues is right in pointing out that our mind in the root of manifestation of certain circumstance or event that we may term as being negative or positive. We can label this method as the Law of Attraction, which advocates positive thoughts attract circumstances which are of a like nature. Law of Attraction does help with uplifting us from negative perpetuation in the mundane world. But it lacks the ascendancy over the profound understanding of life and the way things work. As such, I am incline to believe that people who practice Law of Attraction heavily tend to negate the fact of Karma, because they cannot grasp the gist of Karma – it operates not just in this lifetime but over many, many lifetimes, past and future. We must take the responsibility of our previous actions and make the changes to correct them. In my humble opinion, Law of Attraction (positive thinking) is just about one of the means to the end.

    Thank you Rinpoche and Herman Rodrigues for this interesting article that allow me to ponder deeper on Law of Attraction.
  • Yeo Kwai Gin
    Monday, May 23. 2016 01:48 AM
    Yeo Kwai Gin on May 23, 2016 at 1:46 am
    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing how to make people like us immediately article.

    After finish reading this article,i found that a lot of people who more popular around me containing above of conditions . It was a lot have to learned from people get along.
    I am more introverted, so i am not much friends along, and Rinpoche emphasis and methods above, they are the good way for me to learned.
    Since i meet Rinpoche and especially watch Rinpoche dharma talk ” Nothing Changes,Everything Changes ” DVD, i start study and trying to improve from trouble and people get along what i am facing everyday instead of blaming always.
    Among learning, i realise that get along with others, if i always think on side of “me” to manage the conflict, i well get negative results finally. But , if i always thinking on the side of others, i will have a consensus and learned much from it. With heart of compassion, Diligently, honesty, care, help each others also are the keys to improve realtionship each others and can acheive win win results.

    Thank you Rinpoche.

    With Folded Hands
    Yeo Kwai Gin
  • Lin Mun
    Sunday, May 22. 2016 11:40 PM
    Thank you for sharing your experience in Tai Chi and how it relates to your spiritual practice. I go agree that it both gel as Tai Chi is also a practice of our mind.

    The movement seems easy but require lots of focus and concentration. Hence it is a practice of our mind towards our body movement and balances.
  • Lin Mun
    Sunday, May 22. 2016 10:39 PM
    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing this article.

    There are some methods which I feel iare applicable and some are not. To me various people have different expectation of a relationship be it family , colleague, friends, clients, customers and etc. Each want have different expectation and needs when we talked to them. it is how we label them.

    I believe most importantly we should always have good motivation, honest and sincere when talking to anybody. Then in turns would build a good impression.
  • Pastor Adeline
    Friday, May 20. 2016 06:26 AM
    The courage Neerja shown is spontaneous without a sign of hesitation which obviously arise from compassion and selflessness. She is an inspiration, to say the least. Neerja showed us our life is worthless when we focus solely on ourselves.

    Our life is insignificant as compared to many others we have responsibilities to take care and guard. When we know more, we are in the position to help, guide and protect just like a senior to junior, a mother to her child. This kind of action reflects the level of our maturity and care.

    I wish many will be inspired by Neerja and allow our similar qualities to shine for the benefit of others.
  • Stella Cheang
    Thursday, May 19. 2016 01:31 PM
    For the Tibetan in exile society where serfdom was just a recent past and still going through fascism albeit under guised, it is no wonder that they bent easily in the face of threat and oppression. People would rather comply with an illogical ban and abandon their spiritual promise than risk being at the bottom of the society and being spit upon. Many view HHDL as their spiritual guide hence his decree to abandon Dorje Shugden did not come as an issue for them. But this is a misguided understanding.

    Pastor David put here very plainly the correct view: “If one has a simple Geshe as one’s teacher alongside HHDL, both should be considered equal in our practice. There is no higher-ranking Guru in our practice. According to the 50 Stanzas of Guru Devotion by Ashvagosha, if we cannot engage in Dorje Shugden’s practice because we choose to abide by the ban, we have to return to the teacher who had given us the practice to explain and seek permission to give up our practice. If the teacher is no longer alive, we are bound by the commitment for life and we cannot simply give up the practice if we want to truly advance in our spiritual practice.”

    Hence, for those who abandon Dorje Shugden practice for whatever reasons they choose to believe in, please know that you have forsaken your precious samaya with the lama who had given the practice to you and hence, any spiritual dimension to this direction is GONE.

    I choose to believe and trust my lama because He places His spiritual practice and samaya with His guru at the utmost priority of His life. Even at the face of being ostracised within the Tibetan community and being physically threaten. His action is out of pure devotion to His Guru and possesses no vested interest in pursuing a popularity contest. When we find a Guru who possesses these qualities, we must never forsake our Guru, as stated in the 50 Stanza of Guru Devotion by Ashvagosha.

    Thank you Rinpoche and Pastor David for this clear and concise write up. I hope those for had deserted their Dorje Shugden lama and practice get to read and understand it, and seize any opportunity to mend their samaya with their lama.
  • Pastor Adeline
    Thursday, May 19. 2016 04:58 AM
    The thing that Tibetans or Tibetan Buddhists tend to mix up is their devotion to their root guru and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In the history and culture of Tibet, it seems that His Holiness has been held in high regard where his words override one’s root guru, who in comparison, actually guides, leads, teaches, cares and make an impact on one’s life.

    His Holiness is a spiritual leader of Tibet who oversees the religious matters of Tibet, more specifically, only that of the Gelug tradition. This role is more like an administrative role that makes sure harmony or rime is being practiced within all traditions to bring peace to Tibetan Buddhists. He does not provide personal guidance, nor does he has time to guide individuals on a personal level and overseeing their spiritual growth.

    This nature is what we have to see clearly and understand, so we are not confused between his role and that of our root guru. It is obvious that we hold the samaya with our root guru who confers teachings to us and guides us gradually on our path to enlightenment. If he gives us Dorje Shugden practice, we go all the way with it. By doing so, we create the cause to lift the Dorje Shugden ban!
  • Lin Mun
    Wednesday, May 18. 2016 11:36 PM
    Thank you Herman for this interesting article. Coincidentally I was thinking about the law of attraction today.

    I agree that we should learn law of attraction through karma. For example there is no point just thinking that we will get healthy but we did not do anything about it or eating excessively on unhealthy food.

    We experience what we have as a result of our own creation. Hence our mind is very important as it determine our action. We should always have a positive mind set and set positive motivation as it will then produce good positive result.

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What Am I Writing Now


The Unknown

The Known and unknown are both feared,
Known is being comfortable and stagnant,
The unknown may be growth and opportunities,
One shall never know if one fears the unknown more than the known.
Who says the unknown would be worse than the known?
But then again, the unknown is sometimes worse than the known. In the end nothing is known unless we endeavour,
So go pursue all the way with the unknown,
because all unknown with familiarity becomes the known.
~Tsem Rinpoche

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4 days ago
35 Confessional Buddhas
4 days ago
Please do not hate us
4 days ago
Beautiful statue [image: Inline image 1]
1 week ago
Such a stunning White Tara!
2 weeks ago
Neerja's mother accepting the highest award in India on behalf of her daughter. Her daughter's bravery saved 300 people. Her strength, compassion and presence of mind during great tragedy earned Neerja a deep place in our hearts forever. Tsem Rinpoche
2 weeks ago
Goddes supreme, with a wave of your right hand the 84,000 demonic interfering beings are repelled. With the powerful umbrella you hold in your left grants supreme protection upon your devotees. Although beautiful to behold you are fully attained and beyond samsara and a perfect refuge. Grant us protection, love and wisdom with your sacred mantra powerful Dukkar Goddess. ~Tsem Rinpoche 
2 weeks ago
I love Japan so much. The water is so blue and clean. The landscape is so magical. It's such a beautiful country and a great place to engage in meditational retreats.
2 weeks ago
A good meme by Pastor Seng Piow!
2 weeks ago
Gaden Jangtse Kensur Rinpoche Lobsang Chojor together with Tsem Rinpoche in Gaden Monastery
2 weeks ago
May 31, 1990, the day Tsem Rinpoche was enthroned formally in Gaden Shartse Monastery
2 weeks ago
Panglung Oracle in trance back in 1925
2 weeks ago
More lamas/Tibetans are speaking up. This has nothing to do with Dorje Shugden ban although it helps the Dorje Shugden cause because there is more unrest and disharmony from many sectors within Tibetans showing the world so many are unhappy with the leadership.-Lodreu Rabsel Rinpoche's strong letter to the Dalai Lama regarding giving religious freedom within the Karma Kagyu sect of Buddhism is a MUST READ- and he is applauded as courageous for writing this:
3 weeks ago
The beautiful truth
3 weeks ago
Manjushri notes
3 weeks ago
Karma Kagyu’s Lodreu Rabsel Rinpoche asks the Dalai Lama for Religious Freedom-This is explosive-Must read!
3 weeks ago
The place where Lord Tsongkapa's holy remains are housed for pilgrims to visit in Gaden Monastery Tibet.
3 weeks ago
How death is so near, yet I cherish my ego more than my guru, more than his instructions and my protector. They are the only ones significant at death for me and yet I still think I have time. Tsem Rinpoche 
4 weeks ago
Would be so nice to live in an area where Bigfoot is prevalent and sighted. That would include mountains and lakes too.
4 weeks ago
Because of the ban against Dorje Shugden followers started in 1996, 700 monks had to cut from Sera Mey Monastery and start this new monastery. This new Serpom Monastery located in South India still suffers tremendous hatred and prejudice, but the brave monks continue their practice and lineage.
4 weeks ago
Vietnamese monk who self immolated hoping to bring change in his country. He sacrificed his life and sat still during the immense pain of his body burning.
4 weeks ago
Protector of the Sakya School of Buddhism, Gonpo Gur or Mahakala Panjarnata
4 weeks ago
Such a wondrous place to be with such a view that heals the soul. Why live in a city where it is unnatural and polluted. Everyday in the city is a day away from where we belong. We belong among the greens, forest, mountains and clean air. We belong in such a place and doing our retreats, sadhanas and mantras to find the ultimate place of belonging and peace....the ultimate place is within us with a developed spiritual mind. Hard to achieve among distractions in the city. 
4 weeks ago
This is the five foot Arya Avalokitesvara statue I have offered Gaden Shartse Monastery many years ago. It still graces the main prayer hall of Gaden Shartse Monastery.
4 weeks ago
Painting of 31st Sakya Trizin Kunga Lodro- Did you know that 7 of the great throneholders of the Sakya lineage of Tibetan Buddhism practiced Dorje Shugden and even composed extensive prayers to him? Take a look here and see what you can learn:
1 month ago
This is a good motto to work by within a team.
1 month ago
Beautiful painting of Pandit Naropa
1 month ago
Beautiful painting of Lord Buddha's miraculous birth.
1 month ago
Beautiful image of Tara.
1 month ago
This is a good read. Evocative and memory filled:
1 month ago
Kyabje Gangchen Rinpoche and Tsem Rinpoche
1 month ago
It was nice to meet them.
1 month ago
Good friends came to visit me. I was happy to see them as they have brave hearts and pure samaya. Tsem Rinpoche
1 month ago
Lef to right: Cousin Tsagan, dad, Aunt Meda, mom, sister Lidshma, cousin Liz, Aunt Elena, friend from France and Susie in Green dress. People whom I am fond of from the distant past..
2 months ago
Some friends went on a spiritual pilgrimage to Nepal recently and when they returned they gifted me with these wonderful books on Yeti/Bigfoot which I don't have. Wow! I like to thank Ms. Yee Lee, Mr. Swee Keong, Ms. Phoebe Yong, Mr. CK Siah & Ms. Wei Theng for their generosity and indulging me in my bigfoot hobby. Tsem Rinpoche
2 months ago
The famous 5th Panglung Oracle
2 months ago
Mysterious print of Pelden Hlamo the Goddess protector
2 months ago
This is a thangka of Cittamani Tara where her body mandala appears clearly. This image was circulated back in Thubten Dhargye Ling when HH Zong Rinpoche taught her sacred practice which was a pure vision of Thapu Dorje Chang. Thapu Dorje Chang received this practice in a pure vision. He was the guru of Pabongka Rinpoche.
2 months ago
Beautiful article on the Drigung Kagyu Achi Chokyi Drolma:
2 months ago
Tsem Rinpoche making offerings of robes to Lord Buddha in Bodhgaya
2 months ago
What was once very beautiful destroyed by hatred, anger and prejudice.
2 months ago
What His Holiness Panchen Rinpoche composed about Dorje Shugden:
2 months ago
Comprehensive proof of Dorje Shugden in the Sakya school of Buddhism even before Gelugpa. Interesting:
2 months ago
When we see others who behave not according to our expectations and just to ‘get them back’ we throw all caution to the wind and we get angry, retaliate, fight back, scream, yell and then quit, it shows our mind. Everything is about our own mind. That is not to say they are not at fault. But if we want the world to act perfectly in our presence and then we don’t get angry, that is SO INCREDIBLE IDEALISTIC AND WE ARE DOOMED FROM THE START in anything we do. We have to keep our equilibrium always. Remember our vows, promises and our own state of mind. Be kind to ourselves and not let the other person throw us off because we have to be in control of our own minds. Remember, our mind and how it reacts is the key.--- H.E Tsem Rinpoche
2 months ago
Ekai Kawaguchi -Three Years in Tibet-Read more:
2 months ago
Read about the Hawaiian Pele Goddess:
2 months ago
Good friends. March 2016
2 months ago
Kyabje Gangchen Rinpoche meeting with Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche March-2016.
2 months ago
My dog Mumu is so cute always
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  • Dorje Shugden oracle taking trance in China
    1 week ago
    Dorje Shugden oracle taking trance in China
  • Dorje Shugden oracle taking trance in China
    1 week ago
    Dorje Shugden oracle taking trance in China
  • Taking Trance
    1 week ago
    Taking Trance
  • See what humans can do
    3 months ago
    See what humans can do
  • Shocking undercover video shows animal abuse at 'humane cert
    3 months ago
    Shocking undercover video shows animal abuse at 'humane cert
  • Video reveals what goes on inside 'humane slaughterhouse' in
    3 months ago
    Video reveals what goes on inside 'humane slaughterhouse' in
  • People can really live their lives to save others. This is a good way to live. Beautiful video.
    3 months ago
    People can really live their lives to save others. This is a good way to live. Beautiful video.
  • -
    5 months ago
    All beings have feelings and do not want pain, to be hurt or harmed. Therefore we must respect this and not harm animals. See this video how this man has made good friends with a special fish who comes when he rings for the fish. Touching. Tsem Rinpoche
  • -
    8 months ago
    HH the Dalai Lama prays with HH Trijang Rinpoche and HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Such a beautiful video of His Holiness Dalai Lama, His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and His Holiness Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche (Very exalted high Nyingma lama) are all praying together. In the background you see a young Kyabje Lati Rinpoche too. So beautiful. This is how it was before the ban. All the sects and high lamas were superbly harmonious. After the Dorje Shugden ban things changed for the worse. May the ban be released soon. Tsem Rinpoche
  • Nice Dorje Shugden rock painting
    8 months ago
    Nice Dorje Shugden rock painting
  • His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche teaches the truth of life and our impeding death.
    9 months ago
    His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche teaches the truth of life and our impeding death.
  • A kind message from Mr. Tsering Wangchuk to me. Thank you so much. Tsem Rinpoche
    9 months ago
    A kind message from Mr. Tsering Wangchuk to me. Thank you so much. Tsem Rinpoche
  • Mr Chatreng Yeshe's message to me (Part 1)
    9 months ago
    Mr Chatreng Yeshe's message to me (Part 1)
  • Mr Chatreng Yeshe's message to me (Part 2)
    9 months ago
    Mr Chatreng Yeshe's message to me (Part 2)
  • His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche accepts Long Life puja
    10 months ago
    His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche accepts Long Life puja


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3 hours ago
Puja House staff performing Candle offering at Wisdom Hall - Chris (KHPH)
4 hours ago
Candle Offering at Wisdom Hall - Chris (KHPH)
4 hours ago
Making Druchuma Puja Torma at Wisdom Hall - Chris (KHPH)
5 hours ago
Druchuma Puja at Wisdom Hall to remove obstacles in dharma work. -Chris (KHPH)
8 hours ago
PH/KH team meeting to discuss how to spread Dharma on-line_PB
8 hours ago
Beautiful stupa in Kechara Forest Retreat_PB
8 hours ago
A 8 team puja member dedicating Dorje Shuden prayer to Kechara's members birthdays to clear and pacify their obstacles for smooth spiritual path - May Ong
9 hours ago
World Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden Weekly Puja held in Kechara House on Mondays at 8pm - May Ong
9 hours ago
Enlightened Street Art of Protector Dorje Shugden mural in Los Angeles, USA - May Ong 24 May 2016
9 hours ago
Kechara Puja Team and Kechara House staffs were shared on how to improve our social media skills by Frederick . Lucy Yap
12 hours ago
Having a blog discussion on Dorje Shugden Post with the team in Kechara House using Skype from Wisdom Hall - Chris (KHPH)
12 hours ago
Playing and learning is the best way for kids By Eric Ho
12 hours ago
Awesome painting experience.... Like By Eric Ho
12 hours ago
Good remembrance for the kids By Eric Ho
13 hours ago
Very creative hand and craft done by KSDS school By Eric Ho
13 hours ago
Beautiful art work done by Kids in KSDS By Eric Ho
13 hours ago
Body art in Kechara Teachers By Eric Ho
15 hours ago
Beautiful Green Tara altar set up for by Kechara Puja Team. Lucy Yap
15 hours ago
Dorje Shugden puja beautiful altar set up by Kechara Puja Team. Lucy Yap
15 hours ago
Pastor Gim Lee led Kechara Puja Team during one of the many requested Dorje Shugden pujas performed at Kechara House. Lucy Yap
18 hours ago
KSDS Art Exhibition 2016 - lovely hand prints done by children of age 2 to 4 years old. Lin Mun KSDS
18 hours ago
KSDS Art Exhibition 2016- these are very beautiful art piece produce by children of age 7 to 13. Lin Mun KSDS
18 hours ago
Thank you Datuk May and Pastor Adeline for officiating KSDS Art Exhibition 2016 on auspicious Wesak Day. Lin Mun KSDS
21 hours ago
Image from Pee Bee Chong
22 hours ago
KSDS Teachers and students are excited to have wefie together. KSDS, Alice Tay




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