Jesus was a Buddhist Monk (BBC documentary)

Jul 24, 2012 | Views: 19,103
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Dear friends,

This is really a ground breaking documentary by world respected BBC.  This is a video that must be seen. Let me know your comments.

I love interfaith harmony. It is my hope these videos so beautifully produced will contribute to interfaith harmony, understanding and peace among all living beings.

Tsem Rinpoche



Jesus was a Buddhist Monk BBC Documentary


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The Life of the Buddha (BBC Documentary)

Lord Buddha’s life which is beautifully recorded here in this documentary.


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Jesus in India – Beyond Belief Documentary (very interesting video)


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Or view the video on the server at: BBCDocumentary.flv







Buddha Documentary (must see… very beautifully illustrated-Nice for kids and adults)


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89 Responses to Jesus was a Buddhist Monk (BBC documentary)

  1. JImmy Tan on Jul 24, 2012 at 3:42 pm


  2. Samten Dorje on Jul 24, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    I really don’t think we need to entertain weather or not Jesus was a Buddhist. Clearly the texts we have shown he was not, unless we have some “new” text to prove his view is even vaguely close to the dharma. If (and that is a big if) he was in India it makes more sense that he was trained as a Hindu, that would fit a little better (at least the view can be warped enough by interpretation to be seen as the “same”)The texts on the side of buddhsim clearly state that the view is what defines what is and is not buddhist, now “if” Jesus was a buddhist why would he subscribe again and again to en eternalist view???

    • Monteiro Neto on Jul 24, 2012 at 10:43 pm

      How can someone affirm that an eternalist view was really Jesus one if what was claimed to be “his words: were written down generations after his passing?? I have a totally con tray view, that when striped from wordily and convenient interpretations, his teachings are very close to Dharma.

      • Zla’od on Jul 25, 2012 at 5:07 pm

        Meanwhile, the Baha’is make the same argument to show that Buddha believed in God. After all, you can’t prove that he didn’t–the earliest records are from centuries later!

    • Tenzin Losang on Jul 29, 2012 at 1:55 pm

      The eternalist view was developed by the Church in Rome to make Christianity more appealing to the masses. Their simplistic view that eternal salvation can be achieved merely by the simple act of accepting Christ differs greatly to what Gnostic Christianity taught. In Gnosticism, which is the earliest form of Christinaity, there were teachings about reincarnation and karma. Gnosticism also teaches that Christhood (Buddhahood) can be achieved by any being through spiritual practice. The Church insists that salvation can only be achieved via its approved rituals and priesthood and saw Gnosticism as a threat to its status, relevance and political power soo it sought to outlaw Gnosticism and labeling it as heretical. When compiling the New Testament, various gospels that mention reincarnation and karma were also excluded. Gnostic Christianity remained buried in obscurity until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 1940′s. I believe Jesus was an Enlightened being and everything he taught is in line with Buddhism as we see it today. The problem is, his teachings have become degenerate due to 2000 years of misinterpretation by mere mortals, some quarters even skewing it for their own selfish needs. Just a little off topic here: The famous American psychic Edgar Cayce also spoke about the past lives of Jesus (

      • Al Xong Rinpoche on Jan 31, 2013 at 9:45 am

        There is no question of an eternal existence except in the simple minds. The goal is to escape hell or the second death. The resurrection was to bring to people of this world that someone surviving the first death was not subjected by the second death. People are so evil that they commit all sorts of atrocities. The prayer of the saints credo of the Nazarenes is if you lead by the sword you shall be lead bu the sword and if you lead into captivity you shall be lead into captivity. So if you kill or you imprison someone you have to pay for it but otherwise just believing in Jesus is enough to make you aware that your death can be achieved in serenity. For Jesus is so high in the realm of consciousness that when you die he is there and guides you personnaly. All you have to do is make him your personnal savior. In the discipline of budhism you can refuse all desires and that can make you serene in death. Anyone dying serenely as a shot at becoming conscious of God and going to him in all humility and living his serenity for eternity. THus is the eternalists credo (in greek belief or faith(.

  3. Zla'od on Jul 24, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    In discussing the life of Jesus, it is important to consider how reliable various sources are. The canonical gospels are late first-century texts, which means their authors would have been a generation removed from Jesus. (The many supernatural elements reported in these texts are not reassuring either.) Now how old is the earliest mention of the story that Jesus went to India? The answer is…(drum roll)…late 19th century, with the Issa ms “discovered” (or more likely, invented) by Nicolas Notovitch. In other words, it is no more probable than some story I might make up today about how Jesus went to Malaysia or New Jersey.

    I realize that you are not very interested in examining these things critically (your website often reads like the National Enquirer), but there you go. We can’t prove that Jesus DIDN’T go to India, but there’s no good evidence for it.

    • Monteiro Neto on Jul 24, 2012 at 10:46 pm

      Mr. Nicolas Notovitch might as well have forged the drum roll that he supposedly translated, but definitely he could not have forged a century old religion, beliefs, and history that has flourished on Cashmere region around Issa…

      • Zla’od on Jul 25, 2012 at 7:04 am

        You seem to be referring to “Prophet’s Tomb” in Srinagar, which according to the Ahmadiyya movement is the tomb of the prophet Jesus (Issa). The Ahmadiyya legend is also late 19th century. Nicholas Roerich (about 1924) mentions encountering legends to the effect that Jesus visited Ladakh, but his two quotations are obviously taken from the Notovitch ms, and the Aquarian Gospel (a channeled work from about 1900).

        But never mind–let’s suppose you’re right, and that an 18th century source can be found for the Jesus-went-to-India myth. This is hardly much of an improvement, as this would still be 1,700 years later than the canonical gospels.

    • Dr Nick Lee on Jul 25, 2012 at 1:03 pm

      I found out you’re a Caucasian living in Taiwan, named David Bell. I did a trace on your IP address and it revealed your exact whereabouts and identity. If you’re so confident about what you’re posting, why don’t you use your real name? It seems quite strange that you have something rude to say in every comment to Rinpoche but you can’t even be straightforward enough to put your own name to it.

      Why are you always attacking Tsem Rinpoche. What has he ever done to you? Your attacks on Tsem Rinpoche makes you sound small, rude, narrow and maybe even prejudiced.

      If Rinpoche’s blog reads like a National Enquirer and you don’t like it, then why are you here all the time writing comments and reading? What have YOU done? What blog have you created? How much readership do you have? I would think the National Enquirer has a lot more readership than you! Why are you so jealous? If this displeases you so much, there are many, many, many more Buddhist websites and discussion panels you can visit instead.

      This is Rinpoche’s personal private space which he shares and makes available to people like us who are living in far distant corners of the world, where there is no access to this much information, stored in a central place. The information benefits so many of us. So again, if you’re so unhappy with what Rinpoche is writing here, why do you continue coming here and writing comments? How does it help anyone in any way? How do you contribute to this space of learning, other than to negate everything that is written? If you know so much, then why don’t you share it here instead of just negating everything?

      Rinpoche has every right to write whatever he wishes to on his own personal blog. This is a space for learning and discussion, which unfortunately you don’t seem to be interested in. Unfortunately, although you are trying to come across sounding learned and putting down what Rinpoche is writing here, you just end up sounding petty and jealous. You haven’t studied the Dharma for as many years as Rinpoche had, taken ordination vows nor lived, worked and studied in the monastery – so what grounds do you have to keep contesting his writings and blog in such a rude manner?

      • Zla’od on Jul 25, 2012 at 5:17 pm

        You seem to feel…threatened by my comments. I wonder why. Yes, this is TTR’s blog, but it is not exactly “private.” I assume he appreciates outside reaction. After all, truth is not necessarily on the side with the most followers, or even on the side of the holiest and most spiritually accomplished supporter. “Zla’od,” incidentally, is my Tibetan name. (Pronounced “Dawoud,” which happens to be the Arabic for David.)

        • David Lai on Jul 31, 2012 at 10:28 pm

          “I realize that you are not very interested in examining these things critically (your website often reads like the National Enquirer), but there you go.”

          That’s not a very polite way of talking for someone who is as learned and as esteemed as yourself. Can’t you see that Rinpoche’s intention is not scholarly accuracy but a teaching on compassion and religious acceptance. Rinpoche never said that these facts are set in stone but he is presenting them to us so we learn a little bit more about about these religious figures and broaden our horizon. Perhaps, it will help if you stop staring at the smaller facts.

          • Zla’od on Aug 1, 2012 at 8:19 am

            I think what I said, and what you said, amounts to the same thing.

            The National Enquirer is a U.S. tabloid famous for its sensationalistic, made-up stories about Bigfoot, UFO’s, etc. It’s like professional wrestling–so fake that it’s not even fake anymore, since everybody knows that it’s fake (if you see what I mean). I see a lot of that in your website. I’m sorry if this observation strikes you as impolite, but outside of the Kecharian organizational culture, most readers would have a similar reaction. The message you are sending, whether you realize it or not, is that TTR is something of a flake.

            Now it is possible to write about any of these subjects well, and I know of academically-respectable studies of UFO’s, Bigfoot…and the Jesus-went-to-India story. If anyone is interested, I recommend H. Louis Fader’s book “The Issa Tale That Will Not Die: Nicholas Notovitch and his Fraudulent Gospel” (University Press of America, 2003).

            If TTR is primarily interested in encouraging respect for other religions, is this really best way to accomplish this–to seize upon a fringe theory which has zero acceptance in scholarly circles? Is it not more respectful to acknowledge the differences between the various religions and their founders, rather than force them to agree with your own views? After all, there is a Daoist text (the Huahujing, the Scripture of Converting the Barbarians) which tries to explain away Buddhism as a less intelligent version of Daoism. I have already mentioned the Baha’is, who claim that Buddha was a prophet of God, but that modern Buddhism has become corrupted and forgotten this essential fact.

          • Zla’od on Aug 1, 2012 at 8:43 am

            PS. If you are interested in points of historical connection between Christianity and Eastern religions, you may wish to read Marcus Borg’s “Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings” (Ulysses Pres, 1997), and/or Martin Palmer’s “The Jesus Sutras: Recovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity” (Ballantine, 2001). Borg’s book merely presents the parallel sayings, without attempting to explain how they arose. In other words, he is NOT arguing that Jesus went to India. Palmer’s book presents a set of 7th century Chinese-language Nestorian scriptures, which show signs of having been influenced by local religions.

            For more general Christian-Buddhist ecumenical dialogue, there is a journal called “Buddhist-Christian Studies,” several issues of which have been re-issued as books: Terry Muck and Rita Gross (eds), “Buddhists Talk about Jesus, Christians Talk about the Buddha” (Continuum, 2001) and “Christians Talk about Buddhist Meditation, Buddhists Talk about Christian Prayer” (Continuum, 2003).

            Incidentally, I enjoyed “There’s No Way But Up,” and look forward to reading “Tales my Lama Told Me.”

          • vc on Aug 1, 2012 at 7:52 pm

            Hmmm..something which very simple make it complicated.last time the professor told me in the class while i was a still a student,some of the theories i could not agree any of them.These professors are just collecting informations and form their own conclusion.Why would you compare those professor’s works to Enlightened Monk such as Buddhas?If i were to become enlightened and can see Heaven and Hell and Ultimate Reality? Would i be straight forward to tell you everything i observed? We should preserved Buddhism as a religion so that it is one of the gateway for us to leave suffering whenever we have the opportunities.If i were to become prince,i wouldn’t set my mind to become monk, but Tsem Tulku Rinpoche is extraordinary.From Prince to become Monk.A Hero.

          • vc on Aug 2, 2012 at 1:15 am

            i have a feeling these Zla’od try to corrupt Buddhism even if it is not.I saw all of these Zla’od comment.Some of it clearly a nonsense.i hope he realize what he is doing it before too late.

    • Jeffrey on Aug 4, 2012 at 5:41 pm

      Dear Zla’od,

      The purpose of this post is to share views and opinions about the Jesus was a Buddhist Monk video and not to undermined any religions or religious figure. It is open for discussion.

      My opinion about this video give me an idea that Jesus learned Buddhism and his teachings are similar to Buddhist teachings. As a Buddhist, I understand that Boddhisattva manifest in many forms, culture and religion to teach about peace and compassion.

      I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with your views.

      You’ve said below about what others claimed:

      “After all, there is a Daoist text (the Huahujing, the Scripture of Converting the Barbarians) which tries to explain away Buddhism as a less intelligent version of Daoism. I have already mentioned the Baha’is, who claim that Buddha was a prophet of God, but that modern Buddhism has become corrupted and forgotten this essential fact.”

      I would like to point out that Daoist and Buddhist are totally two different schools of thoughts. How Buddhism is less intelligent version of Daoism as claimed by is merely their lack of researched and knowledge or ignorance about Buddhism. Buddhism is about humility and do not claimed who is more intelligent or better rather a way of life to be free of suffering.

      What Baha claimed about Buddha was a prophet of God, is incorrect. Buddhism has never changed in the teachings and the fact is the teaching cannot be corrupted unless corrupted by the practitioner with lack of wisdom and knowledge. There are the 3 upper realms which the God realm is one of them. Buddha is beyond the 3 upper and 3 lower realms which is free of suffering. As long as we remain in these 6 realms there will be suffering. Buddhism is about being free from suffering and only Buddha can help us end suffering through wisdom and activity of compassion.

      • Zla’od on Aug 11, 2012 at 4:52 pm

        To clarify, I do not agree with either the Huahujing (which claims that after Laozi traveled west, he appeared in India and started Buddhism) or the Baha’i scriptures (which view Buddha as one of many prophets of God, the most recent being their own founder). My point is that what you are doing is just as much a distortion. Since you don’t like it when others distort your religion (through over-reliance on dubious historical sources), why would you do it to them?

        The statement that “Christ was a bodhisattva” amounts to a theological belief, which cannot be evaluated objectively. I see it as an understandable attempt by Buddhists to demonstrate respect for other religions (though I wonder how they profess to know the mind of this person who lived 2000 years ago and wrote nothing). The notion that Jesus went to India is a very different kind of claim, and is open to historical critique.

        A common pattern on this site, I notice, is that TTR will endorse some strange woo belief in one of his blogposts, and then his followers add a string of comments agreeing with him. (I understand that he assigns this activity to at least least some of you.) If one is religiously committed to the idea that TTR is an omniscient Buddha, and therefore right about everything, then I can see how critical approaches might create a kind of dilemma. Perhaps this is part of the guru-disciple game–learning to assent to even very bizarre pronouncements without question. Perhaps the guru even embraces bizarre claims on purpose, without believing them himself, in order to test his disciples.

  4. vc on Jul 24, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Interesting documentary.It is not surprising Jesus and Buddha share the common traits as both religions Christianity and Buddhism practice meditations, training of the mind and the spirit.Western country peoples have a culture of practicing skepticism.They inquire about everything along their quest to know the truth.That’s why westerners are very smart people.

  5. Paul Yap on Jul 24, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Im not surprise if all the religious leader share the common goals, understanding and studies, as the ultimate goal is to benefit all sentient, bring peace and happiness.

    Otherwise, how could they be our spiritual leader.

    Im so glad BBC have covered such an interesting topic and educate all of us!

  6. Monteiro Neto on Jul 24, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    This theory really reconciles the void of Jesus “lost years” and provides tangible evidence of his final destination after crucifixion, which are all intertwined. For those who belief that, when stripped from all mundane “impurities”, all teachings of the great sages are in truth the same, this is one step closer in unifying all philosophical, not religious, truths..

  7. NadiaG on Jul 25, 2012 at 1:27 am

    From what I have read before, Jesus died on the cross not through suffocation but because at the very last moment Pontious Pilot asked Longinus to spear Jesus in the side..between his 3 and 4 th rib. The feast of Passover (or it could have been another feast) was quickly approaching and PP wanted to have jesus down before this feast. The stigmata for Jesus has always been a bloody forehead(crown of thornes), bleeding palms, bleeding feet and a gash at the side of his body. However no one seems to be able to account for Jesus’ whereabouts when he was a young man. He was sighted in France, in Persia and in the East in many accounts. So was Mary Magdalene whom most believed was his partner. Only in one book have I seen an account for Jesus’ life as a young man and that is the book of Urantia….however that book has now been deemed a hoax. In the 50′s a manuscript was found, depicting Jesus’ missing years….there is no known author for this book and it reads (and claims to be written) as though it was written by a more advanced species. I downloaded it many years ago as an iPad app. If anyone’s interested, look up The Big Blue Book or the Book of Urantia. Even if it is a hoax, it is cleverly written and pretty interesting. I have also read many accounts of the Knights Templar…I always asked one question…..why were they banished….it had to be more than betrayal to king and country. I have seen this video three times now…..this time I am looking at it with reincarnation in mind and not resurrection. I think it makes perfect sense for Jesus to have lived as a monk…..there are far too many similarities on how he lived his life and taught now that I am learning more about Buddhism. when Jesus said your church is here….he pointed to his heart… that the living Buddha within?
    Just my 2 sen.

  8. Julia Tan on Jul 25, 2012 at 2:32 am

    It is very interesting to know that after Jesus woke up from his death, he actually went to India and became a monk there. Jesus just like any other scholars (those who came from China or Tibet to learn Buddhism) that went to India and study Buddhism. Jesus then continue to benefit others until he achieved enlightenment.

    All Religions are teachings to convince people to be a better person. Hence the teachings are very similar. It’s always about love, giving and peace. I think no matter what religion we believed in and practicing, most importantly is the transformation in our mind.

    My concern is, very unfair for the Christianity to believe that Jesus actually did not go to Heaven but went to India and studied Buddhism. That will be the end of the Christianity. I do not think it is a very good idea.

    I love and enjoy sharing good qualities with my friends who are Christian, Muslim or Hindu.

    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing.

    • thomas lim on Aug 21, 2012 at 12:12 am

      Julia, when you said Jesus achieved enlightenment, does it mean he gained nibanic bliss or merely greater wisdom. It is a very tricky question when one said someone gain enlightenment in the context of Buddhism. Enlightenment in the Theraveda interpretation means gaining the attainment of either first stage or second stage or third stage or Arahant stage of sainthood.
      The question of Jesus going into India after the cruxification or before that is really unknown. All we know from reading, is he went to India; while some books wrote he went to learn Buddhism. Whatever it maybe, Jesus teaching is very similar to Lord Buddha teaching in many respect. I once read a book about a Thai Meditation Master by the name of Luang Por Chah being asked whether Christmas can be celebrated by Buddhist people. His reply was it is not wrong for Buddhist to celebrate Christmas with their christian friends. In fact he termed such celebration as “Buddi-mas” a combination of Buddhism & Christmas.

  9. Elsie Toy on Jul 25, 2012 at 7:55 am

    First of All, thank you very much Rinpoche for sharing this with all of us. I am happy that Jesus became a buddhist monk after his ‘death on the cross’, I find both religion are similar especially the Roman Catholic. I am not afraid to say that I was a Roman Catholic before I took refuge. I find Buddhism suits me more in accepting situations that we are in. There are similarity in both religion. The Baseline is to benefit others. Whatever religion we just need to respect. I used to say GOD is one and requires different diiferent teachers to show the path to enlightenment.

  10. vc on Jul 25, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Buddhism actually talking about the Mind.The ‘Mind’ in this case that makes up the world.The quality of the Mind is of paramount importance in the view of Buddhism.Buddhism talks about the quality of the mind and how everyone can achieve Buddha Mind or the ‘True Mind’. We as sentient beings always differentiate or using words to label the quality of the ‘holy mind’ as Jesus, Buddhas,etc. Does Jesus have mind? Does Buddha has mind ? If both of them have mind,then might as well both can share the same common traits such as meditation, training of the mind and spirit.Jesus is a name given.Buddha is also the name Given.If both has mind,might as well we can label them ‘Jesus-Buddha Mind’ instead of Jesus and Buddha because we know both have the quality of the mind to attain purity. We are not God nor Buddhas.We often feel comfortable with what we believe in.It is OK.But sometimes, we have to ask ourselves.Are we God or Buddhas? No.We cannot see the reality not even open our heavenly eyes to see the hell, heaven and other pure realms in the space.We are just ordinary human beings who try to questions things why do we exist in this Universe in the first place and how.In this case , Jesus was a Buddhist Monk according to the BBC Documentary.Well,i like to ask everyone,does the words ‘Priest’ and ‘Monk’ look different? Both also Holy.It is just the words that give rise to such distinction. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche has always been compassionate and kind towards sentients beings.Thank you for your kindness and sharing.

  11. justin cheah on Jul 25, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    This is a very interesting topic indeed. It does makes me wonder at times do they (the learned religious masters) really communicate with their peers especially during the Jesus Christ days. The tomb was an interesting find as well indicating that Jesus actually didn’t die and spent the latter of his life in Kashmir. Controversial but worth challenging to find the truth.

    • thomas lim on Aug 21, 2012 at 12:19 am

      There is a book name ” Jesus live in India” which will tell you how the writer trace the footsteps of Jesus up to Kashmir where his tomb was enshrined until today. Sorry, nobody is allowed to dig up the body for a DNA check to see whether he is Jesus or not. However, the mark of Jesus could be seen on the floor where the footsteps of the person has hole in it. Read the book with an open mind and someday you may have the answer to your question.

  12. yenpin on Jul 25, 2012 at 9:39 pm





  13. Natalie on Jul 26, 2012 at 12:22 am

    I have heard links of Jesus to Buddhism before. I think one great teacher said the death of Christ where he takes the sins of the world onto himself sounds very much like Tonglen. Christianity also teaches about forgiveness and to ‘turn the other cheek’ when we are wronged which is patience, one of the 6 Paramitas. It is nice to see similarities between two religions as it encourages religious harmony.

    • thomas lim on Aug 21, 2012 at 12:38 am

      Natalie,here is something that I could not digest in my mind when you mentioned that you think one great teacher said the death of Christ where he takes the sins of the world onto himself sounds very much like Tonglen. As a Buddhist myself it wonders me how can Jesus take the sins of the world onto himself?? Even the great Buddha cannot take the sins of the world onto HIMSELF; let alone Jesus. If Jesus can really take the sins of the world onto himself then I don’t think Jesus is a Buddhist or had even encounter Buddhism at all. Why?? This concept or perception of taking the sins of the world onto oneself is in contradiction to what the Universal law of Karma come into effect. Everyone is responsible for his or her karma via thoughts, speech and actions. Whatever one does he is the maker of his own destiny don’t you think so?? Buddha is a Teacher of men and Gods. Buddha never claimed that He can take or absorb anybody sins but stress clearly that one must do Charity, Keep one Morality and Meditate earnestly to gain the highest bliss.
      It is one own effort to walk the path and end one sufferings is the true teaching of the Buddha. Be an Island unto oneself. Take no other refuge except the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha…strive on!!

      • Leat Thium Loo on Aug 29, 2012 at 11:19 am

        Dear Thomas,
        My understanding on few points that you mentioned below. From some of your comments may I presume that you are of Theravada background? Me too I enjoy reading Arjahn Chah’s teaching prior to jointing Kechara.

        Natalie,……said the death of Christ where he takes the sins of the world onto himself sounds very much like Tonglen.

        In the Lamrim, What is the definition of the word “Compassion”? Ans: One cannot bear to see the suffering of others. Just as you wish to take on the suffering yourself when you see you love one are suffering. You develop the greater Intention/motivation to actually acquire the skill of be able to do so. That is to become a Buddha yourself! This is Tonglen, mind transformation at the very first stage!
        I constantly heard my Guru utter these prayer/vows to take on someone sin(your negative karma) from time to time. I saw him saying this prayer when he hugs someone while they are crying…. My kind Guru shows it by examples.
        O.K we have fake it at our level to create the cause for us to actualized it!

        As a Buddhist myself it wonders me…….claimed that He can take or absorb anybody sins but stress clearly that one must do Charity, Keep one Morality and Meditate….

        Agreed, with your points. As for the question on how could take on our sin? He always advice us to do more Dharma works to collect merits to advert all the past negative Karma. When we do dharma work all our collective negative karma will rise up to divert/stop us from doing virtue. All his project will be at jeopardize and he has to bear with us to help us to overcome it! His dharma works had only one motivation that is to benefit sentient being, by allowing us to carry out the job is to put his work at risk and sentient being benefit at risk! Think of it of how kind a guru would go to the extend of wanting to benefit us.
        If a practitioner developed the clairvoyance as a “byproduct” from practice, if he/she does not use this skill to benefit others you will break one of the commitments to one Dharma protector. That what I read from our weekly protector’s puja sadahna.
        Can you see how the word “absorb” mean here?

        LT Loo

  14. Uncle Eddie on Jul 26, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    A high Lama once said that if we are realistic and practice with understanding, it can be powerful and pschologically effective, have real meaning and,without doubt, bring the peaceful realisations we desire. But on the other hand, if we do our practices half-heartedly and without understanding, all we’ll get is being “depressed”. It was also pointed out that it is extremely difficult to practice Dharma, such that it diminishes your delusions, but if we can, its most worthwhile; it will really shake our ego. Even one small act of charity giving, motivated by the intention to realize everlasting, peaceful enlightenment can be incredible effective and really shatter our attachment. As advised, we should not be attached to anything, not even religion, much less material things. We are to practice our spiritual path understanding its reality and how it relates to us as individuals. It is said “that’s the way to discover universal love, free of insecure, partisan feelings such as, “I’m a Buddhist, I’m a Christian, I’m a Hindu” or whatever. It shouldn’t matter what we are; each of us has to find the path that suits us as individuals. If we have this kind of understanding, we’ll never be against any religion. Different people need different paths. But unfortunately, our limited minds aren’t that relaxed. We think “my religion is the best,the only way. All others are wrong”. Its not the religion that are at fault; its the followers. Therefore, it is advised that if we want to be psychologically healthy, we must understand our path and act correctly and realisations will come of their own accord, but most important of all is to have “interfaith harmony, understanding and peace amongst all living beings”.

  15. Roy Martinez on Jul 26, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    These videos are all very interesting. However, I think Jesus travelled to the East before he died and not after. The Bible says that when he died he went to hell and took the keys of death from the devil (a bardo perhaps????). When he was resurrected he said that everyone can escape death and be born into heaven to join him with God (Maybe Jesus is the Christian Yamantaka????)

    It makes more sense to believe that Jesus went to the east to learn from skilled mahasiddhas and gain siddhis so that he could benefit others on his side of the world. He multiplied fish, resurrected people from the dead, these are all siddhis that one can obtain from years of practice and since he worked for the benefit of others, he definitely was a Buddha. He may have not been Buddhist but he was a Buddha.

    It’s so easy to see the differences, but it’s harder to see the similarities… Peace, love and Dharma

  16. lucy yap on Jul 27, 2012 at 12:33 am

    If we listen deeply to the teachings of Buddha and Jesus,we will find that they speak with one heart.We can transform our lives if we could enact even one verse from these teachings.
    It’s remarkable how Jesus and Buddha,whether talking about love, wisdom,or materialism,were guiding us along the same path.

  17. TheBoi on Jul 27, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    The Respected BBC? See the point is not everything you see and hear is a truth, Clearly the video has no support of any genuine evidence as to whether Jesus was a Buddhist monk or not.
    Good for Buddhist who is skeptical about Christian Faith

    • Joe Ang on Aug 1, 2012 at 12:05 pm

      Dear TheBoi,
      These videos shows evidences from various researchers that Jesus may have been to India and learnt Buddhism. I agree with you that not everything we see or hear is true, that’s why we are here discussing whether if it may be true (not to put down anyone). If you do have any videos and researches that proves otherwise (other than just asking people to believe and not discuss whether it’s true or not true), please do kindly share with us. It always good to have evidence and concrete explanation don’t you think?

      • Li Kim on Aug 4, 2012 at 3:50 pm

        Dear Joe,

        I agree with both you and TheBoi that not all we read is absolute truth. This is a fact. For this reason I enjoy this Blog and Rinpoche’s teachings because it constantly encourages us to think for ourselves and make informed opinions. And we should all respect one another’s opinions even if we may not agree. Even in disagreement we must have respect.

  18. sockwan on Jul 27, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    This is an interesting account of Jesus life. People are very interested in finding out whether Jesus really was crucified, was he resurrected, how true was the bible? What do we get out of this investigation? I think it is more meaningful to take the teachings in the bible and practice it. Teachings of compassion, teachings of respect, teachings of peace and harmony.

    For example, there are many children stories available in the market, they are all made up stories, not real at all but parents read them to the children because there are teachings in the stories. What is appreciated is the teachings, not whether the characters are truly in existent.

  19. nani ksa on Jul 27, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    thank you rinpoche nice story.

  20. Irene Lim on Jul 28, 2012 at 11:06 am

    I read a book many years ago about Jesus’s early years where he went to learn Buddhism in India and his tomb can be found in northern India. I am not the least surprise. I also read that when the Christain missionaries went to Tibet while relating about Jesus to convert the Tibetans, the Lamas explained to them that they knew the messiah. The Tibetans could easily accept Jesus but the Christain missionaries could not penetrate their belief.

    Why Christainity had so many different version of gospels? Many Christains are baffled at the inconsistency of the many different gospels from different close opostles of Jesus. My view to this is of course due to the many mental dispositions; different level of intelligence and capability of the people in the world that makes the whole world ticks. Hence, Jesus just like Buddha taught differently in accordance to the many different levels of his students.

  21. vc on Jul 28, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    According to some Buddhism literature i read, God of Cristian Bible resides in the Heaven of Thirty Three,same abode with Jade Emperor,also the King of God for the Chinese believers.These Kings of Gods are very Ancient Gods.They are not the small Gods but they are the Kings of Gods just like earth,they are many Kings and Queens.But in Heaven,you have to have the merits and virtue so that you can stay in the Heaven,which is compatible with both religions,Christianity and Buddhism.Christians believes their God is the Creators of Heaven, Earth and Hell.Other religions too believes their Gods is also the creators of of heaven,hell and earth.These heaven,hell and as we may know, is very close to the earth,as we may know.Gautama Buddha states that everything has ‘Buddha nature’. It is this Buddha nature that all existence comes into beings from absolute nothingness.The Buddha does not create this world and the universe.It is the brightness of enlightenment that triggers the creation of everything in the empty space.This brightness produce false objects which creates everything what we sometimes called ‘Big Bang’.After everything false comes into existence,then the karma will operate,the karma of false objects such as hell,earth and heaven, which has many occupants/beings in it as a manifestation of karma activities, because all of these beings create from the Mind alone,which is consistent with the ‘Buddha Teaching’. All of this object,be it has form or no-form,comes into existence.Christian often believes their God is the Creator.We cannot say they are wrong.It is their believes.The Buddha, compare to Jesus is some what different, but both of them have some kind of quality mind of enlightenment.Once these sages , Jesus and Buddha , awakened to enlightenment.their job is to help people both in mind and spirit.Everything else is unimportant.

  22. Siong Woan on Jul 28, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    I have no doubt all gods n Buddhas of different religious are the same, they are enlightened and had left their marks on earth to show us the way to liberation. Their respective teachings were transcribed and written by people of different intellectual background hence some details or vital points were lost or misconstrued.

    This explained why there are several different holy scriptures that formed the backbone of various religions.

    I have read about theories of Jesus’ whereabouts during those Lost years but these videos are by far most convincing.

    The part about the 3 wise men who when to Jesus’ birth place guided by the stars was likened as lamas sent to look for their guru’s reincarnation was mind blowing to me. I have never linked these two together !! And it made so much sense !!

  23. patsy on Jul 28, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    This is an interesting article covered by BBC and I think it has some truth in it. There is no doubt that Jesus and Buddha are the same as both preached loving kindness and forgiveness. Whether it is Christian dharma or Buddhist dharma, the bottomline is that both of them guided us to be good human beings.

    There’s an intersting article that I read which I would like to share

  24. DR on Jul 28, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    Buddhism and Christianity have more in common than religious adherents are usually willing to admit. It may not have happened exactly as Nicholas Notovitch claimed, and there may be an ‘St Issa Sutra’ safely tucked away in some Buddhist monastery.

    However, there are many points of similarity between these two great religions which remain to be explored. Both espoused altruism, emphasizing that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Both said that love is the best way to overcome hatred.

    I would say that a Buddhist that lives his religion well, fits the Christian term and vice versa. Jesus’ commitment to sacrifice his own life in order to save others was a hard evidence for being a Buddhist practitioner. Altruism is at the heart of the teachings of both Buddha and Jesus.

    So from a Buddhist perspective, Jesus could be considered to be a Buddhist monk as his beliefs matches in many of the philosophical concepts found in Buddhism.

  25. Datuk May on Jul 28, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    I went to a christian missionary school, went to church and did a fair bit of Bible studies, I have found and still find the religion to be too simplistic and not true to what life is all about. As such I never became a christian.

    I have seen relatives of mine who treated their mothers badly and went to church to ask for forgiveness and continue to ill treat their mothers. That was the major point why I have found Christianity to be too basic and simple with not true teachings for Christians to be better people. The questions I had in mind was how could it be so easy to ascend to Heaven when all you have learnt to be nice about was just asking for forgiveness.

    The story of Jesus will always have spots of blindness as one believes him to be son of God, when the existence of GOD is being questioned by science and as science progresses GOD seem to be less and less likely.

    The Gospels tell a lot of the great miracles by Jesus and his teachings. If Jesus teachings are to be studied in details and analyzed carefully, the similarities to Buddhism may well be clearly recognized.

    So from Jesus teachings and his conduct as a human being I would consider him a Buddhist. After all Buddhism was introduced before Jesus born.

    • sujeet on Aug 10, 2012 at 11:49 am

      my friend you’ve said that you’ve done a fair bit of Bible studies. but let me tell you something its not enough to know what really is inside the bible and about who Jesus Christ is. if you want to know something nicely you better go to the core of it spent some more time in reading the bible and you’ll discover who Jesus really is.

  26. Christine in Shanghai on Jul 29, 2012 at 2:57 am

    The combination of videos provided a lot of knowledge regardless of whether the story about Jesus is true or not. I guess nobody today knows exactly what really happened back then. But I really like the idea that Jesus was a Buddhist monk as it makes sense to me. It’s not important how Jesus was born (whether from Virgin Mary or just a normal mother) or where he was buried (Jerusalem, south of France, Kashmir), it’s His teaching which is the most important thing. People who are wasting time arguing about the “true” story of Jesus are actually arguing for their own ego and missed the teaching itself.

    Jesus taught His followers about love, forgiveness, kindness and compassion. All of these are taught in Buddhism as well as all the great religions. The focus is on right conduct and should not be on which religion is better. Wars and massacres that are “so called” caused by religious differences are actually human games. The name of religion is used by some people to gain power, to conquer others and to cheat. True practitioners of religions focus on benefitting others and living morally.

    I’m also quite happy personally. Since my grandfather was a Christian priest and many of my family are Christians, I thought it would be a conflict for me to practice Dharma. Now it’s such relief, we’re STILL the same family! Haha!

    Also, the videos about Buddha were helpful to understand the whole story of Siddharta. The most impressive part was when Prince Siddharta met the four people: the old, the sick, the dead and the practitioner. For Siddharta, his mind transformed when he saw these people. For us, we see them all the time that we have become numb and our minds are not able to transform. Dharma teaches us how to be aware of things around us, even the smallest event could give us a teaching. The Buddha is inside our mind, everyone has the chance to be Enlightened but we have to train our minds to draw out teachings from our daily lives. That’s how we improve.

    A big thank you to all the people who produced these films and thanks to Rinpoche for bringing them together in one place for us to learn.


  27. Sean in Shanghai on Jul 29, 2012 at 2:58 am

    It’s always fascinating to learn about new discoveries that tell us more about history. What’s even more fascinating is how many different interpretations can be generated by people with and without expertise. And therein lies the danger, as always. When interpretations differ, prejudices kick in and, very soon, conflicts arise. And this usually leads us into discussions about who’s right and who’s wrong, rather than focusing on what really matters.

    As Frank Huguenard said in “Jesus in India”, “… each of these (religious) books say exactly the same thing. And that when we open up for an interfaith dialogue to discuss our differences, what you’ll realise is that we don’t have any, just different ways of expressing divinity…”, what we should focus on is what brings us together rather than what sets us apart.

    It’s like driving and cars. Billions of people on this planet know how to drive, that the brake slows down or stops the car and the accelerator speeds it up. We all know that and agree on it. But we drive with different kinds of cars. Trucks, sportscars, automatic, manual. And instead of celebrating our common ground, we have been distracted by the desire to compare vehicles. Mine’s faster, mine’s more powerful, mine’s a classic, mine’s expensive!

    Whether or not Jesus was in India or was a Buddhist is, at the end of the day, only a fascinating story for me. There may be truth in it, I don’t know. It certainly explains why there are so many parallels in both the teachings of Buddha and Jesus. But it is in these parallels that I will focus and place hope on.

    “Namaste” is such a beautiful word…

  28. henry ooi on Jul 29, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    “Isn’t it about time we stop killing each other in the name of God? Your God is superior than my God? My way of connecting to the divinity is superior than yours, what is that about?” I like what Frank Huguenard said at the end of this video ‘Jesus in India – Beyond Belief Documentary.’

    Does it really matter who or what we believe in?

    Recently, an attained and wise man said along the lines that ‘Spirituality is about practicing kindness and compassion, generosity, morality, patience, effort, awareness and to benefit others’. And that is wisdom.
    That man is H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche during a short dharma talk to guests, students and journalists during the launch of the book ‘The Promise’ in Kechara.

    • Li Kim on Aug 5, 2012 at 12:15 am

      I agree with what Henry says. The videos here are very interesting. Of course I like the ones on Buddha’s story more than the ones on Jesus in India etc. But the point here is to contemplate and not judge. It is intriguing to discover the theories on Jesus and the missing years. However, what I see is what Henry says, does it really matter?

      What is important is the qualities Buddha and Jesus have in common and really not what the religion is. Both Jesus and Buddha, and all holy beings, hold the intrinsic qualities we all should uphold and nurture in ourselves. And that is the whole reason they existed no matter where.

  29. Amos on Jul 30, 2012 at 12:17 am

    I was born in a Christian home,I was instilled a form of foundational belief at home and church
    That God was absolute and everything else else was of the devil, with this mindset, most Christians weak or strong in the faith “look down” on other religions and Christianity is the only true faith,my group was considered “radical” in church and was frowned upon,my leader founded a small church with some of us,unfortunately I was the “black sheep” in the grp for “questioning” my leader many times,i was misunderstood and felt really hurt,I couldn’t find any real answers and I left broken hearted.after decades of struggling in the faith, I explored Buddhism,it hurts big time to renounce the faith I once held so dear, but sorry,my logic and common sense must be better than that,I did many researches, questioned myself through the nights and watched my surroundings and come to a HARD conclusion I have to be a Buddhist,since then I have no regrets yet,hehe..I sincerely do hope Christians can keep an open mind,allow some form of logic and common senses to flow,be good to yourself and experience the fullness of joy in Buddhism and the dharma,to all “backsliders” my heart goes out to you,may we find the TRUTH soon.


    • Steve Tobias on Jul 30, 2012 at 3:53 am

      Hi Amos,

      Thanks for sharing, I come from a similar background (not uncommon in US). My parents are very nice though and have zero problem (at least to my face) with my practicing Buddhism. I was forced to go to Sunday school (like a good parent would do) for years and years, and get confirmed. Everything from the hymns, to sermons, to stained glass windows, random stories, there was no chance of it clicking ever; only created resistance. I would pray for things like getting girls, or getting to the bus on time, and nothing happened (now I know it increases your attachment and suffering). No explanation of anything, just assumed acceptance of the Bible. Even became rigidly atheist until opening up to Buddhism. Now with dharma I have respect for Christianity again and understand the practices: “Oh yeah, that is how confession helps, you should practice it!”

      Then it’s funny when people think “something is wrong, why can’t you just be Christian? Don’t you know that you’re going to hell?”

      It’s like, (I wouldn’t actually say this) don’t be foolish… there was zero chance of my ever become Christian, and I am baptized and confirmed (that goes away when you practice dharma?), if 14 years of being confirmed didn’t convince me of God then what will, and I would only be a suffering hateful menace to people around me, and to your religion, if I wasn’t Buddhist. People only see the negative, and want it their way or the highway.

  30. Han on Jul 30, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    Very Interesting and gain much knowledge from this documentary, I watched and I did little research and Here is a little history from Wikipedia:

    In 326 BCE, Alexander invaded India. King Ambhi, ruler of Taxila, surrendered his city, a notable center of Buddhist faith, to Alexander. Alexander fought an epic battle against Porus, a ruler of a region in the Punjab in the Battle of Hydaspes in 326 BCE.

    Several philosophers, such as Pyrrho, Anaxarchus and Onesicritus, are said to have been selected by Alexander to accompany him in his eastern campaigns. During the 18 months they were in India, they were able to interact with Indian ascetics, generally described as Gymnosophists (“naked philosophers”). Pyrrho (360-270 BCE) returned to Greece and became the first Skeptic and the founder of the school named Pyrrhonism. The Greek biographer Diogenes Laertius explained that Pyrrho’s equanimity and detachment from the world were acquired in India.[3] Few of his sayings are directly known, but they are clearly reminiscent of eastern, possibly Buddhist, thought:

    “Nothing really exists, but human life is governed by convention”
    “Nothing is in itself more this than that” (Diogenes Laertius IX.61)

    Another of these philosophers, Onesicritus, a Cynic, is said by Strabo to have learnt in India the following precepts:

    “That nothing that happens to a man is bad or good, opinions being merely dreams”
    “That the best philosophy [is] that which liberates the mind from [both] pleasure and grief” (Strabo, XV.I.65[4])

    Sir William Tarn wrote that the Brahmans who were the party opposed to the Buddhists always fought with Alexander.

    These contacts initiated the first direct interactions between Greek and Indian philosophy, which were to continue and expand for several more centuries.

    In Addition, the best evidence for the Buddhist ideas in some of Jesus’ teachings comes from the Greek philosophers who were influenced by Buddhist teachings and from the almost certain presence of Buddhist “missionaries” in the Mediterranean region, including what was then Palestine.

  31. choisheem.wong on Jul 30, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Dear Rinpoche,
    Thank you for putting together all these video for us. It is a real interesting topic for discussion and further reading on the lost years of Jesus. Many researchers are seeing the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism. The Ten Commandments are similiar to our Refuge vows too. The documentary on The Life of Buddha is a good introduction to Buddha and his teachings and is made very simple to understand by everyone. I am very interested to know more about the lost or rather censored books of Bible.

  32. william on Jul 31, 2012 at 2:58 am

    This theory is not proven and may be right or wrong. It is good to hear that Jesus may be a Buddhist monk who is a reincarnate lama who went to Palestine to teach and then returned to India. If it is true, Jesus has successfully created another religion which is also good for people to believe in and followed till today.

    All religions have similar qualities like compassion, love, respect, etc…. and not to harm others. Be it BUddhism or Christianity, it is knowledge for us to know these theories so that our faith in our religion will be stronger.

  33. Wan Wai Meng on Jul 31, 2012 at 3:08 am

    As long as there are people there are differences. Even sometimes within the same faiths people can find faults with their fellow brothers and sisters. What is important is that we should focus on the similarities and how each type of faith can improve the human condition. Jesus was a spiritual phenomenon and in the midst of so much difficulties he founded a faith that inspired millions of people on to the path of peace and happiness. Whether jesus was inspired by Buddhist monks or Hindu sadhu is not as important as the message Jesus brought to the world. But i do find so much parallels between Jesus Teachings and Buddhism and the fact that three wise men looked for Jesus resonates so much with the search of a tulku that has taken on a new rebirth.

  34. Joe Ang on Jul 31, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    After watching videos it didn’t come as a surprise to me that Jesus may have travelled to India and learnt Buddhism during his time. Jesus’s life during the age of 14 to 29 wasn’t recorded in the bible. What happened during those years? A common assumption amongst Christians is that Jesus simply lived in Nazareth during that period, but there are various accounts that told of Jesus having travelled to India. Could he have gone to India during that time? Studied and grew up there (Like how a Buddhist monk would when they have come to age)?

    According the Matthew’s Gospel, there were three wise men from the east that went to Jerusalem to inquire the whereabouts of a child. They came bearing gifts of Gold, Frankincense (incense) and Myrrh. When they found the child (Jesus), they worshipped him. Who were these three wise men? How did they know about the birth of Jesus? How a star could have guided them all the way to baby Jesus? And from which part of the east did they travelled from? (Hmmmm… Very similar to how Tibetans monks go searching for their reincarnated Lamas…)

    The life of Jesus and Buddha has many similarities, such as:
    - Buddha was about 30 years old when he started teaching. Jesus also started his teachings at the age of 30.
    - Buddha teaches his disciples, Not to Kill, Not to Steal, Not to Lie, Not to commit Adultery, Not to use Strong Drink, which is similar to Jesus’s, Do not commit Adultery, Do not Murder, Do not Steal, Do not give False Testimony, Honor your Father and Mother (Luke 18:20).
    - Both promotes VIRTUOUS ACTIONS that is for the welfare and benefit of others.
    - LOVING COMPASSION. Buddha’s teaching is to love the entire mankind and all being, even our enemy. Christianity also teaches the same principle.
    “Love thy neighbour like unto yourself”.
    This translates to loving not only family and friends, but everyone around us.

    Therefore it is not unlikely that Jesus actually went to India to study Buddhism.

    It is still a question till today, whether did Jesus really die from the crucifixion? Did he come back to life? Why did Joseph and Nicodemus brought so much herbs (myrrh and aloe about a hundred pounds in weight) into the tomb?
    I find the documentary “Jesus In India – Beyond Belief”, makes a lot of sense and actually prompts one to think deeper into the nature of things in a more logical manner.

    To conclude this comment, I insert some findings that I got from the net.

    “Jesus Body was them laid in a tomb donated by a rich man – Joseph of Arimathea. This Joseph and a man called Nicodemus came to minister to the body.”
    “(They) ……. Came to Jesus by night and brought a mixture of myrrh and Aloes about on hundred pound weight” John 19:39”

    “Were the herbs not used for embalming the body of Jesus? From the sources seen so far the idea of embalming using aloe has only surfaced in the Egyptian world. It is thought that pharaohs were buried along with aloes. Was Jesus being embalmed? The problem occurs when Jewish burial practices are examined. Jewish burial involved simply washing the body and burying it, there was no embalming. For a body to be embalmed incisions needed to be made. This was understood by the people of the time, and for Jews to make such incisions would not be acceptable. Upon the advent of the passing away of Judah, one of the ancestors of modern day Jews, he is recorded as having stated:
    “I die this day at the age of one hundred and nineteen years before your eyes. None shall bury me in a costly garment, nor shall ye cut my body to embalm it, but ye shall carry me to Hebron.” Having spoken these words, Judah sank into death.

    It seems unlikely that the aloes present were for embalming, also having myrrh there also in large quantities was not consistent with this hypothesis. If the viewpoint is taken that Jesus could possibly have still been alive at this point, and that Joseph of Arimithea and Nicodemus who were tending to him had knowledge of herbs, then the possible role of these herbs becomes clear.
    Could they have been used to treat Jesus and to help him recover from his ordeal?”

    “There are many versions of that story one came up in a book years ago called ‘Passover Plot’, which suggested that he had been sedated on the cross – that he was removed quite early and therefore could well have survived. That is certainly a possibility.” (Elaine Pagels, Professor of Religion, Princeton University)

    I think it is quite possible that Jesus didn’t die on the cross but was seriously injured, later on escaped lived, continued his teachings and passed away Kashmir (known by the people there as Yuz Asaf).

    • Khoo Hou Haw on Aug 3, 2012 at 2:45 pm

      To me, I am interested in what Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”, “The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation”, and “The Kingdom of God will last forever”. Aren’t these words similar to what we call Buddhahood? The Buddha seed is in everyone, we can only achive Buddhahood by self transformation, and Buddha is the only state that is permenent.

  35. Lim Han Nee on Jul 31, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    “Forgive thy enemy” and again “The meek shall inherit the earth”. These are words from Jesus’ teachings. How clearly they echo the teachings of Lord Buddha about forgiveness, love and peace.

    This blog post of Rinpoche’s is about finding harmony among all faiths and the surest way of finding harmony is to see that the teachings may come from different compassionate and enlightened beings, but they carry the same message.

    For Christians the crucifixion and death on the cross is a symbol of Jesus’s great love and compassion for man. His resurrection is a symbol of hope beyond life and death.

    I agree that the four gospels that contain the New Testament are meant to be studied with a focus on Jesus’s teachings and the compassion that is behind all his miracles.Other details and differences in the four gospels are not pertinent to a true and sincere practitioner of Christianity.When we think of the great compassion of Mother Teresa and the source of that compassion, then all this debate over whether Jesus did die on the cross or whether he did rise again from the dead on the third day pale into insignificance.

  36. Pastor Susan on Aug 1, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Here in Malaysia, we are exposed to different religions and i grew up with friends from all faiths without any sense of discrimination. Things did change as I got older where I started to experience discrimination of sort as people started to develop their own personalities and characters which are defined by believe systems and principles. It could be a believe system from a god head, a philosophy, or the worship of materialism itself.

    I am not a historian and cannot validate the information presented in this documentaries though i enjoyed learning from it very much. Perhaps Jesus was influenced by Buddhist teachings, perhaps he went as far as being a monk.. I don’t know. But from being exposed to both Christianity and Buddhism, many aspects of the teachings from Buddha and Jesus are very similar and it is the teachings that I am most intrigued by. However, i thought i’d share a little about the life stories of Krishna, Jesus and Prince Siddharta as well as some similarities between Jesus and Buddha’s teachings.

    1. Krishna came about 800 years before Jesus

    Each year, Hindus celebrate the birth of Krishna. The Story tells of an evil king who killed many young children because a prophecy foretold that a child will grow up to kill him. The crucial hour of the birth of Krishna was in the middle of the night of an immaculate conception with the presence of angels. The family of the child had to escape. The sea parted for them as they cross the river! DOesn’t this story sound familiar in what you’d read off the Christian Bible?

    2. Buddha was tempted by “demons” before he overcame them, did miracles to feed many as well as walked on water and many more. He too had a miraculous birth, prophesied to be a great king or leader of men.

    “Do to others as you would have them do to you” – Jesus
    “Consider others as yourself” – Buddha

    “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, offer him the other also” – Jesus
    “If anyone would give you a blow of his hand, with a stick or with a knife, you should abandon any desires or utter no evil words” – Buddha

    “Love your enemy. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who abuse you. From anyone who takes away your coat, do not withhold even your shirt” – Jesus
    “Hatreds do not ever cease in this world by hating but by love. This is an eternal truth. Overcome anger by love. Overcome evil by good. Overcome the miser by giving. Over come the liar by truth” – Buddha

    3 What Karmapa and Dalai Lama has to to say :
    The Karmapa, recognizes Jesus as a Bodhisattva, expressing that Buddha’s and Jesus’s thoughts or teachings are similar because their motivation is to guide others towards the right path. If we look back the history, the stories of these holy beings are similar. are the same as they.

    This is what the Dalai Lama has to say, ““If you are Christian,” he said, “it is better to develop spiritually within your religion and be a genuine, good Christian. If you are a Buddhist, be a genuine Buddhist”

    These great beings brought about positive change, break norms and strong cultural values in their societies. They were not conformist but social reformist,…to bring about equality, happiness.

    4. The teaching of Buddha is based on the fact that everybody wants to the happy. Isn’t this what we all want? I rather focus on the similarities from these great teachers have made immense impact on humanity for hundreds of years and whose teachings are alive in the hearts of millions.

    What role do we want to play in our society that we live in today? Do we want to magnify the differences or magnify the goodness to bring about happiness for ourselves and other.

    Source :

  37. Mei Fong on Aug 2, 2012 at 10:59 am

    In my opinion, Jesus was a re-incarnation of a high buddhist lama who have chose to be rebirth in the area he was born. The documentary somehow affirms my thoughts about that. Thank you Rinpoche for sharing such a great video to all of us.

  38. June Kang on Aug 2, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    This documentary shows that modern world people would not take things blindly, they would find out more. Is good about when we find out more about what is all about the religion in this world, people can gain more faith in it.

    Noted that they are similarity in Buddhism and Christianity, the most significant different is reincarnation. Christian and Islam does not believe in reincarnation, even is already prove reincarnation exist. The other different is human don’t like suffering, and Buddha taught us how to end suffering, others is going to heaven is the end. But if we end up in heaven which is another world, will the suffering end, we don’t know.

    The beautiful part is this world is every one of us has freedom to
    choose what we believe in and carry on our life. Therefore documentary like this is very useful information to understand others religion. And if we can get the message, we would find we are in one family, the only different is the final destination, heaven or enlightenment.

    I like the last video which explain very clearly on the Buddhism, one of them say that “everything connect to everything else. You never live by yourself. You interact all the people all the time” and also “Our happiness depends on their happiness, how can we happy if others not happy.” The message is very clear from Buddha that “world peace” is possible if everyone care everyone, instead of focus own agenda and doing things benefit ownself only.

  39. Sheryl Chew @ MBF on Aug 2, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    I find the part which says that 3 wise men from the east followed the stars and presented themselves and their gifts to Jesus to be interesting as it is so similar to Buddhism’s way of locating the reincarnation of high lamas. 

    That aside, I guess it’s not really that important whether or not Jesus was a buddhist monk as it will remain highly controversial  - people simply choose to believe in what they think is the truth. No one should judge others on what they perceive to be the ‘truth’. 

    Throughout my teenage years to adulthood, there were many people who shared the idea of god and Christianity with me.  When the going gets tough and the mind is weak, the idea of God and being able to leave one’s life in his hands does appear comforting. However, I have never been able to take that step in accepting the god idea as it doesn’t provide the answers to my questions such as why some people were born to suffer right from birth. I also felt that the emphasis of faith above deeds have the danger of resulting in moral fallacies – when the judging factor is faith, it seems easier to find excuses for oneself when we commit any wrongdoings as it is ultimately secondary. 

  40. Jasline Tay @ Mbf on Aug 2, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    I agreed with most that the part where the 3 wise men from the EAST followed the stars came knocking the door where Jesus is born is exactly the same as the tibetan tradition of looking for the incarnation of high Lamas, Tulku etc.

    However, I have a very different view, perhaps controversial too. Instead of viewing that Christainity is a new form of religion, perhaps it could be the case where Jesus was actually spreading Buddhism but in order for people in the Roman empire to accept, he may have to use another form of teaching.

    Buddha left behind 84,000 texts to suit every different people and perhaps “Christainity” is one of them but like the many experts have commented, the different version of the gospels may have amended the true meaning of the teachings as time passes by.

  41. Ong Moh Mei on Aug 3, 2012 at 12:25 am

    In Rinpoche’s book 108 Ways to Grab My Apples (Published by KMP), there’s a quote – Different practices for varied minds are necessary. So never criticise others’ practices. Respect is a sign you are practicing.

    The varied minds in this world have always come forth with new theories and concepts. We human have always just believe and take whatever we like. God exist, God doesn’t exist – there will always be people who believe and those who don’t. Many Christians choose what they want to believe and take from the Bible, just as there are also many Buddhists who choose what they want to believe and take from Buddha’s teachings. I don’t think the intent of this post is to conclude who Jesus is or is not. No one can force us to believe anything we don’t want to. Knowledge and information are so accessible nowadays. We live in a fortunate time of information accessibility. These information should serve to help us think and contemplate what is the truth we understand for ourselves.

    When I first watch the video, my immediate thought was NO, Jesus cannot be a Buddhist monk. This thought was based on that the fundamental belief of Christianity is that God exist and He is the creator of Heaven and Earth. Jesus is the Son of God (whether He himself claimed it or not, He definitely implied that He is and accepted the recognition when given). As such if Jesus is the Son of God and He and the Father are one, the fundamental truth would be that God exist. This is very different to what I understand Buddhism to be (based on my limited knowledge at this time). Also Jesus teach that He is the way, the truth and the life, that whosoever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. It’s about him. He died on the cross to take away the sins of the world. As I understand Buddhism, the teachings are based on following the path and stages to enlightenment and not based on one person alone (Buddha) to be able to take away our karma, take away samsara and grant us enlightenment.

    After thinking about it for a few days and verbally discussing it with Pastor Susan and Sharon, I am now more inclined to say YES, it is very possible that Jesus was a Buddhist monk. Going back to Rinpoche’s quote that different practices for varied minds are necessary. I don’t see Buddhist as a religion as much as a way of life. What have Jesus really done but leave a legacy of teachings about kindness, forgiveness, compassion and grace. Everything he did he did for others, to benefit others – this is a sign of a Boddhisattva. So, what about my own argument on God and Jesus being the son of God. At the time of Jesus, there is little knowledge of science, like the Vikings age, people predominantly believe in the existence of God. All he did may have been to use the platform of that belief to spread his teachings.

    There is a parallel I see in Buddhism and Jesus. Jesus did not deny he is the Son of God to those who believe he is. In Buddhism, if you see your Guru as a Buddha, then he is a Buddha. If you see him as a Boddhisattva, then he is a Boddhisattva. If you see him as a Teacher, then he is a Teacher. So it is the perception in how we see the Lama/Guru, that he will that person to us. The purpose of it is not for the person to gain recognition but to instill our own faith in that person’s teachings. Jesus may have just been using the people’s belief in God to draw them to his teachings. A Guru out of pure compassion will use varied methods to get through to us, to help us learn and practice Dharma. And that can be what Jesus is doing, to cater for that era.

    Initially I was quite firm that NO, Jesus cannot be a Buddhist monk because I have a pre-conception of what a Buddhist monk should be and what Buddhism is all about DESPITE that I know very little about Buddhism at all. What I can see though is the results of Jesus life, how he used his life, how he lived to benefits others, how he takes upon the suffering of others and that tells me he can very well have been a Buddhist monk, more than that a highly attained Lama and a Boddhisattva.

  42. abby f on Aug 3, 2012 at 12:26 pm




  43. Jace Chong on Aug 3, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Thanks Rinpoche for sharing us the historical side of Jesus and Buddha, it’s very inspiring, both are great beings that spending their life to serve others and suffer for others.

    I like the video “Jesus in India – Beyond Belief Documentary”, it says clearly that the path that Jesus took according to a valid scripture in Lhasa, Tibet. So it can’t be wrong. I like the part the host Frank Huguenard comparing what Jesus said and Buddhist’s teaching, seems very similar and not contradicting.

    I don’t remember all, but this is what I think. The Jesus said “The kingdom of Heaven is within you”, Buddha said “Look within to seek for inner Buddha”; they both share the same teachings, to look for inner peace.

    But sadly to know that most of Jesus’s teaching or records about him had destroyed by the Roman and there are so much thing we couldn’t trace back. Lucky to say that Tibetan Buddhism has the lineage system to protect the teaching of the Buddha. Thanks to the monasteries that preserve Buddhist teaching so well.

    All religion promote peace, which everyone needs the most. The teachings might not be all the same, but it can appeal to different people so they can accept easily and to achieve the ultimate goal of all religion, which is world peace.

    Thank you Jesus, thank you Buddha, thank you all spiritual leaders of the world!

  44. ericchoong on Aug 3, 2012 at 7:58 pm



  45. Martin on Aug 4, 2012 at 12:29 am

    For me, whether Jesus was a Buddhist monk or not is not that crucial. But if Jesus wasn’t a Buddhist, then he was undoubtedly, greatly influenced by the teachings of the Buddha. That, what Jesus taught was very much based on Buddhist principles is important because it goes very far towards showing that the Truth that the Buddha taught is universal and that Truth applies in any language and can take expression in any religious form.

    By the time Jesus was born, Buddhism was already some 500 years and had spread largely due to the work of Emperor Ashoka who spread Buddhism to all corners of the Indian empire and stretching to Egypt and Greece. Even before Ashoka, the conquest of the East by Alexander the Great made the East-West connection possible.

    Judea, was no doubt a trade centre between the East and the West and therefore it would not have been hard for Buddhist teachings and philosophy to find its way into the Middle East. Therefore, it was very likely that Jesus was exposed to Buddhism even from a very young age.

    The Russian Doctor, Nicholas Notovitch’s claim to have sighted and translated verses obtained from Buddhist monasteries in Kashmir describing the presence of Jesus, known there as Isa, may have been challenged and discredited by the Church. But even if we place little weight on Notovitch’s work, and even if the historic evidence of Jesus having studied in India were to be challenged, there are undisputed similarities between the Buddha’s teachings and the teachings of Jesus.

    As a matter of fact, the essence of Jesus’s teachings seems to be closer to Buddhist tenets than traditional Jewish view of God . To begin with, when Jesus told his disciples that the kingdom of God was within each of us, it seems very much like Buddhist teachings, which speaks of the Buddha-nature within our own conscience. Certainly to say that God is within us is a departure from traditional Jewish belief that one meets God in God’s tabernacle. This is very key, because at the core of Buddhism is the call to look inwards at ourselves for salvation, rather than to look outwards for help from an external supreme being.

    Jesus stressed on morals, ethics, forgiveness and acceptance rather than justice and what Jesus taught in Matthew 5 which warns against striking back at enemies is directly against the Old Testament stance of an eye for an eye as stated in Exodus 21.

    There are many more examples of the close similarity between what the Buddha taught and what Jesus said. Too many to be sheer coincidences:

    In John 8, Jesus said: “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” This bear an uncanny resemblance to the words of the Buddha: “Do not look at the faults of others, or what others have done or not done; observe what you yourself have done and have not done.” (Dhammapada 4:7)

    In Luke 6:27, Jesus taught: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. From anyone who takes away your coat do not withhold even your shirt. Give to everyone who begs from you; and if anyone takes away your goods, do not ask for them back.” (Luke 6:27-30) .

    Similarly the Buddha taught: “Hatreds do not ever cease in this world by hating, but by love: this is an eternal truth. Overcome anger by love, overcome evil by good … Overcome the miser by giving, overcome the liar by truth.” (Dhammapada 1.5 & 17.3).
    More examples:

    (i) Jesus: “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins.” Buddha: “Let all sins that were committed in this world fall on me, that the world may be delivered.”;

    (ii) Jesus: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” Buddha: “Let your thoughts of boundless love pervade the whole world.”;

    (iii) Jesus: “You father in heaven makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous.” 
Buddha: “The light of the sun and the moon illuminates the whole world, both him who does well and him who does ill, both him who stands high and him who stands low.”

    What Jesus taught was not a complete departure from the Torah or the Old Testament tradition but we have to remember that Jesus lived and taught at a time when chaos ruled and there were serious dangers in going against the Pharisees. So Jesus was not out to destroy the belief system based on the Old Testament God. Neither did the Buddha refute the existence and power of Brahma nor did the Buddha advice people not to worship Brahma. At the heart of Jesus’s teachings on love and forgiveness of sins we hear the Buddha’s words on compassion and kindness.

    When Jesus suddenly appeared before John The Baptists, he was already almost 30 years old, and those who heard him marveled at how wise Jesus was. How did Jesus come by this wisdom which was different from what the Pharisees taught, and which was quite revolutionary at that time? Revolutionary perhaps to the Jewish tradition, and of the way they viewed salvation, but already very much in practice by Buddhist practitioners at that time.

  46. Sharon Saw on Aug 4, 2012 at 2:36 am

    The proposition of Jesus as a Buddhist monk is certainly an intriguing one. Coming from a background where i had spent my secondary education at a methodist Christian school, I had always wondered why the New Testament was so different from the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, the character of God was that of a fearsome and vengeful albeit all powerful being. However, in the New Testament, Jesus’ character is kindness, compassionate and all embracing. The qualities Jesus exhibited and taught are certainly more Buddhist in nature.

    Whether or not Jesus was a Buddhist monk, i do think he was a Bodhisattva from how he lived his life. From the beginning of his life, where he was sought out by three wise men which is reminiscent of monks seeking high incarnations and making offerings to the incarnate lamas to Christ’s ascension which sounds like what highly attained meditators can do, there are more reasons to support the hypothesis that Jesus was Buddhist than there are against.

    While the hypothesis would be considered heretical by Christians, if people can simply be more open minded to examine the possibilities, if people can look at the qualities of Jesus rather than the label of Christianity, perhaps it could be easier to accept each other’s faiths and there can be peace on earth.

  47. Leann Lim on Aug 4, 2012 at 7:11 pm


    其实不管是哪个宗教的教导,灵魂人物,最终目的就是让众生受益,让人们脱离苦海,寻求心灵上的平静。每个伟大人物背后的故事总是启发人心的,只是得看你自己的心灵皈依处在哪?每个宗教都是应该被尊重,并互相交流。而我自己总觉得各个宗教灵魂人物们都是菩萨的化身。还有,我很喜欢The Life of the Buddha (BBC Documentary)这纪录片,感谢专业的BBC团队制作这么精彩的影片,实际的去追踪佛陀一生的足迹,真的很用心良苦把佛陀的真迹呈现在我们的面前,总觉的他们好有福报,哈哈:P

  48. sweekeong on Aug 5, 2012 at 10:28 am

    This is very interesting. I believe people would want to know more about their believe, and by knowing more, they increase their faith. They investigate, check and search for the underlying message of their faith using various means, in this case, studying the historical records. I think this is very educational in itself and it is not supposed a put down. Whether we are Christian or non-Christian we should not be bothered why what others think of us but by what we can do to practice our beliefs. Dalai Lama he himself said all religions in the world doesn’t teach us anger, hatred, and jealousy, but of love and compassion, and acceptance of others. If we have faith in him then we would practice love and compassion and acceptance of others. This is what everyone needs including ourself.

  49. sweekeong on Aug 5, 2012 at 10:45 am

    The life story of Buddha is very inspiring. The producer have done well to give a main points of the Buddha’s life and his message in a less than an hour documentary narration. If I have not study and practice Dharma, I wouldn’t feel as much, because of the lack of understanding. The compassion of a Buddha is infinite. To hear the story of Buddha brings much blessings. :)

    Even the Buddha was seeking gurus for answers to the sufferings he saw around. He became a student and practices under gurus. The message is very clear that guru guidance is very important of one’s journey to enlightenment.

    The Buddha has kept his promise well, to relief the sufferings of all sentient beings by teaching and showing the path. The Buddha is still keeping his promise. Free, unbounded by the wheel of life anymore the Buddha is able to help all sentient beings infinite numbers of way.

  50. Davin on Aug 6, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing these video. Although I did not understand all the video but what I think and feel is that no matter Jesus is a Buddhist monk or not its not really matter. Jesus and Buddha share the same motivation and goal that is to benefit all sentient beings and bring happiness. We should practice the quality that they have like love, kindness and compassion.

  51. Pastor Yek Yee on Aug 8, 2012 at 2:22 am

    That is amazing explore to me! Jesus is Buddhist monk??To me doesn’t matter Jesus is a monk or a god, but I know Jesus had sacrifice himself to benefit many many people. A great man like Jesus, make me feel shame because I didn’t do enough for myself and others.

    After finished watched the first video, I thinking what assignment my Guru give I still not yet fulfill now? How I need to move on for my first step to complete all promise I had made?

    Buddha and Jesus had sacrifice so many, as a person I think before regret I need to take action first! Thank you for Jesus remind me!!!

  52. Milly on Aug 8, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Jesus shared the same virtuous qualities as Lord Buddha. I understand that enlightened beings can manifest in different forms and places to benefit sentient beings. So it is possible that Jesus could have manifested into a Buddhist monk after his crucifixion and lived in India. All the world’s religious founders/leaders always have one common motivation i.e. to help others. Both Jesus and Buddha have benefited billions of beings. So is our Tsem Rinpoche who is very compassionate to every being who crosses his path. Thank you very much Rinpoche for your constant wish to benefit sentient beings.

  53. Albert Ratchaga on Aug 9, 2012 at 1:10 am

    Im no surprise that if Jesus is a monk, even when Jesus was being tortured by the people, he did not blame them, he keep asking to forgive them, forgive their action. With such compassion, he would has reach certain realization, Jesus and Buddha shared the same thought, compassion and wisdom.

    But it is interesting to hear that Jesus didn’t die and he went to India to become a monk, something new to me, but whether he is a monk or not, I think it should not matter much, because his teaching is about making us to be a better human and I always believe Jesus is enlightened being, or could he be another form of Buddha? Here to spread the teaching in different method, what I notice is there is several similarity between Buddhism and Christian-ism…

  54. tenzin llhamo on Aug 9, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    These documentaries are interesting. Never would I have thought that Jesus could be a Buddhist monk but with the facts shown, it might be possible. All the scientific facts that are not known and how people are so skeptical makes me wonder why. And I amazed that people can actually spend so much time searching for ‘answers’ and researches.

    The known fact is that all Gods are the same with their teachings. To be kind, loving and forgiving. God or Buddha did not teach us to insult nor criticize other beliefs. It is the person who made it otherwise, which is sad.

    Thank you for the wonderful videos that I got to share with people.

  55. jennifer on Aug 11, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    isn’t it amazing that BBC did a few documentaries on the possibility that Jesus was a Buddhist monk and that he had spent some years in India? The fact that BBC was willing to explore on this subject , may well be that the people of this generation are much more opened to new views and no longer follow blindly. That people are curious , intelligent and are still seeking for answers.
    There are now so many books, videos, documentaries , articles written and published on the life of Jesus that some may consider them blasphemous, romantic , poetic etc etc. However i’m sure , most of these authors,filmmakers have put in a fair deal of research into writing or making of the documentaries.
    I was fascinated with this particular subject some years back (still am ) and read with a huge hunger on anything i could lay my hands on – The Lost Years of Jesus, The Missing Years of Jesus, The Gnostic Bible, Nag Hammadi, The Gospel of Mary Magdelene, The Gospel of Judas, The Dead Sea Scrolls to name a few , even found Dan Brown’s book Da Vinci Code interesting , so started on reading books and articles on the various interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces like The Last Supper, The angel with baby John The Baptist, etc etc.
    At the end of all this, i come to the conclusion that it is very possible for Jesus to have gone into India, to listen, learn from the many Masters and their teachings. Jesus is a spiritual being and of course, he would have wanted to learn more and quench his thirst for knowledge from every possible spiritual person or venue that he can. Some of the teachings of Jesus and Buddha are so similar in many ways, that it does make one wonder if these teachings are from the same source.
    Who can honestly and truly say that Jesus did NOT go to India and he was NOT at one time of his life a Buddhist monk? There are many many routes up to the top of the mountain of Enlightenment , whichever route we take, it will eventually lead us to the same top.

  56. chock kl on Aug 21, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Good and informative video

  57. Diana Pereyda on Aug 24, 2012 at 7:08 am

    While not professing to know either one of these great powers, I myself feel very lucky that they even
    try to understand and change us, they could judge us and we would fail miserable, but instead they continue to care for us. SO WHAT RIGHT DO WE HAVE TO JUDGE THEM.

  58. John on Sep 8, 2012 at 10:26 am

    “Dear friends,

    This is really a ground breaking documentary by world respected BBC. This is a video that must be seen. Let me know your comments.

    I love interfaith harmony. It is my hope these videos so beautifully produced will contribute to interfaith harmony, understanding and peace among all living beings.

    Tsem Rinpoche”

    Dear Rinpoche – Thank you for your comments above about interfaith harmony. As you & His Holiness The Dalai Lama have often stressed, tolerance & respect for other faiths & religious/spiritual traditions is very important for our spiritual progress & growth. May I recommend the following two books promoting interfaith harmony (that I hope many readers will benefit from):
    The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley
    A Calendar of Wisdom by Leo Tolstoy (The Indian Saint, Mahatma Gandhi, acknowledged the beneficial influence that Tolstoy’s writings had on him). I have also written ten short introductory one page essays about ten Spiritual Classics (Buddhist, Christian, Hindu & Taoist) designed to encourage readers to read these great books by Spiritual Saints & Sages and to pursue the spiritual life as best they can in these difficult, materialistic times. (How can I send this Word document to you if you are interested in reading it & adding it to your blog for the benefit of your readers?)

    With great respect, appreciation & admiration for your wonderful work & dedication in bringing the Dharma to the whole world via YouTube, etc.

  59. Chico on Dec 3, 2012 at 3:57 am

    Before the roman church start killing, robbing, destroying, burning everyone, Jesus was just a normal person like you and me, but he choose the path of enlightenment like Buddha, you know peace love and happiness stuff, the rest is roman mythology composed for the masses to slave them. The Bible was VOTED to be the word of God by a group of men during the 4th century. They choose, edit, write the gospels with political motivations.

  60. Fiona on Jan 6, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Hi! I appreciate you having this video on here and asking this question! We hosted a workshop on this topic last night in Phoenix Arizona USA. We are one of the Teaching Centers for The Summit Lighthouse. This is a topic many people seem to be discussing lately. :) May you all be blessed this New Year!

  61. Joy on Jan 11, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Wow what an amazing post this is!!! I always thought Buddha and Jesus were the same mind or that Jesus was definitely a Boddhisattva! But this documentary sure has opened up more possibilities on this little thought of mine. I was a Catholic before, not a very scholastic one though and not really in to all those Bible studies cos we weren’t allowed to ask too many questions, so half way, me and sis decided no more Sunday school for us as there is no point to it.

    But one thing is for sure… what the Buddha and Jesus taught is pretty similar if we only try to understand it without all the extra interpretations from those who wishes to use it for their own gains and means. Take a look at this video… it is not just the Buddhist who thinks Jesus’s teachings are very Dharmic… this pastor thinks it too as well…

  62. Al Xong Rinpoche on Jan 31, 2013 at 9:28 am

    Jesus died of poisoning from vinegar. He resurrected. If you die more than 24 hours you resurrect. he died for close to 33 hours. The phosphorus from the epiglottis inflamed itself in contact with the surrounding oxygen. Rigor mortis climbs for 24 to 72 hours depending on the weather and at the end the air trapped in his lungs from the vinegar poisoning escaped with the phosphorus. The contrary of water drowning occurs you can breath in but cannot breath out. shit came out of his ass around 6 hours after his death he was already entombed hermetically. the methane expanded in the small space exploded. thus the light and the explosion witnessed by the roman soldiers. The explosion is what made his portrait on the shroud. I don’t see how come people think resurrection is so unbelievable. when I worked as an ambulance worker we resurrected a boy that had died for 32 hours under ice in the water. I myself was come back to life after a while. long enough to be declared dead and have a toe tag in the corridor to the morgue on a stainless steel slab. The longest death before resurrection I know of is an entire winter. You should not say that there is not one shred of evidence for his resurrection. The Essenes are a Greek term that means the holy ones but in Hebrew they were called the Nazrai-ah-brith. Thus Jesus the Nazarene. the priest of the order of Melchizedek the one with the credo of the prayer of the saints. read the revelations. By the way it is untrue to say that Jesus never wrote anything for it is he that wrote the revelation. John the magnificent was a Greek translator that lived on the isle of Pathmos. an angel or servant of God (as translated literally) carried it to John of Pathmos.

  63. Luke on Dec 7, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Perhaps it’s the message that is important and not the messenger?

  64. greg on Jan 26, 2014 at 6:52 am

    the fact that stole photos from varga studios is disgusting

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  • Sameer
    (Thursday, Apr 17. 2014 01:05 PM)
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  • Sameer
    (Thursday, Apr 17. 2014 01:04 PM)
    Hi I’m Sameer Online SEO Consultant . Do you want to see your website in Top 10 position in Google or other major search engine? Do you want more targeted visitors on your website? If yes, please let us know your domain and keywords name which you want to optimize so that we could analyze the keywords, level of competition and could supply you with our best price to optimize the website . Also, Please let me know the competitors URL for better understanding of the level of competition . Most firms overseas have achieved a significant amount of savings by outsourcing either complete or part of their SEO Work to us in India. All our work remains in the background and the end client never knows that the work has been outsourced resulting in both savings and brand value for you and your company. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with you and your company. Thanks & Regard Sameer Online seo Consultant P.S: this is our marketing stratergy that we use the Gmail Account . Once you reply us back , the next communication I will do is from my corporate email id. Note:We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. If you are not interested then you can reply with a simple \\”NO\\”,We will never contact you again
  • Dwayne Johnson
    (Thursday, Apr 17. 2014 12:31 AM)
    Eight Verses of Training The Mind (By Kadampa Geshe Langri Tangpa 1054 – 1123) With the determination to accomplish
    The highest welfare for all sentient beings
    Who surpass even a wish-granting jewel
    I will learn to hold them supremely dear. Whenever I associate with others I will learn
    To think of myself as the lowest among all
    And respectfully hold others to be supreme
    From the very depths of my heart In all actions I will learn to search into my mind
    And as soon as an afflictive emotion arises
    Endangering myself and others
    I will firmly face and avert it. I will learn to cherish all beings of bad nature
    And those pressed by strong sins and sufferings
    As if I had found a precious
    Treasure very difficult to find When others out of jealousy treat me badly
    With abuse, slander, and so on,
    May I suffer the defeat
    And offer the victory to them When one whom I have benefited with great hope
    Unreasonably hurts me very badly,
    I will learn to view that person
    As an excellent spiritual guide. In short, I will learn to offer to everyone without exception
    All help and happiness directly and indirectly
    And respectfully take upon myself
    All harm and suffering of my mothers. I will learn to keep all these practices
    Undefiled by the stains of the eight worldly conceptions
    And by the understanding of all phenomena as like illusions
    Be released from the bondage of attachment.
    [no sender]
  • vincent tan
    (Wednesday, Apr 16. 2014 11:08 PM)
    Let the rain come and wash away
    the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds
    held and nurtured over generations.
    Let the rain wash away the memory
    of the hurt, the neglect.
    Then let the sun come out and
    fill the sky with rainbows.
    Let the warmth of the sun heal us
    wherever we are broken.
    Let it burn away the fog so that
    we can see each other clearly.
    So that we can see beyond labels,
    beyond accents, gender or skin color.
    Let the warmth and brightness
    of the sun melt our selfishness.
    So that we can share the joys and
    feel the sorrows of our neighbors.
    And let the light of the sun
    be so strong that we will see all
    people as our neighbors.
    Let the earth, nourished by rain,
    bring forth flowers
    to surround us with beauty.
    And let the mountains teach our hearts
    to reach upward to heaven. Amen. a prayer for the world – rabbi harold kushner
  • vincent tan
    (Wednesday, Apr 16. 2014 06:27 PM)
    Great God, who has told us
    “Vengeance is mine,”
    save us from ourselves,
    save us from the vengeance in our hearts
    and the acid in our souls. Save us from our desire to hurt as we have been hurt,
    to punish as we have been punished,
    to terrorize as we have been terrorized. Give us the strength it takes
    to listen rather than to judge,
    to trust rather than to fear,
    to try again and again
    to make peace even when peace eludes us. We ask, O God, for the grace
    to be our best selves.
    We ask for the vision
    to be builders of the human community
    rather than its destroyers.
    We ask for the humility as a people
    to understand the fears and hopes of other peoples. We ask for the love it takes
    to bequeath to the children of the world to come
    more than the failures of our own making.
    We ask for the heart it takes
    to care for all the peoples
    of Afghanistan and Iraq, of Palestine and Israel
    as well as for ourselves. Give us the depth of soul, O God,
    to constrain our might,
    to resist the temptations of power
    to refuse to attack the attackable,
    to understand
    that vengeance begets violence,
    and to bring peace–not war–wherever we go. For You, O God, have been merciful to us.
    For You, O God, have been patient with us.
    For You, O God, have been gracious to us. And so may we be merciful
    and patient
    and gracious
    and trusting
    with these others whom you also love. This we ask through Jesus,
    the one without vengeance in his heart.
    This we ask forever and ever. Amen prayer for world peace – sister joan chittister – benedictine sisters of erie
  • Dwayne Johnson
    (Wednesday, Apr 16. 2014 09:08 AM)
    For vincent tan – Yonten Shigyurma – The Foundation of All Realisations Well-realising that the root of the path,
    the foundation for every realisation,
    is to properly rely on my kind Guru,
    bless me to do so with great effort and devotion. Knowing that this life of freedom, found but once,
    is difficult to gain and greatly meaningful
    bless me to develop the continual wish
    all day and night to take its essence. Mindful of death, this life disintegrates
    as swiftly as a bubble in turbulent water
    and after death my good and bad
    karma follows me like my shadow. Having gained firm certainty of this,
    bless me to be ever conscientious
    to abandon even the slightest harm
    and practice every possible virtue. Enjoying deceptive samsaric pleasure
    brings no contentment and is the door to all suffering.
    aware of its drawbacks, bless me to develop
    a strong wish for the bliss of liberation. With mindfulness, introspection, and great care
    induced by that pure aspiration
    bless me to make my essential practice
    the Pratimoksha, root of Buddha’s teachings. Just as I’ve fallen in this sea of suffering
    so have all beings, my kind mothers;
    seeing this, bless me to train in Bodhicitta,
    taking up the burden of liberating them. And yet, just wishing this, without practicing
    the three ethics, Enlightenment cannot be attained.
    knowing this well, please bless me to intensively
    strive to train in the Bodhisattva vows. Properly analysing the correct object
    and pacifying distraction to mistaken objects
    bless me to swiftly realise the path
    which unifies quiescence and special insight. When I’m a pure vessel, trained in common paths,
    bless me to enter with perfect ease
    the sacred gateway of fortunate ones,
    the supreme of vehicles, Vajrayana. Then, foundation for the two attainments
    is keeping the pure vows and commitments.
    having found unfeigned conviction in this
    bless me to guard them with my life. Having precisely understood the essentials
    of the two stages, heart of the tantras,
    bless me to strive without break in four sessions
    to practice Yoga as taught by holy Masters. May the spiritual guides who reveal this excellent path
    and the friends who practice it all live long.
    Please grant blessings that outer and inner
    hindrances all be fully pacified. In all lives may I never be parted
    from perfect Masters and enjoy the glory of Dharma.
    Perfecting realisations of the paths and stages,
    may I swiftly gain the state of Vajradhara. this is the Prayer of the Great Saint Great Buddha Lama Tsongkhapa!
    [no sender]
  • vincent tan
    (Wednesday, Apr 16. 2014 01:49 AM)
    Those are the words of the Living Christ
  • vincent tan
    (Wednesday, Apr 16. 2014 01:49 AM)
    I am always with you,
    even when you are not able to feel me in your heart.
    I love you always,
    I surround you with my protecting love,
    even when you occasionally forget me.
    I listen to your problems,
    if you are sincere and receptive, I give you solutions.
    I hear your prayers and answer those which are in the best interest
    of everyone in your life including, but not limited to, you. I am the light and the thoughts in your mind,
    I am the sight in your eyes,
    I am the life in your body,
    I am the feelings you feel in your heart.
    I am always at work in your life for your greater good,
    although you may not always believe this;
    hopefully, your faith in me will grow constant.
    you must realize:
    “my will is whatever is happening in the present moment”.
    within this moment you must think and act
    with integrity, humility and courage,
    you must trust in me,
    and surrender your will to mine through acceptance.
    if you continue to demonstrate acceptance,
    integrity, humility, courage and trust,
    you will discover the secret of opening your heart to my love.
    the greater your faith in me
    the more I am able fill your heart with my love. it is I, who grants you the serenity to accept
    the things you cannot change,
    the courage to change the things you can
    and the wisdom to know the difference.
    eventually you will realize the samplings of love
    I bestow on you through others
    are purposefully designed to draw you closer to me.
    it is only I, who loves you unconditionally,
    I am an ever-flowing fountain of love, peace and joy,
    I will never disappoint you; I will always be with you.
    I mete out to you the exact amount of pain you cause others,
    because I want you to be compassionate.
    I want you to be able to give love and equally as important,
    I want you to be able to receive love.
    how else will you learn to love me?
    how will you learn to accept my love?
    the moment you realize the error of your ways,
    the moment you sincerely regret the pain you cause others,
    I forgive you; I nourish you with my tender mercies.
    remember, I never stop loving you for you are my precious child.
  • Pastor Adeline
    (Wednesday, Apr 16. 2014 12:52 AM)
    Here are all the news links related to Kechara’s Pray for MH370 event at Kechara Forest Retreat on Sunday 13 Apr 2014. Kechara Forest Retreat was mentioned in all the posts for organizing the prayer for MH370. Few major paper like SinChew, ChinaPress, GuangMing & The Star have more coverage on the event. URL for the event on different media: 1) Times of 2) 3) ut Sandiego 4) Financial express 5) The Malaysian Insiders 6) The Guardian 7) 8TV 8pm Mandarin News 《续为MH370祈福 为机上人员家属送上关怀》
    8) United Daily 联合日报在线 9) The Rakyat Post 10) China Press中国报 11) Sin Chew Daily星洲日报 12) Guang Ming Daily光明日报 13) Kwong Wah Jit Poh光华日报 14) The Star 15) Nanyang Siang Pau南洋商报 16) MSN News 17) Negara Kita Enjoy reading!
  • Dwayne Johnson
    (Wednesday, Apr 16. 2014 12:19 AM)
    [no sender]
  • Martin B
    (Tuesday, Apr 15. 2014 08:12 PM)
    Hi dear Rinpoche and dear Kecharians !
    I’d like to attract your attention to one serious world problem in the field of health care. It’s about a petition which potentially could save thousands or may be millions of human lives in the future. It will take you no more than 5 minutes to read, sign and share it on your wall in Facebook and Twitter
    you could also watch a TED video about this serious problem which is relevant to all people:
    P.S.Abstract: Thousands of clinical trials have not reported their results; some have not even been registered. Information on what was done and what was found in these trials could be lost forever to doctors and researchers, leading to bad treatment decisions, missed opportunities for good medicine, and trials being repeated. All trials past and present should be registered, and the full methods and the results reported. We call on governments, regulators and research bodies to implement measures to achieve this.
    Thank you !

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The Unknown

The Known and unknown are both feared,
Known is being comfortable and stagnant,
The unknown may be growth and opportunities,
One shall never know if one fears the unknown more than the known.
Who says the unknown would be worse than the known?
But then again, the unknown is sometimes worse than the known. In the end nothing is known unless we endeavour,
So go pursue all the way with the unknown,
because all unknown with familiarity becomes the known.
~Tsem Rinpoche

Photos On The Go

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We have 13 Buddhist Pastors in Kechara. Four were newly ordained last night. After the ordination it rained for 15 minutes I am told while the sun continued to shine brightly in the area. One Pastor is in the USA right now so not pictured. Tsem Rinpoche
22 hours ago
My Mumu boy is so alert, cute and intelligent. I can never get tired of loving him. Tsem Rinpoche 
3 days ago
I had commissioned this Thirteen Deity Yamantaka thangka. With Lord Tsongkapa above centre representing all lineage masters. Manjushri to the left and H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche to the right. Sacred, beautiful and pure wisdom embodied in this thangka. Tsem Rinpoche
6 days ago
This tastes really good!!! Easy to make. Some frozen items you have to heat up, take out of microwave, stir and put back in to continue cooking for a few mins more. This one you just put on for 5 mins and eat. But it tastes REALLY good and tastes home cooked too. Nice surprise. Tsem Rinpoche
6 days ago
When can I find a location, house and environment like this? This is the kind of place I would like to spend the rest of my life in. Tsem Rinpoche 
1 week ago
Jill Yam and also Mr. Hee always conducts wonderful pujas for those who come to Kechara House and request. I am very happy about that. The pujas offer tremendous results and therefore benefits for many. Our puja requests are growing very much. Tsem Rinpoche
1 week ago
Even animals can show great compassion and sense when another needs it. Be kind to animals and be vegetarian. Collect less negative karma by not eating meat. Be kind always. Tsem Rinpoche
1 week ago
Portraits of People Living on a Dollar a Day- You absolutely must see the stunning photos and background. See here:
1 week ago
This mechanism was recovered from the Antikythera shipwreck in 1901. Its complexity and purpose was not understood for another hundred years. Dated to around 200 BC, it is identified to be an analog computer used to calculate the astronomical position of the stars and planets. Its juxtaposition among other ancient artifacts is akin to finding a jet airplane inside King Tutankhamun’s tomb. The device, whose inner workings are far more complex than a Swiss watch, is capable of accurately measuring the movement of the sun, the moon (and all its phases), eclipse cycles and the position of the planets. Who could have built this?~
2 weeks ago
Prince Palta is my maternal grandfather. Princess Nirjidma is my aunt. She has two sons. The sons are my cousins. Wonder if they are alive or not? Where are they? Any offsprings? Interesting to find out. Tsem Rinpoche 
2 weeks ago
Never be angry at your guru, Hold a grudge against your guru. Never seek revenge against your guru. Never talk badly about your guru to cover your mistakes. Don't abandon your guru or ignore  your guru because he loved you for you as no one else  did and dared to love your potential too. Never hold your anger for long against your guru. Your guru was only doing his 'job' by teaching you, showing you better, explaining the dharma to you and was very brave to do so for you as no one else would dare do so. No one would dare take that job. No one else dared to love you and give you more. ~Tsem Rinpoche
2 weeks ago
Nothing would make me MORE HAPPIER than to retire in this environment. I hope this manifest soon. By the karma of myself and the people I have hopes in will help it to manifest. I love this so much. Tsem Rinpoche
2 weeks ago
A very important poem to understand:
2 weeks ago
Billy Meier took the best pics of UFOs. I watched a documentary about him with Seng Piow and we were both stunned how good the documentary is. It's alittle older but relevant. When you watch, you must please pay full attention as they have accents, but understandable. Listen closely to the technical information when his material goes through tests for authenticity:
2 weeks ago
Nobody should put beautiful grandma to sleep ever and nobody should put that lovely dog or any animals to sleep. No animals should be harmed, butchered or caged. We are humans and supposedly more intelligent. So let's act like it by being kind to those animals that are 'lesser' than us and our intelligence. Tsem Rinpoche
2 weeks ago
This is exactly what Buddha taught. What Tsongkapa explained. What H.H. Trijang Rinpoche embodied and what H.H. Zong Rinpoche shared with me.~Tsem Rinpoche
2 weeks ago
NEW POST-And some partners just drag each other down anyways because it’s convenient to be with that person. It’s not love but just using each other. I’ve seen that clearly in a few cases. People can hide with their partners and avoid real efforts because they are in denial, but denial or not, it will catch up. I am deeply sorry to say things like that too. But it’s true..please read on:
2 weeks ago
Do you know about Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho? If you don't you should find out now!! It is totally necessary to find out and share with others:
2 weeks ago
It's fortunate for the student to meet a caring and real teacher in this day and age. It is also very fortunate for the teacher to meet a caring and genuine student. It benefits the dharma and many beings when a genuine teacher and genuine student meet and work together to benefit others. Very powerful and good combination.-See what I mean please:
2 weeks ago
The evil ways of some completely amaze me every single day.. They better take a deep breath when they close their eyes for the last time, because it's not going to be pretty. This is how this little sweetheart was dumped on the street.-From Harbored Souls Rescue (FB)
2 weeks ago
Dear friends, a special letter for Frederick but it might benefit everyone out there who are really seeking inner change and spirituality. I invite you to read as I just posted now:
2 weeks ago
Click on photo to enlarge and see what this six year old has to share with the world. Tsem Rinpoche
2 weeks ago
My dad rescued her from an abandoned store front two years ago. They watch TV like this together! -Via Reddit (facebook)
2 weeks ago
My shrine here in the USA. Do you like it? Tsem Rinpoche 
2 weeks ago
Dear friends, as you know part of my ancestry is Mongolian (Kalmyk). The Kalmyk Republic is one of the republics in Russia. And Kalmyk Republic is the only European republic that is Buddhist and they are Mongols in ancestry. They are proud people. I found a video that is very good. It showcases all the dances of the various Russian Republics. Very beautiful and rich Russian heritage. At 27:59 of the video you will see the Kalymk performers doing the Mongol-Kalmyk dance. I use to dance in a Kalymk dance troupe as a kid, but I couldn't dance like this! I was amazed how beautiful it was done and talented the Kalmyk dancer are as well as the other republics. I want to share with you. Please see: -Thank you- Tsem Rinpoche
2 weeks ago
The Medicine Buddha is the composition of the buddhas. This means that when we practice the seven-limb prayer and make offerings with the seven limbs, we receive the same merit as we would if we had made offerings to all the Buddhas. Similarly, when we recite the mantra of Medicine Buddha, we collect unbelievable merit just as when we offer the seven-limb practice to Medicine Buddha. Be the cause for many to come to receive the healing of the Medicine Buddha and seal tremendous merits for yourself and your family in this life and the other lives to come.~Martin Get involved:
2 weeks ago
Dear friends, Came across this which is short and gives hope. Do see: Always trying my best to expose you to all types of knowledge, information and inspirations, Tsem Rinpoche
2 weeks ago
I love country roads. I wish this one lead to a secluded wooden retreat house where I lived away and far from the trappings of samsara and it's endless deceptions. Those who agree or participate in the deceptions will not only invite depression and disillusionment, but perhaps eventually be 'crippled' by it and trapped for long spells of 'time'. TR
3 weeks ago
What a nice comment by Antonio Rocco Romeo left on my facebook comments. I like people who have gratitude and show it. Not just say it but show it because they are the people who will get far and be less self-introverted creating less unhappiness in their minds. Happiness comes from having gratitude. Tsem Rinpoche
3 weeks ago
March 29, 2014-Went to a Native American Indian store yesterday to find stones to make offerings to the Buddhas. Tsem Rinpoche 
3 weeks ago
In horror of death, I took to the mountains— Again and again I meditated on the uncertainty of the hour of death, Capturing the fortress of the deathless unending nature of mind. Now all fear of death is over and done. ~ MILAREPA
4 weeks ago
This is what my 1972 blue Volkswagon beetle looked like when I had it in the 80's.  This is the exact color too. I drove it all over Los Angeles. It didn't have alot of power but it got me around. Tsem Rinpoche
4 weeks ago
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo: "However dark our minds may be, however hard our hearts may be, this is not our true nature... enlightenment is when we finally come into our true humanity." ... pic Korea Nov 2013 ( We must keep practicing and applying the dharma strongly to bring our real nature out. Don't let temporary emotions and dark feelings let us give up our dharma practice or works. Don't listen to people who have done very little for us or what they did for us heralds only more sufferings. Listen to the dharma. Tsem Rinpoche )
4 weeks ago
This can be applicable to some experiences in our past? So we just let go, forgive and offer our prayers. Tsem Rinpoche
4 weeks ago
My shrine in my room where I work. Tsem Rinpoche 
4 weeks ago
Nicholas arranged alot of flowers at my request in front of the house so it's more colorful and natural. Nice offerings. He has been working at it. Nicholas is hardworking, straightforward and easy to work with. Tsem Rinpoche
4 weeks ago
Joy has been with me for many years and very talented. She really has painted hundreds of Buddha images within Kechara. I asked her to join me in USA to help do some work and she was on the plane within 48 hours after her spiritual retreat in another part of the US. Joy is here in the USA to help our Tsem Rinpoche Foundation. She went for a two week retreat and then joined me. Welcome. Tsem Rinpoche
4 weeks ago
Mountains may crumble, the oceans may dry up, but the Buddha cannot lie.~Tsem Rinpoche
4 weeks ago
Nothing is more precious than having a guru that loves you and teaches you. It is through his divine teachings you find yourself and become someone who brings light, life, joy and bliss to all those you meet. You make your life beautiful due to the beauty your guru shows you have in you. ~Tsem Rinpoche
1 month ago
We have five dharma store outlets (Kechara Paradise) and these are the wonderful sales persons who work our stores and always has a bright smile on their faces. They are good people and I am happy to have them. Tsem Rinpoche 
1 month ago
When we trust our guru, things don't become better or easier, but our goal becomes clear and we head towards a direction that leads to something supreme for ourselves. Nothing from my guru to me has ever been easy or simple or without much obstacles, but I will not quit. ~Tsem Rinpoche
1 month ago
People who truly love animals have the special mind to love without agenda and without rewards. Su Ming is one of those rare souls that love, care and help you without any personal agenda. She is warm, intelligent, sharp and a GREAT FRIEND TO HAVE. She is what defines friendship. You will find it hard to find another like her. People are blessed to have her in their lives and I mean every word of this. Treasure her friendship alway and never lose it because hard to find again. Tsem Rinpoche
1 month ago
Kecharians in a strange time and place.....Tsem Rinpoche 
1 month ago
Was casually walking around Venice Beach today and suddenly a Marvin called out "Rinpoche!" I never met this gentle person, but he has been following me on my youtubes and blog and recognized me. It was nice to meet up with him and say hello. And say hello to his dog Scooby too! It touched me that he said my teachings online and blog helped him and changed his life. Thank you Marvin! Tsem Rinpoche
1 month ago
We walked by a house in Los Angeles that was fantastic! They made a special outdoor place for Lord Buddha to be placed. Hundreds of people walk by and can see this Buddha and be blessed. I really like this alot. I always like to do this too! Tsem Rinpoche 
1 month ago
Beautiful Buddha at the Japanese Garden in San Francisco. Tsem Rinpoche 
1 month ago
THE DAIRY INDUSTRY IS THE MEAT INDUSTRY... PLEASE DITCH THE DAIRY & DON'T SUPPORT THIS CRUELTY! --This is what happens when dairy cows have outlived their usefulness ...after their calves have been repeatedly and systematically stolen from them and they have been exploited as milk-producing slaves.
1 month ago
This was the view of the mountains near where I live USA. I love the mountains and seeing them daily. Tsem Rinpoche 
1 month ago
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Videos On The Go

Please click on the images to watch video
  • Aki drinking some water in the aviary
    Aki drinking some water in the aviary
    Aki is a rescued bird, he now lives in Kechara Forest Retreat Aviary
    1 month ago
  • Jamyang enjoying some fresh corn
    Jamyang enjoying some fresh corn
    Jamyang is one of our rescue birds that live in Kechara Forest Retreat Aviary
    1 month ago
  • The Cute Mumus Practising Dog Orchestra at Kechara Forest Retreat
    The Cute Mumus Practising Dog Orchestra at Kechara Forest Retreat
    Today the Mumus (dogs) decided to do a dog orchestra rehearsal together with the Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR) dogs.
    2 months ago
  • Incredible footage you must see!
    Incredible footage you must see!
    2 months ago
  • -
    Gongkar is our new bird for Kechara Forest Retreat's aviary. Gongkar never had friends and the original owner could not bring him to his destination. Now he is with us and assimilating in his cage within the aviary for a few weeks then released into aviary. Look at how much he wants attention from the other birds. Cute. Tsem Rinpoche
    6 months ago
  • Mumu, Oser and Dharma running and having a good time. I love seeing them playing. Tsem Rinpoche
    Mumu, Oser and Dharma running and having a good time. I love seeing them playing. Tsem Rinpoche
    6 months ago
  • Mumus running at Kechara Forest Retreat
    Mumus running at Kechara Forest Retreat
    7 months ago
  • Kechara Forest Retreat panorama, September 2013
    Kechara Forest Retreat panorama, September 2013
    7 months ago
  • -
    Dechog our cockatoo at Kechara Forest Retreat grabbing long beans which he loves. Nice bird. We love him. Tsem Rinpoche
    10 months ago
  • The mumus having outdoor evening stroll!!!
    The mumus having outdoor evening stroll!!!
    10 months ago
  • -
    17 May 2013, heavy rain at Kechara Forest Retreat from 7am-8am (1 hour). Water overflowed the existing drain and also opened up a much wider new "route" for itself.
    11 months ago
  • Must see video from Rajendra on our disciplined dogs
    Must see video from Rajendra on our disciplined dogs
    1 years ago
  • -
    Dato' Ruby won the Bella Awards!
    1 years ago
  • -
    This is a wonderful video for Moh Mei because she is sleeping in the KECHARA FOREST RETREAT CONTAINERS all alone...ehehehhehe...this is a new friend to keep her company....tsem rinpoche
    1 years ago
  • -
    Answer to Jo
    1 years ago
  • -
    The 2 tortoises in Tsem Ladrang, Kadro and Menlha are enjoying their fresh veggie meal.
    1 years ago
  • -
    Organic vegetables at Kechara Forest Retreat
    1 years ago
  • -
    This is Dorje our friendly fish that lives with us. He captured my attention the first time because he was exceptionally friendly. TR
    1 years ago
  • -
    Mumus go bye bye!!!
    1 years ago
  • -
    SP's mom said that she is from Penang. This is her first trip to bodhgaya, and she truly finds bodhgaya is very holy and spiritual.
    1 years ago
  • -
    Very touching video...Buddha said it was very important to visit the four holy places associated with Him before our deaths. Remembering this, I had instructed Paul to take this senior group to Bodhgaya and make sure they are able to plant imprints. When this life of 'fun', money, parties and socials are over, we cannot leave empty handed. Tsem Rinpoche
    1 years ago
  • -
    Our two rescued tortoises who live at Tsem Ladrang happily and will be transferred to Kechara Forest Retreat where they will have much more space to roam and run. Tsem Rinpoche
    1 years ago
  • -
    Aki is the old African Grey that was abandoned by his owner. Because he is old, no one wanted him. Well we wanted him and we took him and in and love him. He is in a big aviary and he likes his cage. We leave his cage open at all times so he can go in and out as he likes. His cage is his security blanket. Cute. He gets nice food and sunshine daily and also we play monks chanting for him to be blessed. We love you Aki. Tsem Rinpoche
    1 years ago
  • -
    Meal time for all the cute mumus!
    1 years ago
  • -
    Dear james, very nice video of Kechara outlet and the activity led by Kien. You must always make more videos. Thank you. Tsem Rinpoche
    1 years ago
  • -
    This little birdie was at a pet shop. He has maimed leg, permanent damage to his wing and cannot fly and also one eye blind. I don't think anyone would want the poor thing, so I adopted him and keep him safe, fed and with lots of fresh air. He's also in a large aviary so he can be with other birds and not be alone. He is alert, active, and has a good appetite. I like him very much and will make sure he is safe, happy and has a good life. I name him Lucky. Lucky will always be safe now. Tsem Rinpoche
    1 years ago
  • Setrap's mantra
    Setrap's mantra
    2 yearss ago
  • Rinpoche does Baby Jane!
    Rinpoche does Baby Jane!
    2 yearss ago
  • -
    Dear all, This is Paris interviewing my sister Lidshma. She mentions when I was very young the monks would have me sit with them to do the Buddhist services which was highly irregular in New Jersey. They didn't have lay people even children sit with them to do the services. So she mentions this was very unusual in a good way. My sister Lidshma here mentions my mother (Dana) would always catch me in the night in my room in the dark sitting on my bed meditating and doing mantras. I did that always and had to avoid being caught by my mother. I did it nightly. So I did it secretly and without her catching me. If she did catch me, then there would be big drama and problems depending on the mood my mom was in. My practicing dharma/meditating/praying/mantras was not allowed at all by my parents. They were fiercely against it always. My sister remembers this here. My sister lives in Texas, USA. And our bio group had gone to USA to interview my family for my bio book. This is a snippet. Tsem Rinpoche
    2 yearss ago
  • -
    Dear TR:

Aiyo so cute. I am in KD now going through some design work with Karen and Mrs.Chua is teaching Pat, Kumar, Yen Ping, Louise and Jeff English.

May they be able to learn up fast and assist Rinpoche's work!


    2 yearss ago


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~It’s not between you and the recipient~ Always be generous and kind no matter what responses you get back. It will change people’s lives in one way or another. It will change your life for the better.~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
27 minutes ago
My dinner: 'Mee Siam' (vermicelli stir fried with tamarind, topped with shredded eggs, spring onions, chopped shallots and red chillies, lime for tangy taste, and chilly paste). LOL! I luv my food spicy! Cooked by Levi. And a bowl of soup with green vegs, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, white carrots, red dates, nuts in vegetarian stock. All vegetarian. :) Cooked by Pam and Karen. Life's good in Kechara forest retreat!!! Pastor Henry
4 hours ago
Practice ONLY when you get a raise? We should start spiritual practices, not tomorrow, not the day after, not when you have more time, not when you get a raise, not when you retire, not when you have more free time, that day will never come. That is simple, lazy procrastination. We should start these practices today.~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
5 hours ago
~Hardship Pushes Us to the Top (Korea)~ Everyone can succeed… everyone can succeed. Mr Sung-Bong Choi will. Everyone should not feel down or expect the world to owe you something. In fact sometimes we owe the world or the people around us something. Don’t wait, don’t make excuses… in this world… results are the loudest explanations and the most convincing… Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
5 hours ago
-- Chef turned HERO-- Krishnan gives with so much love, care and affection. You can see he is happy and you can see he is doing something that comes from deep within his soul. What a beautiful person. What a example to let me know that compassion exists. I thank Krishnan for inspiring me beyond what I can type here. He is certainly one of my heroes…~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
5 hours ago
--Asian of the Year: The Selfless Vegetable Seller-- Do take a look at the article written about Ms Chen Shu Chu on Reader’s Digest. I have also added a video about her story… does her life inspire you?~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
5 hours ago
With another client, Mr Lee, off the street after we referred his case to Anjung Singgah. Justin@KSK
10 hours ago
Uncle Leang off the streets! Makeover before settling into Ti Ratana Shelter Home! Justin@KSK
10 hours ago
Four Points Sheraton sponsored food for the marginalized community in KSK Penang. Justin
10 hours ago
Stone carved Vajrayogini(15") in Kechara Paradise, love her so much. ~Felix KP
14 hours ago
-- Prove them wrong -- It’s amazing how some people have never met me or know who I am, but based on a few things they read here & there & rumours, they have formulated a new personality for me & all the things I’ve never done they passionately speak about… I find it funny and entertaining now. I guess we can’t spend our lives fighting rumours… we just have to work hard & then rumours get proven wrong on it’s own as a by product. No point explaining repeatedly. Just do our work & show results!! ~ Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
--- A Thought… --- While thinking earlier, I came to some more understanding. However other people act towards me or anyone, should not affect me much as it was never between them and me but between me and karma. What I need to watch out for is my mind and the reactions. When I am unhappy then the 1st chapter of Lam Rim should be applied strongly… Otherwise there’s nothing much to be attached to how others react… it’s all temporal and it doesn’t last at all. Why waste the time to evaluate, just treat everyone as best as I can irregardless. ~ Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
--- Losing Face --- To be a leader, an example, or a good person we have to always give the credit to others SINCERELY who work with us. Because they make us who we are. Without them we are nothing..~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
--Many Doors-- Looking for a non-existent door when you can enter from anywhere is the source of our barriers.~ Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)


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