Do you enjoy a good circus show?

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Dear Everyone,

When I was very young, my step parents took me to New York City (two hour drive from our home in New Jersey) to see a huge circus show (I think it was Ringling Brothers). Personally I did not enjoy the show and felt giddy as we sat way at the top and watching the performers spin, walk on tight rope and somersault wasn’t really my form of entertainment. I think I was nine or ten years old. I didn’t say anything to my parents so I wouldn’t hurt their feelings. But we never went to another circus again thank goodness. I was so happy when the show was over.

I have really never liked circuses actually. Now I come across this three minute video of what happens behind the scenes. You have to watch this and leave your thoughts below. Please do not bring your kids or yourselves to circuses that use animals. We are allowing this to happen.

I am so happy Mr. Alec Baldwin uses his fame to do something wonderful. To speak for those who have no voice. I will be writing him a letter to thank him for his kindness towards animals. I am very moved by his care.

Tsem Rinpoche



Or view the video on the server at:


I have never enjoyed watching animals of any sort perform tricks. I don’t find it entertaining at all. Have you ever been to a circus? Did you know how animals are treated?  

What about you, boycotting this type of circuses from now on?

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40 Responses to Do you enjoy a good circus show?


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  1. S.Prathap on Oct 13, 2020 at 10:46 pm

    Mr. Alec Baldwin is one wonderful and compassionate man ,actor and animal defender spoke on behalf about the cruelty and the abused.Very very sad to know and to see how the animals suffering by being trained.

    What we need is education and exposure. Educate our kids with correct information is the key! We as the adults should take up this responsibility to educate

  2. Yee Yin on Aug 25, 2019 at 12:12 am

    When I was young, my parents used to bring me to the circus. I liked to go because there were animals that can do various tricks and I was totally amazed by what they can do. At that time, I found it to be very entertaining.

    Now that I know how the animals are trained to do the tricks, it bothers me a lot. It was out of ignorance that I found the circus to be entertaining. I will never go to the circus again.

    Therefore, it is very important to create awareness and educate people about the cruelty towards the animals in the circus. I believe when people know how animals are trained, they will not go to a circus anymore. Some countries have already banned the circus, this is a very good news. I wish more countries will do that.

  3. Samfoonheei on Oct 23, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    It was long long ago since i last saw one maybe i was very young at that time. As it was just behind my house , do see the way ,the animals been treated badly in the hands of the trainer . Most of the children do enjoy watching as they won’t see the sufferings and pain of animals ,once they understand and see how those animals been trained ,they might not watch the show any more. I am glad a number of circus are not running business now . Many people are against the use of animals in circus especially elephants.
    Mr. Alec Baldwin is one wonderful and compassionate man ,actor and animal defender spoke on behalf about the cruelty and the abused. He told the people to boycott circuses with animals over what he alleges is poor treatment of elephants.
    Circuses denied animals everything that is natural and freedom. As long there circus around these elephants and other animals will continue to experience enormous suffering and pain.
    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing.

  4. HelenaC on Jun 19, 2013 at 10:37 am

    I used to love circus show while I was younger, I guess most of the kids love it. But whenever I am done with watching the show, i will question myself how they trained them for the extend they are so smart and obedient? Well, thanks to youtube, and and social media these days that we have more idea how they train the animals. It is cruel and no humanity. Very very sad to know and to see how the animals suffering by being trained. I have stop going these circus show after i knew the pain for the animals. No demand no trading. Thank you Rinpoche for the post.

  5. Frederick Law on Feb 14, 2013 at 12:40 am

    if the animals such as the elephant being so called ‘trained’ to perform and do tricks, i rather not watch the circus at all. It is very inhumane act, and it is an abuse to the animals.

    imagine the horrendous experience and feeling the elephant goes thru just to ‘entertain’ us human. we should be ashamed of ourself for taking advantage of them as treat them like a toy for our enjoyment. sick!

  6. Lucas Roth on Feb 6, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    wow, i was aware of this happening and that is one of the reasons i am a vegetarian to prove to people i care about them. i once went to a circus and thank god they do not do this and i know that because the trainer is animal loving and he has experience and his is good at treating the animals with care, he has a history of that. please stop animal cruelty!!!!!!

  7. uncle eddie on Feb 4, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    Yes, except for those whose parents are vegetarians, almost all of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather and going to the circuses and zoos. Many could have enjoyed a good show too, without the knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes! Yes, if we only knew the existences of unequivocal evidences of animal abuses, including beatings, death of animals like lions and tigers, not counting the lame elephants being forced to perform despite chronic pains. According to an article on circus shows sometime ago back in 2007, Ringling Circus was slapped with the largest penalty in U.S. history of US$270,000-00. It was said to be the largest settlement of its kind for violations of the animal welfare act (AWA). From presented testimonials, baby elephants at Ringling’s training compound were torn away from their Mothers and subjected to violent training sessions, so that they will learn how to perform tricks; same as with horses and many others too. Adult elephants it seemed, were whipped, beaten and yanked by heavy, sharp steel-tipped bullhooks behind the scenes, prior to performing. Such treatments, yes I had the bad karma to witness at a local circus scene here as a school kid, and had since then, stayed away from circus scene till today! Apart from the largest civil penalty paid under the AWA, Ringling circus must now provide all employees who handle animals, with qualifications in compliance with AWA requirements. If anyone has the right sense of mind, they should stop going to the circus to help to stop such animals abuses and cruelty!!!!!

  8. Henry Ooi on Feb 3, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    I have heard of how animals were ill treated and tortured for them to submit and forced into performing acts and tricks in circus. This video confirms it.

    I wonder if pet dogs are treated similarly in animals obedient school?

  9. William on Feb 1, 2013 at 1:38 am

    What happens behind the scenes of the circus show is horrifying and totally cruel to animals. We should not support any circus shows that are coming to town. I really feel sad for the elephants as they are beaten to perform tricks for the audience. And when they rebel because they could not take it anymore, they are shot down by humans. In any way, they are always at the losing end.

    Please do not support the circus!

  10. Jessica Yap on Jan 30, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    I’ve never been to a circus before.. But I knew that animal circus are trained hard to perform the tricks, but i did not know that the training could be so painful and merciless!!! This is really inhumane!! How can anyone do this to the poor defendless animals? The animals do not deserve this!

    I will never, EVER visit a circus in future!
    Thank you for sharing, Rinpoche. Everyone needs to know!!

  11. Wah Ying on Jan 30, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Another place that animals are not treated humanely is zoo, animals usually are chained and kept in small space. I remembered went to a dinner that with acrobats showing skill of playing metal chains on their neck and holding huge pot and so on, it was very “scary” in term seeing acrobats play with sharp and heavy things that quite incomparable with their strength…

    I will share with friends on videos on circus, to let more have more awareness on this.

    I found some video urge to stop circus sufferings of animals:

    1st episode:

    2nd episode:

    3rd episode:

  12. Bryan Ho on Jan 29, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    Oh my my, this is really behind the scene. When I was young my parents brought me to a circus, living in a small town of Malaysia, I was amazed by the animals performed in the circus, because they are so obedient but this video really makes me angry.

    People will do things that against the natural world system just to get something out of it, especially money. Circus is an ugly world that covered with flower, colour and fake happiness.

    Just imagine we are the elephant that need to go thru the training every single day, we scream by the trainer, beaten by a bullhook every single day ??!!

    This is total cruelty towards another living being for personal benefit, if we don’t want to go through this kind of training why should we give it to others ?

    I really hope this kind of animal cruelty could stop, and that’s the reason why Tsem Rinpoche is encouraging our ABC group to bring more awareness to the public.

    Please support ABC and stop animal cruelty.


  13. Felix Kong on Jan 28, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    Feel sad and painful to this elephants and all animals to be perform
    a good show in circus . I’m only watching circus show @ TV, never been circus till now. After watch this video ,just realize how they give “training” to the elephant . i”ll never support them now.

  14. Darren Kechara Paradise on Jan 28, 2013 at 5:55 am

    I visit circus a few time when i was a child, i was really amazed on the tricks the animals perform. It was not until i grown up to realise on the pain and suffering these animal performers had gone through.

  15. Andrew Boon on Jan 27, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    OMB… I NEVER knew this… even a Circus as famous as the Ringling Brothers which are huge in the states!!! I often thought it was the inhumane conditions of these animals in captivity and that larger more affluent establishments would not have such conditions and as such it was ok to have animal performers!

    How wrong was I… the inhumane conditions start from the very beginning, the capture of a young (elephant, tiger, bear, etc) from the wild and going through these vigorous and frighteningly cruel methods of “training” aka “breaking of the spirit”!

    It is only the human race that can devise such cruelness even among their own kind (torture of war prisoners to extract information especially prevelant during the Cold War and Japanese Occupation)

    And we are supposedly the more evolved and smarter? It is no wonder we are degenerating at such an alarming rate!!!

  16. patsy on Jan 27, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    I have been to a few circuses when I was a kid with my parents and I was always fascinated by the animals performing. As a kid, I was very impressed that the animals especially lions, tigers and elephants were so obedient and well trained and followed instructions. It never crossed my mind of the sufferings and abused that these animals had to go through to be so well trained. However, I never enjoyed going to circus as I do not like trapeze performances; having the fear that they will fall and hurt themselves.

    Knowing that these animals are subjected to such horrible pain and sufferings I will boycott and discourage people from going to the circus.

  17. A. Juggalo on Jan 26, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Yo Rimp, ya gotta be Down with the Clown if ya wanna get into Shangrila, know what im sayin? Check these out:

    Da Circus is YOU, Jersey!!!

  18. abby f on Jan 26, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    I have to confess, when I was a kid, when I watched circus show, I didn’t think about the scene behind the show. I thought everything is ok, the trainer will be kind to the animals, give them treats and cuddle them. I guess this is exactly what they portray to the world also. The fact is totally the other way round.

    What we need is education and exposure. Educate our kids with correct information is the key! We as the adults should take up this responbibility to educate, and be the role model for our kids. We walk the talks and this for sure will inspire the kids.

    Earthlings has changed my life at a certain level. It is a must-watch video. Please watch the truth behind:

  19. Lim Han Nee on Jan 26, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing this video where Alec Baldwin tells us why we should boycott circuses that use(and abuse) animals.

    It is horrendous to see what happens, behind the scenes, to these poor elephants, who, from young, had been torn away from their mothers. The beatings and the shock treatment that trainers use on them just to control and subjugate them to their command and authority, is beyond imagination.

    I have watched a visiting circus as a kid . I only remember hearing the sharp sounds of long whips as they struck the backs of the elephants to make them perform; and I remember flinching as though the whips were used on me. I didn’t enjoy the circus because I would also be fearfully watching performers on the trapeze, in anticipation of their falling down and hurting themselves.

    Awareness must be created in everyone’s minds that animals in captivity and animals made to perform or take part in competitions or fights to the death, suffer tremendously. Like us they want to live. Like humans they don’t want to suffer. The problem with those of us, who do not have this awareness, is that we see animals as sub-beings, created to be under the control of Man the Master. I’m glad that Lord Buddha showed us how, through the process of the working of karma and cyclic existence in Samsara, we are all equal beings.

  20. Jace Chong on Jan 26, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Last time I used to think it’s fun to watch a circus, I been to circus once.

    I watched a cartoon movies from Walt Disney, about how elephant lives behind the circus, Dumbo. I love the movies so much and been watching many times.

    The elephant mama cries because she didn’t got to see her son,and her son Dumbo is taken for circus training. It’s really heart breaking as animal can feel pain when they are apart with their kids.

    Thanks Rinpoche for sharing this. Yes, we should never encourage any act that make animal suffer physically and mentally.

  21. Nathan Foster on Jan 26, 2013 at 9:51 am

    I never liked circuses. They’re just too weird. Too much association with “freak show.” (Don’t like people calling people “freaks.”) But I don’t mind the acrobats and the contortionists and stuff like that… these people seem pretty cool. They’re training and understanding their own bodies and entertaining people. Just my initial reaction anyway.

  22. AdelineTan on Jan 26, 2013 at 4:50 am

    I went to the circus twice with my family when i was young, first was the local one and the second the London Royal circus, i quite enjoyed the second one because they have more things to show and after that out of curiosity we went to see how the animals live, it was unhygienic and with this type of hot weather it smells because the animals did not get proper care, since then we have stopped going to the circus.

  23. beatrix ooi on Jan 25, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    I have been to a circus once and a few times to the animal shows where they usually held them in Zoos.I used to enjoy watching their performances, but not until I found out how they train and torment the animals. People often do not know the ungly side of circus shows, even if they know, they wouldn’t care. To them, watching animals performing tricks is what keeps them entertained. They have no idea how much pain and suffering the animals have to go through each time. I feel so sad for them, animals deserve to be freed.

  24. Pastor Chia on Jan 25, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    In my childhood,i did went to watch circus show with my family. I was amazed the animals in the show were so obedient and well train. Later i saw how the trainer whip the animals perform the show,i thinking how animals can get away people hitting them but not fighting back. i do raise the question to brother. he answer is they did not give food to the animal if they not obedient.From that moment i felt sad and unhappy. I can’t see people are so cruel to the animal.

    I remembers the circus even come down from the stage and try to get money from the people who watching show as the reward how good they are. i did not understand why people still fall for it special the adult. i guest they just want to control every situation and gain respect.

    Thank you rinpoche showing us this animal,to let many people still don’t know what was happening behind the scene of the circus show.

  25. Milly on Jan 25, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    I have watched several circus shows when young. Used to marvel that the elephants, tigers, chimpanzees, etc were so clever. Did not know what happened behind the scenes. After watching this video, I will not encourage anyone in the future to watch.
    We cause so much pain and suffering to animals without facing any punishment. But its the reverse whenever an animal were to cause harm to man. Are we more superior than animals?

  26. adeline woon on Jan 25, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    I guess most of us might have enjoyed circus just like how we enjoy eating meat. This is “normal” in the sense that we seldom think outside the box and to question most of our habits, for. eg. using a credit card, eating meat, pointing fingers etc, since everyone around us is doing the same. The problem here is not whether we enjoy watching a circus, but what mindset we have that has led us to want to be entertained, with circus in this case.

    Our mind has long been habituated to have negative thoughts and have wrong views most time. Guess what? It is not important, because these thoughts and views are not the nature of our mind. If it is the nature, then we should always be negative and have wrong views. In order for us to bring out the beautiful nature of the mind, we need methods that lead us to have wisdom, to see things how they are.

    As a Buddhist, I find what the Buddha has taught all necessary methods that resonates with my mind. Through learning the Buddha’s dharma, we will learn to see beyond what is appearing right in front of our eyes, we will start questioning, no matter big or small, and start to broaden our previously narrowed mind. We will therefore look beyond fur and see skinless animals; look beyond meat and see dead animals and human desires; look beyond angersome and see pain and differentiate the actor and actions; look beyond obedient circus animals and see abuse.

    We need to broaden our mind to see the truth and what is really going on around us. Otherwise, we will continue to create and contribute directly or indirectly more unnecessary negative causes that bound us to the sufferings of samsara. Every being deserves to be happy, and that includes animals!

  27. Albert Ratchaga on Jan 25, 2013 at 2:46 am

    I used to like to watch circus when i was younger, i find it entertaining and envious for them having such obedient pets. Later on after i know the story behind, I’ve banned watching circus. It is wrenching to see how much they suffer, when watching the way how they trained the animals, I can’t stop imagining that I am the elephant, I am the tiger, how would i feel? being cane non stop, beaten with electric rod, stabbed by nails, etc, etc, and there is no way to escape, we have to be ‘trained’ until we can perform tricks.

    The circus trainer only has one principal… “FEAR”… Create fear onto them until they behave, until they obey, oh dear.. is this consider life of hell for them?

    I don’t want those suffering, so I also do not want my joy of entertainment build on the suffering on the animals.

  28. sarahyap on Jan 25, 2013 at 1:16 am

    I’ve attended circuses before, but they never use animals and is all stunts that people perform, I found that rather entertaining.

    I have not thought much about animals used in the circus until I watched a movie called “Water for Elephants”… It was terrible… I never could have imagined anyone exploiting animals just for entertainment sake.

    Though circus are bad in this way, lets not forget about animals used in rides… zoos that do not treat their animals well in captive… and so many more… The largest cause of sufferings for animals is always caused by mankind, and yet we boldly publicize certain incidents when mankind fall victim to a wild animal. It makes me wonder which is more humane… mankind, that can think and yet intentionally hurt animals… or animals, that are just protecting themselves from men that want to hurt them.

    Previously, when greed did not take over people, and deforestation is very much in its minimal, you will not hear about animals coming out from their habitat and attacking people.

    It truly is sad that because of money, these animals have to suffer… bear bile industry, meat industry, entertainment industry… I wonder how people can find enjoyment from the suffering of others.

  29. edward ooi on Jan 25, 2013 at 12:31 am

    I never been and I will never go to a circus that uses animals. I feel so sad for the circus animals, because when they were young they have been drag away from their mothers and never meet their parents again. While the elephants are sad after been taken away from their parents, the trainers beat and shock the poor elephants and that is not all, they are even chained and they don’t get walk around. So if you do care about these animals, then don’t support circus activity. Thank you for reading

  30. Erickksiow on Jan 25, 2013 at 12:09 am

    Last time did like to watch circus, after watching the video above, then only know about how the Trainer ( TRAINED ) the animals. Sad to watched the video.

    Thank You Rinpoche for sharing to us.

    Best Regards : Erickksiow

  31. sockwan on Jan 24, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    This is so cruel! I am very sad seeing these elephants being ill-treated by the trainers. Animals are not born to entertain us, they are also a living being, we should not inflict pain in them for our own entertainment.

  32. Jutika Lam on Jan 24, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Dear Rinpoche,

    Here are my thoughts

    I definitely hate circuses and all other kind s of shows that that involve the abusing of animals of all kind.

    It is just so sad to know that a lot of people just love to see all forms of animals being forced to race or perform all kinds of stunts that to me are very stupid and dumb.

    I just don’t get it why people want to train and abuse animals just to have them race and earn a few bucks?

    Seriously we should all put a stop to all this circuses and animal racing events all around the world.

    I can also relate this to this very mind blowing video called Earthlngs. I feel that everybody should watch Earthlings and learn how animals have to suffer everybody mainly for peoples food.

    Here is the Link:

    The video and the blog link on this blog:

    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing the very sad story.


  33. Philip Yong on Jan 24, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    I think I’ve been to a circus once only. And I never wanted to go again after that. I find it pointless to see these animals being tortured for our entertainment. People are being creative in a very wicked way! But it is good to note that I rarely see anymore circus in Malaysia these days. I don’t know the reason but I guess most people no longer find it entertaining.

  34. Julien Roth on Jan 24, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    The animals that live in circuses have an absolutely horrible life. And all these animals are tortured like this just so that they can be used for entertainment. Its horrible, i couldn’t bare to see the training videos, it looks so painful. I hope that many people see this and would have second thoughts about going to a circus. Thank you for sharing this Rinpoche.

  35. David Lai on Jan 24, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Well, I remember when I was young, my parents took me to the circus, I think it was the tour of The Great London Circus. I recall that I enjoyed myself and was amazed the the elephants were so obedient and the lions and tigers didn’t maul the guy with the whip. I enjoyed myself and didn’t think much about it until what I watched ‘The Earthling’.

    It was the most incredible documentary ever made. It details all manner of animal exploitation including the abuse of animals in the circus. The incredible thing was that the abused elephant in the video went on a rampage, killed its trainer and ran amok. The poor thing was eventually gunned down by the police. This was truly unfortunate and circuses are really unfortunate because they are very deceptive. Children and the public in general don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and it is through such videos that people are exposed to such abuse.

    I think it is good that the circus has made headway with mostly human acrobats, clowns and entertainers. I think this is good progress from the traditional exploitation of animals in the circus. Circus should evolve towards human entertainers only. That would be a more human evolution of this form of entertainment.

  36. Sean Wang on Jan 24, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    I never been to the circus before but after seeing this video on circuses it makes me feel sick when people say that they want to go to circuses. Circuses are like not the fun and enjoyable place portrayed in animated cartoons. I do know that animals are treated badly in circus. If had a chance, I would organise a protest against this horrible practice.

  37. Sheryl KH (JB) on Jan 24, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    I feel that for many things it is about awareness, understanding and knowledge because without these, we tend to take things at face value. Just like we may admire those rich who can afford to have fur scarf or coat on their bodies, but little did we know that these are products coming out from animals who are killed and tortured alive. Or, it is like when we see beggars on the streets, we think that they are dirty and may wonder why they dont want to find something to do, but we were not in their shoes, they may have tried many times, but situations are not in their hands.

    I think I have been to circus before when I was still a kid, at that time, being able to go circus is a big thing for my family because circus trip is not cheap and my family does not really spend money on these ‘extras’. It was really a rare bonus.

    Now with more exposure that allows us to understand how animals are actually treated behind the scene, more people are going against circus. Animals are born in and belong to the wild, if we need them to perform, it is going against their nature. Plus, I have seen how circus animals are ill-treated behind the curtain, they do not really live the glamorous lives as we usually see them on the stage.

    With awareness and understanding, demand for circus will gradually die off and this will help in minimising the number of animals who need to go through long time of sufferings for our viewing pleasures of that plain few hours.

  38. tenzin llhamo on Jan 24, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    The trainers are very inhumane. Again, for the benefit of own self, others have to suffer. I have not been to a circus before but I definitely wont be bringing my kids to watch. Its true, everyone see all the beautiful and fun part but never think about the pain and sufferings the animals have to go through to put on a ‘show’ for you.

    I remember this video People want to eat meat but they do not want to see the scenes of slaughtering. Its the same as people wanting to look at only the good things but ignorant of the bad.

    Now that I can imagine how much pain the animals go through in the circus… I wont be encouraging nor going!

  39. jennifer on Jan 24, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    I have always HATED circuses with animals- hated the treatment that was given to the animals to train them to perform.
    Eversince i was young, i would adamantly refuse to go to a circus when my parents wanted to take us for a family outing. I have seen circuses on tv and read about it but there was always this deep sadness within me , knowing that these poor animals are being subjected to the most horrifying treatment to train them.
    It breaks my heart to see regal animals like the lions, elephants, tigers, bears, horses, seals, dolphins have their spirit broken to entertain mankind. It totally strips away any dignity in them ! It is absolutely cruel!
    I always have this thought in me – animals are so much more intelligent than man – when animals perform or put into racetracks , man watches and are entertained. But when man performs or races – are there any animal who would find that entertaining ?

  40. kwok wai on Jan 24, 2013 at 2:41 am

    I had the same experiences as you had , Rinpoche ! I felt giddy and sick when i was at the circus once . Never had a second experience . Maybe the Circus is so passe already in developed countries. Either , the sight of animals doing unnatural acts made me sick or the hot conditions ranked of animal dung made me feel sick. Bad experience in whole. The last circus i know of here was a Russian Circus troop that got stranded here due to poor response from the public, they ran out of cash and need help feeding themselves and their “slaves”. Sad , I hope it goes extinct , the circus that is ….there are betters ways to earn a “living”. Om mani padme hung !

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    Thank you Rinpoche for this post which tells us more than that. Feeling the pain of those been slaughtered for human consumption. We should gave up eating meat , have compassion for them who cannot speak for themselves. Looking at those pictures feeling uneasy, the way those chickens , pigs and so forth were killed. We have a lot to answer for those sufferings and killing . We have a choice not to kill and to be vegetarian. Choosing to be a vegetarian is the best as there are many benefits. Vegetarians appear to have lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and lower rates of hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Vegetarians also tend to have lower overall cancer rates and lower risk of chronic disease. Hence for health reasons we should go on vegetarian.
  • Samfoonheei
    Thursday, Feb 2. 2023 04:12 PM
    In northern China, where there is a long history of consuming dog meat to ward off the coldness in the winter. They celebrates the summer solstice by throwing a festival that involves the slaughter and consumption of dog meats. Many people love the sophisticated tastes of their dog-meat cuisine. This tradition is slowly fading out as more and more people are aware of the cruelty and not a healthy life consuming it.
    Reading this blog and looking at the pictures , one could see the poor lady activist kneels down , begging the vendor to buy those dogs from being eaten ahead of the annual dog meat. What she did was incredible ,sold her family’s two houses to fund the rescue of thousands of dogs. This amazing woman has spent large amount of money, saving dogs from the Chinese dog meat festival. She has dedicated her life to actually doing something worth doing about it. Attitudes towards dog consumption in China are changing, but some of these traditions have deep roots.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this wonderful sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Thursday, Feb 2. 2023 04:09 PM
    Bigfoot believe may exist somewhere in the wild, but are not recognized by science. Russian president discovers ‘proof’ that fabled creature exists while on short vacation in Kemerovo region. The sighting is understood to have been confirmed by President Putin’s security detachment after they inspected the footprints. Environmental rangers and hunters in remote mountain terrain confirmed it. The Kremlin leader had witnessed’ three Yetis while on a recent helicopter trip to a remote location famous for claimed sightings. Nobody in the world has found the yeti, and it would be good and beneficial to most people. Scientists and yeti enthusiasts believe there may finally be solid evidence that the apelike creature roams in the wild. As long as there are wild places in America, Bigfoot remains a possibility that, it exist.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Saturday, Jan 21. 2023 01:22 PM
    Stephen William Hawking was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. Well he was best known for his discovery that black holes emit radiation which can be detected by special instrumentation. His discovery has made the detailed study of black holes possible. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking did mentioned in an interview that, it is natural to believe God created the universe. He think science has a more compelling explanation than a divine creator. Religion believes in miracles, but these aren’t compatible with science. Well said by him.
    Everything we have in life is all came as a result of research either from ourselves or others. That’s true.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this informative blog
  • Samfoonheei
    Saturday, Jan 21. 2023 01:21 PM
    The Dyatlov Pass incident was an event in which nine Soviet hikers died mysteriously in the northern Ural Mountains in 1959. A group of ski hikers led by Igor Dyatlov just perished in this remote peak. Some of them succumbed to hypothermia, but others were found with grisly injuries. No one yet comes to the conclusion what had exactly happened to them and solved one of history’s greatest adventure .The Dyatlov Pass Incident, came to be known and have inspired countless conspiracy theories, such as Yetis, and even extra-terrestrial contact with the unknown. These men and women were never heard from again. A criminal investigation at the time blamed their deaths on an unknown natural force. Sound interesting. There’s some unknown creatures or aliens maybe that cause their death i do believe., as we are not alone.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this interesting sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Saturday, Jan 21. 2023 01:19 PM
    Samaya is a set of Buddhist vows and commitments that are given when one receives empowerment in the Vajrayana Buddhist order. Guru devotion plays an important part in our spiritual practice in Tibetan Buddhism. As explained by Tsem Rinpoche our Guru we must have a good relations and good samaya with the guru. We can never be overstressed on the spiritual path or else our mind will degenerate. Breaking the samaya vows is worse than breaking any other laws. Breaking a samaya results in a heavy bad karma, especially if one disregards or dislikes, the Guru who have gave us the teachings. The Dorje Shugden controversy had cause disharmony and sufferings to many practitioners. For some of them been drifted away causing them to break their samaya then. Interesting read.
    Thank you Rinpoche and Pastor Jean Ai for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Saturday, Jan 21. 2023 01:17 PM
    The Great Buddha of Kamakura, a monumental outdoor bronze statue is one of the most famous icons of Japan. It sits in the grounds of Kotokuin, a temple belonging to the Jodo Sect of Buddhism. An equal opportunities Buddha, guiding all to the Pure Land, built in the mid 13th century and is the second tallest bronze Buddha in Japan. Looks stunning this statue with historical stories behind it. Love to visit and see for myself this magnificent statue.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jan 16. 2023 01:34 PM
    Yes there are many mysterious creatures everywhere this very planet. Its only that we don’t encounter before. Many mysterious creatures such as Owl man , ‘lizard man, Flatwoods monster may exist after-all. Many of them exist in the wild but scientist do not believed it exist by mainstream science. Reading this blog is an eye-opening for me. Just fantastic knowing such creatures do exist. Some of them looks scary to me like the Canvey island monster which had horse-shoe shaped feet with five toes and it had no ‘arms’. Even though its just a carcass seen on the shores of Canvey Island in England. Ferociously looking . Bunyip another creatures found in swamps which has a dog-like face, dark fur, horse-like tail and walrus-like horns. Interesting reading to know that there are some of the mysterious creatures .
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jan 16. 2023 01:31 PM
    Looking at those pictures in this blog says all. Hundred thousands of monks and locals from different monasteries receiving Dorje Shugden initiation from highly attained Lamas. From one picture where thousands of tents were set up outside the monastery hosting the ceremony for the thousands of attendees. Thousands of fortunate practitioners were fortunate to receive initiation of Dorje Shugden from high lamas of the Gelug lineage . We are fortunate to read and watch those updates from Tibet and else where.
    Thank you Rinpoche for these updates.
  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jan 16. 2023 01:29 PM
    Dorje Shugden is a fully enlightened Buddha who has been worshipped throughout history by several schools in Tibetan Buddhism. The protector Dorje Shugden was arose from a lineage of highly attained masters who have been taking rebirth life after life. Solely for the benefit of all sentient beings and the preservation of the Dharma. Having to ask for divine help is no exception for Keng Nam. Dorje Shugden the Dharma Protector will help everyone regardless of race and faith in difficult time when pray to him sincerely.
    Thank you Rinpoche and Keng Nam for this sharing.
  • adamhaissam
    Saturday, Jan 14. 2023 08:09 PM
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    WhatsApp:+60149346413 Thanks to agent Mrs Shahira…..
  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 11. 2023 02:27 PM
    The interest in vegan and vegetarian products is on the rise, especially after consumers become aware of the cruelty involved in producing animal-based foods. Undercover footage released shows slaughterhouse brutal treatment of animals such as pigs , sheep and so forth being kicked, beaten, and thrown into cages before they are slaughtered. The animals should be immediately slaughtered so as to spare them the pain, stress, and anxiety. Secret footage shot inside a slaughterhouse has reignited a row over animal cruelty. Its sad watching this video. As results leading animal protection organisation Animal Aid requested more CCTV cameras to be place in all abattoirs. The public do not want to see animals treated in such a cruel way . To go vegetarian will be the best choice.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing high-lighted the sufferings of animals in slaughter house.
  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 11. 2023 02:26 PM
    Generally, Buddhist teaching views life and death as a continuum, believing that consciousness continues after death and may be reborn. We’re all going to face death, so we shouldn’t ignore it. Being realistic about our mortality enables us to live a full, meaningful life. Buddhist teachings emphasize the idea that although one’s destiny is always influenced by past karma. That is, our actions in this and previous lives shape the outcome for the next life. Reading this article had me understand further . To learn ,practice Dharma is the best choice I have made. We have our Guru to thank for sharing with us the journey from birth to death. This article gave us a better understanding of what happens to us after we pass away according to Buddhism.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 11. 2023 02:24 PM
    Palden Tenpai Nyima a native of Tibet, he was the 7th Panchen Lama of Tibet. The Panchen Lama is the second highest ranking lama after the Dalai Lama in the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan . Palden Tenpai Nyima did compiled and edited voluminous collection of tantric deity sadhanas or spiritual practices known as Rinjung Lhantab. Rinjung Gyatsa collection of sadhanas originally came from the great Tibetan scholar Jetsun Taranatha. In turn, Taranatha’s collection was based on the ancient Sadhanamala collection of works by various Indian authors. It was believed to have been compiled between the 5th and 11th centuries which can be traced back to its Indian roots. Its more suitable for higher practitioners . Jetsun Taranatha was one of the important masters of the Jonang lineage, was of crucial importance for the Shangpa Kagyu tradition who had contributed tremendously in Tibetan Buddhism. Interesting read .
    Thank you Rinpoche and Pastor David.
  • Samfoonheei
    Thursday, Dec 29. 2022 02:00 PM
    Monk robes offering is the highest offering and the most meritorious of skillful deeds. The act of offering robes to the Sangha, one will be free from the suffering of hungry ghost realm and taking rebirth in the human form with complete perfect physical, attractive, conceivably pleasant and beautiful shape. Merits of offering robes to Sangha is extremely glorious. The Sangha has preserved, propagated and taught the teachings of the Buddha for centuries. As a result, millions have benefitted from their diligent effort and compassion, hence with understanding and gratitude, it is meritorious for us to offer robes to monks.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.

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