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Dear friends,

I have a special request of my blog readers. You can change lives, change thinking, change attitudes and change outcomes if you try and all from the comfort of your homes and Pc’s….You just have to care. Please care. It’s beautiful to focus out..

Cruelty towards animals is against genuine spiritual development, unethical and inhumane. You should do you best to stop it as much as possible. The first step is to create awareness. Awareness/education are instrumental for fundamental shifts.

I have a special request. And with folded hands and great humility I request the below:

1. Take the time to watch all the videos. And write one comment for each of the videos below that is 150 words minimum or more. So that is 19 comments in total.

2.  Either blog, tweet (on 10 categories with link back to this post) or facebook with link back to this post ALL 19 videos. And write in comments where you placed them here. You must write in the comments section where you have blogged, tweeted or facebooked the videos. So it can be verified.

3. Go Vegetarian for a week or more. Everyday on the comments of this post write what you ate that day.

If you do the above and it is verified by KECHARA (Karen, Sock Wan, and William). I will be honoured and very happy to send you a Buddha Pendant or Buddha tsatsa. Shipping will be included.

For Pendants you may pick: 2 armed Dukkar, Tara, Shakyamuni, Setrap or Tsongkapa Pendant.

If you choose tsatsa, then, it can be Tara, Shakyamuni, Buddha or Tsongkapa. They are beautiful.

(As supplies last).

If you repeat all the above once a month continuously for 6 months straight and update on the comments with links where possible, then I will be happy to send you a 9″ brass traditional Buddha Statue of either Tara, Tsongkapa, Medicine Buddha or Shakyamuni. (As supplies last)

Why am I doing this, I wish to gift you with special thanks for your compassion in helping me spread the word around regarding cruelty towards animals.

As a Buddhist, spiritual being, or a person with a conscience, WE SHOULD DO OUR BEST TO SAVE THESE ANIMALS. We should put in our resources, time, energy, love into saving animals as much as we can without excuses and without further delays.

Tsem Rinpoche

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Is this what you like to eat???

If from the moment that I was born, I get my lips cut off, my skin scalded by a hot branding iron, my ears cut off with a pair of scissors (all WITHOUT anesthetics, so I cry and scream in excruciating pain)…I get forced to eat growth hormones EVERYDAY….I sleep, POOP, pee and EAT in a 10ft x 10ft with another person my size who does the same thing….I sleep on my friend’s poop and pee, then continue to eat from there….I go mentally-unstable because it’s just too hot, too cold, too cramped….ITS SO NOISY….I can’t move AT ALL….I get badly kicked, severely punched, harshly dragged….I get my bones broken…I’m too big so my legs break from my weight…

Have I lived a good and normal life so far??

Minutes…Hours…Days…YEARS pass by SO SO slowly…I then get pushed into a very small car with 20 friends…get pushed out…get electrocuted at all the wrong places….someone then comes and kicks me, punches me in the face, stands on my back and starts jumping up and down…

What have I done to them??

….I get hung up UPSIDE-DOWN on a moving conveyor belt along with all of my friends…I can still hear some of them being tortured in the other room…I see my friend in front of me starting to shake really hard, he’s screaming and crying very very loud….I’m so scared and confused!!…..I feel a sharp pain around my neck and so I scream and scream…I try to get off the conveyor belt but I can’t…I start getting really tired and sleepy but I’m in so much pain…I try to scream again but I quickly begin to drown in my own blood.

If I was still alive, I’d see myself being skinned, chopped, cleaned, cooked …. and finally I end up on someone’s plate.

Did they not know what happened to me or how I got here? Why are they okay with it???


Below are 19 videos on how human beings can really exploit their “power” over others that have nothing to defend themselves with except for their bark and bite.

Are YOU okay with it? I AM NOT.

1. 15 Reasons to Quit Eating Meat and Be a Vegetarian

Or view the video on the server at:

2. Animal Slaughtering in Today’s World

Or view the video on the server at:

3. Animal Survivor Fay

Or view the video on the server at:



4. Bull Sacrifice

Or view the video on the server at:

5. Cats and Dogs Massacre in China

Or view the video on the server at:

6. Cruelty at New York’s Largest Dairy Farm

Or view the video on the server at:

7. Dog Meat Trade

Or view the video on the server at:

8. Force-Fed to Death

Or view the video on the server at:

9. Hidden from View Pro-Veg Commercial

Or view the video on the server at:

10. I am Scared and Don’t Want to Die

Or view the video on the server at:

11. Kindness and Compassion by EVOLVE Campaigns

Or view the video on the server at:



12. Kosher Slaughter

Or view the video on the server at:

13. Meet Your Meat (with Chinese Narration and Subtitles)

Or view the video on the server at:

14. PETA Goriest Video

Or view the video on the server at:

15. Pork Protest

Or view the video on the server at:

16. Pork Industry Exposed

Or view the video on the server at:

17. Seal Massacre in Canada

Or view the video on the server at:

18. Teenager Throws Puppies Into A River

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19. The Dairy Cow – The Most Overworked

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  1. Valentina Suhendra on Apr 10, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    Watching these animal cruelty videos was so heartbreaking for me. The fear and suffering that human beings invoked on these animals are so unnecessary. I could feel their fear and the sense of helplessness. Please put yourself in their shoes and how would you feel. Please be vegetarian and reduce the suffering of so many living beings.

  2. Krynauw on May 22, 2015 at 1:04 am

    Day 7
    No breakfast
    Lunch: roasted brinjals
    Dinner: veg curry with papadums

  3. Krynauw on May 21, 2015 at 1:42 am

    Day 6:
    Brekfast/Lunch: bombay potatoes with rice
    Dinner: butternut Dahl with rice and Papadums

  4. Krynauw on May 20, 2015 at 2:13 am

    DAY 5

  5. Krynauw on May 8, 2015 at 2:20 am

    Day 4
    No breakfast
    Lunch: fries
    Dinner: Veg Biryani

  6. Krynauw on May 8, 2015 at 2:16 am

    Day 4:
    No breakfast
    Lunch: Fries
    Dinner: Veg Biryani

  7. Krynauw on May 7, 2015 at 1:02 am

    Day 3
    No breakfast
    Lunch: Veg Biriyani
    Dinner: Veg biriyani with roast veggies

  8. Krynauw on May 7, 2015 at 12:56 am

    Day 3
    No breakfast
    Lunch: veg biryani
    Dinner: veg biryani with roast vegetables

  9. krynauw on May 6, 2015 at 12:32 am

    Day 2
    Lunch : Veg Curry
    Dinner : Veg Biriyani

  10. sat kartar on Jan 9, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    shocking stuff, the dog restaurant in china…awful…the cruelty of killing is unbearable.The fact that some of these ones have owners desperatly looking for them is very sad… i probably wont sleep well for nights…the girl throwing the adorable puppies into the river like it was some kind of sport? whats that all about?? And also WHOS filming this and letting it happen?????? how can they participate watching her, the undercover `chinese dog factory i understand but here…They are as much to blame. Is society on drugs?? WTF I`m thinking, is that for real? I cannot comprehend what is in peoples heads…but know that their heart centres must be very shut down….and karma does come around very quickly nowdays….There is no need for this and at the very least the animals could be killed humanely where they do not suffer any pain….It seems the people who work in these industries are `numb` cant take responsibility for their` Iives` and they are somehow taking out all their frustrations, pain and anger on animals who cannot defend themselves.

    • Krynauw on May 4, 2015 at 2:02 am

      Video 1:
      I am grateful for this video because all of these facts and reasons about becoming vegetarian are quite helpful and interesting. Coming from a background where meat and animal products are important, becoming vegetarian won’t be easy and I would like to change that concept. People always say that animals can’t feel pain or don’t have senses, I have got news for them.Becoming vegetarian will also be good for my health

      Video 2:
      Shocking to know all these ways people kill and how many animals they kill! Poaching and illegal killings is also very bad and in South Africa where I am from we see it alot! Also shocking that many people kill animals for fun and entertainment.

      Video 3:
      Very very sad. How can someone enjoy watching dogs ripping each other apart and then screaming in pain? That is just seriously sick. People think animals are less than us humans and use them for stuff that is too cruel for humans, thinking the animals can handle it… Absolutely SAD!I am grateful for the Humane Society helping all these animals!

      Video 4:
      Cruel and made me sick. Slaughtering an innocent animal for RELIGIOUS purposes? How does that work? To see that the bull’s throat got slit and was dying in it’s own blood is terrible and very sad, and it’s legs tied together so it suffered and bled to death.

      Video 5:
      This video made me cry!! SO many animals cramped together in such small cages and load on a truck, SAD. The way they are just thrown of the truck and the animals screaming in pain is just sad. Don’t they feel bad? Kicking the cages and laughing? One can see the sadness in the eyes of the animals. Seriously SAD and really scarring.

      Video 6:
      Using no pain killers? LIke really?Letting these animals live in such bad conditions, not doing something about their wounds and with very little care is shocking. Seeing that they take away the calves from their mothers is very sad, hearing the mothers worrying about them and the calves calling their mothers just shows that animals too have feelings.

      Video 7:
      This is just sick and inhumane to eat dogs and kill them so brutally and cruel. Hearing the other dogs calling when they see their friend being killed is just sad. Killing the dog with a knife and the dog feeling the pain is just inhumane, Some people really are just crazy…

      Video 8:
      Force feeding is terrible, killing the animals are already bad, but then interrupting their feeding cycle so they “grow up faster” is just terrible and letting them live in such bad conditions is very scarring…

      Video 9:
      Seeing these animals sad, scared, and wanting to leave or escape is very shocking, they know that they will be slaughtered. The people working there just treating the animals like they are nothing, plain INHUMANE.

      Video 10:
      Seeing the look on that cow’s face, scared, shocked, sad and don’t know how to get away is shocking and sad, and killing it so brutally and hearing him screaming in pain. SAD.

      Video 11:
      Beautiful video of animals being happy, but afterwards being killed is sad. as the title says “Let there be peace over the world” is all that many people want and it will also make so many people happy!

      Video 12:
      The fact that the cows remain conscious is the saddest part. They feel the pain and crawl around in their own blood trying to escape. Why do people do this? Why don’t they feel bad or sad? This is just terrible.

      Video 13:
      It is sad that all of this animals do not mature naturally, they live in harsh conditions, get feed hormones and then get slaughtered, NO ONE in fact NOTHING deserves to be treated like this.

      Video 14:
      This video is very gory and it just shows how unhygienic animal farming is! To eat something that lives in this harsh conditions is very gross. Meat is very unhygienic.

      Video 15:
      This is very very sad and very cruel. The fact that the pigs have to live in such small spaces and such unhygienic conditions is very sad. Animals are created to roam freely without any lack of space and that is sadly what the food industry is taking away from them, this is really sad.

      Video 16:
      They are doing a very good job protesting and spreading the awareness of the pork industry and it is fantastic that it is banned in only a few states! Now they just have to make sure it must be illegal everywhere!

      Video 17:
      This is very cruel, brutal and sad! Killing such young and innocent animals for fashion purposes is very unfair and sad! How can someone wear a helpless, innocent baby seal’s fur? I really hope Canada ban this cruel practice.

      Video 18:
      This is very cruel.One can see that the puppies are still very very young and helpless. And how can the one filming this just stand there? Laughing and making flying sounds as the innocent little animals fly through the air and hit the water? How can one live by doing this?

      Video 19:
      So sad that they have to work so hard to produce milk. And the fact that some of them even die of exhaustness is shocking, the fact that something has to work itself to death. It isn’t natural that a cow produce more milk than it is supposed to in nature.

      I have learnt something valuable from all of these videos and I will definitely look at meat and animals differently and appreciate animals much more. Thank you for all of these videos!

      • Krynauw on May 5, 2015 at 1:05 am

        Day 1:
        Breakfast: No breakfast
        Lunch : Chunky Vegetable Soup
        Dinner : Mix Vegetable curry with rice

  11. Chimi Dema on Apr 18, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    I think i feel much comfortable without taking meat.I feel much like a human being rather than a monster.i am vegetarian for almost 10 years ,i guess. But sorry ,i couldnt watch the vedios above, it sounds distrubing to me and i know what is going to happen. I tried to watch one from my face book but i have to close my ears and eyes.I know i am not a good human but i do understand the feelings of others. Sometimes it seems the hell is on the earth itself. Animals are not able to speak for thier right but i have seen them get scared & tears running from thier eyes.

    Thank you Rinpoche for your compassion towards every living beings.
    Looking forward & i will be praying & helping those poor animals in near future.

  12. Peiyin Pang on Feb 15, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    We love earth n respect the animal live,Amitabha

  13. Tai Ee Kuang on Jul 8, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    First and foremost, l am not a meat eater neither can l claim l am a full vegetarian. But if l am alone l will try my utmost best to be a full vegetarian but being a businessman l am always with friends and clients l do not wsnt to impose upon others to declare myself as vegetarian. But after a few rounds of meals with me they can realise that l do not take meat and they will automatically order food of vegetarian nature or suggest we go to eat in vege restautants. I find that this way my indirect appraoch has helped many people to appreciate being a vegetarian. All of them will ask me two questions a. How long have l have been a vegetarian? b. What made me a vegetarian?
    My answer to these questions were a. more than 13 years already ( to all my friends this is really long time but l told them not so long ) and b. I told them my real story. It started in year 2000 when l attended a retreat in a Mahayana chinese temple in Penang and prior to that l was a not a vegetarian at all. During the retreat we were served full vegetarian diet all along. There were two hundred and ten participants attended the retreat and l was one of the two chosen to clean a very ols Kuan Yin statuein the temple. I was very happy attending to my tasks and since that day l became a non meat eater and still very happy it changed my diet alltogether. There was no regrets changing this food pattern but l must confessed that there were twice that there were strong temptations for me to revert back to my meaty diet again but my faith in the benefits and reasons for being a vegetarian overpowered these tamptations.

    The videos that you have given us amother avenue to strenghten our resolve to main our faith being a vegetarian. Sadhu to your video collections. I have seen some of them before.

    The videos also gave me a very strong will to continue to be a Buddhist and being a Buddhist we need to follow at least 5 precepts and most of them are centred in Precept No. One ie Abstaining from killing. My foremost principle belief and practise of these precepts is we need to be mindful of everything we do which shall not affect a third party human and animals inclusive. Secondly, these precepts also taught us not to be extremists such as killer, murderers for precept #1, thief, robbers, kidnappers for precept #2, rapists, molesters for precept #3, emotional terrorists, bully for precept #4 and drunkard and drug addict for precept #5.

    With this understanding we shall proceed to encourage our compassionate side of us. Everybody including animals has this compassion. We need to continue to cultivate this compassion.

    For all male beings
    For all female beings
    may metta be upon you.

  14. foo mei lee on Sep 27, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    Im glad that my family are vegetarian including my children who are born vegetarian. We started about 4 yrs ago observing it for 100 days after my father passed away… but after 100 days we decided to continue… even when I was pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd child. People surrounding always said that I need to take meat so that my babies will be string and healthy. But I believe I can be healthy without needing to kill other living beings for their meat. True enough my babies are just as healthy as other baby… We still working towards being a vegan(no dairy & eggs) though…

  15. Julia Tan on Jul 31, 2012 at 8:47 am

    3 years ago I became a vegetarian to dedicate for my Rinpoche’s long life. I just wanted to be a vegetarian for one year. But a few months later, I decided to carry on for the rest of my life when I realized what I ate and what I use everyday created tremendous pain on someone else. I used to eat medium rare beef with blood on my plate. Especially veal meat cause it’s soft. Not that I didn’t know where these meat came from but I chose to know they are my food now and I enjoyed it even better with a glass of red wine. My satisfaction and happiness of having a good meal fulfilled. After I became a vegetarian only I chose to admit that SOMEONE GOT TO DIE so that I could have a good meal. SOMEONE GOT TO DIE so that I can have a stylist leather CHANEL bag to carry. How disgusting when I think about it now. Please do not tell me that you are helping them to end their lives faster so that they can take rebirth in a better place. Cause the next one on the plate might be you.

  16. Birda on Jul 19, 2012 at 12:06 am

    Thankyou Rinpoche for this Posting on your website.

    I would like to say that being a long term life committed Vegetarian is an absolute Blessing and I encourage anyone to give up eating Meat and that includes fish as it brings a person so so many benefits on many levels and more importantly helps to eleviate the immense suffering that animals have to go through unnecessarily on this planet and cultivates Loving Kindness and Compassion to all animals and therefore to all Living Creatures. I wish all well on their journey in being a Vegetarian. Namaste.

  17. Liz Fields on Feb 7, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Here is the last entry (for 6 months)


    Video 1

    Every time I watch this video, it reignites the reasons why I do no eat meat. Which is a good thing (for me and others). But I think the other purpose behind this video is to educated the “ignorant” people, to visually say “Hey eating meat is wrong, and this is why.” This video gives you 15 reasons to become vegetarian. The producers and video makers could have given you more reasons, but they didn’t. They wanted this video “Short, sweet and to the point.” I think that if they had gone with say 30 (or more reasons to become vegetarian) they would have lost the audience. And loosing the audience is never a good thing. You want to inspire, motivate, and educate the masses. And that is exactly what this video has done. Kudos to the company, producers and everyone who participated in the making and filming of this video, keep up the good work! And please keep on educating the people on the benefits of becoming a vegetarian.

    Video 2

    It really amazes me that people would do this to animals. Factories are killing Billions of animals per year! And that is totally uncalled for. Every second of everyday, animals die from experiments! This experimentation (and cruelty to animals) is uncalled for. I know a lot of people need medicine and sometimes the only way for scientists to test it is on animals, but I think we (as a species) can do better. We can find alternatives for testing shampoo’s, medicine, lipstick and the like. Like all sentient beings, we are smart and if we really wanted to find an alternative to testing/experimentation on animals; we would do it. I really believe that we (as human beings) can evolve into better people, if we just put our mind to it and change for the better. There is no need to subject animals to this kind of lifestyle and torture. Please help them by becoming vegetarian and making a difference.

    Video 3

    Through research I have learned and discovered that dog fights not only happen in the United States of America, but in other places like England. I had no idea about this and was very shocked. It is my opinion (and probably others opinions as well that) Every animal (and human) has a beautiful compassionate side. You have to look past the ugly or unattractive side, even if something is wrong with them like for example missing a leg, tail, or something else. They are still loving and compassionate you just have to find it. Don’t look on the ugly side, look on the beautiful side of everyone, everything, and every animal. I still think that the owner could have treated Fay better, like I have mentioned before if you can’t take care of the animal, please find other alternatives instead of treating the animal badly. This video, every time I watch it really opens my eyes and teaches me that no matter what happens to me, that I can and should still be loving and compassionate.

    Video 4

    This video still makes my insides squirm, every time I watch it. This was (most likely) what the cinematographer (and the editors, producers ect) wanted. This was most likely the effect they were looking for. They did a beautiful job communicating the message that animals have feelings, souls, lives as well and that they do not want to be sacrificed (or beaten ect). How would you like it if a relative, neighbor or someone else you cared for was treated this way? I can assure you, that there would probably be protests, riots or the like. My point is that there would have been an action, a response to a human being treated like this. So why do people think that we can do this to animals, and get away with it? Is it because there are not uproars, protests ect? Is it because there is no action big enough to say “Hey this is wrong.” What will it take to make things like this, not happen to animals (or any living being).

    Video 5

    As I watched this video, I literally paused the video and ran to the bathroom. Who in their right mind thinks it is fun to decapitate a kitten. Even as I sit here and try to type more about this video, i am moved to tears! Those poor defenseless animals! Not only are they being decapitated but they are having the fur (literally) ripped right from them. I can not believe that these people can and will do this to any living being. This is just inhuman and not called for. These animals are our FRIENDS not something we decapitate and rip the fur from. Even now, I have to keep myself from vomiting! This was so sick, yet at the same time it is an eye opener. I can’t even begin to imagine the torture these animals go though (and I am sorry to say that I wouldn’t want to). How would you like it if your child was decapitated for something they wore. I know I wouldn’t stand for it. This is so so sad and the animals that continue to go through this will continually be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Video 6

    I don’t even know where to begin with this one. With this one, what really caught my attention this time was the worker. As you listen to him you actually think that he has a sort of revenge out for them, as if they have done something to him. Also, he talks about abusing them as if he enjoys doing it! This is so sick!! What have the innocent cows done to you (worker)? Nothing! Yet you continue to talk in that manner about them and abuse them without mercy. If you only understood how compassionate and loving these animals (all animals) are. Maybe and hopefully then you would see that it is not the animals who have treated you wrongly. And hopefully you would see that what you are doing is inhumane and wrong! As always all animals (all sentient beings) are in my thoughts and prayers, and I can only hope that this worker finally realizes his wrongdoing and finds another job (one that benefits animals).

    Video 7:

    As I watch this video, I feel a lump start in my throat as I attempt to hold back my tears. You can literally see the fear on the dogs faces, as they watch their other colleagues go to die. You can see on their face that they know what is going to happen to them. This is just so sad and heart breaking. And the behavior of these people (as I have mentioned before, if I remember correctly) is absurd! Would you want to be treated that way? Would you want to be killed or watch others being killed right in front of you? I know I wouldn’t and a strong prayer goes out to all animals who go through these things (the beatings, torture, death ect). To be born in an environment where you are beaten and treated like trash, or killed is really heartbreaking, and I pray that we (as humans) can come to our senses and realize that what we do to these animals is wrong!

    Video 8:

    Who in their right mind would want to eat something that is expensive, has NO nutritional value and could give you cancer or some other terminal disease? This does not make sense to me. Why put poison in your mouth. That is just like downing a gallon (more or less) of a poison and expecting to not have any repercussions what so ever. That is just ludicrous! Whatever you put in your mouth will have repercussions on your body (good or bad). And if you eat poison you are most definitely allowing the bad repercussions to take their toll on your body, and shortening you life or dying. By eating this we are making the industry bigger and supporting bad karma (for ourselves and others) Please do not eat Foie Gras, and please please please do not support this industry!! Please do the right thing. Save the animals lives, save your own life and become a vegetarian.

    Video 9:

    We (humans who eat meat) have been guilty of this. We walk through the supermarket and look at the packages of chicken, turkey, steak ect. To us, they are just pieces of meat. We don’t even think of them as living beings. We don’t even think of what they went through (the torture, pain ect). To us they are just food to feed our family. We have to stop this way of thinking. How do we stop this? The next time you see a package of meat, think about what it went through. Think of the pain the animal(s) goes through as it gets cut into with no painkillers or anesthetic! Think of how they (animals) are being tortured and abused before they die and ultimately end up on your plate. Think about these things and maybe (just maybe) before you reach your hand in to grab that package you will think again, and withdraw it. And that my friends is a start, and it starts with thoughts and thinking.

    Video 10

    What awaits these cows as they stand in their own fecal matter. Death, and they already know it is coming. Yet, they try and stay alive (even if it is only for a few more minutes). They move backward in their own excrement, trying to get away. To live just a little longer seems to be their “motto”. The cow is saddened as he sees his friend move forward. For he knows this will be the last time he will see him, as he hears the cries of his friend; he gets frightened and as fast as he can, moves as far away as he can. But to no avail, for there is very little room. He does not want to die like his friend. He wants to live and smell the fresh air and taste the green grass! Yet as he is zapped and made to move forward, he knows that his life will end; and he will not get his wish to smell the air and taste the green grass. Please, look into your heart and know that animals have feelings and know that you can help them by becoming vegetarian.

    Video 11

    No matter how many times I watch each of these videos, I have to say that this one is my absolute favorite. No gore or bloody picture, no watching animals getting beaten on or tortured ect. This video (to me) is the best one. Because for me, it still communicates the message the eating animals is not good and if we want to stop the torture, abuse, ill care and other situations they go through; we need to become vegetarian. I know to some they may shrug this video off and watch the more blood guts and gore videos and be moved or motivated. But to me, this one does the trick for me. At the same time i also understand that videos effect each person differently, but I have to say that this video is just beautiful (and it gets the point across). You don’t always need blood, guts, and gore to be motivated to do something. And that (to me) is what they are trying to say. You do not need blood, guts, and gore to be educated and motivated to do something.

    Video 12

    How would you like it if you were FORCED into a restraining device, turned upside down thus exposing your neck, and killed for food. No? You wouldn’t stand for that? Then why do we have to put other sentient beings (animals) through this process. It makes no sense to me, why do something like that to other animals if you yourself would not want to be treated that way. Why not treat the animal like a family member or dear friend. Why must they go through this torture, just to be eaten? Does doing this to them improve their flavor, or make them more moist? I just don’t understand, and in all honestly I probably never will. Please do not support industries that do this, and please help the animals by becoming vegetarian. And if you ask “What are the benefits to not eating meat?” my response will be “Many, do the research for yourself or watch video 1 again and try it.”

    Video 13

    As many times as I watch this video, I pray deeply that the Chinese people gain awareness as to what they are doing to the animals. Not only eating them, but putting them through torture and (eventually) killing them. And I also hope that this video inspires them to change their eating habits, and lifestyle to help animals. I really hope that this video motivates them to change. I realize not all people are like this, but one can only wonder how people are, how they act and live (when you live in a different country). Regardless of where you live, I pray that you treat animals with respect, love, and care. Animals to do deserved to be living a living hell (whether it be on a farm, factory or elsewhere). They deserve to be free, loved, and respected for what they are (which is) our friends, partners, relatives, and helpers.

    Video 14

    This video literally had me loose my appetite. As many times as I have watched this video (for whatever reason) it never effected me like I believe it should have. The last part where you see the cow’s head detached from its body was enough to make me throw up. That is just GROSS!! And those poor fish. Some people (vegetarian or not) think that just because fish live in the water, that they do not suffer. Well, this video proves that they do. It is not just land animals, but animals that live in the waters and oceans as well. And like video one said “Eating fish doesn’t make you vegetarian.” and this is so true. How can people think that just because the animal doesn’t live on land, that it doesn’t suffer? This makes absolutely no sense to me. Please help all the animals, by becoming vegetarian (and yes being vegetarian does mean you DO NOT eat fish or any meat.)

    Video 15

    I thank this company and give kudos to them and all who participated in this peaceful protest. We need to raise awareness to the general public in any way we can. Whether it be using Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Videos, our personal blogs, Reading books and newspapers ect. Use any means you have available to you to educate the public. Maybe then if they see, hear and read enough information about the torture and killing of animals that this will motivate them to investigate the matter further, and eventually decide that even though they are just one person; that they can (in some small way) help to improve not only their lives but the lives of animals as well.
    Just think of how many animal lives we can save if we adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. According to by adjusting your diet to include a non-meat day once a week, you will reduce your consumption of meat by about 35 pounds a year! That is amazing!!!

    Video 16

    It is downright cruel to know that pregnant pigs are put int small crates. Crates small enough that the pregnant pigs can’t even move! I know that if a pregnant human being was treated that way there would be an uprising, it would be on the news and broadcasted far and wide (whether it be broadcasted on the television or internet, the point is that the news would still be made public). There would be angry people, demanding something be done to the company,factory responsible. So why do factories, workers of those factories ect think that it is all right to do this to animals? What have the animals ever done to deserve this.
    When I was pregnant with my child the world seemed very concerned. Total strangers would open the door, offer their help, ask me if I needed anything. So why can’t we be the some way towards animals? Why can’t we (as humans) show them the compassion that they deserve to be shown.

    Video 17

    Dear consumers of fur,
    It is not necessary or mandatory to kill baby seals for their fur, just so that you can be kept warm in the winter! As a fellow knitter and spinner I am here to tell you that there are other alternatives! And best of all these alternatives are “more humane” then killing a baby seal. For example wool and alpaca fiber is very warm and these animals are not killed; they are shorn every year for their fur. Alpaca is warmer and lighter in weight then wool (it is also hypoallergenic, softer then cashmere, has no lanolin, and is easier to process). Please give alternatives a chance, and save the seals from this horrible fate! Instead of killing a seal, you can pay the same amount (or less) and have a sheep or alpaca shorn and made into clothes. Please think of the animals (and the alternatives I have presented), do research and please please please do not support the killing of seals any longer!!

    Video 18

    No matter how many times I watch this video, no mater how many times I read the facts that this young lady was caught; this movie still breaks my heart. No mother wants their young mercilessly thrown in a river, fighting for their life, drowning because they can’t keep up with the current, and then eventually dying. This is such a horrible thing to do. What possessed this girl to do this? Like I have mentioned before there were other alternatives she could have used instead of doing this to them; if she didn’t want them. I can bet that the mother of this young women was shocked when she found out what she had done. But no matter what I do, I cannot chance what has already happened. No one can. So the best thing I can do right now is to become vegetarian and pray for all the animals that go through situations like this (or worse), pray that they receive a human rebirth, and that they (in return) think of the animals that are suffering in their time and do the right thing and help the animals. I also pray with a heavy heart that this young women received help. As a side note: my child watched this video with me and literally said “Awww those poor puppies, what is that lady doing?” It was heartbreaking to tell her the truth, but I did and she understood. She then said that she would pray for the animals as well, and I am so proud of her!

    Video 19

    We as human beings tend to take motherhood slightly for granted. We do not realize that other mothers out there (human or animal) are having their children taken away from them. The mother cows have done nothing wrong and yet they are impregnated, have had their child taken away, beaten, and abused. These animals are nothing but caring, loving creatures, who deserve to be mothers and bond with their young. To what end may I ask is this for? Is this for the betterment of the human life? I would say no. Cow milk is for calves, not humans. And actually cow milk isn’t good for us to drink, yet we are motivated and encouraged to drink it though advertisements ect. In all honesty the only milk that humans are in need of is their mothers milk (and that is only for 6 months, after that we gradually stop producing the enzyme that helps us break down lactose.) So why drink it? It isn’t healthy for us at all.

    Food Diary:

    Day 1

    Sautéed potatoes (sautéed in vegetable oil, with garlic, parsley and salt and pepper to taste)
    Fettucini Alfredo (vegetarian)

    Day 2

    Asian Pear
    Veggie lasagna

    Day 3

    Crackers with peanut butter (natural peanut butter)
    Grilled cheese (vegetarian)
    Water to drink

    Day 4

    Leftover veggie lasagna
    Vegan Greek yogurt with peaches
    Ramen soup
    Water to drink

    Day 5

    Cinnamon roll
    salad for lunch
    Homemade banana bread
    Roman Soup

    Day 6

    Homemade Banana bread
    Carrots, broccoli, and celery
    Cheese Pizza (I was at a birthday party and had no other options available, I choose the one that was more vegetarian then the rest. All of the pizza (except for the plain cheese) had meat on it. So please forgive me for eating cheese pizza)
    Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich (used a sandwich press to “grill” it)

    Day 7

    2 Avocados
    Potato soup for dinner

    • Liz Fields on Feb 7, 2012 at 11:29 am

      Here are my tweets for this month, for some odd reason the tweets didnt copy over. You can view my tweets here


  18. osc on Jan 22, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Dear Rinpoche,
    Heard your compassionate voice towards animal loud and clear. Am turning vegetarian by slowly cutting down on meat and I want to be a vegetarian because of animals. Not participating in the offer but happy to be part of this greater good!

  19. Liz Fields on Jan 19, 2012 at 3:20 am

    Here is Januarys video responses, food diary, and tweets


    Video 1:

    Reason number twelve really hit home, when I watched it this month. For those of you that need a refresher rule number 12 is “Because no one should make a living by killing.” And it is so true! Why would someone want to kill something to earn a paycheck. People who do earn a living by killing should really take a step back and see that what they are doing is wrong. They should also be able to see, that there are other jobs out there that they could do. And they won’t have to kill a living, breathing sentient being. I heard that in the United states of America there might be factories opening that do this to horses so we can consume them, this is just sick and I pray with all of my heart that this doesn’t happen!! We really need to take action, if we do not want to see this happen.

    Video 2:

    I really feel that people should really pay attention to this video. It lays out plain as day a lot of things. Like for example that billions of animals are killed each year. That is Billions, with a capital B. When you look at it, that is a lot of animals being killed. No animal should be killed for reasons like food consumption, to wear (as in clothes or shoes), to be made to work (or other) to death. No animal deserves that.
    Millions of those Billions of animals are killed due to poaching! This is just sad. I don’t see how or even why these people could do this, what is even worse are the people who support poachers and wear animal skins. Animal skins are meant for animals, not humans to wear! Millions of animals are killed for food processing, this is just sad (in general) that animals are killed like that. The only way an animal should die is naturally in my opinion (that even includes having to put the animal down because you have NO choice, and the animal is suffering). But enough of my rant, watch the rest of the video and please decide to help the animals!

    Video 3

    I am well aware that dog and cock fights are still going on. But what is remarkable (and yes I will say it again) is that Fay was able to look past the abuse she went through, and still trust and love humans. If more people could do what Fay as done, what a world we would have. A world where people are not harsh, rude, or abusive to other beings and animals. I have to give tremendous kudos to organizations like the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) that rescue abused or mistreated animals and (if they are like Fay) they try and find them loving homes that they (the animal) can live without fear or being beaten or being made to fight for their life. If you would like to know more about the aspca, please visit Please check this organization out and support them if you can, they (like Rinpoché) do wonders for animals.

    Video 4

    No matter how many times I watch this video, I still can not get over the fact that things like bull sacrifices are still going on. It was terrible to watch as this bull is having its skin (fur, flesh) being cut and pulled back. And this was done, all while the bull was still conscious! Who in there right minds does things like that to any animal for that matter. That is just sick and wrong! I do realize that some religions (even christianity) sacrificed animals, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to. If the Christian religion was still sacrificing Sheep (or any animal for that matter) I sure would not want to be apart of a religion that does that. I am in no way saying that Religion is bad, what I am saying is that I personally would not want to be apart of a religion that sacrifices animals. That is all I am saying. In conclusion I pray that this bull (and any animal that is killed like this has a higher rebirth, and that given this higher rebirth that the (once animal) does not to things like this to other animals.

    Video 5:

    What is happening to those dogs and cats is just downright sad and inhumane. I do realize that people everywhere are starving for food. But that does not mean that people need to resort to doing this to animals. Doesn’t the republic of china have a food bank or some other organization or business where hungry people can come and get food, and not have to eat cat or dog? I am in no way saying that the Chinese people are bad, but one has to wonder what exactly is going on in China, that people have to resort to eating cats and dogs. Please please become vegetarian, not only for yourself but for the animals. No sentient being deserves to be treated this way. Animals are our friends, companions and loved ones. Not food. I pray that the animals that continue to go through this, get reborn into a higher realm.

    Video 6

    It is because of this video that I flat refuse to drink milk, eat cheese or have anything to do with dairy products. I (as I have said many times am lactose intolerant which may make it easier on me.) Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with the animal, my problem is with the factory (or factories) rather, and how they treat the animals. No animal (or being) should be made to live under conditions like this, no animal or being should be in pain or suffer the moment they are born. That is just downright sad that the United States has no standards or regulations for milk, yet the government has standards for everything else. For example one of the regulations that the government has in place is with arsenic (in anything). In the United states it can not exceed 10 ppb (parts per billion). So why cant regulations be put in place at dairy factories? Well, in conclusion all I will say is that if we want to see change (even regulations put in place) we need to be the change first and foremost and educate the public about what is really going on with dairy farms.

    Video 7

    In this three minute and forty three second video of one voice investigating the dog meat trade, you learn a lot. You learn that they truck these dogs by the hundreds or thousands at night. The dogs lay there, and do not look very happy to be going where they are headed. You watch and the dogs are unloaded with what looks to be like metal pinchers you use to pick up wood so you can easily load in the fireplace. Just watching these fifty three seconds of this video is enough to know what is going to happen to these dogs. And what is worse are the looks on the workers faces as they unload and do other indescribable things to the dogs. The workers faces are plastered with the look of non compassion. Not caring how the job gets done, as long as it gets done. The dogs cry out in pain, yet the workers continue to work. Unmoved by the dogs cry for pain and for help. This is just so sad, and I hope that the workers finally understand that what they are doing is wrong, and that the dogs have a higher rebirth.

    Video 8

    Who (be it animal or human) in the world wants to have a long plastic tube shoved down their throat, Unless it is to help the person get better. I don’t think anyone does! These poor animals are having this done to them, and the reason is to make them bigger until they die! Another reason is for food. That is not a medical reason, in fact there is no reason whatsoever that this should be done to these animals. I could understand if it was to make them better or to prolong their life, but the sad truth is; its not. And that is just sick! Who in their right mind would want to eat anything that has suffered this way. I know I wouldn’t (and I don’t). This is just so sad to see, but in the end I really hope that this video reaches other people, and makes them re think their food choices.

    Video 9

    As many times as I watch this video and I see the baby pig, I pray that it got out. But the sad truth is, it probably didn’t. It is so sad to be a mother pig and her piglets in a small, very cramped pin, awaiting their fate. And for those of you who still don’t understand, their fate is to be beaten (even more) ultimate suffering as they are cut open (while they are still alive) and being made into “food” that we can go to the store and “eat”. Even through this video doesn’t show the rest of what is going to happen to the animals, you can’t help but feel sympathy for them, and decide to make a change (no matter how big or small). Something is better then nothing. If you do not want suffering to happen to any animal, please become vegetarian and stop animal cruelty!

    Video 10

    It seems like every time I watch this video, all I do is shake my head from side to side. Not because I already know what is going to happen. It is because, this animal (as all animals do) has feelings. I not only pity the animal but I pity the worker even more so. Here are two sentient beings, both capable of expressing emotion and thinking. And yet, this worker still has the nerve to go through with killing this animal. I shake my head because I am upset, I shake my head because I am angry, frustrated, annoyed ect. I am all of these emotions all in one, and they are not at the animal or even the worker. I am more angry at the situation(s) that led this to happen. However if you compare the worker to people who are actually doing something virtuous for the animal, I bet the people doing virtuous acts have an easier time sleeping at night.

    Video 11

    No matter how many times I watch this video, I can’t seem to get enough of this one. I love this video. It doesn’t show gore, but it “peacefully” shows the animals as they were before they were killed. The way it should be. Then, powerful words fly by. They say “This is who I was before I became your burger, lamp chop ect. This video is so powerful in communicating and promoting vegetarianism. Near the end there is a sentence or statement that says “ Act kindly, live compassionately”. I love that. This video not only communicates that eating meat is bad, but it also tells us how we can peacefully be with animals. That we (as humans) do not have to eat and exploit them. That it is possible to live in peace, act kindly and live compassionately towards all sentient beings. This video does a wonderful job at communicating a very important message. Thank you for posting this, I greatly appreciate it 😀

    Video 12

    How is hanging an animal upside down, and exposing the animals neck (in this case a cow’s neck) Kosher? I am just trying to understand where this religion or cultural “norm” of doing this to animals is coming from. Are there scriptures or any material that gives these people the faith/confidence/reference that without a doubt the animal(s) needs to go through this? Just so a food can be considered Kosher? I guess what I am saying is that I want proof that doing this to animals is (in this culture, religion ect) is justified in their eyes. However, I know that this probably won’t happen unless I am from that culture or religion. It is so sad to see animals go through this in particular. This is so degrading to the workers in my opinion. Why is this degrading to them? Because they are lowering their “sense” of character by doing this and allowing this to happen to animals.

    Video 13

    I truly and deeply hope that the chinese people while watching this video will realize that the workers that treat the animals this way is wrong. Who wants to be thrown around or thrown against a wall? Who wants to be tossed like a rag doll into a cream colored crate where it looks like the animals can’t see out. I know I wouldn’t want to be treated this way. I know living conditions anywhere are hard, you might not even have a home. You may be homeless, regardless do you think the animals want to live in dirty conditions and not get care? Every animal (and human) deserves to be clean, live in a clean place, and treated fairly. Not like trash, these are sentient beings they have feelings, can think and express themselves. Just because they can not speak in our native tongue it doesn’t mean that we have to treat them unfairly.

    Video 14

    This is (as the title suggests) the goriest video that I watch. I am not a fan of horror/slash movies and when I watch something like this my heart and prayers just goes out to the suffering animals. However, with watching videos like this is moves me to do something to help the animals. It is a motivator, and rightly so. If more people fully realized what is happening to animals maybe then, they would not be so inclined to eat them and make them suffer. It is videos like this that really open the eyes to what really happens in the world. Animals should not be made to suffer like this, they are our friends and need to be treated as such. Not treated like trash like being stood on as another human being comes along and slits their throat. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world. So please help the animals 🙂

    Video 15

    Every time I watch this video I can not help but wonder how the protest went. What I mean is was the organization that was protesting against how the pigs were treated successful? Did they actually achieve their goal of making the public aware of what is happening to the pigs? I love this protest because they are silently protesting, they are not violently causing havoc and riots. They are peacefully protesting and to me, this is the way to go. However, sometimes methods like these do not work and so then what next?
    I still give big kudos to this organization! What they are doing is bringing awareness to the masses in a peaceful manner. Some people and organizations are not like this, and this is sad. We could learn a lot from this. Not just how to protest but how to make the public aware to what is going on around them and what they (as an individual) can do to help the animals.

    Video 16

    Even though this video is very short, it conveys a very powerful message. And that message is this: Whether it be a pig, cow, sheep, duck, chicken or other animal; that they should not be put in crates and treated like they have been treated. Putting animals in crates so small that they can’t move is inhumane! Animals are meant to roam free, and not be forced into crates (and put through other such inhumane methods). Animals (just like us) need to be able to move around, need medical care, and they have survival instincts that keep them alive. I love the way this company (and people) bring awareness to the masses. They do this through video, peacefully protesting, but also spreading the word that eating animals and treating them (like companies do) is very bad. This video also shows that if we want to do something about it, that we have to start NOW not later.

    Video 17

    This video (along with Animal survivor Fey) pulls at my heart strings every time I watch it. Seeing the pure white snow being sprayed with seal blood makes my gut clench and makes me want to close my eyes and not watch anymore. However, I pray a prayer for the animals (and all animals that go though this) and continue to watch. As I watch in complete shock and listen in utter horror as seals are being beaten to death, I am left speechless. Who in their right mind would want to kill seals (or any animal) for that matter? What is the end goal besides getting seal fur and proudly strutting down the street and proclaiming “Look at the fur I bought.” Instead of using money toward that goal, use it to help animals. I am sure the animals would appreciate the help that you have given to them in helping an organization spread awareness and also for extending their lives.

    Video 18

    No matter how many times I watch this (and even though I know that the young teenage women has been caught for her crime) I still can not fathom why she would do something like this to the puppies. What did the puppies ever do to her? They are innocent and deserve to be loved and taken care of. Not tossed into a river where they (most likely drowned) and fought for their life. This is just so sad to watch, and who in their right mind would have the heart to videotape this (if she had someone do that, that is). I know I wouldn’t have the heart to do that, and I would put a stop to it. But sadly I wasn’t there, and I can not change what has already happened. But I sincerely hope that she is getting the psychological help that she needs and I also pray that she is learning from her actions.

    Video 19

    Every time I watch this video, I am reminded that even if my life gets full of the stresses of everyday life and sometimes being a mother can be challenging, at least I have the freedom and opportunity to raise and nurture my child. Mother cows do not have this option sadly. And this is very heartbreaking. No animal (or human) mother in their right mind would want to be separated from their child and made to work until they die. Those poor mother cows work so hard, and yet they gain so little. These mothers only have their calves for a few days (at maximum) and then they are force impregnated to keep them pregnant, all so we (those who drink milk) can do so. This is just so sad! Who in their right mind would want to be pregnant (again and again) and feed a child? This is a tremendous stress on the body (both physically and mentally). Nursing one child is taxing enough on the body, but to have to keep being pregnant and feed your child is (as I would imagine) hard work. Please help save mother cows from this fate, no animal should go through this.

    Food Diary

    Day 1

    Vegetarian Chicken Noodle soup (all day)
    Water, juice and lemon lime soda to drink (alternating)

    Day 2

    Vegetarian Chicken and rice Soup (All day)
    Water and juice to drink (alternating)

    Day 3

    Water to drink

    Day 4

    Homemade vegetarian soup
    Water to drink

    Day 5

    Oatmeal for breakfast
    Spaghetti with sauce
    Water and Juice to drink

    Day 6

    Vegetarian tostada
    Water, juice and tea to drink

    Day 7

    Vegan greek yogurt
    Vegetarian stir fry
    Tea, water and juice to drink


  20. John Davis on Jan 11, 2012 at 4:22 am

    Venerable Guru, Namaste. I tried to watch the videos, but they made me physically ill. I work as a Meat Cutter (Butcher) and now I will be looking for a different line of work, and I will give up meat. I can’t be part of this suffering anymore.
    I am ashamed that I’ve been involved in it this long. Thank you for showing me the results of my actions.

  21. Liz Fields on Dec 8, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Here is December’s. It is early because I am busy studying for finals.


    Video 1:

    Want to reverse heart disease? Want to stop animal suffering? Become vegetarian. There are so many health benefits of this diet. According to the ADA, vegetarians are at lower risk for developing:

    Heart disease
    Colorectal, ovarian, and breast cancers
    Hypertension (high blood pressure)
    But did you know there are different types of vegetarians? Yes, there is! And, following below I have listed the name and definition of what food these particular types of vegetarians eat (the health information and vegetarian type information comes from
    Vegans or strict vegetarians exclude all animal products (e.g. meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, and other dairy products). Many vegans also do not eat honey.
    Lactovegetarians exclude meat, poultry, fish, and eggs but include dairy products.
    Lacto-ovovegetarians exclude meat, poultry, and fish but include dairy products and eggs. Most vegetarians in the US are lacto-ovovegetarians.
    So which one are you?

    Video 2:

    How would you feel if you were force fed lipstick and products were tested on you? Not good. you say? Then why do we need to do this to poor animals? What have they done to deserve this treatment? Nothing! You know, Life is always about making the smart choice after realizing what consequence follows. I bet this video changes not only your view on how animals are treated, but also whether or not you really need to put on that ten dollar lipstick. Why use that lipstick when there are other alternatives you can use on your lips, that are animal and environmentally friendly. As well as safe and better to use, then things filled with chemicals. I would much rather use something I made (whether it be shampoo, conditioner, lipgloss or whatever the cause may be) I will at least know EXACTLY what is in my product and know that I HAVE NOT tested on animals (other then myself of course, hehe).

    Video 3:

    What Fay’s previous owner did, was just horrible, I am under the assumption he didn’t even ask a vet what to do about her lip. He just went ahead and did it. But again this is an assumption and not a known fact that Fay’s owner actually did this. However, the insanely small number of animal survivors, whether it be from dog fights, removing the animals from abusive places and owners ect; is just heartbreaking. When I was small my mom had gotten me a dog, at that time a dog was a lot of responsibility for me. Even then I realized this and instead of being like some cruel animal owners and asking my mom to take my dog somewhere and leave her stranded and alone, not knowing whether or not she was ok or starving and beating her ect. I did the right and responsible thing and found her a loving owner that I felt would take care of her. If more animal owners were like this, that would be a wonderful thing, both for the owners and animals peace of mind.

    Video 4:

    Watching this video made my insides squirm. How would you like it if you were skinned alive, screaming in pain, trying to get away, and no one helps you! You wouldn’t like it would you? So why do we (humans in general who eat flesh) need to do this to a poor defenseless animal. This animal (or any animal) didn’t do anything! They are innocent! This is so cruel to do to any living being (be it animal or human). Here these men are, they are skinning this bull alive, watching it move around and scream in pain. Yet, they do nothing! They continue to go about their business, like this type of thing happens all the time, without a care in the world! So, enough of my ranting. Please know that treating animals like this is very wrong, and if you want to change please consider becoming vegetarian; not just for yourself but for all the animals that go through all sorts of torture and suffering.

    Video 5:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this video. This is so sad to see! The animals should not be treated that way. And yes it is still happening in China. I did some more research and according to PETA, this is what I found:

    * Many animals are still alive and struggling desperately when workers flip them onto their backs or hang them up by their legs or tails to skin them.
    * When they begin to cut the skin and fur from an animal’s leg, the free limbs kick and writhe. Workers stomp on the necks and heads of animals who struggle too hard to allow a clean cut.
    When the fur is finally peeled off over the animals’ heads, their hairless, bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile of those who have gone before them. Some are still alive, breathing in ragged gasps and blinking slowly. Some of the animals’ hearts are still beating 5 to 10 minutes after they are skinned.
    This is just awful and should never happen to any animal!

    Video 6:
    After watching this video if you do not care about the animals, you might be considering still drinking milk (and eating dairy products). However, would you still want to drink milk (or eat any dairy) if the following is going on:
    * Cows with bloody open wounds, prolapsed uteruses, pus-filled infections, and swollen joints, apparently left to suffer without veterinary care
    * “Downed” cows – those too sick or injured to even stand – left to suffer for weeks before dying or being killed
    * Workers hitting, kicking, punching, and electric-shocking cows and calves
    * Calves having their horns burned off without painkillers, as a worker shoved his fingers into the calves’ eyes to restrain them
    * Calves having their tails cut off – a painful practice opposed by the American Veterinary Medical Association
    * Newborn calves forcibly dragged away from their mothers by their legs, causing emotional distress to both mother and calf
    * Cows living in overcrowded sheds on manure-coated concrete flooring
    * Workers injecting cows with a controversial bovine growth hormone, used to increase milk production
    I know I wouldn’t and I am very glad I am lactose intolerant. Even if I wasn’t, I would still not drink milk (or eat any dairy products)! PLEASE help the animals, and become vegetarian!!!

    Video 7:
    It is still unsettling no matter how many times I watch this: to know that the dog meat trade is still going on. Not only in China, but in vietnam, korea and amazingly even some parts (but these are very few) in thailand. Don’t believe me do some research! Go to google and type in dog meat trade and you will see what I am not exaggerating. Thank goodness there are organizations like WSPA, who is working hard to end the dog meat trade. But did you know (according to WSPA) that:
    “Eating dog meat isn’t without contention even in the countries where consumption is high, including China, South Korea and Vietnam. The dog meat trade is either illegal or unregulated in all the countries where it is most common. In South Korea, for example, dogs are not officially recognized as livestock for slaughter and processing, meaning their meat cannot legally be sold. But enforcement is weak and many dog meat restaurants remain open.”
    If you want more information please visit:

    Video 8:
    Force Feeding anything is wrong, wrong wrong. This is just so horrible to witness! Still want to know what force feeding is (even after watching this video?) well I will tell you a little bit. According to Wikipedia. “Force-feeding is also known as gavage, from a French word meaning “to gorge”. This term specifically refers to force-feeding of ducks or geese in order to fatten their livers in the production of foie gras. In modern Egypt, the practice of fattening geese and male Muscovy ducks by force feeding them various grains is present, mostly by individuals, unrelated to foie gras production, but for general consumption of those birds later. It is not widespread on commercial farms however. The term used for such a practice is called “Tazgheet” تزغيط from the verb “Zaghghat” زغَط.”
    This is just so horrible to do to any living being, and why someone would want to eat animal liver is beyond me. My mom when I was younger, tried to get me to eat liver, I flat refused! I am so glad I did, looking at it years later down the road. I think liver is gross, and I think what is happening to these poor animals is even more sick!!

    Video 9:
    This statement really rings true, it is from youtube and regarding this video. This person says “It’s a pitiful life to be born into and a pitiful life to have to live. We as humans have the choice to make their lives better. If you eat meat, wear leather or fur, buy animal tested products and support certain charities you are contributing to their suffering! Just stop for a minute and think about your lifestyle choices, everyone has the ability to make a difference.” This person makes a very valid point, we have the choice and in my opinion the responsibility to make animals lives better, not worse. I am not saying we should all protest (that might end us up in jail, and what good would that do for the animals in situations like this). But what I am saying is if you want to help them, please become vegetarian, I am sure if they could talk (like we do) they would say THANK YOU.

    Video 10:
    Animals are sentient and do know they are going to die. You can see how this one cow just don’t want to go in there because he knows death awaits him. How heartbreaking. Forward and backward this cow goes, not once but twice. The cow has even tired to turn around more then once to get away from the danger, and yet he can’t! The poor cow has no room to escape, nowhere to escape to safety! He simply must await his fate, as the clock ticks ever closer to his death. Even when the door closed and the cow was in the factory, the animal still tried to get away! You could see his hoof through the door as it was backing up, trying to get away. The last thing you see is the cow taken down, and his body laying down unmoving. This poor cow! Thank you to whomever the company was that shoot this video, maybe now people will realize that animals do indeed have emotions and can sense when they are going to die.

    Video 11:
    Animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling love, loss, pain and fear, and are as deserving as us of a life free of suffering and exploitation. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace! This is an amazing video with a very powerful and potent message: Compassionate living. This does not mean simply loving animals and others as you would family. It also means to respect that fact that all animals are living beings and do not want to be abused, beaten, and eaten. If we can to anything it is to change, it may be hard but we can do it. Do not do it just for the health benefits, do it for the animals that are our much loved friends and family, who are there for us when we need them in times of grief, joy, and to experience their life with us, being happy and free!

    Video 12:

    Every time I watch this video, I cry! Those poor animals! Thankfully there are countries like new zealand who have supposedly banned kosher slaughter. However, slaughter whether it is kosher or not, is still the slaughter of an animal. And the slaughter of an animal in my opinion is horrible and cruel! The butchers or people who kill the animals have gotten so used to killing that animals bleeding, screaming out in pain has no effect on them anymore. They kill the animals without remorse or sadness! This is extremely sad and a shame. The workers are acting so cruel to the animals, that I am pretty sure that karma will get them in the next life (if not this one already). Karma, she can be a cruel mistress (and in my opinion “she ((karma))” has every right to be this way to people who do this to animals without remorse.)

    Video 13:

    I really hope this company makes another video, somewhat like this one. Even though I do not speak chinese it gets the message across, that killing animals is bad. The images (as I have said before) speak volumes and convey so much information, that hopefully those watching this video, did more research into becoming vegetarian or vegan. These animals suffer so much, having chickens packed tight in the farm that they don’t have much space to move, or having their beaks cut off; or having hot iron pressed against the skin of the cows, which screams in agony, or chopping off piece by piece while still fully conscious, etc. I know of no human on earth that can go through what these suffering animals go through. I sincerely pray, that the workers doing this to the animals comes to their senses; and realizes that what they are doing is wrong.

    Video 14:
    I actually have a headache from watching this as I sit and cry for the poor animals. The animals literally have no choice as they walk into a blood bath of violence, torture, and killing. Does anyone working in the factories (that are shown) even have a little heart and remorse for what they are doing? Do they even care that when they throw a chicken against a wall or stand on a pig, that it feels pain, its trying to get away from the danger and that it doesn’t want to die! This is so so sad that the animals have to go through this, and I pray that they get a better rebirth. No living thing should be treated like this, ever. So please, I beg you, change! Help the animals, stop the unnecessary slaughter and become vegetarian or donate to PETA or another organization that will help them!

    Video 15:

    Thanks for bringing forth the truth. As George Orwell so eloquently said “If liberty means anything all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” Let us hope people choose compassionate vegan-ism or vegetarianism over killing when there are so many other tasty, environmentally and socially beneficial options available (like almond milk). The people that do those things must have NO feelings at all. To kill an animal and feel no remorse at all as it screams and is bleeding in pain, is abominable and downright sick! I’m sure there are better ways to treat animals then that. We as a human society have great potential, we have the power to change, so why don’t we. Why don’t we change for the better and stop the killing! Please help the animals, change yourself for the better and become a person who can change the world by not eating meat.

    Video 16:
    When I hear about the way animals are treated (via abuse, put in small cages, tortured ect), I can not help myself. I watch and cry and wonder if there is anything else I can do to help these poor animals. But then I realize that at least I am doing something by being vegetarian, at least I am helping in my own small way. I plan to show this video to as many people as I can, in the hope that they to will change their meat eating ways and decide to become vegetarian. Small changes in life can help a lot of sentient beings and they can make a big difference in what our world does to help others (animal or human). What more can I say about this video, except thank you for posting it and raising awareness! Having awareness to what is going on, is also where changes start.

    Video 17:
    Seal massacre in Canada, and it still continues! According to
    Canada, continues to threaten to increase its seal killing. Now the Canadian government is officially considering killing 140,000 grey seals. Once again, the Canadian government is blaming seals for its fishermen’s woes. After nearly wiping out the North Atlantic cod by overfishing, while for years blaming the harp seals, the Canadian government has lately been blaming the grey seals for the failure of the cod to recover since the commercial fishing moratorium was introduced over twenty years ago.
    Though some of scientists in Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans question the efficacy of a seal cull in restoring the cod population, Canada’s government has not often based its decisions on science, let alone ethics.The killing of seals needs to stop, and it needs to STOP now! Don’t kill seals (or any living being). Please, please help the animals and become vegetarian!!!!

    Video 18:
    This is just sad, this girl (?) will have the karma of killing the puppies for a long time. She didn’t kill just one but 7, that is a lot of lives to have on your conscious; not to mention your karmic imprint. This girl should have gotten a phone book (or her computer) and searched for a better solution for those puppies, then the one she obviously chose. There are other organizations she could have taken the puppies to, I know for a fact that cute puppies like this get adopted a lot easier then adult animals. However, I am proud to report that, according to the authorities have found the person responsible for doing this. Good job on finding this sick person who needs psychological help. I pray this young women gets the help she needs. I also pray that the puppies have a better rebirth!

    Video 19:
    Compassion should be the driving force that catapults us to be better humans and live in a better world, we should not condone the act of killing anything that lives and breathes. We fellow Buddhists know that mothers have a very high significance, and I think the world would be a better place if everyone thought the same way. Even the bible says to honor your mother and father. So why do people continue to treat mother animals like this. Would you want to be separated from your mother days after birth, I highly doubt it. Animal abuse of any kind is very sad and there is no excuse for it. Even though I do not eat or drink dairy, I want to thank the mother cows for all their hard work, you work so hard; yet gain so little. Thank you for all your hard work, may you be reborn in a higher realm!


    here is the website (for this months tweets):!/LizFields

    Food Diary:

    Day 1:
    Vegan greek yogurt
    Vegan fettucini Alfredo (with broccoli)
    Tater tots
    Water to drink

    Day 2:
    Graham crackers
    Vegetarian chicken nuggets and french fries
    Water to drink

    Day 3:
    French Toast
    Vegetarian hot dog
    Homemade potato chips
    Apple cider and water to drink

    Day 4

    Waffles for Brunch
    Vegan Yogurt
    Vegetarian roast
    Water to drink

    Day 5

    Soup all day (vegetarian)
    Juice and water to drink

    Day 6

    Juice and water to drink
    Soup all day (vegetarian)

    Day 7

    Juice and water to drink all day
    Soup and crackers all day

  22. Liz Fields on Nov 7, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    November’s video responses come 3 weeks and 2 days early as this month (and next month) are busy.

    November Video responses, food diary and tweets.

    Video 1:

    I love this video, it gives you many reasons to become vegetarian. The one that I like the most is” “Because it is violence, we can stop.” And it is so true! We can stop the violence to animals, and we can start by going vegetarian. I know that if I had to make a living by killing I would be sick, and try to get a new job. Its not about the money for me. It is about lives. I would rather work in a craft shop and teach people how to make Jewelry then work in a slaughter house or factory where they kill animals, to make a profit. I don’t understand why these factories and corporations have to feed the cows so much grain, don’t they realize that they could use the extra grain to feed other human beings that are starving? Oh wait! They do, but they are so self absorbed in themselves and making a profit, that they do not care what they have to do in order to get their precious profit. This is about lives, not profit. Save lives, become vegetarian!

    Video 2:

    As many times as I watch this video, I still can not fathom why someone would want to kill animals for entertainment or any purpose really. I can understand if they have had a long life, or if they are your pet and you must put them down (because there is no other option) I have had to do this. And it was heartbreaking!! Even today, I still question myself as to whether or not I did the right thing (for my already dying cat). Seeing all of the bodies (or parts of animals) rotting in the sun, was just tragic! And the poachers pictured with the skinned tiger, smiling as if nothing was wrong, was downright heartless! I can’t believe those people are smiling, and acting as if nothing is wrong! They killed an animal! I know I would never be smiling as someone I care about (be it human or animal) suffers or is dying!

    Video 3:

    It is simply amazing the loving nature that Fay has, even when she has gone through so much. I have said it multiple times, there is so much we can learn from Fay, and she can’t even talk! Fay’s trust for humans is astounding! This story shows that we are capable of tremendous cruelty and harm, but we are also capable of tremendous compassion and courage to stand up for what we believe in. It is just so sick that we are still in the “16th century” as far as “entertainment” like this goes. In the olden days they used to take wild animals and other animals, put them in a cage together, pit them against each other, and take bets on which one would win. Apparently, we are still in those times. And, it is just so sad and heartbreaking to see this kind of “entertainment” still going on. I really hope the other surviving animals, that have been through this; find loving families.

    Video 4:

    The bull being sacrificed the way it was is horrible. I was shocked as the men waited around in the bull’s blood, like it was nothing at all to them, as the bull is continuing to suffer. This is just awful! Don’t those men have any awareness as to what they are doing, and the consequences of their actions? I can understand that a religious person would want to offer something to their chosen god, but does it have to be meat? Can’t it be water, flowers, incense, fruits, vegetables and music instead? Why does it have to be an innocent animal? Just imagine that suffering bull is a loved one? Wouldn’t you help your loved one to not suffer? I know I would, so why can’t we help animals not to suffer? This is just horrible and sad, and I really wish that these men realize the consequences of what they have done.

    Video 5:

    It was horrible to watch as the cats and dogs were being skinned and boiled alive in a hot pot, as the other animals watch. You can clearly see that they are scared, and if they could talk they would think “Oh my, I am next. I am going to die!” How can we live this way? It makes me wonder just how psychically messed up these people have to be to do this. Dogs and cats are our best friends, and they don’t deserve to be brutally beaten and all for fashion, and for some humans greedy taste buds. Furs are made for animals to keep them warm, I think they look horrendous on human beings. Any teachings whether you are Buddhist , Christian, Wiccan (or whatever religion you are) give you teachings to become a better person, but as I see it we have bloody hands, we are not innocent and we need to “confess” our sins and change for the better!

    Video 6:

    If your love on were in pain, wouldn’t you give them something to help them, a meditation for pain, a painkiller ect? Yes? Then why must we burn calves’s hooves and tails off, all without painkillers or anesthesia!. You can clearly see the calf (who is having it’s hooves burned off) writhing in pain and trying to get away. So, why it is ok to treat any animal like this? Well I will tell you, its not ok. And, if we want to see a change, we need to start with ourselves. What if your loved one had an infection, or an open wound. You would get them help right? You would? Good for you. However, treating animals with infections and opens wound, and not getting them help, is very bad; in fact it is horrible. Animals deserve to be taken care of! Not treated like they are only there to make a quick buck. Animals are our friends, and I would never ever treat an animal (or any living thing) like that.

    Video 7:

    First off, KUDOS to One Voice, and how they investigated China’s dog meat trade. You can clearly see the concern on they faces as they are all caged together, with barely any room to move and taken via truck to their last destination, ever! Normally, if a dog is going for a ride in a car (or even a walk) they run and jump up and down, these are clearly signs of excitement or joy, for being able to get exercise and spend time with the person they care about. Not so with these dogs! You can clearly see that these dogs are not happy about being in a truck, cramped, and trucked to their last destination. And, let me tell you; if I was a dog (or any animal for that matter) and was treated in a harmful or heinous way, I wouldn’t be very happy either. Dogs are our friends! Why must some people eat them! That is just sick!!! I would never ever in infinity years (also known as a very very very long time), ever even consider eating dog!

    Video 8:

    Watching this video made me gag! Who in their right mind would force fed anything until it dies! This just clearly shows that the companies and people that do this clearly do it for the paycheck and are not in the right mind. I do have a question, has anyone ever found or figured out what the black looking stuff on the ducks is? I know it is not their feathers (I used to raise ducks, but I never treated them like this, quite the opposite actually). You can clearly see that (unlike my ducks and other animals I raised) these ducks are not happy about being fed until they die, and living in very cramped cages. The image of the cut open duck, was just flat out gross! The eagles’s eye view (I am also a photographer) of the cages really does give you an idea, just how small the cages really are, sometimes this is the sort of shot you need in order to get the point, that treating animals this way; is wrong!

    Video 9:

    This video makes a very valid point. Animals are suffering, it then changes to chickens being thrown against a wall. You can clearly see that they are scared for their lives and trying not to die, as they hit the wall and flutter down. This may happen many times, until the chicken is dead.Then the video switches to a scene of a man standing on a pig! The pig is screaming out in pain, and the man continues to do this to the pig, without a care in the world. But I ask you, is this right? Because to me, it clearly is not! I do not like to see any animal suffer, but again sometimes it is scenes like these that open your eyes; and make you realize that treating any animal like this is wrong. It motivates you to help the animals in anyway you can, and one way to start is to become vegetarian.

    Video 10:

    Whoever said that animals don”t feel emotion and can’t tell whether or not to be scared for their life, is obviously on something. This video proves that animals can feel emotion and DO get scared for their lives. This is own within the first minute of this video. It is so obvious, that animals get scared! You can’t tell me that as the man approaches the cow that they are not afraid. We watched as the cows were backing up trying to get away! The animals amygdala (The amygdala is an almond shaped mass of nuclei located deep within the temporal lobe of the brain. It is a limbic system structure that is involved in many of our emotions and motivations, particularly those that are related to survival. The amygdala is involved in the processing of emotions such as fear, anger and pleasure. The amygdala is also responsible for determining what memories are stored and where the memories are stored in the brain. It is thought that this determination is based on how huge an emotional response an event invokes.) must be going crazy, it is constantly firing off, that there is danger around and to get away! Shame on people who think that animals don’t feel anything, you want proof? Watch the video.

    Video 11:

    Just think/meditate on the following quote a little while longer “The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.” So, now that you have thought about it, why do we treat animals like that? Instead of being barbaric and cruel we should have compassion for them. Having compassion for them, doesn’t only mean that we should love them. But we should treat them with the love and respect that they so rightfully deserve. Animals have lives just like we do, they have souls just like we do. Animals lives are precious, just like ours are. The “Golden Rule” of christianity comes to mind, do unto others as you wold have them do until you. This rings true to any living being. If you treat them with respect and treat them how you want to be treated, they will treat you the same way, so please treat animals with kindness and compassion; by becoming vegetarian.

    Video 12:

    According to Wikipedia Kosher is defined as the following “Kosher foods are those that conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law framework, kosher meaning fit or allowed to be eaten. A list of some kosher foods are found in the book of Leviticus 11:1-47. There are also certain kosher rules found there. Reasons for food not being kosher include the presence of ingredients derived from nonkosher animals or from kosher animals that were not properly slaughtered, a mixture of meat and milk, wine or grape juice (or their derivatives) produced without supervision, the use of produce from Israel that has not been tithed, or the use of nonkosher cooking utensils and machinery.” Apparently people don’t do investigate food like they should. I always look on labels of any food that I purchase from the store. One main reason is because I am trying to be more conscious about the ingredients in food. One would think this applies to machinery ect, but alas it does not (In most cases unless you buy cage free), but even then are you going to take a companies word; just because it is written on a box, carton, ect. I can only pray that you do research into how things really are with food companies.

    Video 13:

    Now, I do not pretend to understand Chinese, fact is I don’t. But the images pretty much say it all. These animals are born and bred in factories with unbearable living conditions (not to mention pigs having their reproductive organs removed, and calves being dehorned). This is just inhumane!! If you need proof of animals living in hell, look no further then this video! Compare the animals in the beginning with the animals as the end. The animals at the end are running around free and happy, quite the difference isn’t it. Which animal would you rather be? For me I would rather be the one running around free and happy, wouldn’t you? I think you get my point. Animals that are running free are much more happier and have less stress while others are being like trash. So, why continue to eat meat, when you can clearly see that animals are being mistreated? Think on that for a moment.

    Video 14:

    Talk about a blood bath! Yuk! This video really did make me sick. It is just downright cruel do to this to an animal that has a life, soul and can feel emotion. I love the fact that PETA is trying to promote vegetarianism and I understand that for some people, watching videos like this is they only way to make them see, how companies treat the animals and what they are eating (as far as meat goes) is just wrong! I saw a lady today in Walmart cutting a steak that was already cooked and serving it to the customers, I literally felt faint. She looked so happy doing it! I know that it is her job to promote as well, but one has to wonder if these people even realize that, that steak used to be a living, breathing animal. Not just meat that you serve to customers, because its your job and if you don’t do it you might loose said job.

    Video 15:

    This video, even though it is four minutes and fifty one seconds long is short, sweet and to the point. That is probably why I like it so much. We all know that animal suffering is bad. But, do you want another reason to boycott pork? Well, here it is Pork has high fat content which clogs your arteries and makes you obese. And lets not forget that pigs are very intelligent (I am in no way saying all animals are dumb. Just clarifying). Any animal can tell when it is being mistreated. So why treat any animal like they are trash? Animals are not trash, they are our friends and family and should be treated as such. I was shocked to learn that the one million pigs who die (just so people who are not vegetarian, can eat them) is only for one year! Think of how many animals lives you can save in becoming vegetarian. Just think about it! Its a large number, isn’t it? So why not consider becoming vegetarian today!

    Video 16:

    Do you like to live in small cramped places, with people who don’t care about you? I know I don’t. These pigs are living in gestation crates that are only 2 feet wide. That isn’t near the ample amount of space they need! Hopefully by now we all know that these crates are bad, and that we need to ban them and be more like the small company brown cow. For those that don’t know brown cow is a small company in california, that makes yogurt. However, on their website you actually meet the farmers and can see how they treat their animals. In this one video I watched you can see the fact that the animals are outside in the sunshine and have the ability to roam around, and that their owners care about them. They even have the animal humane seal, to find out more please go to
    Back to the subject at hand though, these crates are bad, and (again) kudos to mercy for animals for raising awareness!

    Video 17:

    Every time I see this video, as a mother I cry! What is happening to these baby seals is just unforgivable. Seeing the blood spray across the snow as the baby seal is bludgeoned to death was just horrible. I almost don’t want to believe that this is happening! However, the fact is, is that animal cruelty is happening; everywhere! My heart goes out to those baby seals, may they be reborn into a higher realm where they can learn about the Dharma, and hopefully not do the things that these inhuman people are doing to them. Mothers, I urge you to watch this video, would you want this to happen to your child? I seriously hope not! I know I definitely would not, my child is my precious treasure! Children (of any species) are meant to be loved and cared for, not treated like trash! Everyone please continue to spread awareness, and maybe this horrible blood bath will end!

    Video 18:

    Mothers, I ask you would you want this done to your child? Would you want them thrown in a river, by some uncaring person who laughs as they cry out for help? I KNOW I DEFINITELY would not!!!! Being a mother myself, I would be very concerned if my child did this (to any living thing). I can’t even see why this teenager would do something like this (besides the obvious of I am bored I have nothing better to do, hey lets go throw innocent puppies in a river!) I really pray that this teenager got the help that they needed. There are other (more human ways) of treating puppies, and if you can’t keep them you could have taken them to a place like second chance or sold them to a loving home. I know a lot of people who would love to have cute, adorable puppies such as these.

    Video 19:
    Thanks go out to the EVOLVE campaign for taking the time to shoot this video, and raise awareness about the dairy cow; one of natures hardest workers. Mothers, you should know all about the milk process (if you have breastfed your child, and even if you didn’t you should still know the basics of how it works, so I will not go into that for this video response). So, we all know that producing milk is the same for any animal, whether it be a human, a cow, a kangaroo, a koala bear, panda bear, goat, sheep ect. So, why do we (as humans) forcibly impregnate a cow? And don’t tell me that its for the milk because it is good for us. Humans are only meant to drink their mother’s milk, after we are weaned, we naturally stop making lactase (the enzyme that helps us digest milk). Hopefully we now know that drinking calves milk isn’t good for us and the statement that milk is good for us, is just a bunch of dookie.


    Day 1:
    Vegetable ramen (It is a noodle soup, that is seasoned with seasonings, for example like salt, pepper, celery salt, garlic ect)
    potato soup

    Day 2:
    Water to drink (entire day)
    Toast with Strawberry Jelly (This jelly had PECTIN NOT GELATIN, which is supposedly safe for vegetarians and vegans to consume)
    Egg and Dairy free Pretzels for a snack
    Potato soup leftovers for lunch
    Beans and Rice for dinner

    Day 3:
    Vegetarian French toast
    Veggie Cup (Carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, and celery with dressing)
    Water to drink

    Day 4:
    Water to drink (entire day)
    Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo (with Broccoli)
    Vegetarian pizza
    water to drink

    Day 5:
    Tofu hot dog
    Potato soup
    Vegan Greek yogurt
    juice and water to drink

    Day 6:
    Vegan greek yogurt with strawberries and slightly sweetened.
    Homemade Potato soup
    Homemade vegetable soup
    Water and juice to drink

    Day 7:

    Vegan Greek Yogurt
    Baked potato
    Vegetable soup
    Water and grape juice to drink


    here is the website (for this months tweets):!/search/realtime/from%3ALizFields

  23. Liz Fields on Nov 2, 2011 at 2:21 am

    I know this reply comes in november (but I ran out of time yesterday) to post this in October. This is for October, I will post at the end of each month (for 6 months, I hope that makes sense).

    This is what I had to eat for the past month of being vegetarian:

    Week 1

    *Salsa Fry-Up
    *Rice, Greens, and tempeh
    General’s Tofu
    Pad Thai
    Lentil Herder’s Pie

    Week 2

    *Coconut Chickpea Curry
    *Rice Pilaf With Tofu/Tempeh And Veg
    Lentil Stew Over Rice Or Quinoa, Veg
    Cabbage And Noodles (Or Potatoes)
    Tortilla Casserole

    Week 3

    *Sag Daal
    *Veggie Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries, Veg
    Tofu, Mushrooms, And Broccoli Over Polenta
    Ginger Garlic Stir Fry
    Beans, Greens, And Cornbread

    Week 4

    Big Crazy Salad
    Creamy Veggie Pasta
    Dilled Beets, Apples, And Potatoes

    *most if not all of these were lunch and dinner, as I hardly ever do breakfast anymore.

    Here is my tweets:!/LizFields

    And here are my video comments.

    Video 1:

    It seems like every time I watch these videos I learn something new. It makes me wonder if people really pay attention to what they are eating. I bet if they were they would find that they are, in fact more happy. There are many reasons for this happiness, simple reasons like:
    I am helping animals
    I am in the process of making a better lifestyle change for myself
    Others notice a change in my lifestyle and wonder how they can achieve almost the same results. (thus word of mouth is a good thing here, because it spreads the news that eating animals, is wrong!) Are there any benefits from eating meat, there may very well be (to some people) But I am not a person who kills other sentient beings anymore. And I have a happier life (and body) because of it. So, if you think killing animals is wrong and you want to change yourself, please spread the word about these videos.

    Video 2:

    Did you know that billions of animals are killed each year, and most of those numbers are from poaching? So when you wear that fur coat or leather jacket and discover that the animal fur or skin you are wearing, once belong to a living being; is wearing the coat all that important? You scraped and saved for that money, and of all the things you could do (like sponsor a nun or feed the hungry in africa) you decided to spend it on a coat. What does that coat do? Does it provide extra warmth for you, does it have cup holders? No, it is just a coat to you. While to me, that coat was once a living, breathing animal. You want to change your says you say? Stop eating meat and get rid of that coat, for starters. I know if the animals could talk, they would thank you.

    Video 3:

    This story, really does pull at my heartstrings every time I watch it. I mean who could be so cruel that they cause harm to animals (dogs in this case) and make them fight for their lives. What happens when the animal gets hurt? Well this video is very good because it tells you just what happens to the animals (if they survive the ring and their master). Fay is one of the lucky few, that was able to survive and after all that she went through, she still trusts humans (with her life, more then likely). I have said it before, and I will say it again. i believe that we can really learn something from Fay here, if we only open our eyes and heart, and ‘see” what Fay has to teach us. Watch this video (many times if you have to) but please spread the word of Fay message! And, after that if you still fell like making a change; become vegetarian (even for a week). The old saying less is more, really does go a long way.

    Video 4:

    It still amazes me that people still think this way. As I have said before we are not in the dark ages! We need to come to the understanding that any animal should not be sacrificed (tortured, beaten, made to fight for their lives ect). They have feelings, they get scared for their precious life, they have emotions. just like we do. The only difference is they can’t talk. So with this subtle difference in mind, why do we then resort to these awful ways against them? What did they do to deserve this treatment from a species that is supposedly smarter then them. I will tell you, they didn’t do anything to deserve this, so why should we treat them like this? We shouldn’t treat them like this. So, you ask me how do animals deserve to be treated? They deserve love and respect. And if you want to give an animal the love and respect it deserves, then start by becoming vegetarian.

    Video 5:

    Those poor cats and dogs in china! Why is China doing this? Is it to feed people? Are they that poor that they have to resort to doing this. I hope not. As I understand it China is a very powerful country. I am appalled that China, one of the worlds Buddhist countries (besides Tibet, thailand and others) is doing this. I am not saying that eating meat only happens in China, it happens everywhere! But you would think that China would have understood the benefits of not eating meat and holding Buddhist precepts. Apparently the people that consume (or do other things) to these poor cats and dogs is probably not Buddhist. And, if they are; they will have very bad karma in their next life. One can only hope that China changes their ways and doesn’t do this to cats and dogs (or any animal for that matter).

    Video 6:

    I really hope that after watching this video that people (all over the world) rethink their food purchases. Even milk! What happens to those daily cows (behind the scenes) is horrible. I for one do not consume dairy. I never really have as I am lactose in tolerant. But, even if you aren’t and you love your cheese and milk products and claim that you are going vegetarian (yet still consuming milk products) please watch this video. I am shocked that this is still going on and why do people (generally) continue to consume these milk products. Because of advertising! It is through advertising that we learn that “milk does a body good” but in reality it isn’t good for us at all. Milk that comes from cows, is only meant for their calves. Not us! So, why do we still consume something, that isn’t good for us? Want to make a change? Stop drinking milk and eating milk products.

    Video 7:

    The Dog meat trade, is still going on? Yes, why yes it is. And I still do not now what goes through the minds of people that eat dog meat. Are they really that poor? Do they really not have the basic food staples? I am not saying that hunger doesn’t exist. I know it does. But I would never, ever in a million years (or longer) ever think of eating dog meat. It still continues to boggle the mind as to why the people eat this, or what makes them even think of doing that. I feel very sorry for all animals that have to suffer like that. I really hope that we as a society can change, and not resort to eating dog meat. I really hope that those animals that continue to suffer like this, do not return the favor when they get reborn. Eating dog meat is just sick, and if you want to change you would realize that and stop.

    Video 8:

    Would you like to be force fed, until you die? I surely hope not. I do not know any human that would like to be treated this way. So what gives us (as humans) the right to do this to others? Force feeding anything until it dies, is just sick and wrong (in my opinion). I do not even want to begin to imagine myself as an animal in a small cage and fed until I died. What a short and very cruel life that would be! I really hope that we (as humans) can eventually change our ways, and stop doing this to animals.
    You can see their scared faces as they know what fate awaits them. I sure hope that if they come back as humans for their next life, they do not do the same to other animals. I feel very sorry for these animals (not only what they have to endure) but how they are treated, how they are made to live their lives ect. I know I wouldn’t want that done to me, so why must we do it to others?

    Video 9:

    That poor little pig, outside of the pen. Yes he is in a sense free, but wondering what is going to happen to the other members of his family (and him, if he is caught). It just boggles the mind, that in order to learn the truth of what happens in factories and to the food we consume; that we have to go to these levels, just to find that out! What has our country come to? It used to be that we were very honest with each other, why do we have to resort to these kinds of “tricks” in order to learn the truth and decide for ourselves whether or not we want to be apart of this “operation”. This video just blows me away, every time I watch it. You can clearly see the saddened look in the mother’s eyes, she knows (or has a sense) of what is going to happen to her, and her piglets. Would we want the same for our children? i surely hope not. So why must we (as humans) do this to others?

    Video 10:

    This is another video, that gets me every time I watch it. You can clearly see that the animal is scared to death. Quite literally. The animal is moving away trying to get away from the danger, and yet no one does anything to help. The worker just looks on as if this is the most normal thing in the world to be doing. It doesn’t even look like he cares for the animal’s life. This is just horrifying! If I had a job at a factory I really hope it wouldn’t be what this worker is doing. I am a very sensitive person, and just seeing this makes me cringe! I mean, how can someone just look away, and not have a single care in the world, for what they are doing to others? I know, I couldn’t! This is just sick and wrong! And, I sincerely hope that eventually this person realized what they were doing, that it was wrong of him to do, and quite his job.

    Video 11:

    I absolutely love the quote “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”. I believe that if we really took the time to watch this video and truly understand what it is trying to communicate, that we would be a better person (or people). We would understand that what we are doing to animals is wrong, and we would hopefully come to the conclusion that we want to change. So, how can one change and be the peace that they want to see in the world? Become vegetarian, even for a week out of a month, that is at least a start to the change within yourself. And like I said in video 1, people see the change, so they decide that they want to change, Eventually it becomes this chain reaction, where everyone is improving not only themselves, but the world around them. I love this video, and plan to show it to others, who want to know what they can do to help.

    Video 12:

    Every time I watch this video, it makes me glad that do not eat meat. I can not stand the fact that factories will resort to this. Just to make a sale and claim that their product is Kosher. Are we really that “gullible” to believe that something is Kosher (or dairy free) or whatever the case may be without looking. With just belief that it is says on the package that it is Kosher (or whatever) then it must be true. I am a very skeptical person when it comes to reading things like that. And I hope that people will open their eyes (and investigate, do research) into what exactly are we (they) putting into their mouths. Anytime I watch any video like this I want to gag! This is simply downright wrong to do this just to make sale. I really hope that people investigate the ingredients in their food, and whether or not it is worth the Karma to eat it.

    Video 13:

    I love this video, the fact that it shoes what your meat look like. I really think this video was made for people to understand that what they are eating was an actual living, breathing animal; and that it just did not magically appear at the store. I am so going to show this to my sister when she gets older. I believe she deserves to know that what she eating is an animal. And maybe, just maybe I can get her to eat more healthy (not to mention better for her to). And who knows, maybe she will be wise enough after seeing this video to make the “ultimate” decision to never eat meat again. I still love the fact that this is also in chinese, it makes them (as human beings and people) realize the fact that they are eating an animal and not just flesh, that doesn’t have a face.

    Video 14:

    With this video (I can’t remember if I have already stated this) but the images clearly say it all. This is just cruel to treat animals the way we do (by standing on them so they are crying out in pain, just so we can have “control over their lives” and decide to eat them. Every time I watch this video, I almost throw up! And I believe this is what the videographer was trying to do. They were trying to make us realize that what we do to animals, how we are unkind to them ect is wrong (and not to mention flat out gross). I gave tremendous KUDOS to this person, they have begun to change the world through this video. Though this might just be my opinion. I really hope that this video, does the same for others, as it does me. Again, the images say it all, and if you want to see change in the world. You have to start with yourself, first.

    Video 15:

    One hundred million pigs, in the hands of pork industries, going insane from lack of stimulation, not breathing fresh air unless you are on your way to the slaughter house, being thrown against concrete simply because you fall behind, having your ears, teeth and reproductive items dealt with; all without the use of painkillers. Do these sound like good conditions to you? No? Well then change. I love the fact that this group silently protested for the pigs. Kudos go out to you as well. Please keep protesting like this and living a vegetarian lifestyle. I can not stress it enough, that we need to be the change we seek in the world. We (as individuals) need to stand up for animals and the abuse,neglect and pain they go through. We need to seriously stop eating meat (or having fur coats, leather couches ect). Be the change, you want to see in the world and hopefully others will follow suite.

    Video 16:

    I am so glad that these people had the courage to do what other couldn’t, because of fear (or whatever the cause maybe). This group of people had the courage to stand up and expose the pork industry for what it really is. I can’t believe that animals are subjected to this. Pregnant pigs can’t even turn around, they suffer mentally and physically. Please ban gestation crates and adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. I know if I were an animal, I would greatly appreciate it. And kudos to those three states, that have already banned the gestation crates. This kind of awareness is what we need, and sadly we need more of it. Even if it is a short fifty five second video, it presents facts and makes a very valid point. The general public needs to become more aware, and if this is the only way to reach them (because they are busy or don’t want to be bothered) they can at least watch short videos, like this one and be more aware of what is happening around them.

    Video 17:

    I can’t believe that they would do these to baby seals, that are three months old. These babies haven’t even had their first “real meal” yet. And yet these people have the heart do to this to them! I know as a mother, when my child was 3 months old; I protected my child! She is (and remains to be) a precious treasure! I am not saying that the animals want this for their kid, I know they want the best for them. But somehow I do not think this is what they had in mind. Baby seals being bludgeoned by bats and left to die. And for what? So that someone, somewhere can have a fur coat, cufflinks ect. I just can’t believe that people get away with this! My heart really goes out to those baby seals, and their parents. We must end this now, before it is too late! This kind of cruelty (or any animal cruelty) is unacceptable!

    Video 18:

    What goes on in this teenager’s mind is way beyond me. How could someone do this to poor puppies. Can’t you hear them yelping in fear? They do not want to die, just like you don’t want to die. I know we all die, but dying by being drowned, beaten or anything cruel is not what most people consider kind. If you couldn’t keep the puppies, why not give them to a second chance shelter? At least they would be able to find homes, and people will will supposedly love and take care of them. Instead of being tossed mercilessly into a river, and drown. This is just cruel, what you have done. And where I your mother, and I had found out what you did, I would seriously get you some much needed help and counseling. And, do you seriously have to laugh as you toss them in the river? Is this some sort of game to you? Apparently it is, and in my mind it is not funny at all.

    Video 19:

    I said it once and I will say it again. Mother (whether they are animal or human) need to be respected. We all work hard for our children, but none works as hard as the daily cow. I still can’t believe that the calves are taken away from their mothers, days after they have been born. That milk is meant for them to consume, not us. Why do we have to consume so much milk (and dairy products)? Milk and dairy isn’t good for us anyway. It has little to no nutritional value for us. But even then, still armed with this knowledge, some continue to consume milk (and dairy products). This is just wrong, we shouldn’t be making dairy animals work and work until they die. That is just inhuman, and downright wrong! There are other alternatives to drink and consume in general) then milk. These alternatives are much healthier for you as well. But the choice is yours, so choose wisely my friends.

  24. Liz Fields on Sep 30, 2011 at 2:28 am

    Day 7 of being vegetarian:

    Roasted baked potatoes, an avocado for breakfast

    Snack of fruit (peaches and strawberries)

    greek salad for lunch

    and vegetable soup with veggie broth, rice, bell pepper, carrots, celery, potatoes ect) for dinner

    Thank you Rinpoché for all you do!!

  25. Liz Fields on Sep 29, 2011 at 1:26 am

    Day 6 of being vegetarian

    Egg free breakfast scramble for breakfast

    Spaghetti with hearty mushroom sauce for lunch

    Black bean burritos for dinner

    • Liz Fields on Sep 30, 2011 at 2:21 am

      Day 7 of being vegetarian:

      Roasted baked potatoes, an avocado for breakfast

      Snack of fruit (peaches and strawberries)

      greek salad for lunch

      and vegetable soup with veggie broth, rice, bell pepper, carrots, celery, potatoes ect) for dinner

  26. Liz Fields on Sep 27, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    Day 5 of being Vegetarian

    Oatmeal for breakfast

    Vegetarian lasagna for lunch

    Greek Salad (Rotini pasta, tomatoes,olives,bell pepper and homemade italian dressing)

  27. Liz Fields on Sep 26, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    Day 4 of being vegetarian

    Rice and beans for breakfast (Yes I know it is odd but I had a late breakfast/Brunch)
    Falafel Pita for dinner
    Vegetarian chili mac

    • Liz Fields on Sep 29, 2011 at 1:32 am

      The falafel pita was for lunch not dinner.

  28. Liz Fields on Sep 25, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    Day 3: Of being vegetarian

    Fruit smoothie for breakfast

    Rice and seasoned veggies for lunch

    lentil soup for dinner

  29. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    Day 2: Of being vegetarian, this is what I ate

    Oatmeal with peaches for breakfast

    Veggie Stir fry with rice for lunch

    Homemade Vegetarian pizza for dinner

    For drink: Mostly Water and very little Juice

    I am so happy to be able to help (not to mention I feel better and have way more energy)

  30. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 11:51 am

    First day of being vegetarian for a week and this is what I ate and drank:

    I have done nothing but drink water and 100% juice, eat fruit (banana and apple for breakfast), salad for lunch, and vegetable curry with rice for dinner 🙂

  31. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Here are my 10 tweeted posts, found using twitter search.!/search/realtime/lizfields

    If this doesn’t work type LizFields in the twitter search bar.

  32. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Video 19: And finally I come to video 19. I never even realized while watching this what the mother cows go through, all in essence to produce milk that is supposed to be for baby calves. Not for humans to consume. To be forcibly impregnated for seven out of 12 months is really hard work. I have only had one child and even then I wasn’t forced. I had a choice! These mother cows have no choice. Which is very sad and downright inhumane.
    I was shocked to learn that the baby cow only bonds with their mother for a day or two before it is taken away. i knew that the cows were taken away, but I didn’t know it was that soon. In my opinion that is not enough time to get the nourishment the baby calf needs to have an at least decent immune system. This might be my opinion. I was shocked to learn, what I did about butter, I didn’t know that and NOW I will never use butter again!!

  33. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Video 18: Viewing this video really made me frustrated. Being a mother I understand that it is not always easy knowing what your child is done, who they hang out with after school ect. But it is my opinion that this mother should really pay more attention. I know that teens rebel and go against what their parents say, but I also have to ask how this teen was raised to make it logical to him/her that throwing puppies in a river and letting them down is a good and fun way to spend their free time. I would be very upset had that teen been my child. I also wonder if this teen doesn’t need psychological help and or counseling.

    I pray this teen gets the help they need and I also pray that when the teen is reincarnated (or even if he/she is) that if he/she becomes an animal that a human being will not treat him/her the same way they treated the puppies.

    • Liz Fields on Sep 25, 2011 at 1:20 pm

      I ment drown not down.

  34. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 7:57 am

    Video 17: Before watching this video I read the title about a seal massacre in Canada and I couldn’t believe what I read. I almost didn’t believe what I saw! A seal massacre in Canada of all places! Canada has a “reputation” of being very peaceful, but evidently, just because someplace has a “reputation” for doing something doesn’t mean it is that way all the time. This video really opened my eyes to the fact that animal slaughter can happen anywhere, anyplace, and anytime!

    Those poor seals! I know i say that for every animal, But I wholeheartedly give those suffering animals my sympathies. This video was very informative and I learned quite a bit, thank you so much rinpoche (for once again) opening my eyes to reality, and the fact that I must pay attention to what happens not only in my country, but around the world. I can’t even begin to imagine my life as an animal, and frankly I do not want to. But these videos also remind us that human life ( and animal life) is precious!

  35. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 7:30 am

    Video 16: Those poor pigs in those cramped quarters! I can’t imagine living in something so small! The pigs are so cramped that they can’t even turn around. And what might be worse is that some (if not all) the pigs are pregnant!!) When I was pregnant with my little one, I was never treated that way! In fact, it was quite the opposite. So what gives us (as humans) the right to do this to other pregnant beings! That is just sick and downright cruel! This video quite literally pulled at my heartstrings, because I do not care who you are; no mother be it animal or otherwise wants (or even deserves) to be treated like that!

    This makes me want to protest along with the people, but I will do what I can, and start with changing what I eat from now on. Those poor mother’s to be and their unborn piglets!

  36. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 7:17 am

    Video 15: I am so glad to see that other people, are taking the responsibility upon themselves to educate the unaware. When I saw the part with the little pig, I screamed “What in the world are they doing to you. You poor thing!” Of course no one answered me, but it just makes me wonder why we continue to do these violent acts toward loving animals. It really blows my mind as to why animal suffering, torture, pain ect is still going on. We (as humans) maybe small but when enough of us get together we can change what products we want to see in stores ect. We have the power to change what we see, if we would only take the opportunity and do so. I for one, am starting with myself and maybe eventually people will look at me and ask “WOW! What do you do to look that way/ feel that way ect” And I will proudly tell them ” I don’t eat meat for starters.”

    Thanks you once again Rinpoche!

  37. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 7:08 am

    Video 14: Man, this video was the goriest of them all. I literally squirmed in my seat as I watched the animals kicking and screaming. It makes me wonder how in the world these people even apply for a job like that, and then do those very inhumane things to the animals. I understand that we all need to eat but like I said before in a previous post, there are better choices to eat! I squirm every time I accidentally lightly step on my cats tail. I apologize profusely to her, until I know (by her licking me) that she has forgiven me (in her own little way). i have said it once and I will say it again. What have animals done to us, that they deserve to be treated this way? The answer is NOTHING so why do we treat them like this? Those poor animals, one can only hope that if they get reincarnated as humans that they do not do the same thing to us.

  38. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 6:59 am

    Video 13: All I can say to this video is that I really hope and pray that this video sheds some light on what animals have to go through for the chinese. I know we all need to be aware of what i going on around us (and I am not saying that one nation is more unaware or aware then the next one) But maybe, just maybe if enough people ban together, we can make a difference and end the killing and harsh treatment of animals!

    There were even more treatment scenes that I was unaware of, as I watched this video. Those poor chickens in a small cage fighting for what little space they could get! That is just so ad to see! At least when I raised chickens as a kid we never made them live in cramped quarters, and I don’t think we ate them (at least not to my knowledge). The chickens I raised were “happy” in the nice open space, they could eat their fill (and I never over fed them). Compared to these chickens, what a horrible and sad life to live!

  39. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Video 12: Wow I sure did learn a lot from this video. It makes you wonder about labeling on packages. Because if something is kosher (and it is an animal) I definitely do not want to be any part of that process! Just knowing that the poor animals are alive during parts of this process, is enough to make me sick (though I can’t say that for everyone)! I literally turned away for a second or two, just so I could catch my breath! I mean what is the deal with things being kosher? I have never understood that. Good thing for me I am not (or was not raised jewish (no offense to anyone who is). But I just do not want to be apart of that, much less eat something that was killed the way it was. I feel so bad for those animals, but at least I am trying to make a difference in the world, by becoming vegetarian again!

  40. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 6:36 am

    Video 11: This video really pulled at the heart strings! Seeing all those cute animals and then the words “This is who I was before I became (insert meat product). It really lets other see the animals for who they are. They are loving, compassionate about their life. We as humans need to realize that animals ( as well as ourselves) to not want to die, live in horrible conditions, be slaughtered and consumed, or even treated unfairly. So who is to say that animals do not want the same thing? Animals want to be loved and treated fairly as well. This privilege is not just extended to humans, but to ALL forms of life (no matter how small)!

    Life is precious to everyone, and everyone deserves the RIGHT to life! I do have a question though, is there a little prayer (or something else) i can do at home (besides spread awareness) to help animals?

  41. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 6:25 am

    Video 10: Watching video ten really opens the eyes! I know a lot of people say that animals don’t have feelings but if that is true then why did both animals in the video (I want to call them cows) were frantically trying to back up, trying to get away as the man approaches with a knife (or other instrument). If that doesn’t prove that animals can sense fear, or be scared or have any feeling at all; then I have no idea what else does. This video clearly shows that and if you can’t see that, then maybe you should pay more attention to what you are watching, reading, ect.

    I feel so sad for those animals, and what is even worse is that we (humans who do eat meat) kill them for food and other inhumane reasons. I really wish that people could really notice what is going on around them and put a stop to the animal torture. However, i also realize that some people are blind to the truth, and really need an eye opener; like this video here.

  42. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 6:13 am

    Video 9: I can’t believe what those poor chickens, cows and pigs were going through! In small cramped quarters, being stood on ect. If any of us were treating another human being like that, I hope someone would call the police or local authorities! And then the person responsible who be dealt with. That is just so sad to see, and lets not forget inhumane! I can only hope that with enough time, we as humans can better the conditions that animals live in, and the way they are treated ect.

    I do not even want to know why that one guy was standing on that pig as the pig cries out for help! That was really heart wrenching! That poor pig!!
    In conclusion for this video comment i will close with this: I am making a new tab and ordering my vegetarian kit! And this is just a start (for me) to help animals!

  43. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 5:59 am

    Video 8: I can’t believe that animals are being force feed until they die. We as humans do not even do that to ourselves. What makes it right to do that to animals? We as humans know that when we are full to stop eating, so why can’t animals? Oh wait it is because they are being FORCED to against their will for the simple and utter fact that other people can eat them! Let’s not forget the fact that the “bigger” the animal is the more per pound and the more money the workers get. Although this last line about more money “might be” just my opinion. I can’t believe this is happening to animals! Animals are our friends, pets and loved ones; and they should be treated as such!

    Thanks again for showing this video Rinpoche, once again you have opened my eyes and made me realize what goes on in the world. I am forever grateful!

  44. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 5:51 am

    Video 7: I can’t believe the dog meat trade is still going on. My mom was in the army and she heard stories of people in Korea eating dog, thank the Buddhas she never did! This video was especially sad to see. The beginning especially because it is night time and you see these sad green glowing eyes looking at you through cages! I know times are hard believe me, but why do people resort to eating dog meat. I can’t even fathom that. I can think of no reason whatsoever to do that to a dog!

    The scenes were really graphic and I won’t comment on them here, all I will say is that anyone who is willing to eat dog meat has sunk really low. There are much better (and healthier things) to eat, other then dogs! While watching this video, I had to pause the video and run to the bathroom! It was so disgusting to watch! But I pulled through it, and learned that even though we are in an age of new technology and medical advances, that there are some places still eating dog meat, and that is just downright sad!!!

  45. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 5:42 am

    Watching video 6 I will never consume dairy again ( I hardly do anyway because I am lactose intolerant). As I was watching the video I had this look of utter horror as the “dairy man” used some sort of prod on the poor cow. You could literally see the cow struggling trying to get away! You could even see the fear in the cows eyes. Then there are the poor cows laying on the hay, looking scared as they labor breath, and lets not forget the next scene where the cows are being beaten and shoved just so they will go into a (what looked to be) transportation device. What did the cow do to ever deserve that sort of treatment.

    I feel so sorry for those cows! But no dairy for me ever, I make a vow here and now, to help all animals. In any way that I can.

  46. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 5:30 am

    Video 5: I was shocked to learn that cats and dogs are being treated (and killed) for their fur in china. As I watch i am thinking who in their right mind wants to hurt a pet? Now, granted I spin the fur from dogs but I do not put them in cages and make them await their painful fate. I get my dog fur from the groomers, but after seeing this videoI may as well stop spinning! I can’t believe that humans have done this to dogs and cats in china and who knows where else this is happening. But it has got to stop!

    I can’t even imagine what they go through, and personally i wouldn’t want to! I can’t believe that something like this has been going on in china, and for what purpose? Really, what purpose does cat and animal serve humans? Thank you again for posting this.

  47. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 5:18 am

    As I watched video 4 I was appalled at what I was seeing. Who in their right mind would watch as an animal is being sacrificed right in their face? I know i wouldn’t! I hardly pay attention to the news because of the negativity. I just can’t stand seeing a bull (or any animal) for that matter having that (or any harmful thing) done to!
    We (as human beings in general) are not in the dark ages anymore, there is no need for animals to be sacrificed! And is there anything to gain from sacrificing a poor animal? Not in my opinion there is not!! Even for entertainment purposes, it is just sad. Animals are PETS and they have a life to! I literally cried for the poor bull, wishing that if he is reborn as a human that he won’t treat other animals like this. Even though this was very sad to watch, I thank you Rinpoche for posting this.

  48. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 5:07 am

    Watching video 3 I was so very sad to hear about Fay. The narrator was right, a story like that really does tug at your heartstrings! This video opened my eyes even further as I had no idea that dog fights were still going on. It makes me wonder what goes through the “dog fighters” mind. I can only guess what the animal was feeling as the owner puts him/her in a pin to fight for their life! This is so horrible!

    I am so glad that Fay as continued to demonstrate faith in humanity, that really shows a lot about animals personality, and that fact that even though something horrible happened to them that they still have faith in humans. As I kept watching the video I was so glad to hear that Fay found a home! I just hope, that one day; this cruelty will stop! Thank you for posting this video, I am going to recommend it to friends to watch.

  49. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 4:53 am

    While watching video 2, I learned a lot. I had no idea that simple everyday things (that I take for granted) things like shampoo are being tested on animals! I am so glad I do not wear lipstick, now I just have to find a shampoo that I can use. I had no idea that only the “big fish” are sold while the “little fish” is tossed back dead! When I learned that little fact, my heart literally stopped! It is so saddening to see that millions of animals are being slaughtered for clothes, food and who knows what else. I think if everyone didn’t eat meat, that they would be happier knowing that they are helping by saving animals lives!

    It makes me wonder if people like that even have a soul as they cut open or slaughter those poor defenseless animals. I know deep down they do, and I hate to say it but sometimes you have to wonder. This video really opened my eyes!

  50. Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 4:37 am

    I used to be vegetarian a long time ago, but was pressured and criticized for not eating meat. So after a year of being vegetarian I started eating meat again, I should have never given into other people pressuring me! Well now I am on my own (no family to pressure me to do things I do not want to do) I just took a self pledge to become vegetarian again. I was going to try it for a week and then I decided to watch a video and man, I am so glad i did! Watching the first video made me gag! I almost closed my eyes just so I didn’t have to watch anymore. Who in the world would do something like that to poor, defenseless animals? What did animals ever do to us to deserve this treatment? I don’t even treat my cat like that! Those poor animals, i can’t even imagine what they go through, it must be horrible. Thank you so much for posting the first video, I am now going to extend my vegetarian diet, but this time I am going to make it for life! I feel that by becoming vegetarian I am just beginning my journey to help animals (and myself and others).

    No more people pressuring me to eat meat, not now not ever! No more meat for me!!!

    • Liz Fields on Sep 24, 2011 at 11:19 pm

      I forgot to mention that I live in the united states. Given this information the blog says I posted my video responses, tweets and first day of being vegetarian as the 24th of september. In actuality here in the USA it was the 23rd of September. Just wanted to clarify. 🙂

  51. Sonam Jamtsho on Jul 22, 2011 at 11:07 am

    I am sorry I cannot comment on each video, since I could not watch it. It is very difficult to watch and it disturbs me a lot. I was a vegetarian for 1 year but I had to resort to non vegetarian food due to illness.
    However I pledge to go vegetarian atleast for a week in a month.

    a deep bow
    Sonam Jamtsho.

  52. Ethan Hoo on Jul 3, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste
    Lunch: Vege soup (potatoes, tomatoes, seaweed, mushroom, cauliflower, bean curd skin) and rice
    Dinner: Fried Rice
    Supper: Vege soup (potatoes, tomatoes, seaweed, mushroom, lettuce, bean curd skin)

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, instant noodle, pear
    Lunch: Vegetarian mixed rice (long beans, omelette, potato with soy meat)
    Snack: Chocolate bar
    Dinner: Vege soup (potatoes, tomatoes, seaweed, mushroom, okra, bean curd skin), ice-cream

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, biscuits
    Lunch: Vegetarian mixed rice (bean curd with celery, broccoli with cauliflower, curry okra)
    Snack: Chocolate eclair
    Dinner: Vege soup (potatoes, tomatoes, seaweed, mushroom, cabbage, bean curd skin)

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, rice cake
    Lunch: Soup noodle
    Dinner: Tianjin ramen
    Supper: Vege soup (potatoes, tomatoes, seaweed, mushroom, lettuce, bean curd skin)

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, fried rice vermicelli, pear
    Lunch: Vege sandwich, cookies
    Dinner: Claypot silver needle noodle
    Supper: Vege soup (potatoes, tomatoes, seaweed, mushroom, okra, bean curd skin), mangosteen

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, rice cake
    Lunch: Vege sandwich, cookie, fries.
    Dinner: Vegetarian mixed rice (okra, cabbage, deep fried soy meat, etc)

    Breakfast: Onion flat bread, fried rice vermicelli, vege sandwich
    Lunch: Soy sauce noodle, pineapple, ice-cream
    Dinner: Leek with shimeji mushroom, bean curd skin with shitake mushroom, seaweed and bean curd soup.


    Video 1:
    If slaughter house has glass wall, anyone with a compassionate heart should not be eating meat ever again. If we are able to see with our heart, not just looking with our eyes, of the living condition of farm animals, we should not then have the heart to eat them. If we are more aware of what these animals have to go through everyday and night, the kind of physical and mental abuse, we should not need to have anymore reason to lie to ourselves that we need to have meat in our meals.

    Then on top of that, other benefits of becoming a vegetarian like reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, decrease obesity problem, minimise the risk of contracting disease spread by consuming meat products like mad cow disease, reduce risk of cancer and etc, should be more than enough for anyone to become vegetarian.

    Video 2:
    The number of animals killed each year is so staggering. millions to billions or animals are killed each year for human’s consumption, entertainment, skin and leather for fashion, and animal testings for pharmaceutic industry. So many animals suffered in the hands of mankind, from physical to mental abuse, and ended up being slaughtered.

    We need to know and be aware that animals have feelings too, both physical and emotional feelings. They can feel pain just like you and I do. They can feel sad, they can happy and just about any emotional feeling humankind has. Humankind has no right to put them through sufferings. Since we’re of a higher level of beings, we should develop a compassionate heart for them.

    If we can’t take away their pain and suffering, the least we should do is not to hurt them further, not to add anymore pain to what they already have.

    Video 3:
    It’s so cruel that human put Fay and other dogs in dogfighting rings. It breaks my heart to see them suffered tremendously from physical pain, having their lips shredded off, limbs broken or ears bitten off, or having beaten cruelly by their respective owners. Why would anyone wants to put animals through all these inhumane treatment, such cruelty and malice.

    Even though animal fighting is illegal in most countries, people still want to break the law and enjoy this type of cruel entertainment. The greediness of humankind of wanting to win money in these gambling ring of animal fighting puts the animals through so much pain. I don’t think money is worth more than the animals’ welfare and lives. They don’t deserve this kind of treatment from human beings.

    Since we won’t want to experience these kind of pain ourselves, why would we subject others to these? Again, if we can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.

    Video 4:
    The cow was in so much pain. It’s excruciatingly painful to watch the knife slit its throat, seeing the blood gushing out and its trachea ripped off is just revolting. It’s so heartbreaking to see a defenceless animal struggling in pain with its legs tied up, struggling for breath, and waiting for its death. This is totally barbaric and inhumane treatment for the cow. I’m sure no one wants to be treated the same way as the cow has to endure.

    What was supposed to be offerings to the God, but has turn out so violent. It’s just disgusting. I don’t think any God will be please with offerings that caused so much pain to others, when religion should be about compassion and peace. I think offering of kindness and compassion are much better to go and it’ll bring peace from within our heart. After all, peace starts from oneself.

    Video 5:
    The more animals suffer, the more toxins it’ll produce during the time of death. Whether it’ll have more taste or not doesn’t matter, the meat will be more poisonous to be consumed. And what’s more, these cats and dogs to most people are supposed to be part of the family. How can anyone subjecting these affectionate, domestic animals to such cruelty, let alone eating them?

    The cats and dogs are so scared in the video. Their face looked so sad. They were probably thinking why does that happened to them? When they can give so much love, so much affection and loyalty to humankind. Why would anyone wants to eat their own family member, even though they’re not from the same species as us?

    I hope these poor cats and dogs will take a good rebirth in their next lives and never have to suffer all these tortures and cruel treatment again.

    Video 6:
    The living condition at the factory farm is totally unsuitable for those cows. The place is so filthy and the cows are having open wounds untreated and getting infection living in the filthy condition. I’m not surprise there are cows too sick to get well again in those farms. How can anyone except those cows to ever get well again with no medical attention and have to endure living in a filthy condition; and constantly getting abused by the farm workers.

    It’s just too much for any living creature to take such kind of abuse. No animals should have to endure the pain of having the tail docked or the horns cut off. Or having to work way beyond what their physical body can endure. Even machines are subject to wear and tear over time, what’s more that of a living creature. It’s just so plain cruel and a big emotional distress to the herd for separating the mother cow and her new borns.

    Video 7:
    It’s utterly revolting to see the way human treat these dogs. When they use the knife to pierce into the chests of those dogs, it makes me feel so sad for these poor creatures. It’s so painful to see the dogs suffered in pain, blood gushing out from the wound on their chest, see them wriggling in great pain and gradually stop moving because they’re dying. This is a very cruel way to treat animals that are full of affection and loyalty to humankind.

    The dogs must have known their fate when they’re put into those crates on the lorries. Their facial expressions seemed so sad, so helpless and so depressed. And having to live on their remaining days watching their kin get killed one by one, and the bodies get boiled in hot water so they can become food in human’s mouth. I can’t imagine the emotional distress they have to suffer seeing their own kind get killed and knowing any minute now they will have to go through the same.

    Video 8:
    The ducks and geese have to endure living in such filthy living condition, and even they’re confined into a tiny little crate and not able to move their limbs. It’s like putting them into prison cells. Their musculoskeletal system must have degenerated so much from not being able to move, it must be very pain for them to even stand. And the stench from living in their own faeces must have been very unpleasant for them.

    It was a sharp contrast from what is shown in the earlier part of the video when the ducks and geese and roam freely. All living in peace in the wild where the air is fresh and the land is clean. And they have fresh, clean water to drink and they can spread their wings and move their limbs. I’m sure, the ducks and geese want to be free rather than being put in those in those tiny little dirty crates.

    Video 9:
    Some people said that what is shown on videos, particularly PETA’s videos, is very selective in what they are showing – the very worst cases in the industry – and does not represent the whole picture. Whether part or all farms are like that or not, we cannot deny that animals are suffering everything. The very basis that that they have to be raised so rapidly by means of hormone injection to grow at an abnormal rate, and to to be slaughtered in the end is already a big suffering for them

    Then there’s the confinement in small, tight spaces – no living creatures like to have their freedom take away, much less to be imprisoned in smelly, filthy place. When you add all these with rough handling – being thrown into crates forcefully, being stepped on, being beaten with rod; and the list just go on and on. How can we have any more excuse to not be kinder and take a more compassionate vegetarian or vegan diet?

    Video 10:
    The saddest part about this video is how much fear these poor cows are feeling. It clearly shows they knew very well what lies ahead if they enter the slaughter house. They know death is just a few minutes away. They are so terrified and trying hard to back away. And they’re so scared they tried to find comfort with each other and doesn’t want to be separated. It shows so clearly that animals feel emotional pain just like you and I. And since we are feel the same emotion, live on the same planet called Earth, what gives us the right to make others suffer?

    There is totally no excuse for slaughtering these cows, or giving them any kind of physical or mental torture. Just as we don’t want to feel any pain and try to avoid them, we shouldn’t put others into the same situation or condition we ourselves wouldn’t want.

    Video 11:
    The pictures in this video clearly shows animals are sociable and affectionate just like human beings. They crave for love like you and I do, and would avoid pain just like any of us. Animals are capable emotional feelings, and most of them have some degree of intelligent and are able to learn, though not at the capable at human beings.

    Even creatures like pigs, who in the eyes and mind of humankind, deemed to be stupid and dirty, is in fact quite intelligent and loves to be cleaned. They have very strong sense of smell yet in commercial farms today, farmers put these beings locked up in tiny crates and living in filthy condition. The amino acid and stench from their faeces must have burnt their sensitive nose badly.

    I think, it’s only logical and sensible that we as a human being, should abandon eating meat since we want peace, and peace starts from having compassion to others, whether they’re of our own kind or not.

    Video 12:
    This video graphically depicted what is going on in Kosher farm. Jewish dietary laws governs what is to be Kosher food or not. Sadly, these farm animals goes through the same amount of sufferings just like any other commercial farm animals. These cattle have to go through the same abusive practice in other commercial farm, getting stunted by electricity, hung upside down and get painfully slit on the throat and have their windpipes ripped out, while still conscious. I can’t imagine how much pain these cattle have to endure and suffered.

    It’s so cruel to cut off the cattle’s limbs while they’re still alive, and letting them bleed to death, soaking in their own pool of blood. It’s a gruesome, horrible scene of death. No living beings should ever be put into these kind of cruelty and malice. And no human beings with a compassionate heart should eat meat and support meat industry.

    Video 13:
    Sin Chew Daily reported on its Sunday pull outs on 26-June-2011, on the various sufferings animals have to go through in the various industries. What’s lacking in its reports is the graphical visual shown here in this video. Some people claimed the purpose of animal is for human consumption and as long as killed in a proper way, they won’t feel much pain.

    Yet how untrue that is – from the time being born into a commercial farm, animals will have to go through sufferings in the hands already. The beaks of chicken get cut off without anaesthesia; getting stuffed into a cage with hundreds of others, barely having any space to move and developed weak musculoskeletal system; or cattle having their tails docked, horns cut off; or geese and ducks having a long metal pipe jammed forcefully into their throat and force fed when they’re already full; or pigs imprisoned in a tiny little metal crate, unable to move and live in their own filth – that’s having to live in a commercial farm and not even getting slaughtered yet. And there are many more sufferings going on in the farm each day.

    How can we ignore the sufferings these farm animals have to go through each and everyday? There’s no justification to keep consuming meat.

    Video 14:
    Farm animals don’t die peacefully in slaughter house for human to eat them. When the knife slit their throat, blood gushing out from their bodies and they wriggle in tremendous pain. Whether the animals are chicken, cattle, pig, or fish, the moment human lay the knife on them, they’ll feel tremendous pain as their flesh is sliced open. And that last moments of their lives, they struggle for breath as the blood in their bodies drained away, before submitting to the fate of death.

    For anyone who don’t believe animals go through much pain or still in denial that animals are meant to be eaten, just take a look at this or any of the videos here or on YouTube. Whether the videos are showing the worst cases or not matters not. What matters is we need to be aware that farms animals go through a lot of pain because human doesn’t want to be parted from the taste of flesh on their taste buds.

    Video 15:
    These pigs suffered so much being raised in commercial and butchered in slaughter house. Having lived in a filthy environment, confined in a tiny little crate barely able to move and lived in their own filth without fresh air, they have to suffered from various inhumane torture – ears mutilated, teeth chopped off and castrated shortly after born; those who don’t grow fast enough slammed head on to the floor to kill them, so the farm doesn’t have to waste food raising them; many pigs developed musculoskeletal problem and diseases from locked up in a crate and open wounds are not treated; they get beaten up, crammed with many others in the truck, taken to slaughter house, electrically prodded and killed in a horrible, painful way.

    And the reason for this? It’s because of human demand and greed for the taste of pork, drives the supply from pork industry and cause so much sufferings for these pigs.

    Video 16:
    Gestation crates, also known as sow stalls, are metal enclosures use during pig pregnancy in intensive pig farming. The purpose is to prevent pigs from fighting as they’ll fight if housed together in pens. But immobilising them in gestation crates to prevent fighting, makes these pigs develop musculoskeletal problem. This system also increase the stress level of these pigs, and cause other health problems. They have to live in their own filth, stench from their own faeces burning their sensitive nose.

    Since this is intensive pig farming, the pigs will live in the crates most of their adult lives. As the pigs grow larger, they will no longer fit into the crates, and unable to move their limbs or body, and have to wait until the time come until they are slaughtered.

    It’s sad to know that because of human’s greed and demand for pork, these pigs have to suffer through their lives, living in a condition not meant for them. It is only by adopting a healthy, compassionate vegetarian diet, that the sufferings for these poor pigs will be minimised. We need to be aware and alert of what we eat.

    Video 17:
    It’s so disheartening to see these cute, adorable baby seals bludgeoned to death by human. These seal hunters use a club and beat those defenceless baby seals without any mercy, causing the baby seals with massive amount of pain and blood gushing out from their wound when the club hit hard on their head. Many of the seals are barely three months old and haven’t even have the chance to learn to swim yet. There’s no escape for them when these hunters brutally beat them up, dragged across the snow, and a large number of them still conscious when they got skinned alive. I can’t imagine how much pain and suffering these cute little creatures have to endure, all caused by human’s greed in the name of fashion.

    We have to stop supporting the fashion industry that uses animals skin. No animal will be willingly give its skin to human so we can wear it. We don’t need animal skin, but animals need theirs.

    Video 18:
    What’s going on in this world today? News of animal abuse keep appearing on the net, in the newspaper and other media. People seemed to have so much anger these days and instead of handling the anger in a proper way, people starts to channel their anger onto poor defenceless animals, abuse and beating them up mercilessly, or in some cases like in this video, trying to kill those little creatures. These animals like dogs, cats, birds, are capable of giving their love and affection to humankind, they don’t deserved to be treated in such inhumane manner.

    And it’s even sadder to see that these puppies are still so young, seemed to be born just not long ago and totally defenceless, get thrown into the river by this girl, whatever reasons or anger that drives her to do so. I hope these puppies are alright. If they don’t survive, I hope they took a good rebirth and never have to suffer like this again.

    Video 19:
    Milk produced in America is banned in Europe because of genetically re-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in milk increases cancer risks. European nations and Canada have banned rBGH to protect citizens from IGF-1 hazards. American dairy farmers inject rBGH to increase milk production. Beside the risk of of developing cancer in human, genetical modification puts a heavy burden to these dairy cows, which wasn’t meant to produce milk out of their body can sustain. This puts them in so much pain and sufferings. Sufferings from being forced into pregnancy to sustain milk production, and the emotional pain of separation from their young calves.

    If we don’t want to and cannot sustain working more than what our bodies can take, why do we subject these dairy cows to the same? If we can’t bear separation from our love ones, we should not put others into the same condition we can’t bear.


    I shared this page at:!/tuxxie

  53. Steve Tobias on Jul 2, 2011 at 8:19 am

    As I committed to on May 24 I went vegetarian for the month of June and followed Rinpoche’s assignment/request. Please do not send a pendant as it is an offering to Rinpoche and the hard working Kechara members.

    Thank you,



    1. “You shouldn’t have to lie to your kids about the food that you eat” really stood out. Imagine if children (in the US in this case) were raised vegetarian, grew up healthy, had the best nutrients for their growing bodies and dividing cells, had less child obesity and health problems, all while having the life long habituation of liking VEGETABLES more? It doesn’t seem fair to start them off with a bad habit early in life. And consider how many animals would be spared the suffering of the slaughter house process over that person’s entire lifetime if they stayed vegetarian? I remember as a kid my family would go to the carnival and there was a barn section where you could pet the cows and other animals. My mom always loved the cows because they’re like mothers, and feed people with milk. On milk or dairy products there’s often a picture of a peaceful cow in a meadow on the front. People deserve to know the truth, especially children who will grow up believing what you tell them.

    2. One of the most senseless ways animals are tortured by humans has to be poaching, skinning for fur, leather, etc. No one can justify it or debate it. Sometimes with eating meat people can come up with arguments, or with animal testing, but not when it comes to slaughtering animals for their skin to make some fashion statement. Leather is very common in the US and they AREN’T the same cows used for meat. It seems “natural” someone would want a softer seat in their car or on their couch, but they couldn’t fathom how many sentient beings died just to deliver that. Everything from wallets, to some key chains, to shoes, clothes, could be leather. My mother gave me synthetic leather slippers for Christmas (I freaked out at first because it looked so real) and it’s exactly the same. Imagine an elephant dying just for its tusks? In Thailand elephants can paint, extremely intelligent and playful towards humans.

    3. Very sad and terrible. What Fay and those dogs go through must be unimaginable. Not to mention they are forced to LEARN how to harm other beings, and are beaten or neglected if they don’t. The fact that Fay apparently turned around and is kind and social again is amazing, and if anything should show people the social and mental capacity dogs have. Out of all the ways you can “have fun” why pick supporting dog fights? With all the video games, sports, other ways to kill time at least it doesn’t depend on the suffering of innocent beings who run the show. I think for dog fighters who raise these dogs it goes beyond just seeing them as objects and not having compassion, but it turns into an intentionally malicious thing where they “get into” beating the dogs, like how Fay’s “owner” tore off her lips. Doesn’t even make sense from a dog fighter’s perspective as they’re destroying their own “inventory”.

    4. How terrible would it be to be bled to death, lying tied up on the ground, gasping for air? it takes the bull so long to finally die, almost the entire 3:49 minutes of the video. I don’t know the context, the religion or cultural reasons for this, but it seems common sense how pointless and cruel it is. It’s like being bled to death by a serial killer, tied up, watching him hold the knife, and knowing what is coming, having no idea what death is like, and then slowly experiencing it. These humans have raise the bull to that size and age, and suddenly these more intelligent beings want to kill me? The bull must have had some trust or affection from humans beforehand. We complain about people talking about us, not following through on a promise, or how our partners hurt us, but imagine how much it would hurt to be killed and betrayed by someone?

    5. Very sad how in one shot a cat is licking another cat during this mayhem. And at the end the cat meowing at all the furs. I never heard of such a thing before watching this video. The cats there look and behave just like my cats. I’m sure the Chinese workers are doing this just to make whatever money they can for their families. However the few parts where people are laughing is cruel. I suppose it would be impossible to do that job or have the conscience for it unless you numbed out what the cats feel, never thought about it, and just went to work. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to watch these videos but this is what happens. No one should buy fur “if they might be wearing a cat’s fur,” and that’s true, but really what is the difference between a cat and another animal the fur would come from? Cats and dogs aren’t the only animals out there.

    6. Milk and dairy products are difficult to give up even as a vegetarian. The dairy industry has failed in so many ways. So much of this suffering is unnecessary, actually harms the milk product, and can easily be avoided. It is saving fractions of pennies not giving these animals veterinary care, a larger space, and a clean environment. Even in a cleaner facility though the calves would still be pulled away, the male calves would be brought to veal farms, etc. It’s terrible seeing the mother cows chase after their calves as they’re pulled away. They aren’t hostile at all, they just want to take care of their young ones. The mental and emotional suffering from that alone must be terrible, not to mention being beaten, the disease, and everything else. These cows don’t retaliate at all when being hit, beaten, shocked, de-horned. They’re always extremely friend and affectionate towards humans when I’ve seen them.

    7. Very painful video to watch. When stabbed the dog starts licking his own blood. “Not suitable for children” became clear very quickly. How anyone can eat dog meat, even without watching this video, I don’t know. The image of the dogs being stabbed in beaten are going to stick in my mind… hopefully in a good way, but not at the moment. China certainly has many barbaric things they do to animals that are unique from the US slaughter houses or anything else. That could apply to Japan as well with the whaling and dolphin slaughters. It makes you appreciate where you’re born as a human (what if you were born as one of those dogs?) and maybe if one can’t do anything about China’s “traditions” one can start at home and make changes to the problems there. It’s a cliche “joke” to talk about Chinese or Koreans eating dogs but the reality is very UNAVOIDABLE and sad.

    8. This shows I think how much attention and “status” (such as “delicacy”) and arrangement are put into certain foods when the reality is actually the opposite, complete torture and barbarism. Why are the most “refined” products at the expense of the most animal suffering possible? There are ducks all over Boston (even bronze statues of the famous duckling family from that children’s book) and it’s unimaginable eating the enlarged liver of a 3 month old duck. They’re cute, playful, and people go out of their way to bring food and bread to feed them as they waddle around and quack. Anyone who is “into” foie gras should definitely watch this video, just like anyone who wears fur should watch those videos. Is it really worth it when you could eat a delicacy like chocolate mousse or oysters (I heard they are not sentient) or something else? These practices should be banned and I’m glad they have been in California.

    9. I haven’t heard of but that’s very “cool” they will send anyone a free vegetarian starter kit. It’s nice to know that some people or organizations can sponsor that and they encourage others to become vegetarian, not as a FASHION statement or to cause conflict or seem “high above”, but they truly (I assume) want to benefit animals. I don’t know the site well but that concept makes me think of Kechara House. Videos like this are simple and to the point. People should know that cows and pigs are very intelligent, and despite all the movies that people love about these animals (like Babe for example) they never get to see what actually happens to these lovable animals. Or if they do, they don’t want to watch. I don’t want to watch sometimes either way. Not making that connection that this food I am eating results in this slaughter process is not a good thing. At the very least people can fight to change laws about the process so they aren’t getting the CHEAPEST meat possible which means the worst torture for the animals.

    10. That cow does look terrified and confused and doesn’t want to die. She can hear the screams and knows death might be coming for her but hears all the banging, steam, machinery, so foreign to her normal habitat. She can’t even turn around and even becomes curious as to how she would be able to — looking for solutions. Then is killed and rolled off. Covered in mud to begin with, surrounded by concrete and metal, another cow like herself, and these objects are moving up and down, suddenly an object stings her, and maybe she doesn’t even know it’s the humans who invented these or who are doing it. Who knows how old she is, couldn’t be more than a few years, probably at least one eighth of her normal life span. Different from natural predators attacking but the same fear. Some human might eat part of her later and just toss away the leftovers, let it expire in the fridge, and never know the individual cow it came from.

    11. I like this video a lot. The quotes are very touching, from various respected authors, philosophers, religions, and resources, and has a message of compassion. It puts a face and personality to the animals we eat. It makes you look at that hamburger, sausage, chicken nugget, or piece of meat differently. Having that understanding or outlook would surely make becoming vegetarian easier, and eating meat more difficult. Applying mindfulness to meat cravings or simply refraining from eating meat is good but it’s much easier having a look at the REAL animal behind the meat, what they go through, and “who they are.” As some of the quotes suggest it’s going to be a battle for decades and centuries longer for humans to stop killing animals for food, to have that meat being sold everywhere around the corner, very cheap and easy to get with no information behind how it got there, and for cultural attitudes to change so it’s not “uncool” to not eat meat.

    12. This should be a nightmare place to work. Seeing every cow slowly bleed to death and struggle to survive is horrific. In this case “kosher” is just another label that give people the assurance and satisfaction while still hiding the truth. It’s almost craziness that these cows are killed with a religious label, when religion should create compassion for the animal. The workers seem to have equal disrespect for the cows there as they do in the normal “non-kosher” slaughter houses. The animals act in the same way before or while they’re being killed in all of these videos: they don’t want to die, they struggle after someone rips out their throat or fatally hits them, still try to fight or hold on, then they fall limp and the next animals comes. The cows are such massive powerful animals that never seem to try to fight back or harm humans.

    13. I could find the English version on youtube but the images speak for themselves. When the cows are packed into the trucks their faces look so sad, like a whimpering dog’s face. What the dairy cows go through is terrible… even going vegetarian I replace a large part of the protein with dairy products like yogurt. There must be a more humane way to get milk rather than using the cow like a cigarette and butchering her when she’s burned out. Tibetans lived off yak products like milk and I’m sure the cows had much less painful lives (even if they were killed at some point). I can imagine that such kind animals that they probably don’t mind sharing milk, they just don’t want to be tortured, stripped from their young, murdered and eaten. Veal is considered a “delicacy” and it doesn’t make sense. If you cook tofu the right way it’s just as good if not better. It is a waste to torture so many cows. I read that pigs can use a cursor to select images on a computer screen, and here they’re treated like war criminals on death row.

    14. I don’t know about Malaysia but in the US it’s so ingrained into society to eat meat. People have all sorts of bad names for you or hostility if you refrain from eating meat. Others just say it’s part of life, that we were meant to eat meat, and they’d rather not see these videos because it’s “inevitable” that our food has to come from somewhere. It’s a foreign concept that you CHOOSE to eat meat, it is not “natural” because we are “omnivores,” actually it’s becoming more natural for people to become vegetarian. There are obvious health benefits, and humanity I believe definitely was not meant to kill other sentient beings for food for their entire existence. We are meant to gravitate towards peace, creativity, intelligence, thinking of creative new ways to prepare food that is healthier and doesn’t harm other beings. This video has a rather direct, violent, punk rock approach and if that helps bring the message then great. Punks rebels against society norms and standards, and the meat industry is one of the most worthy things to “rebel” against.

    15. It’s hard to imagine why people think pigs are “okay” to be slaughtered. Maybe because initially they seem more filthy than other animals. Many people have pigs for pets, they like to rut or stick their nose in the dirt, but they’re very loving apparently, they become excited when their owners come home, and many are restless if they’re left home alone all day that they start moving furniture, breaking things, because they’re so intelligent and need stimulation. It is almost the same as raising dogs for slaughter and how Americans generally become disgusted and protest, when the cows, pigs, sheep are almost exactly the same in intelligence. Slaughter is slaughter. And it’s even worse with the process pigs, cows, chickens go through in the US system — extremely neglected, beaten, locked up to the last minute. At the very least the standards should improve to make all meat organic and the animals treated well.

    16. Most people would look down on protests like this or become offended. If I were to guess why it’s because their own habits, food choices, and enjoyment of foods feels threatened. The mother pigs are treated terribly, and these protestors are doing a very noble deed. It’s so easy to label someone as a “hippy” or pass them off for sticking up for animals. I think as a Buddhist it is easier because people aren’t sure “what” you are and they may be more receptive, especially if you explain logically or from a viewpoint of compassion. Christians don’t want to torture animals either but don’t know exactly what is going on. I don’t think anyone can watch these videos and still feel good about eating meat. When the lead “vampires” in movies like Twilight refuse to drink blood (like a vegetarian) it is “cool” and “romantic”, but not when we refrain from eating meat to reduce or stop the suffering of all these pigs and other animals.

    17. No one can really back up seal slaughters. People might turn their backs to it, not worry about it, or not care, but they can’t defend it. The fact that this still happens year after year, despite the protests and public attention, is appalling. With Japan the dolphin and whale slaughters (thankfully) are very protested, directly and indirectly. But something so close to “home” in North America like the Canadian seal slaughter is still left going on. The government doesn’t do anything, yet the citizens have free health care and so many other generous “luxuries.” The seals are just killed for their skins… no one needs to wear seal coats, seal skins, which all come from infant sentient beings from another species. The most peaceful species are sometimes the most neglected and taken advantage of in the animal world. Some people hunt deer, moose, bears just for their skins or trophies, but massacring hundreds of baby seals in one day is not even comparable.

    18. This teen doesn’t know what she is doing. I heard on the news that she was caught due to the public response to this video. She obviously doesn’t regard the puppies as sentient beings capable of so much emotion. And in their young state they are extra trusting and need extra care. She could give them to a shelter or to friends, but apparently this is “fun” and maybe she wanted to make a viral video out of it. This is terrible. But once again the support for dogs and puppies becomes such a huge issue when other animals are not represented or cared for. This kind of murder or neglect towards dogs shouldn’t happen and the karma from doing this must be horrible. Serial killers start off hurting or torturing pets, and abusive owners probably become more abusive when they start hurting their pets, and I’m sure the imprint grows to a point where it’s very difficult to “reverse” the karma or teach the person otherwise.

    19. Dairy cows do seem to be the most overworked. Milk or dairy products seem to be ingrained into almost every culture. Sometimes people even “need” it or are highly recommended to drink milk for vitamin D, calcium, protein. There are substitutes of coarse but these cows should not have to endure this just to give milk. In fact they should be revered like in India. They are already giving milk for us, yet their calves are still ripped away, they’re pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, and when they become too weak to give milk they’re slaughtered. 100 lbs of milk per day, per cow, is so overwhelming. It might take a human 2 years to drink that much. Around 75% of people are lactose intolerant, we were not meant to consume so much milk. As the video says there are so many harmful ingredients in milk, mostly a result of the torturing process they’re put through: hormones, antibiotics, physical and emotional suffering, and so forth. In Buddhism we’re taught to have love for all our mother sentient beings, and as this video says the dairy cow is the mother of all mothers.



    Posted to Buddhistgroup on Livejournal [very active, ~600 members] :



    Chocolate soy protein shake
    greek yogurt
    pizza with shitake mushrooms, onions, and jalapenos

    greek yogurt
    frozen eggplant parmigiana
    Mediterranean style pizza

    natural peanut butter
    two Cliff bars, chocolate brownie and oatmeal raisin
    frozen eggplant parmigiana
    Fried potatoes, onions, with eggs

    chocolate soy protein shake
    Brussel sprouts
    Greek yogurt
    Cooked portabella mushrooms with yellow squash
    Mediterranean pizza
    grilled cheese with jalapenos

    Lentils and rice
    Lentils and rice again
    leftover mediterranean pizza
    lentils and rice

    berry soy protein shake
    raw head of broccoli, with ranch dressing
    Stouffer’s vegetable lasagna
    Fried chicken-style tofu with buffalo sauce
    grilled cheese with jalapenos

    berry soy protein drink
    Stouffer’s vegetable lasagna
    greek yogurt
    two trail mix granola bars
    home-made spicy potato fries

    orange soy protein drink
    salad with hardboiled eggs, whole wheat croutons, tomatoes, olive oil vinegar
    spinach and feta calzone

    greek yogurt
    stir fry with brown rice, shitake mushrooms, carrots, cherry tomatoes, garlic rosemary sauce
    lentils and rice

    lentils and rice
    stir fry with brown rice, broccoli/carrots/water chestnuts/sweet peas, tofu, sweet Thai pepper sauce
    roasted cocoa almonds
    grilled cheese with jalapenos

    orange soy protein drink
    lentils and rice
    stir fry with broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, tofu, sweet Thai Chili sauce
    cocoa almonds
    pizza with garlic and vegetarian sausage

    orange and berry soy protein drink
    lentils and rice
    strawberry greek yogurt
    cocoa almonds
    spinach and feta calzone with marinara sauce

    cocoa almonds
    lentils and rice
    strawberry greek yogurt
    salad, asparagus, cocoa almonds
    Greek pizza with tomatoes, olives, garlic, feta cheese

    cocoa almonds
    lentils and rice with greek yogurt, and steamed broccoli
    broccoli, strawberry yogurt, raspberries, cocoa almonds
    coconut protein drink
    eggplant parmigiana

    lentils and rice topped with greek yogurt
    slice of pizza, cocoa almonds
    stir fry with brown rice, peas, carrots, broccoli, tofu, sweet chili sauce
    grilled cheese with jalapenos

    cocoa almonds
    Strawberry yogurt
    frozen eggplant parmigiana
    tabouleh, and hummus
    cocoa almonds, five-cheese texas toast

    coconut protein drink, steamed broccoli
    Clif chocolate brownie bar
    mediterranean pizza with tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, mozzarella, garlic, onions

    four eggs, whole wheat toast, and cheese, with steamed broccoli
    cocoa almonds
    two english muffins with creamed cheese, and jello [6/27 edit: I screwed up accidentally, jello is not vegetarian…]

    Clif chocolate brownie bar
    Vegetable korma with rice
    frozen vegetable tortellini, frozen pasta with mushroom sauce
    3 kiwis and cocoa almonds

    Clif chocolate brownie bar
    Vegetable korma leftovers, with plain greek yogurt
    stir fry with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, brown rice, tofu, sweet chili sauce

    strawberry greek yogurt, steamed broccoli, cinnamon almonds
    blueberry greek yogurt, cocoa almonds
    pizza with feta cheese, roasted peppers, onions, garlic, olives, tomatoes, spinach

    whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, soy meatballs
    blueberry yogurt, cinnamon almonds
    lentil and spinach soup, cocoa almonds
    mediterranean pizza leftover

    Clif chocolate brownie bar
    lentil and spinach soup with plain greek yogurt, cocoa almonds
    mediterranean pizza leftovers
    cooked potato slices topped with fried onions, and eggs

    Clif chocolate brownie bar x2
    strawberry greek yogurt, cocoa almonds, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower
    French fries
    English muffin with creamed cheese, grilled cheese with jalapenos

    blueberry greek yogurt, mixed vegetables
    peach greek yogurt, hummus, cinnamon almonds
    two onion bagels with creamed cheese

    plain greek yogurt with chopped kiwi mixed in, raw broccoli with light ranch dressing
    cinnamon almonds, onion bagel with creamed cheese, 2 glasses of cappuccino soy milk
    broiled eggplant with tomato sauce, sunflower seeds, mozzarella cheese on top

    chopped kiwi mixed with plain greek yogurt, leftover broiled eggplant with tomato sauce
    cocoa almonds, blueberry greek yogurt
    lentils with cooked onions and brown rice

    Lentils with cooked onions and brown rice
    Raw broccoli with ranch dressing, blueberry greek yogurt
    Tikki Masala with brown rice and fried tofu
    grilled cheese with cheddar and jalapenos, cocoa almonds

    cocoa almonds
    lentils with cooked onions and brown rice
    fried tofu with carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, brown rice, Thai garlic chili sauce
    onion bagel with cream cheese, cheddar cheese pieces

    lentils with cooked onions and brown rice, cherry greek yogurt
    cocoa almonds, onion bagel with 2 eggs, cooked swiss chard and a salad
    lentils with cooked onions and brown rice

    • tsemtulku on Jul 2, 2011 at 2:57 pm

      Dear Steve, excellent writing, recording, discipline and will. Thanks for taking the time to share and write this out. I am happy to see this. TR

      • Steve Tobias on Jul 3, 2011 at 3:39 pm

        Thank you Rinpoche, it means a lot.

  54. Ethan Hoo on Jun 3, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, instant noodle
    Lunch: Vege sandwich
    Dinner: Vege soup (seaweed, bean curd, cauliflower, tomato), pineapple

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, rice cake
    Lunch: Didn’t take
    Snack: Fries
    Dinner: Mushroom vege dumpling, vege fried rice

    Breakfast: Fritters
    Lunch: Didn’t take
    Snack: Sandwich, cake, curry potato and steam bread, fries
    Dinner: Okra, bean curd, mushroom

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste
    Lunch: Fried rice vermicelli
    Snack: Bread
    Dinner: Vegetarian Tian Jin noodle
    Supper: Fries, apple pie, chips, pineapple

    Breakfast: Didn’t take
    Lunch: Fritters, pineapple
    Snack: Bread, peanuts
    Dinner: Vege soup (seaweed, bean curd, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, potato), pineapple

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste
    Lunch: Vege sandwich, cookies
    Snack: Bread, chips
    Dinner: Vege soup (seaweed, bean curd, cabbage, tomato, potato)

    Breakfast: Rice cake
    Lunch: Bread
    Dinner: Vege and seaweed soup noodle
    Supper: Vege soup (seaweed, bean curd, carrot, lettuce, tomato, potato)


    Video 1:
    I think the very main and simple reason for anyone to be vegetarian and not consume any meat, is compassion; it doesn’t matter what religion or believe he or she has, unless he or she has a very valid medical reason to do so. We don’t really need more reason than this one to be vegetarian.

    How can we say we have compassion but at the same time allowing animals to suffer or be slaughtered, and then put the dead meat in our mouth? Whether we kill the animals or have someone else do it for us matters not, because it’s still our own selfish and greediness that costs the lives of the animals. Any excuse on other people is doing the killing and not us just becomes invalid. Like having someone to steal from bank and we use the money – it just doesn’t make sense.

    I know it’s not easy to change years (and many life times) of habit eating meat, but it’s definitely achievable if we put an effort into it.

    Video 2:
    If we just open our eyes and heart, and be aware of what’s happening in the world today, it’s not hard to see that animals are suffering everywhere. Just yesterday (31-June-2011), The Stars newspaper reported on the animal testings done on chimpanzees. They are not just suffering physically from all the bacteria or viruses that’s injected into their bodies, they suffered so much mentally as well that these chimps changed their behaviours – they become depressive and aggressive.

    And that’s just animal testing. A lot more animals suffered in food industry, fashion industry. And when we think a bit further, a lot of stray animals suffered as well if we keep buying from pet shops as the stray animals will have less people to adopt and take care of them, and most will eventually be put into euthanasia as the costs of running animal shelters becoming too high and unsustainable. Or the pets in the pet shops are put in a tiny cage without the freedom to move around.

    I think we need to change our mindset and have awareness of what’s going on in the world today if we genuinely care about animals.

    Video 3:
    I think it’s absolutely horrible that through human’s greediness and selfishness, we are subjecting animals through such much pain and sufferings. Fay the dog has to go through so much ordeal being put in the dogfighting ring. Her previous owner must have tortured her a lot both physically and mentally. And being in the dogfighting right, she must have gone through many bloody and painful fights with other dogs. I’m sure it’s not picnic and fun for Fay when her lips are shredded out.

    And that is just dogfight rings. There are many other type of animal fighting rings existed in this world today. Even though dogs are like men’s best friends and most of us feel the shock, tragic and have sympathy towards dogs, we should equally extend our compassion to other animals as well as they suffered equal amount of physical and mental anguish in animal fighting rings.

    Video 4:
    It’s already so painful to watch this video, I can’t imagine what sort of pain the bull has to endure being tied up on all his limbs and mouth, slitted on his throat and his trachea ripped out. I wonder also what’s going on in the mind of these people who slaughtered the bull in the name of offering to their God; whether they are feeling numb and couldn’t bother with the cry and pain of the cow, or they just think that’s the sole purpose of the bull.

    I don’t think anyone will want to go through what the bull had to endure. If that is the case, shouldn’t we practice to be more compassionate towards others, whether they’re of the same species or not? It only makes sense that for the world to be in peace, peace should always start with us having more compassion to others, whether they’re animals or humankind.

    Video 5:
    It’s so horrifying and sad to see this video. It’s utterly cruel and brutal to decapitate a poor defenceless kitten, or to rip the skin out from a dog. Of all things, these human choose to eat cats and dogs, two closest animals to humankind, when there are so many other options available. It’s just so sick. I really couldn’t understand why of all things, these people choose to eat cats and dogs. What’s really going on in their mind? Are they only seeing their taste buds and money as the most important in their lives and disregard the rights of other beings to live?

    If only these people can see how much love and affection these poor cats and dogs can give to humankind, maybe they’ll take care of them instead of eating them. So many lives are lost, and many more lives of these cats and dogs will be lost if people keep killing them for food.

    Video 6:
    What’s really going on in the mind of the worker who abused the cows? The way he talked about abusing the cows, it’s as if those cows have done something bad to him and he has so much hatred towards those cows. And it’s even more saddening to hear the way he talked about the abuse as if he enjoys it very much. These gentle and affectionate cows really don’t deserved to be abused or to be treated in this kind of situation.

    No living beings wants to have part of their body to be chopped off, or hot iron pressed against their skin. So why would anyone have the heart to do those things to the gentle, affectionate cows? When we or our family members or even friends are sick, we will bring them to see doctor. So why wouldn’t these people who are supposed to take care of the cows, bring vets to see them?

    Video 7:
    It’s so sad that people would stoop so low to slaughter and eat dogs. It’s so unbearable to see them wriggling in so much pain, bleeding to death and crying helplessly. They must have felt very sad seeing their friends get killed one by one, or watching human beings cook their friends in the pot. Their eyes, their face, all painted with the helplessness and depressed look.

    Taste buds and money is not a valid reason to give these people the right to kill those poor dogs. I’m sure despite dogs’ affection and loyalty to human beings, they never and will not give people the permission to kill and eat them. These dogs just want love and care as any other beings, human or not. If we can’t provide them with love or taking care of them, the very least we should do is not to harm them in anyway.

    Video 8:
    I remember about 2 years ago in Ubud, Bali, I saw a flock of ducks at the paddy field just next to the cottage I stayed in. They are so cute and adorable, walking with one following the other like a bunch of primary school kids lining up and walk together, making cute quacking sound as they walk searching for food. Such a big and stark contrast to what is shown here in the video of those ducks and geese locked up in those tiny little crates, living in a filthy condition unfit for any beings to be in.

    Even more shocking when these ducks and geese are being force fed with a long metal pipe jamming down their throats. I can’t imagine the pain they have to go through, or having the food pumped into their stomach directly when they don’t want to eat anymore. So much cruelty just to produce diseased food called foei gras.

    Video 9:
    So much pain and sufferings on these animals, getting beaten, stepped on, forcefully thrown into the truck; no wonder these animals look so sad, and no wonder the cow gone mad and chewed the fence trying to break free. I’m sure I wouldn’t want to be locked up in a tiny, confined space like that. I can’t imagine how much emotionally pain and torturing these animals have to go through days and nights.

    Things will just get worse and worse as the food industry is trying to cope with large demand of meat. More and more animals will be raise rapidly in unfit, filthy condition and subjecting to brutal abuse in the hands of human beings. If only we change our mindset to be more compassionate, and change our diet to adopt a compassionate, vegetarian diet, only then we can minimise the sufferings of these animals. While it’s impossible for everyone on earth to be vegetarian, we can do our parts.

    Video 10:
    Every time when I watch this video, I feel so sad for the cows. They clearly know that if they go into the slaughter house, they will be killed. They know that very well and try very hard to escape death. But there’s really nothing much they can do when human brutally forces them to go into the slaughter house, by means of using electricity to stunt them. You can see, and even feel how much fear those cows were experiencing. Every single sound coming from the slaughter house terrifying them to the very core in their heart.

    This is one of the saddest video in all 19 videos shown here. Mainly people dismissed or give the excuse animals don’t have feeling and meant to be food. Yet here clearly shows they feel the same emotion just as human beings do. So there’s really no excuse for people to eat meat, especially when what we are trying to be is to have more compassion.

    Video 11:
    The very first message in this video, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me” conveys strongly that peace starts with one’s self, not others. Same goes being a vegetarian, a peaceful way of living – it should be starting with our very self, not waiting for others to become vegetarian, because if everyone waits for others to be a vegetarian and not taking the initiative, the animals will just keep suffering and there will be no end to their pain.

    Human greed or attachment to the sensation of taste buds should never be the reason to kill animals. We are not the owner of this Earth. We are share the Earth just like other beings. We have no rights whatsoever to kill other occupants on this Earth to satisfy our own selfish needs. So let’s value lives of others, even though they’re not the same species. And may peace begin with us.

    Video 12:
    Human are bloody cold hearted murderers sometimes, even though we may not kill our own species. How can anyone not feeling any sympathy or have any compassion when seeing the cows die in such horrible manner. The workers at the slaughter house, don’t they feel any guilt seeing the cows in such a great pain, having the legs tied up and hang upside down, trachea ripped out, stunted with electricity and soaked in their own pool of blood?

    The cows have to go through so much in the hands of man. Offerings to God or not, this is absolutely cruel and heartless. Maybe sometimes we use God as excuse and the real reason is really our own selfish greed and wanting to taste flesh in our tongue, so we use God as scapegoat to murder the animals. Why would any God be pleased with such offerings when there’s murder involved. Isn’t compassion a much better offering?

    Video 13:
    It’s undeniable that animals are suffering – there are so many videos out there showing what’s really happening in the farm today. Whether the animals are chickens, or pigs, or cows, or lambs, or any animals that eventually being forced to be served on human’s plate as food. We shouldn’t and can’t turn our head away and ignoring the facts of what these animals have to go through. We should and we have to stop giving excuses for consuming meat and not adopting a healthier, more compassionate diet by becoming a vegetarian.

    No one likes to be hurt, whether physically or emotionally. Therefore, we have no rights to make these animals suffered from the very same thing we don’t want ourselves. It just doesn’t make sense at all. And it has to start with us. I need to take the initiative to be vegetarian and not wait for others to become one. That’s just a selfish excuse we tricked our mind to believe in while the animals continue to suffer.

    Video 14:
    Meat is bloody and filthy. Commercial farm animals have to live in filthy conditions, subjecting them to various infections from bacteria and viruses. And frequent abuse in the farm, whether the animals are getting beaten or stunt with electricity, subjected them to open wounds and the wounds are often not treated to save costs in these farms. Then these poor animals are killed in horrible manner for human’s greed, throat slitted and blood drained out, scalded in hot water while still conscious, and left to die in pain often. These kind of traumatic torture to death often produce toxin in the meat. So why do we want to eat something so bloody and filthy?

    Wouldn’t it be better when we adopt a healthier, and very much more compassionate vegetarian diet? We don’t have the guilt of eating meat. And we are eating something much healthier and cleaner and less chance of getting terrifying diseases that you can often found in meat.

    Video 15:
    Many people thinks pigs are stupid. But the truth is pig is one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. They have very sensitive nose and people use pigs to find truffles, or black gold/diamond, the most expensive mushroom in the world, from underground. So just imagine if you have a super sensitive nose, but being forced to live in filthy, stinky, smelly place. Imagine the amino acid from the faeces burning your nose all days and nights. It must have been a really horrible place to live in. Yet that’s what those pigs have to endure in commercial farms day in and out.

    And to make it worse, human has degraded their consciousness so much they put other beings like pigs to tremendous amount of sufferings, beating them, scalding them, stepping on them. How much more bad karma do we really want to create? Do we support these action or are we more sensible and compassionate. The only way to stop or minimise the sufferings is by us becoming vegetarian now.

    Video 16:
    During pregnancy, there are physical and emotional changes, whether as a human or animal beings. Having to bear so much pain already from being pregnant, from hormonal change and extra weight bearing to anxiety in pregnancy; human beings who are supposed to be capable of compassion, put a lot more sufferings to these pigs by locking them up in metal crates so small these pregnant pigs are not able to move. The pigs have to live day in and out in their own filth, musculoskeletal system degenerates from not being able to move, and open wounds developed from scratches, bites from insects or rats, and infections from bacteria. Beside being so cruel and brutal, human mind has become so twisted and ignorant that we consume these diseased meat.

    Let’s stop eating meat, whether pork or others. Stop consuming ham, sausages, etc where many additives are added and stop eating meat all together as meat is never healthy or clean.

    Video 17:
    Baby seals are so cute, so adorable. But why are these man bludgeoned them to death? It’s so cruel and heartless. Some haven’t even learn to swim or have their first solid meal. These cute furry friends should be given a chance to live. Human beings should never have killed them for the fur. And fur has never look good on human anyway. Human beings don’t need animal skin, but the animals do need their own skin to live. We have to stop supporting fashion industry that uses animal fur on their products. I for sure wouldn’t want the fur on my skin as it’s a record of history of murders on these cute baby seals.

    The skin of those cute furry seals, and snow they stepped on, should always remain while and not stained by the blood human caused on them. I’d much rather see the white remain as it should be, and not turned into a pool of red bloody from these murders.

    Video 18:
    These puppies have really unfortunate fate. Just barely being born, they got thrown into the water by this teenage girl. Instead of having love and care from human beings, they get abused and probably killed. The impact on landing into the water must have hurt their little frail bodies and the current of the river probably drift them away and they might hit rocks, if they have not already drown when being thrown into the river.

    I think, if we can’t take care of animals, at least we should not cause them any harm. This girl is doing just the opposite. No matter what’s her reason, whether she’s having teenage problems to face or whatever, nothing gives her or anyone the rights to abuse or kill animals, especially those who are so close to human kind like dogs and cats, who are very loyal and capable of giving unconditional love.

    Video 19:
    As I keep watching these videos every month, the message keep imprinting into my mind. I think it’s one effective way to get the message sink in deep into our mind and have us think and develop compassion. We might not be an instant change over to be vegetarian or vegan, but as long as videos like these keep us aware of what’s happening, I think over some time, we will become more compassionate and start to change what’s wrong and learn to be better.

    Even though at times we choose what we want to hear and ignore part that we think we don’t agree, like some people don’t eat land animals but still choosing to eat fish, or in this video, most people will take dairy, at least the message has some effects. And I think with enough time, people will change and become more compassionate towards animals. Until then, we can do our part by spreading the message and we can start from ourselves to change.


    I shared this page at:!/tuxxie

  55. Steve Tobias on May 24, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    I’ve been eating 2 vegetarian meals a day for about 2 months.

    I will commit to going vegetarian for the month of June, dedicated to H. E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s long life. I’m in the process of getting my sister (who is Catholic) to commit to the same, as she seemed very interested when I spoke of it.

    Thank you Rinpoche for spreading the dharma, and for the hard working people at Kechara who help maintain this blog, as well as the other departments.

  56. Ethan Hoo on May 3, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, instant noodle
    Snack: Apple
    Lunch: Brinjal, bean curd, rice, papaya
    Dinner: Vege soup (bean curd skin, lettuce, potato, tomato, seaweed)

  57. Ethan Hoo on May 3, 2011 at 8:08 am

    Breakfast: Didn’t take
    Lunch: Black sesame paste, fried rice vermicelli
    Snack: Fries
    Dinner: Vege soup (bean curd, seaweed, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, potato)
    Supper: Sandwich, curry puff, fritters, cup cake

  58. Ethan Hoo on May 1, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Breakfast: Didn’t take
    Lunch: Vege sandwich
    Snack: Green tea and red bean bread
    Dinner: Vege soup (seaweed, broccoli, bean curd, carrot)

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, bread
    Lunch: Fried flat noodle
    Snack: Potato chips, rice crackers
    Dinner: Vege soup (seaweed, broccoli, carrot, lettuce, bean curd)

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, instant noodle
    Lunch: Bean curd, broccoli, rice
    Snack: Apple
    Dinner: Soup flat noodle

    Breakfast: Rice cake
    Lunch: Soy sauce noodle
    Snack: Peanuts, biscuits
    Dinner: Bean curd skin, long beans, broccoli, rice, ice-cream

    Breakfast: Didn’t take
    Lunch: Black sesame paste, instant noodle, cake
    Snack: Fries
    Dinner: Vege soup (seaweed, bean curd, broccoli, tomato)


    Video 1:
    I think human are very selective in what they want to hear. Despite all good points and arguments that adopting a vegetarian diet is better for them and the animals, human will find excuses to eat meat. Excuses like “If I don’t eat meat, I don’t have energy”, or “I need protein from meat”, which isn’t true. Grains like rice, wheat etc gives energy and beans like soya, chickpeas, lentils etc, and vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale etc gives protein.

    I think it has a lot to do with culture and habits – after many years of eating meat, people are not willing to change their diet. People are not willing to sacrifice their taste buds and abandon their favourite food even when they know it well what’s good for them and the animals. I think the first step is to have the awareness of what we are eating, then change our mindset – to have more compassion towards others. Then slowly and surely change from there.

    Video 2:
    So many animals suffered an died in the hands of human. Billions and billions of animals go through the horrific fate of being killed for food, wounded and slaughtered for entertainment purposes, poached for traditional medicine, skinned alive or dead in the name of fashion. Many of the animals are endangered species, like rhinos, which is priced for its dubious medicinal quality in their horns. How many more will die each year, if we don’t put a stop to all of these? There seems to be no end to all of these.

    We may not be able to have the whole world stop eating meat, but we can definitely start from ourselves. Everything starts with a small step and we can do our role by adopting a healthy vegetarian diet, stop buying fur and leather, stop supporting any sorts of animal fighting, etc. But it all has to begin somewhere, and that somewhere has to be from us.

    Video 3:
    Despite her long, sharp canines and having been forced into dogfighting ring before, and having her lips shredded and cut off, Fay demonstrated and showed her gentle soul longing for love and affection from humankind. Even though she suffered so much in the hands of human, being forced to fight with other dogs and resulting in injuries, and probably has been beaten very badly by her previous owner, she has not lost hope and faith to human – she is so happy to see her owner, jumping in joy, wagging her tail.

    So the question is why would any human being, despite our intelligent, have no compassion and love and subject animals to these kind of demeaning, cruelty and brutal evil acts? Is the dirty money in the gambling from animal fighting worth more than precious lives? I don’t think so.

    Sadly, Fay died:

    May she takes a good rebirth.

    Video 4:
    If god is the very embodiment of love and compassion, would any god be please with this kind of offering? If god of any religion spreads the message to be kind, to have love and not to kill, would the god be happy that the things people offer caused so much pain and suffering to others? Having witness my deceased friend suffered so much in the last few days of his life recently in hospital, unable to breathe due to lung infection from pneumonia, I can imagine the physical and mental pain and torturing this cow has to go through. I don’t think any god will ever be please when the object of offering has to go through so much cruelty, pain, suffering in the evil hands of human.

    I wish this cow (and all the animals who had suffered in the hands of human), and my friend takes a good rebirth and may they meet Dharma in their next life.

    Video 5:
    To me, dogs and cats are like part of the family – we are supposed to give them love and take care of them. When I see what these people are doing to the cats and dogs, I feel so revolted and sick. How can anyone be willing to eat these poor animals? And how can anyone has the heart (or the lack of) to make this kind of evil money and subjecting those cats and dogs into a horrible fate?

    It’s like having someone in your family brutally beaten up, slitted on the throat, dipped in scalding hot water, skinned, chopped into pieces, cooked and served on the plate. Do you think your family member’s meat is tasty? Do you think they smell nice being roasted? Or do you think their meat is cooked into perfection, just tender enough? I think that is just so sick, don’t you think so?

    Video 6:
    “Ouch! Stop poking my eyes!”, “What are you doing to my horns, it burns and it hurts a lot!”, “OMG! My poor tails. What are you doing?” I’d imagine those are what the cows were thinking or would have said if they can, when human poke their eyes, burn off their horns and dock their tails. Imagine someone chop off your fingers without anaesthesia – how painful is that?

    Or I’d imagine the cows thinking or would have said, “I’m sick for two weeks already. I feel so weak now. Can have have some medical treatment? Where is the doctor?” Yet it seems like these cows are just left there while their infection or illness just got worse each day.

    Confucius said, “Don’t do to others, what you don’t want them to do to you.” If we don’t like to be hurt, don’t want suffering, why would we want to subject animals to these kind of fate?

    Video 7:
    I find it rather amusing and contradictory at the start of the video when it says, “Disturbing footage of animal cruelty. Unsuitable for children especially”, yet at the same time, we are feeding children meat – the very same source of cruelty that happens to animals. Even though most of us would never feed children dog meat, it’s the same kind of cruelty that happened to animals whether it is to chicken, cows, lambs, fish, etc. So if we don’t want children to view such disturbing images, such cruelty and inhumane treatment to animals, how do we justify serving meat on a plate? I’m sure pigs, cow, fish, chicken won’t give you their meat willingly for you to make burgers. I’m sure they won’t say, “Take my meat now while it’s tender and juicy. I’ll be a yummy burger.”

    And what’s more? The very same kind of cruelty happens to man’s best friends – dogs. Why on earth anyone wants to eat man’s best friends? Illogical and disgusting.

    Video 8:
    Isn’t it a beautiful scene when you can see ducks and geese swimming and flying freely in the nature? Their feathers are beautiful, shiny and clean; the lustrous green of pasture and the fresh scene of air in the wild. But the cruel reality of foie gras farm – ducks and geese have their wings twisted and cramped into a tiny crate or cage, barely able to move; live with their own faeces; amino acid from the faeces must be burning their throat horribly; and even worst – when they don’t feel like eating at all, a long metal pipe is forcefully jammed into their throat and food is pumped forcefully into them to make them eat, even though they don’t want to.

    And everything is just repeat again and again, day after day. These ducks and geese get sick from the filthy environment, from force feeding, from broken wings, from mental suffering. And their livers grow unnaturally out of proportion. Do we still have the heart to eat their liver, their diseased liver? I know I don’t.

    Video 9:
    Some people claimed animals don’t have feelings, it’s ok to eat them, they don’t know about death and they don’t feel any suffering. They don’t have the intelligence to know. Do they or do they not? Can you see the sadness in those animal’s eyes, in their face in the video? I think they must have known what lies ahead of them in the end. They must have known that they will be slaughtered in the end. Or they must have seen enough death at the farm, or having been abused often and suffered tremendous pain that makes them into such depressive state.

    How can we claim they don’t have feelings and don’t feel a thing? Just take a look at documentaries at National Geographic or Discovery channels. Even in the wild, when predators are approaching, the preys know they need to run or protect themselves. I think these animals have put false hope into human and think human will have the compassion to take care of them, not eating them. We’re being ignorant if we still think animals don’t have feelings.

    Video 10:
    Do animals have feeling? Do they have any intelligence? Do they know they will be killed? I think the images says it all. The cows are so afraid to go into the slaughter house – they know very well they will be killed if they go inside. They tried desperately to back off from the slaughter house. And they want to be parted from each other. They want and need to stick with each other for comfort as both of them are scared to death. Even after being stunted with electricity and forced into the slaughter house, they want to back off from there. They know very well it’s a one way ticket to death.

    When death approaches, human are scared and tried all sorts of method to prolong life. The same must have been felt by these cows, or any other animals. Since we don’t have to have those kind of fear or suffering, let’s never put others sentient beings into the same suffering also.

    Video 11:
    Don’t the animals look peaceful and beautiful when they are where they are meant to be – in green pasture or in the wild? Don’t they look happy to be free and in the open? Isn’t it a big, sharp contrast to the earlier videos when we see those animals are locked in farms suffering horrendous condition. Which one would you rather the animals to be in? I know I much prefer to see them being happy and free, than to see them living in a filthy environment in the farm, suffering from diseases, get abused, go through tremendous physical and emotional pain, and die in the hands of human.

    If we prefer to see them happy and free, then we should adopt a compassionate, healthy vegetarian diet. It’s impossible, at least not now, that the whole world stop eating meat. But we can start from ourselves. Don’t wait for others to do it. Everyone needs to play their part. If everyone waits for others to start, there will be no ending to the sufferings these animals have to endure.

    Video 12:
    Kosher slaughtering – what was supposed to be a more humane way to kill the animal and minimising their suffering during their death – looks just bloody cruel to me. How can you say it’s humane when you hang the cows upside down to expose their neck for you to kill them? It is definitely inhumane to slit the cows’ throats and rip out their tracheas. Imagine the amount of pain and sharp knife cutting through you skin and have your windpipe ripped out, then you tried to struggle for oxygen but you can’t as the windpipe is already ripped out. That is exactly what those cows have to endure moments before their death – full conscious and without any painkiller or anaesthesia.

    So if this is a more humane way of killing animals, then what about the usual way people kill animals – what was deemed to be more inhumane? Do we really want to subject the animals to these kind of pain or are we better to adopt a vegetarian diet – to be kind and compassion to all beings.

    Video 13:
    Be it chickens, cows, pigs or any other farm animals – their fate and sufferings are the same. They all lived in a filthy and unhealthy environment, and most are stuffed in a tiny little place or crate with many others, barely able to move. It’s like their being treated as prisoners, all cramped into tiny, confined space, living with their own filth and develop health conditions and not being treated for their diseases.

    Then they have to suffer physical abuse from humankind, being beaten up, stunted with electricity, stepped on, beaks or horns cut off, castrated, hot iron pressed to their skin, etc. Or emotional abuse having their new borns separated from their mothers or having to live with the dead siblings or having to witness their own kind being slaughtered. And in the end they’ll all suffer the same fate being butchered for food.

    We can lessen the sufferings of these farm animals, if we only adopt a compassionate, healthy vegetarian diet now.

    Video 14:
    Stop consuming animals – just because we can, does not mean we should. We have better, healthier, more compassion choice. And by becoming a vegetarian, we effectively reduce green house gasses produced from animal farms anyway. So the choice is really up to us. We can be a better human being from now on, if we are willing to sacrifice our taste buds, stop the long habit of eating meat. And it’s really not a sacrifice anyway, since we gain better health, lowering our chance of heart diseases, stroke, cancer, etc. And it helps us to be more compassionate and we don’t have to feel guilty of our diet habit, and certainly don’t have to lie to children of where the food comes from.

    Animals won’t thank us for eating them. It’s tremendous amount of pain and suffering to be slaughtered just as the video shows. They want to avoid those kind of pain and we can help them now by becoming a vegetarian.

    Video 15:
    Many people use the word “pig” to insult others, but they don’t realise that pigs are actually very intelligent and learn quickly. They can actually pick up tricks faster than dogs and is ranked number 4 in animal intelligence. They also have very sensitive nose. Pigs are used to find truffles, the most expensive mushroom in the world.

    Despite all these, pigs are animal farms must have suffered greatly – living in a filthy environment, cramped into tiny little space with others or locked in a small little crate, stepping on their own filth. The amino acids or the stench from their faeces must have burnt their sensitive nose.

    I’m sure they can feel pain as well, yet human beat them up with iron rods. Pigs fallen ill are not treated with medical care. And in the end, all these overweight pigs, unable to move, are cramped into lorries and transported to slaughter house and die in a horrible death.

    Let’s release them from their suffering – stop eating ham, pork, sausages, etc. And let these intelligent, highly sociable animals be free in their natural environment.

    Video 16:
    If you’re pregnant, your body is about two feet wide, would you want to be locked in a crate just two feet wide, unable to move and lived in a filthy condition? These are exactly what these pregnant pigs have to endure – being locked in a two feet wide metal crate, unable to move, and suffering both physical and emotional pain.

    Pigs are actually very clean animals and they know to keep the place where they do their natural calls far away from their living or eating area. But these pregnant pigs, with their sensitive nose, are being locked in small crate in their own filth. It must have been a big emotional distress having to bear their children and endure the pain of not being able to move to clean places, or develop neuromuscular diseases in the limbs.

    Please stop supporting pork industry if you are unable to bear to see these pigs suffer.

    Video 17:
    Next time when you think about buying that designer fur coat or leather purse or what not, stop and think about where the skin comes from. Do you enjoy seeing those young, cute baby seals being brutally beaten with a club and killed, and have their skin ripped out so you can enjoy the fur on your skin? I sure don’t.

    If you can’t bear to watch these innocent, adorable, cute little baby seals being mercilessly bludgeoned to death, then please have the heart to stop supporting fur industry. Animals need their skin, human don’t. When there is no demand for fur, then there will be no more killing of seals as there isn’t any need of supply.

    Stop being a killer of babies, even though their not our own. We can be a better human being if we choose to be. These baby seals are meant to be grown up and be free in the wild. And the snowy white glacier are not meant to be stained with blood from the baby seals.

    Video 18:
    Poor puppies. They were born at a wrong place and suffered in the wrong hands of evil. How on earth does one have the heart to kill the young and innocent babies, even though it’s from others. This teenage girl, and the one holding the camera must be having some mental problem of doing and enjoying throwing those young, cute little puppies into the river. These poor puppies must have passed on to another world now, drowned in the river, unable to save themselves.

    Why, as human being, who is supposed to have intelligence, and capable of compassion, keep abusing animals throughout the world? Why are there more and more video clips surfacing on the Internet showing ugly side of human brutally beating their dogs, killing cats, etc? Have we really locked our compassionate heart and threw the key away and become cold blooded? Let’s pray and hope these animals will take a good rebirth in their next lives.

    Video 19:
    How cruel of human to snatch the baby cows away from their mothers. I can’t imagine the emotional distress these cows have to go through – both the new born calves and the mommies. Baby calves want their mothers’ comfort and milk, and the mother cows want their new borns calves to be near them and protect the young ones. There’s no justification what-so-ever to take separate the family apart.

    Advertisements of milk product often target woman, especially the elderly ones claiming milk will stop or reduce osteoporosis. One often neglect that female needs to do resistance based exercises to increase bone density to prevent osteoporosis. It’s definitely never mentioned in advertisement.

    We need to stop believing what advertisement from those big corporations want us to believe and start to have more loving compassion to other sentient beings. We share the Earth with others, we have the responsibility to care for others as well.


    I shared this page at:!/tuxxie

  59. Ethan Hoo on Apr 12, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Video 8:
    A sharp contrast of the ducks and geese flying and swimming freely in the wilderness, to being cramped into a tiny crate that they are barely able to move or spread their wings. From moving happily and freely (and clean as well), to be restricted into those crates and in dirty condition. It must have been a very depressing state for the ducks and geese.

    And to have a metal pipe forced down the throat, forced feeding when they don’t want to eat anymore. It must have been very painful. Maybe so full they feel like they will vomit anytime soon. And yet the process is repeated day after day, making them grow fatter and fatter and having diseases, and their liver grows beyond their normal proportion. Then they died in a horrible death.

    And from that point of human put those diseased liver into their mouth. How weird and cruel human can be?

    Video 9:
    How sad these animals look on their face. I think they must have know their fate of eventually getting slaughtered, or they must have felt very sad having to undergo all the pain human inflicting on them, confining them into tiny, dirty places. And being thrown, stepped on, and all sorts of cruelty and malice human put them through.

    And the cows must have gone crazy having been separated from his family, especially his mom. He must have missed his mom a lot, and try to break free of his confinement. See the two chickens with their head together as if they’re hugging. Research shown chickens are capable of feeling empathy. So the argument that chickens (or other animals) have no feeling or an IQ is totally invalid and should never be used as a reason to eat them.

    Sometimes we just need to open up our eyes and heart, to see, to feel, to understand that the animals are suffering because of human.

    Video 10:
    Who said animals are not capable of feeling empathy and do not have an IQ? Just take a look at the video. The cows know what lies ahead of them. The cows are scared of the butcher and tried to back off when the butcher approached them. The cows are so scared they want to stay with each other. The cows know very well if they go into the slaughter house, they will surely die. And they want to live. The second cow is trying hard to escape but to no avail.

    I wonder what is in the cows’ mind when they know death is approaching and waiting for them inside the slaughter house. I wonder if they think about where they would be after death. Probably in their last moments, they wonder when will all the sufferings and pain end. And will they ever get some peace and joy.

    Video 11:
    This video demonstrated again animals have feelings – they are capable of feeling empathy. Animals share life and love together. We really just need to open our eyes and heart to accept that animals needs love just like you and I do. They also experience pain and suffering and want to avoid them like you and I do. And all animals, just like you and I, want love and happiness.

    The picture of the mother cow and her calf alone can already exemplify that animals have feelings and they share love. Or the picture of the mother sheep and her lamb. It’s the same that goes for all animals. If anyone ever raise dogs before will know – mother dogs are very protective of their young ones. It just show you that all animals, whether they’re cow or sheep or chicken or pigs, have feelings and should never be served as food on a plate.

    Video 12:
    Not being able to breathe properly, even with the help of respirator or oxygen mask is very painful. Yet human subject these cows to such torture by ripping their trachea out. Imagine the struggle to get air into the lungs, yet you can’t as your windpipe has already been cut off. You’re just laying there knowing you’ll die soon in any seconds, while being suffocated for lack of oxygen.

    Then to add more pain to the cows, human cut off their limbs while they are still alive. Imagine having your arms and legs chopped off, when you already struggling to get air into your lungs. And being left in a pool of blood, and wriggling in extreme agony and pain. Really sick and disturbing images that is the reality for these cows. And it will never end as long as human continue to consume beef, whether in steak, burger, etc.

    Video 13:
    Old MacDonald had a farm… It must have been a really cruel farm. Who would be happy if the have a beak but it’s been cut off, or cramped into a small cage with too many of the same kind inside, stepping on each other or on each other’s faeces? Maybe the noises at Old MacDonald’s farm is the noise chickens made due to broken bones when the farmers beat them with an iron rod, or scalded with hot water.

    The cows don’t get better treatment either. They’re castrated without any anaesthetic give; horns cut off, also without anaesthetic. And what would have been branded as war crime if it is done to human beings during war – having hot iron pressed to their skin. And just when the cows thought it couldn’t get any worse, they’re stunt with electricity, throat slitted and trachea ripped off. In their last moments to gather their breathe in vain, still conscious, their limbs and other parts are cut off.

    And many more will continue to suffer, if we continue to eat meat.

    Video 14:
    I think the argument most people use for eating meat is if they don’t kill the animals themselves, or if they don’t see the animals die, then it’s ok to consume meat. It is not ok! To me that’s just an excuse and being ignorant of the fact that, whether we see the animals die or not, whether we kill the animals ourselves or not, if we eat meat, the animals will have to die before they can be served on the plate and go into our gnawing teeth.

    So whether we like it or not, the moment we decide to eat meat, the animals will have to die for us. And more bad karma will be added to our already heavy collection of bad deeds. We can turn this around – only if we stop eating meat, we can stop this bloody, cruel act on the animals. It’s already suffering for them in their animal state, as human beings, we shouldn’t add more sufferings to them.

    Video 15:
    If pigs can protest, I am certain they will do it for themselves. Pigs have one of the most sensitive nose among animals (pigs are used to find truffles, the most expensive mushroom), yet they are forced to live in filthy, confined space in a small crate, stepping on their own faeces. And in my guess, the stench from the filth must have burnt they sensitive nose.

    And then there are other cruel acts of human towards pigs. The farmers mutilated the young pigs’ ears, end of the teeth chopped off, castrated them, all without anaesthesia. I think, for human beings, we already feel pain with a simple paper cut and wanted to avoid it. Yet we never think about the animals, subjecting them to such horrendous, totally unneeded pain.

    We might think it does not relate to us as it is not we that put the pigs into such inhumane treatment. But as long as eat pork, we are supporting these kind of acts.

    Video 16:
    Going through the labour of pregnancy is already stressful for these pigs, and adding more sufferings to them, human confines them in tiny crates that they are barely able to move their limbs. As the days go by, as these pigs can’t move, their musculoskeletal system deteriorates and most of them loss their functional system of the legs. Coupled with their growing weight from both pregnancy and inability to move, and living in filthy condition in those crates, I am not surprise they developed open sores and diseases.

    I’m not surprised these pigs gone crazy in those crates. Who would want be to confined and restricted in tiny little space that barely enables you to move your limbs? As long as we eat pork, we are painting the message that these kind of acts are ok and perfectly acceptable. The only way to reduce the pain these pigs have to go through is by adopting a healthy vegetarian diet. When there’s not demand, there’s no supply, and there will be no inhumane treatment for these pigs.

    Video 17:
    Totally brutal! All these heartless slaughtering of these cute baby seals, bludgeoning them to death, and skinning them, whether they are still alive or not; staining the white colour glacier with red colour from the blood of the seals. All these happened because of human wicked, evil sense of fashion and fetish for fur. By buying any fur products, human are supporting and driving this kind of cruel, evil acts towards these adorable, innocent seals.

    When we are so protective of our young ones, caring for them in all possible way, why would we allow this kind of horrible malice happen others’ babies? It doesn’t matter whether the babies are from human or not, bludgeoning the babies to death is just cruel and evil. We should never support these kind of malice. So we should never buy fur products. Animal skins will always look good on animals, but never on human.

    Video 18:
    I really don’t understand what’s going into her mind when she threw the puppies into the river. What on earth is she thinking? I have dogs when I was a kid, and I know they are very loyal to their owner. They have the kind of loyalty that, sadly to say, a lot of us don’t. Just when you think that this is rare and isolated case, we seen a video clip widely circulated on the Internet a toy poodle named Sushi brutally beaten by his owner for not being able to stand on its hind legs. What’s going on in his mind when he abused Sushi? Dogs have four legs, hence they’re on all fours all the time. They’re not human, they’re not meant to stand on two legs.

    Then there’s this girl who kicked and killed kittens. Really, what’s going on in the world today? What sick and twisted mind are we having these days?

    Video 19:
    Babies need their mommies – whether they are human or not. It’s just plain cruel and evil to take away the young calves from their mommies just two days after they were born. It must have put a big emotional stress on both the calves and mommies. The baby calves must have missed their mommies a lot. Likewise for the mother cows, they must have want their babies back by their side and worry sick about them. And being just two days old, I’m sure baby calves want milk from their mom often. Yet human has done such horrible act of separating the young calves from their moms.

    While it is impossible to eradicate all these sufferings completely now, we can start from ourselves. Stop believing what advertisement says and adopt a compassionate, healthier (to bother body and mind) diet. Cultivate a sense of love and responsibility towards the animals because we can and have the capability to understand and practice it.

  60. Ethan Hoo on Apr 5, 2011 at 9:36 am

    Video 1:
    Even more reasons to quit eating meat:
    Because eating meat is not compassionate – it’s cruelty.
    Because animals fear death just like you and I.
    Because animals will never thank you for eating them.
    Because you shouldn’t use the same mouth that chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” to eat meat.
    Because you have to practice what you preach.
    Because no matter how many pujas do, it’s what you put or not put in your mouth that counts.
    Because all the animals you ate were once your mothers in previous lives – you don’t want to eat your mothers.
    Because eating meat means killing, and killing creates more negative karma for you.
    Because everything is impermanent, including your taste buds; but your karma follows you like your shadow
    Because you don’t want to have the same fate as the animals you ate.
    Because you have the ability to stop eating meat – compassion is in your hands.

    Video 2:
    Let’s do the maths here – 750 million land animals and 650 million TONS of fish (number of fish unknown) are killed each year for food just in Britain alone – that’s already BILLIONS of animals just in one single country. And UK population is approximately 62 millions in 2009 – that’s like a staggering thousands of animals killed for one person each year, just for food alone.

    World population is 6.8 billions in year 2009. Assuming thousands of animals killed for each single person in this world – that’s many, many billions animals slaughtered for food every single year! And the number keeps growing as the world population keeps growing. And we haven’t even include animals slaughtered for other reasons – poaching, entertaintment, clothing, product testing, etc.

    So many lives suffered and lost from human’s greed when there are better, more compassionate, more humane alternative available. It makes one puzzled and think why so many refused to choose the better way.

    Video 3:
    Two weeks ago, I was at Solaris Mont Kiara very early in the morning. I saw this stray dog looking at me. She seemed to be hungry or longing for some affection. As I tried to give her some bread that I just bought from 7-Eleven, she ran away, but keep looking back. I guess she must be have had a lot of people who throw stones or sticks or whatever to her in the past that causes her to fear human, yet longing for someone to take care of her. Even though when someone wants to give her some food, the past traumas haunted her.

    I think that must be been what Faye or any other dogs abused or forced in dogfight ring felt, they wanted love, they long for affection from caring human. Yet humankind did the opposite and caused them so much pain and suffering. I hope these dogs may never be suffer again.

    Video 4:
    I wonder what goes into these people’s mind when they slaughtered the cow. For me, it is so painful to watch the video, seeing the cow wriggling and struggling in great pain. I just could not image the amount of pain getting the throat slitted or trachea ripped out, while still wide conscious; or the suffocation of trying to breathe after the trachea is ripped out. If the cow can speak in human language, he probably will curse and ask what he did to deserve the barbaric treatment.

    A very close friend of mine just pass away on Sunday due to pneumonia. The last few days of his life saw him in so much pain and suffering not being able to breathe and have to rely on respirator. I feel so sad for him to have to endure that amount of pain. I can imagine the pain the cow had to go through not being able to breathe properly. I hope the cow can take a good rebirth in next life.

    Video 5:
    It is said that Chinese will eat anything with their back facing the sky. It is well demonstrated here with the brutal slaughtering of the cats and dogs. Beaten, slitted on the throat, skinned, roasted, etc. Brutally horrific. I feel sad for those cats and dogs. Their helplessness is seen in their eyes – the sadness, the lost feeling, the eyes that say “Why me?” The part where the kitten is being cut on the throat is so horrifying. I really wonder why would anyone have the heart to do that, or have the heart to consume these animals?

    And the number of cats and dogs being killed, and laid on the flood, or hung up for sales or to be roasted or cooked is just so many. Why would anyone wants to eat a domestic pet is really out of my comprehension. It’s sickening to see this. And even more sickening for people to consume them.

    Video 6:
    The first thing that goes into my mind is how hot the iron is when that guy pressed it to the cow’s horns to burn them off, evident by the amount of steam coming out. It must have been very, very painful for the cow – like having a hot iron pressed on our fingers until the fingers are burnt off. I think human will pass out if we were to put into that situation. It is so much pain for the cow that it tried hard to break free from the rope that is tied to his mouth.

    And just shortly after that the tail is snipped off. Ouch! Like first having our phalanges burnt off, then shortly after that cut off from metacarpal. And all the diseases and infections are not treated; beating, dragging – it’s like adding more and more layers of pain to the cow continuously. Totally barbaric and inhumane.

    Video 7:
    How sad those dogs look, being cramped into cages, barely able to move and not knowing the fate that awaits them at the slaughtering site. And how painful they looked, having a pair of forceps forcibly jammed onto their jugular to pick them up. And they struggled by wriggling and forcing themselves free – might even break their neck in the process. Then there’s the sharp iron stabbed into their chest while they’re conscious – the amount of pain they have to endure and the bleeding to make them weak. Adding the final blow by stabbing a knife into their heart.

    Why would anyone wants to eat dog meat? The dogs have to go through so much sufferings, so much pain. It’s just so sick – all because of human greed – both in the monetary gain and to satisfy the (weird and evil) taste buds. We should not numb our consciousness and compassion anymore.


    Breakfast: Cheese sandwich, coffee
    Lunch: Vege, baked beans, rice
    Snack: Bread, curry potato
    Dinner: Bean curd skin, vege, rice

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, blueberry sandwich, coffee
    Lunch: Vege, bean curd, rice
Dinner: Bean curd, carrot, vege, rice

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste, instant noodle
    Snack: Blueberry sandwich, coffee
    Lunch: Long beans, bean curd, vege, rice
    Dinner: Bean curd skin, mushroom, rice

    Breakfast: Pancake, cheese and egg sandwich
    Lunch: Vege clay pot noodle
    Dinner: Vege soup (tomato, seaweed, bean curd skin), rice

    Breakfast: Instant noodle
    Lunch: Mango cheesecake
    Dinner: Long beans, cabbage, rice

    Breakfast: Didn’t take
    Lunch: Didn’t take
    Dinner: Vege, mushroom, bean curd, bean curd skin, oreo cheesecake

    Breakfast: Didn’t take
    Lunch: Oreo cheesecake
    Dinner: Vegetarian pizza

    Breakfast: Blueberry sandwich
    Lunch: Vege soup rice vermicelli
    Snack: Green tea bread with red bean fillings
    Dinner: Cabbage, bean curd skin, mushroom


    I shared this page at:!/tuxxie

  61. Lim Tin Nee on Mar 28, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    I had not realised earlier that the tanning industry is a very harmful industry to animals. Realization only struck me after watching the horrenous skinning of animals 4 their leather.Another reality expensive fur coats from the ermine and silver fox 4 their luxurious mink fur etc.

    Now even watching chicken n fish in the wet market disturbs me. The problem is how to convince people around u especially loved ones to cut down meat consumption.

    • tsemtulku on Mar 28, 2011 at 7:01 pm

      Try to convince others, but most important, you yourself stop the meat. TR

  62. Ahimsa on Mar 22, 2011 at 1:38 pm


  63. Keshab Pradhan on Mar 18, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Really intrested to be enlightened to read the Gurus Message.

  64. Ivy on Mar 18, 2011 at 9:48 am

    Today I ate:
    cereal for breakfast
    Tomato soup for lunch,
    and veggie pizza quesadilla for dinner

    I have been tweeting here:!/IVG42

    • tsemtulku on Mar 18, 2011 at 12:01 pm

      Dear Ivy, I like your diet updates here. Once you commit to doing something, you keep your word. Good quality. Tsem Rinpoche

  65. Josh Akers on Mar 11, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Video number 6…

    That guy… The one… Who boasts about his murders… What I wanna do to him…

    I will answer this question 2 ways… The first answer describes what I would love do to that guy if I wasn’t in Dharma. The second answer is what I would more likely do in real life.

    I would beat him up physically. Even if he was 7 feet tall and built like iron. I would take my chances with my karma and hit him in the head as hard as I could with a metal pipe. That is me being honest… That shows you my level of compassion for good or bad…

    If I do nothing, I participate in murder of cows. If I wack a guy I might kill him, I might not. Hopefully he will be retarded afterward though and unable to murder anything.

    That is what normal people do. What SHOULD I REALLY DO?

    I should work ceaselessly to try and save the animals I CAN save. Stop worrying about the terrible evil ONE PERSON you can’t stop and think about the 25 people who you might be able to transform into better people.

  66. Ethan Hoo on Mar 6, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Video 11:

    Sometimes we just need to open our eyes, heart and mind to see how beautiful animals are, instead of seeing them as food on our plate with no feelings. Thousand and thousand of years, generation after generation of wrong teaching on the way of how we should treat animals can only be stopped if we make the effort to change. A change for the better, to become a vegetarian. While it is impossible for everyone in this world to become vegetarian, every little effort helps. One single person becoming vegetarian is one less single person on this Earth eating meat. That effort alone saves thousands of lives in his or her lifetime.

    So we need to make the effort to change. It does not matter how many years before we have been a meat eater, as long as we start to change now, there will be less suffering for the animals.

    Video 12:

    It is so disturbing to see the cow writhing in agony in his own pool of blood. I just can’t imagine what kind of pain the cows have to go through and suffered when the butchers stunt them with electricity; or the kind of pain having their throat cut and the windpipes ripped out. It must billion times more painful than suffocating to breathe when there is no oxygen. Human behaviours can be so disgusting sometimes when we tried to justify for ourselves and make other sentient beings suffer and die just so we can satisfy our taste buds.

    Those last moments of their lives for the cows must have been traumatising – seeing their very own kin died in a horrible death one by one, and knowing very well the next one will be anyone of them. Let’s stop this cruelty now by becoming a vegetarian. We can make a change for the better.

    Video 13:

    Farm is a living hell for animals. For the chickens, it is getting their beak cut off; the small cage where hundreds of chickens stuffed inside; walking on their own feces, genetically modified and fed with hormone and antibiotics for abnormally fast growth; getting beaten with rods by the farmer; stuffed into tiny cages, probably with their wings broken, scalded with hot water, etc.

    Or for cows, having their reproductive system castrated, horns cut off, hot iron pressed against their skin, stunt with electricity, throat slitted, trachea ripped off, etc. Can we imagine the horrible and horrifying pain and suffering these animals have to go through?

    If we can’t bear to see the images of those animals suffering, then why are we still finding excuses to be meat eater and continue to let those poor animals suffer? The only way to stop the cruelty is to stop supporting meat industry.

    Video 14:

    Stop consuming animals. If we can stand to see the animals bleed to death, then we should not eat meat. If we can see the sight of animals suffering, writhing in agony from the heartless butchering in the hands of mankind, then we should not eat meat anymore. We should stop supporting meat industry right now. The power is in our hands. It is just a matter of choice – we can continue to be ignorant, but more and more animals will suffer because we keep ignoring the message; or we can choose to become vegetarian now, then less animals will suffer because we make the decision to change.

    We can turn the gory images of those animals suffering, into something serene, something peaceful – images of animals roaming freely in where they should be; in the wild, running happily, having their own family, own kin – not worrying about the next pain or death human will lay upon them.

    Video 15:

    It’s not hard to see why those people wanted to make the silent protest. Just take a look at the cruelty, the pain and suffering those pigs have to endure and suffer – being castrated without any painkiller; slammed down hard on the floor; not getting any treatment for getting sick, stepped on and shot with bolt gun when they are deemed to be too sick and unprofitable. There will be more and more pigs going through the sufferings and more and more sufferings will be laid on them, if we continue to consume them.

    While we may not think of it, but pigs are said to be smart animals. But whatever their intelligent level is, I’m sure none of them wants any kind of suffering – especially not those awful and horrifying pain human put on them. They have a brain and they can feel pain just like you and I do.

    Video 16:

    Just imagine yourself being confined in tiny cage, not able to move your limbs. And having been confined in the cage for so long and unable to move, you musculoskeletal system deteriorates day by day until you loose the function of your arms and legs. Now think of those poor pregnant pigs – beside having to go through the labour of pregnancy, they’re now being forced to confine in those crates – crates so small they’re just barely able to hold the body of those pregnant pigs.

    Add on top of the stress and pain in pregnancy, now they have to endure being locked up in those tiny crates. Just imagine the amount of mental stress they have to go through, day after day. If we continue to support meat industry, more and more pigs will have to go through this kind of pain and torture. Just put a stop to this kind of malice already.

    Video 17:

    I was watching the video of the cat killer in Serdang before watching this video, and I remember the video of the dog, Sushi’s abuse. To what drives mankind to this kind of brutality towards animals? When we think it’s cruel and evil for the dog abuser to abuse Sushi the way he did, or the girl who beat the kittens to death with an umbrella, what about those people who clubbed those seals, some as young as three months old, to death? It’s the same kind of cruelty, whether the animals being abused is domestic pet or not; whether the animals are from our own country or not.

    And if we buy fur or leather, we are sending the message we support this kind of cruelty. No animals should be made to suffer like this. Animal fur looks better on animals, and never on human. We should be very aware of what we’re buying – whether we support cruelty or compassion.

    Video 18:

    What’s happening in the world and society today? Teenage girl throwing puppies into the river, Sushi (a toy poodle’s name) brutally beaten by the owner, twenty-one years old girl cruelly beat up and kicked kittens to death. Where is the loving kindness or compassion human should have? Have we degenerate so much that there’s no morality and we act as we pleased with no concern for others? Why do we have so much anger and act brutally towards the pets?

    It’s so heartbreaking to see human acted so cruelly towards animals, especially the domestic pets that we should be treated as part of the family. Why can’t we show love and care for the pets and treat them as part of the family? That’s the only way we really should be treating animals, especially our pets. When they give us unconditional love and loyalty, did we give the same back? Did we reciprocate?

    Video 19:

    Despite the milder images shown on EVOLVE campaigns, the message is the same – human cruelty towards animals. I can’t imagine the burden of those milk cows have to endure from being forced to be pregnant, while cow’s milk being pumped out from them every single day, even during pregnancy. It must have been a big physical exhaustion for them. And to think the young calves are taken away so shortly after they were born, it must have put a big emotional distress to the moms, and the young calves as well. The bond of love between cows and their babies is being merciless torn apart by human.

    All these cruelty happened because human allowed it; and because of human’s greed, these animals suffered greatly. Using advertisement to paint a false message won’t change the fact of what’s happening in the farms today. Animals should be treated with kindness, not cruelty.

    Breakfast: Fruit juice, bean paste
    Lunch: Vege sandwich
    Snack: Fries
    Dinner: Vege, salted egg and rice

    Breakfast: Didn’t take breakfast
    Lunch: Multi-grain bread
    Dinner: Vege, bean curd skin, rice

    Breakfast: Black sesame paste
    Lunch: Vege soy sauce noodle
    Snack: Green tea & red bean bread
    Dinner: Vege soup (tomato, bean curd, mushroom), rice

    Breakfast: Pancake
    Lunch: Fried flat noodle
    Snack: Fries
    Dinner: Cauliflower, bean curd skin, rice

  67. Ethan Hoo on Mar 2, 2011 at 1:06 am

    Video 6:

    I think all of us feel painful when there’s paper cut on our fingers, or accidentally touching a hot pan or pot, or feel irritated when dust goes into our eyes. Yet imagine for a few seconds having our fingers chopped off, or hot iron pressed against the skin on our face, or having fingers shoved into our eyes. Painful?

    We often say tell people to put themselves into other person’s shoes. So let’s think of the cows’ viewpoint now – I’m sure we don’t want to suffer the pain and agony those cows have to endure. So why are we now subject those poor cows to such barbaric and inhuman treatment?

    If we can feel pain when there’s a cut on our skin, what were we thinking when the cows’ tails being cut off? Similarly, why would we want to press the hot iron onto the cow’s skin when we can’t bear the pain of holding a hot pan or pot?

    Video 7:

    Most of us feel terrified when we know death approaches us soon or something terrible is going to happen to us. I can imagine that is what the dogs feels like after seeing their friends getting strangled, getting stabbed with sharp knife and bleed, get beaten or get killed; and know that the next one could very well be anyone of them.

    The fear strikes right into their heart seeing their own kind, their friends, get so much pain, tortured, suffering and death, evidently etched on their eyes – the sadness and helplessness, of knowing after a lifetime of loyalty and unconditional love towards humankind, are met and repaid with such cruelty and malice.

    I’m sure none of the dogs expected or wanted to be food on human’s plates. So let’s repay love and kindness the dogs have for human by taking care of them, and not abuse nor kill them.

    Video 8:

    If the ducks and geese can speak human language, they must have very much wanted to say, “Stop feeding me food. I don’t want to eat anymore. I’m too full. I want to vomit from all the food forced down by that long, painful metal pipe into my throat. This cage is too tiny. I can’t spread my wings or even stand. I want to smell the grass, swim in the lake. I don’t want to be in this stinky place. I’m not a prisoner. I don’t want to be locked up in this cell. I’m getting nightmare staying in this farm. I want to get out.”

    If we can put ourselves in those ducks and geese’s shoes, we would have certainly think that way and feel sorry for those ducks and geese. The only way to stop these kind of cruelty is by not eating this diseased food called foie gras. When there’s no demand, there’s no supply.

    Video 9:

    Imagine seeing your friends and family get thrown into tiny cages; imagine your friends and family get locked up in tiny cells, unable to move their limbs; imagine seeing your friends and family get stepped on, get shot in the head; imagine seeing your friends and family go crazy from having to endure so much suffering and pain; and then imagine you’ll meet with the same fate. If we want none of those pain and suffering, can we now imagine that must have what those animals feel when they see their own kind going through the trauma caused by the hands of mankind.

    Just like human love their family and friends, I’m sure those animals love their family and friends as well. So since we don’t want our family and friends to suffer, let’s stop putting these kind of barbaric acts to animals. For they deserves to live as well.

    Video 10:

    Imagine being forced by stunt gun to march to the slaughter house. Imagine while awaiting your death sentence, the scary, noisy sound of your own kin getting killed. Imagine the fear that strikes into your very heart knowing death awaits you in a few seconds to come. It must have been devastating for those cows to have to endure these kind of cruelty and malice.

    Some people gave excuses of their meat eating habit by saying animals don’t suffer and don’t feel pain. Is this video a solid proof to the contrary? See how the cow feel so scared to be near the slaughter house. See how much pain it has to endure when the farmer stunt the cow. See how fearful it is when the loud banging noise came out from inside of the slaughter house. The cow knows death is approaching and it wants to escape. So never give excuses again of eating meat, ‘cause it is very cruel to have animals going through these kind of trauma.


    Breakfast: Bean paste
    Lunch: Soy sauce noodle with vege
    Dinner: Brinjal, vege, bean curd skin, rice

  68. Ethan Hoo on Mar 1, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Video 1:

    Common excuses people gave for eating meat:
    Need protein intake – The fact is, vegetables also have protein. Beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, kale, broccoli, spinach, etc has protein.
    Vegetables doesn’t provide enough nutrient – Very common statement among Chinese parents. I think people these days have way too much nutrients (and not enough exercise / physical activities) and obesity has become the norm. And meat makes obesity worse and carry with it all sorts of diseases – high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.

    And with so much additives, antibiotics, growth hormone, etc added to meat these days, human are getting more than what they bargained for. Cancer, and all other scary things resulted from meat eating, I wonder why people still want to give excuses not to adopt a healthier eating habit and lifestyle. Perhaps more graphical videos need to be shown all the time to make people change. My colleagues were disgusted at the cruelty and considered turning vegetarian after they watch some Youtube clips on facebook today – it’s a good sign! And let’s hope more will join in.

    Video 2:

    If millions of animals suffered and died each year as a result of human consumption in terms of food, entertainment, poaching, fashion, research, etc, what happened in a decade, a century, a millennium, or an average human’s lifetime. How many have suffered and killed? How many more will suffer and be killed? There’s no end to it. Countless number of poor animals died bloodily in the hands of human. It’s a big negative karma that’s just keep on adding and adding to itself. And it will be continued this way unless we choose to stop it and become vegetarian. The power lies in our hands – whether we choose to continue to make those animals suffered, or we choose to put a stop it by becoming vegetarian.

    Demand drives supply. When there is no demand, there won’t be any people supplying it – no animals will have to go through these kind of unnecessary suffering, if only we put a stop to it.

    Video 3:

    Here’s a thought – instead of wasting so much money on gambling in dogfighting ring or any other sort of animal fighting rings, wouldn’t it be better if those money were channelled to rescue those animals instead? Instead of creating a big negative chain reaction of gambling in animal fighting ring – from making the animals suffered, to wasting hard earned money in gambling, borrowing from loan sharks, making family and friends suffered as a result, etc, I’m sure it’ll be much better to use those money to help those poor animals, rescue them from the hands of human who tortured them so much.

    No dogs, or cocks, or crickets, or any type of animals want to be in fighting ring. They’re there by force and I’m sure they don’t enjoy the least bit of it. Who wants to have his eyes gored out, or eats bitten off? If human doesn’t want it, animals are the same – they don’t want any suffering just like you and I.

    Video 4:

    If the very essence of religion is to teach us to be loving and compassionate towards others, what has gone so wrong in the process that human start to kill others as an offering to God? What has swayed so much in the teachings that human has started to cause great pain to animals, slit the animals’ throat alive. The pain of being tied up, the pain of knife slicing across the throat, the pain of trying to break free but can’t, the pain of knowing one’s death approaching in minutes but there’s nothing one can do about it. I highly doubt anyone’s God will be please with these kind of offering.

    If the teachings are to make you a better person, a kinder soul, and loving and compassionate person, then stop killing, and stop supporting these kind of brutal murders. You can read the holy texts billions times. But are your hands clean? Is your mouth clean? Or are they stained with the blood of innocent animals?

    Video 5:

    There’s a saying goes, Chinese will eat anything with its back facing the sky. Wrong, sick culture and tradition makes Chinese eat even dogs and cats – two most common pets human have in history. It’s like eating a family member.

    Poor dogs and cats get beaten up, cramped in tiny cages, brutally murdered and skinned, sometimes still alive, all for human’s greedy taste buds and the name of fashion. Animals need their fur, human don’t. Furs look better on animals than human. On animals, furs are beautiful and cute; on human, furs are cruel and bloody.

    Best friends are not meant to be eaten. Since dogs are men’s best friends, why are these people eating their best friends? What kind of sick attitude and behaviour makes these people killed their best friends and eat the flesh of their best friends? Best friends who gave their unconditional love and loyalty to human.


    Breakfast – Didn’t take breakfast
    Lunch – Vege fried rice vermicelli
    Snack – Fries
    Dinner – Vege soup (mushrooms, tomatoes and beancurd) and rice

    Breakfast – Bean paste and fruit juice
    Lunch – Briyani fried rice with okras, tofu and long beans
    Snack – Fries and pretzel
    Dinner – Vege soup (cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, bean curd skin), salted egg and rice


    I shared this page at:!/tuxxie

  69. Adeline Woon on Feb 22, 2011 at 10:57 pm
  70. Ivy on Feb 22, 2011 at 11:18 am

    today’s meals:
    breakfast: bagel
    lunch: tofu curry
    skipped dinner

  71. Ivy on Feb 21, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Today I ate:
    Breakfast: Veggie omelet
    lunch: veggie curry
    dinner: vegetarian pizza

  72. Ivy on Feb 19, 2011 at 9:44 am

    My meals today:
    breakfast: Oatmeal
    lunch: mango smoothie, crackers, and banana
    dinner: vegetarian Thai-style curry

  73. Ivy on Feb 18, 2011 at 8:40 am

    Today I ate:
    oatmeal for breakfast,
    veggie sub for lunch,
    vegetarian casserole for dinner.

    Chocolate for snack 🙂

    I’ve been tweeting at:!/IVG42

  74. Adeline Woon on Feb 14, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    19. The Dairy Cow – The Most Overworked

    Their beautiful eyes sparkle like stars.
    Their feature eyelashes are inviting.
    Their skin appears smooth as silk.
    Their nature well-toned bodies are most envied.
    Their affectionate nature reminded us of our universal similarities.
    Their diet is no other but vegetarian.

    Please always remember these good qualities of our beautiful friends and ask yourself if you really need beef or dairy products each time you are at groceries shopping or out dining. Meat eating is a habit that can be changed with just a wee bit of determination. Nothing is impossible, especially for us intelligent human beings who are born herbivores and affectionate.

    Please give these animals a chance to live properly and naturally. They deserve to be treated with great dignity and love. No one wants to live their whole life getting pregnant, have their baby(ies) being taken away, depressed for not knowing their whereabouts, continue lactation until you die, even you.

    Please stop their lives’ torture by adopting a friendlier and harmless diet–vegetarian.

    Feb 6, 2011
    Brunch — Rice + vegetarian sausages and carrots stew + boiled lettuce with soy sauce + Luo-hon zhai + mixed vege spicy and sour soup
    Dessert — Deep fried CNY rice cake with yam and sweet potato + glutinous rice ball coated with sesame seeds

  75. Ivy on Feb 14, 2011 at 9:56 am

    This is where I have posted links to the videos:!/IVG42

  76. Adeline Woon on Feb 13, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    18. Teenager Throws Puppies Into A River

    This is a sad but serious phenomenon that requires our immediate attention. Feelings such as empathy, compassion, pity, sympathy, thoughtfulness, understanding of other’s suffering is less demonstrated today maybe due to material or technology advancement, but does not exclude the possibility of meat consumption.

    For us ordinary beings, though above-mentioned qualities are inborn with us, we are like a lamp that failed to burn brightly, not being able to display these characteristics consistently. As we grow, we are influenced and shaped by values (not necessary ‘good’ ones) we’ve learned or being taught to us that are mostly accepted in certain social groups. Issues such as animal cruelty, human rights, poverty, child labour, sex trafficking… are therefore brought to light as they are intolerable in social groups or by individuals who appreciate animals, care for the less fortunate ones and etc.

    I cherish life, be it human or animal, hence throwing puppies into river (even squashing an ant) is just totally unacceptable. Life is precious, and if we continue to ignore this, we will keep on making excuses for meat eating, animal slaughtering, commercial animal farming and so on. This in turn will result in us being further controlled by ignorance, greed, hatred, and guaranteed us a life that is full of negative activities happening to us regularly.

    It is just contradictory to say that you care when you enjoy the flesh of others, before you reach the deep understanding of non-duality!

    Feb 5, 2011
    Brunch — 3 steamed buns with Taiwan salted dried red algaes + coated with maltose
    Snack — Vegetarian marinated jerky, wasabi jerky and fish nuggets

  77. Ivy on Feb 13, 2011 at 11:31 am

    19. The Dairy Cow- The Most Overworked

    This video was very well put together and really shows the plight of the dairy cow in a powerful yet tasteful way. The producers of this video didn’t use all the gory imagery of the other videos, but, in my opinion, they get their point across just as effectively through the use of facts and quotes juxtaposed with peaceful images of dairy cows.

    Something about this video really impacted me. Especially, after watching all these other videos and writing out what I eat every day. I see that I use a lot of dairy products (even though I always buy organic, cruelty free dairy). As I have been watching these videos and writing these comments I have begun to think that I should start moving towards a more vegan diet. Though I think I would have a hard time changing my diet all at once, I would like to start making a serious effort to move towards a completely plant based diet.

    Feb 12 2011
    breakfast:spinach omelet
    lunch: spinach mushroom pizza
    dinner: veggie fajita and potato enchilada

    • Adeline Woon on Feb 13, 2011 at 8:01 pm


  78. Adeline Woon on Feb 13, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Feb 4, 2011
    Breakfast — Cream crackers with nyonya kaya + Taiwan salted dried red algaes and cashewnuts coated with maltose + hot chocolate with coffee mixed
    Lunch — Rice + stir fry vege sausages with shreddered celeries and carrots + Luo-hon zhai + pickles + sweet potatoes soup

  79. Adeline Woon on Feb 13, 2011 at 11:13 am

    17. Seal Massacre in Canada

    This is a crucial and urgent plea to fur lovers and those who are ‘human oriented’ with a special interest in drawing water to other’s mill: Please have mercy on these animals and torture them no more!

    Dear consumers, it is not right that only fur can keep you warm in winter. Alternatives like cashmere, wool or fleece will do the same job for you. Besides, there are many design available in the market for clothing made with these substitute materials and are easily accessible. There is no need to get clothing made of fur, no need to go through hassle to find places that sell them.

    Dear sealers, I have signed numerous pledge to Canadian government to end seal hunting. I have no intention to take your job away from you, just trying to communicate with you. While the profit you’ve gained from sealing is ‘irresistible’, you are at the sametime self-conscious and got yourself ‘stucked’ into this ‘career’ only because you are too afraid to be labelled as a wuss if you stop from sealing. Well, you don’t have to worry no more, since there are many supporting groups and opportunities available to assist you from being prisoned in this vcious cycle of killing. A good and healthy life will only be possible if you are willing to stop the act of massacre.

    You would like to live a long life, so please leave these animals in peace and let them live till they die, like how you do.

  80. Ivy on Feb 12, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Feb 11 2011

    Breakfast: English muffin
    lunch: broccoli mashed potatoes, and mycoprotein nuggets (quorn)
    dinner: spinach andmushroom pizza

  81. Adeline Woon on Feb 11, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    16. Pork Industry Exposed

    According to David Hamlin (Producer of “Hog Genius: The Amazing Pig” for National Geographic), throughout the shooting process, pigs seemed to him as intelligent, inquisitive, always ready to learn and perform. After the project’s completion, he concluded that pigs demonstrate high intelligence, have rich emotional lives and are deeply affected by the same trauma that can cripple human. He witnessed pigs struggled to find a hidden platform in a pool, searched for refuge in an elevated maze which confirmed his sense of how similar humans and pigs are. To Hamlin, human and pigs are clearly kindred spirits. (Cited from

    These affectionate and clean animals enjoy close contact, keep each other company closely when resting, are not meant to be kept in a confined space separately, certainly not when they are pregnant. Putting pregnant sows in such horrendous conditions is no different than keeping expecting human beings lying flat on stiff cold floor within a metal stall. This is absolutely not the right way, nor the natural way, for these poor babes to be treated!

    Homosapiens have no rights to force pigs to live against their natural behaviour, i.e. sleep and eat in a place where they poo, causing them to suffer psychological and physically. Because pigs lacked sweat glands, they are therefore less tolerant of heat and can easily develop open sores being in environment that has insufficient, or simply no ventilation, such as industrialized farmhouse today.

    Pigs are clean animals with a great sense of smell. The idea of not being able to cool their skin in mud or water, having to live with their dung for as long as they are alive, and so on and so forth, is truly dreadful for those of us who cares. There are many things we ought to do, but the first and most practical step is to choose a vege-based diet. The sooner we are vegetarian, the quicker it is for mankind’s barbarity of pigs farming to be ended.

    So hesitate no more. Come join us and start saving these babes now!

    Feb 3, 2011
    Snack — Taiwan salted dried red algaes and cashewnuts coated with maltose
    Brunch — Fried white radish patties + brown rice + stir fry black fungus, water chestnuts and capsicums + sweet and sour vegetarian fish fillets + pickles
    Dessert — Glutinous rice balls with red bean paste + pineapple shortcrust pastry + handmade walnut candy + Taiwan Oolong tea

  82. Ivy on Feb 11, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Feb. 10 2011
    breakfast- english muffin
    lunch- baked sweet potato and peas
    dinner- bean burrito

  83. Ivy on Feb 11, 2011 at 10:07 am

    18. Teenager Throws Puppies Into a River

    I have seen this video before some time back. It is hard to believe that someone would do this and then have the nerve to post it on the internet as if anyone else would like to watch it. The only good thing I recall about this is that I read that an old woman downriver rescued the puppies, though I don’t know if that is true… ( )

    This video is very sad. Not just for the puppies, but also for the teenager who is throwing them in the river. This girl is still very young, but somehow her love for life has already been destroyed.

    We have all seen children enthralled by newborn creatures like these puppies. However, whatever has happened to this girl in her relatively short life has killed this fascination with life and replaced it with coldness. Perhaps I am being hyperbolic, but that is what I see when I watch this video… a not yet grown child, hardened into replacing empathy with cruelty.

  84. Adeline Woon on Feb 10, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    15. Pork Protest

    If you ever wonder, like I used to, what do pigs do apart from eat, play and sleep, you can be assured that there are so much more we need to learn about them. Pigs are very intelligent animals and definitely one of the smartest farm animals on earth. They have good learning abilities (learn quickly too) and are able to solve problems because of their abilities to see objectives and think of new approaches to get there. (Please watch: or

    Pigs also learn and grasp tricks quicker than dogs. They ranked number four in animal intelligence after chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants. The amazing part is that piglets will respond when called at approximately two or three weeks old, which means they learn their names at a really young age. Apart from that, pigs are very sociable and form close bonds with their own kind as well as the others. Thats is why if we see pigs in an open space, not industrialized pigs farms, you will see them wander around in pairs or in groups.

    All these confirm one fact: they look nothing like us, but they are similar to us. They are our friends, so please treat them like one!

    Feb 2, 2011
    Breakfast — 2 steamed buns with Taiwan salted dried red algaes (hong2 mao2 tai2) and cashewnuts coated with maltose
    Lunch — Vegetarian steamboat
    Snack — Dunkin’ donuts

  85. Ivy on Feb 10, 2011 at 10:57 am

    17. Seal Massacre in Canada

    This video was shocking. I actually didn’t realize that people still killed seals for their coats. I could not imagine buying an article of clothing, knowing that it was made from the skins of bludgeoned baby seals.

    It is so sad to see those seals trying vainly to get away as they are cornered and beaten to death. These animals are still basically infants. They are scared and confused… And then to learn that nearly half of them are still alive when they are impaled with those hooks and skinned.

    All of this, only for their skin. The bodies are left on the ice to decay. At least when the indigenous people hunted for seals the entire body was used … seal meat was important for their survival. Now, this hunt is carried out on a much larger scale, simply for an accessory. There is no reason to continue to wear animal fur when so many synthetic materials are freely available.

  86. Ivy on Feb 10, 2011 at 10:30 am

    16. Pork Industry Exposed

    It is so sad to see those mother pigs treated that way… The thought of having to go through a pregnancy confined in a filthy crate, unable to move is simply disgusting. How can we, as a society, continue to turn a blind eye at these abuses?

    In the US, we have all seen video footage of “animal hoarders” who keep far too many animals in filthy confined conditions. These people have their animals taken away, and they are often prosecuted. However, if the animal is being raised for food, there appears to be no limit to the amount of cruelty that the animals can be put through. How can this be allowed in country where animal cruelty is an arrest able, jail-able offense?

    It seems as if, as long the animal is seen as a commodity, its welfare is not longer the concern of those who make the laws.

    breakfast: bagel
    lunch/dinner: veggie lasagna

  87. Adeline Woon on Feb 9, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    14. PETA Goriest Video

    They breath, wish to live, fight for survivor, fear of death, scream, bleed, hurt, struggle moments before death, all like us. Animals are no difference from us.

    Try vizualize the change of positions between the butchers and animals in this video. Now, ask yourself if it is ok for butchers in pigs, cows, chickens, dogs, cats, deers, ostrichs… forms to:
    1) force human-livestocks into desired positions with cattle prods;
    2) hang them upside down waiting for their throats to be cut;
    3) scald them in hot water for hair scraping even when they are still conscious? … I don’t think so.

    Human slaughter is not ok. Likewise, animal cruelty surely is not acceptable. If we put ourselves into their shoes, we will understand how much they have to suffer before they are served onto our plates. No one deserves this kind of treatment. Not you, me, or our fellow animals.

    Please stop all actions of extreme animal brutality. Be a caring vegetarian today!

    Feb 1, 2011
    Brunch — White rice + inaris and star anise stew + boiled lettuces with soy sauce + stir fry cabbages with capsicums and broccolis + seaweed paste + lots of CNY snacks (vegetarian)

  88. Adeline Woon on Feb 9, 2011 at 11:44 am

    13. Meet Your Meat (with Chinese Narration and Subtitles)

    Get yourself out of animal cruelty! Save yourself from slaving away at a dead-end greed and desire cycle with little opportunity for escape (from anger, dissatisfaction, confusion… )! Do not believe everything you read on books, seen on tv, listened on radio, told by families or friends, even doctors sometimes… Exercise your intelligence and investigate. Value your mind that is capable to think, analyze, make the right choice and bring out the goodness in you.

    Numerous nutritionists and doctors today encourage meat intake for a ‘balance’ diet. In many societies, especially the Chinese, having meat on the table is

    considered a luxurious treat only available for those who can afford. The whole idea of meat eating has been so deep rooted in us since the beginning of human’s history that vegetarian is only meant for the poor and less fortunate ones. Most of us are blind to animals suffering. It never crossed our mind that animals share many similarities with us, and they are not just food that served to ease our hunger.

    We ought to see the other side of the story of meat consuming. We need to understand that meat is not necessary in our diet. We have to realize that meat-based diet is bad for our environment, exacerbates global hunger, bestializes animals and compromises our precious health.( Please open yourself and welcome different ideas for your diet. All these informations are just a mouse click away.

    So, please, I beg you to please consider vegetarianism. You, and only you, can make a difference to our world’s tomorrow. The fate of our future generations lies in you. Please be the owner of your own mind. Do not be swayed by the sense of community. Stop being the quack-grass that swings with the wind.

    Jan 31, 2011
    Brunch — Cheeries + goreng pisang + brown rice + stir fry cabbage, bean sprouts, snow peas, black fungus, baby corns and corn kernels + dried tofus and star anise stew + sweet potatoes soup

  89. Adeline Woon on Feb 8, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    12. Kosher Slaughter

    Dad passed away when I was five from electric shock at work. It was Deepavali 1983, my brother was only three and mum, who was 27 then, is widowed since. This accident has caused dad to die in great agony, forcing him to leave everyone he loved and who loves him behind. Electric shock alone is enough to result in devastating damage and death of human or big animals like cows or sheeps, leading their family members astray and confused as a sequel of their torturous death.

    At the abattoirs, butchers use cattle prods to force ‘livestocks’ into positions. Though electric shock is not the main ‘weapon’ that kill these animals, but is significant in the cruel process of animals slaughter. The combination of terrible sufferings from the shock and overwhelmed fear of death in these animals are no difference from my dad’s experience, moments before his death. Neither my dad nor these animals wanted to be racked by pain or die. It is worst still for these animals, as their lives end in much dramatic manners: being shocked, have their throats cut and bleed to death.

    My dad’s death impacted everyone in my family: a low educated widow with no working experience forced to raise their 2 children, a brother (who was with him throughout the incident) lived his life in fear and regret to his grave for not being able to do anything at the accident, a father who got depressed and died less than 3 years after dad’s together with his pets–a dog and a cat, just to name a few.

    Similarly, these animals are a member of their family, they too have partners, children, and others who love them. Their death definitely break the hearts of those associated with them, just like how it was with my family, or worst. There is simply no reason to call these affectionate animals kosher. Surely a BIG NO to continue such cruelty to them!

    Jan 30, 2011
    Breakfast — Brown rice + steam lotus root slice + stir fry beancurd parcel, celery, carrot, black fungus and mushroom + dried seaweed with white sesame + pickled ginger slice + banana & grape
    Lunch — Fruits salad + pumpkin soup with blueberry bread + shell pasta curry
    Snack — Fried white radish patties + brown sugar chiffone cake + fried noodles with veges

  90. Ivy on Feb 8, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Feb. 7 2011
    breakfast- bagel
    lunch- vegan blackbean burrito
    dinner- veggie lasagna

  91. Adeline Woon on Feb 7, 2011 at 11:55 am

    11. Kindness and Compassion by EVOLVE Campaigns

    There are no difference between animal and human. We share so many natural qualities: cute, affectionate, beauty, lively, intelligent, lovely, compassionate, love our child(ren), live in harmony with each other…

    Animals are simple: seek for food when hungry, sleep when sleepy; food storage, material of their resting place never crossed their mind. Human on the other hand are more demanding. Apart from wanting comfortable beddings and keeping their food, human also imposed false perceptions onto fellow human being: invade animal’s kingdom is ok as long as human selfish wants are fulfilled, which in turn, has resulted in ecological imbalance.

    There are many reasons behind ecological imbalance: pollution, deforestation, fertilizers usage, fishing, hunting, to name just a few. The culprit is no one but us human beings. We often think of ourselves as individuals. So then, what is the big deal when I am only eating one part of a carcass that is just one of the millions out there? Wait! There is more than just one being eaten by one. Individuals form a family, a community occurs with a gathering of different families, a society appears with a combination of communities… One missing individual will impact people and enviroment whom/which he/she is associated with.

    Likewise, animal’s kingdom shape in the same way as homosapiens do. Each of them play an important role and influence the food chain and surroundings they are in.

    We live on earth with animals. All of us need to play our role based on our physical and biological nature, and work toward the harmony of animals-homosapiens interrelationships. When we choose to slaughter animals, we are also destroying our nations, societies, families, ourselves and our planet altogether.

    Think twice before your next meal. Choose vegetarian today!

    Jan 29, 2011
    Brunch — Banana + kumquats + sweetsop + brown rice + dried tofus and carrots stew + stir fry chinese spinachs + stir fry cabbage with capsicums and black fungus

  92. Ivy on Feb 7, 2011 at 10:14 am

    15. Pork Protest

    I feel so badly for the newborn pigs that have just come into this world and have to experience such extreme pain. Have the people who carry out these practices lost all the natural wonder towards newborn life?

    Then, to see how the pigs live out their short, miserable lives… confined to tiny pens. All of this misery so someone can have bacon for breakfast…

    Pigs are actually very intelligent and loving animals with great personalities. Yet, they seem to be viewed as some of the lowest of creatures. I suppose this is because they are not of any use to humans except for meat.

    It is so sad to see how they are beaten and mistreated. Packed into containers unable to move or breathe. Finally killed, with no consideration for basic humane practices. I hope that humans can somehow generate some appreciation for this animal as a fellow living being, rather than seeing it as only a source of food.

    breakfast- veggie omelet
    lunch- curried lentils and veggies
    skipped dinner

  93. martin on Feb 7, 2011 at 2:00 am

    Video 7- Dog Meat Trade:

    This video hit me particularly hard as i regard dogs as friends and not mere animals. Dogs have feelings and they can express joy, sorrow, pain and fear. Dogs’ loyalty to their friend-masters are legendary. Dogs are highly intelligent and have the capacity to communicate clearly. Dogs show gratitide and have so much love to give for so little in exhange.

    Dogs have lived with human beings for so long, they are so finely knitted into human society they are part of us. They are almost human.

    Watching video 7 is like watching my own flesh and blood being stabbed and bludgeoned to death. Is there nothing else to eat that human beings must resort to this.

    That we are all born human is a priviledge NOT to be abused. That we are born higher up the echelon means we have we have the responsibility to lead in progress, to educate and to preserve,not to abuse and destroy. Certainlynot tobehave like animals. Even then, animals kill for food, not to satisfy their desire for a delicacy.

    I wonder if one day we come across another species local or alien, who is higher up the food chain, who will HARVEST our friends and children for food. I wonder if one day we will have to be next to a loved one,just to watch him being speared and ripped apart.

    I have no other words other than to resort to an ancient line “forgive them as they know not what they do”. I feel very bad for all the people involved in the trade.

  94. Ivy on Feb 6, 2011 at 10:08 am

    14. PETA Goriest Video

    Wow, that video is kind of shocking. Most of these scenes are from the other videos that we have viewed here. However, it looks like they have taken the most disturbing parts of those videos and synced them with a punk rock song from the band Propaghandi.

    The way this was put together was pretty powerful. It really takes fast, forceful imagery to get through to today’s media infused culture. A spot like this where the most shocking parts of various videos really drives the message home. The strong beat of the song helps to bring the emotion into the video.

    I feel bad that I do still have a craving for meat sometimes when I am exposed to it. For this reason, I think videos like this have been very helpful for me to give up the attachment to eating animals. When I see a meat dish that looks delicious, at first I think “that looks very good”, then videos like this play in my head… It helps to break the disconnect between the meat on the plate and the living, suffering creature for me.

    Feb 5. 2011
    Breakfast- veggie omelet
    lunch- vege medeteranian wrap
    dinner- cheese pizza

  95. Ivy on Feb 5, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Feb 4 2011

    Breakfast- bagel
    lunch- veggie curry and pinapple
    skipped dinner

  96. Ivy on Feb 4, 2011 at 9:53 am

    February 3, 2011
    skipped breakfast
    lunch: mashed potatoes and tomato soup
    dinner: spinach and mushroom pizza

  97. Ivy on Feb 4, 2011 at 9:43 am

    13. Meet Your Meat (with Chinese Narration and Subtitles)

    I do not speak Chinese, so a lot of what was said in this video was probably lost on me. However, you do not need to have to speak the language to understand the suffering of the animals shown.

    I recall one time as a small child my class went to a field trip to see a small (relatively speaking) chicken farm. There was big barn they we got to go in where all the baby chickens were kept. A couple of us noticed that some of the baby chickens were getting caught in the feed receptacles, and were getting hurt. Our guide told us that some of them would inevitably get caught and die like that and there was nothing that could (or would) be done for them. I just remember wanting to go save all the little chicks and take them home with me.

    This left such a horrible impression on me that it still bothers me to this day…. Yet, it does not even compare to the amount of suffering that animals like the ones on this video go through. How can people continue to eat meat, knowing that it is the result of so much cruelty?s

  98. martin on Feb 4, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Video 6 – Cruelty at NY’s largest dairy farm:

    Its only the 6th video in this series of 19 videos about how cruelly abused animals are for the sake of satisfying human being’s desires and wants. I stopped feeling sick and nauseous and angry watching these kind of videos, a while ago. Video 6 just made me feel a pain in my heart.

    Clearly, it is not enough for human beings to exploit animals…we have to abuse them to death. If this is how milk gets to our glasses and bowls, how can it be good for us? How much pain, fear, terror and sorrow is in a glass of milk. How can that be good for us? We are more than just flesh and bones that milk is supposed to strengthen.We are also mind and soul…and nothing good comes out of feeding on pain and suffering.

    How far overboard are our delusions, that we only see a clean, cool, healthy looking carton of milk in the fridge, instead of death and abuse in a carton. There is no milky goodness in that.

    Milk is good,but i fail to see the need to put the cows through such terror, other than sheer greed for profit. This greed turns what is actually good into a product, not even a produce, of wickedness.

  99. Ethan Hoo on Feb 3, 2011 at 11:32 pm


    Breakfast: Fried rice vermicelli, bean curd
    Lunch: Glutinous rice balls
    Dinner: Fried noodle, fried rice vermicelli, bean curd, glutinous rice balls
    Snack: Pineapple tarts, almonds, peanuts

  100. Ivy on Feb 3, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Feb. 2 2011

    lunch- pineapple berry smoothie
    dinner- vegan apple crunchy, black-bean chips, hummus, and blueberries

  101. Adeline Woon on Feb 3, 2011 at 12:09 am

    10. I am Scared and Don’t Want to Die

    No one wants to die, this include prisoners who are sentenced to death. Counting down to death creates extreme fear in everyone, even for those who ‘deserve’ them. When the time of ‘scheduled death’ has arrived, these prisoners started to tremble as they walk toward the death house. They will be overwhelmed by horror and start losing control of their excrement by the time they get there. What follow next is obvious.

    Now, for someone whose death is sentenced for the crime they have committed still panic when death arrive, what more will these innocent cows feel when they realized their time has come to an end? Surely, their fear will be 10 times more for they have no reason to accept death for any excuses, especially not for human’s selfish desire.

    Life is precious even for a tiny bug and there is no reason to take any of them for granted. Human certainly have no right to decide who live or die. So please appreciate your life and other’s, and… mind only your own business.

    Jan 28, 2011
    Breakfast — Brown rice + marinated dried tofu with seaweed and carrot + pumpkim, baby corn and snow peas stew + Sichuan style pepper chili peanuts + black sesame powder
    Lunch — Thin noodle with sesame oil + roti canai + fruits sandwich + pickled vege + kimchi + marinated konjac jelly, dried tofu topped with pickled baby cucumber + hamburger fillings (soy product) + stir fry cabbage + desserts: kiwi and peach mini tarts, muaji with red bean paste and walnuts + sugar apple (sweetsop)

  102. Ethan Hoo on Feb 2, 2011 at 9:34 pm


    Breakfast: Pancake
    Lunch – Vege soup, rice
    Dinner – Vege soup.

  103. William on Feb 2, 2011 at 11:07 am

    VIDEO 19.
    Drinking milk is good for your health is a total LIE! Over the years, big companies have managed to brain wash the people to believe that milk is a healthy drink and everyone should drink it. They need to recuperate back the millions they have spent on campaigns which encourages people to drink milk including paying huge sums of money to celebrities to endorse their product. Who suffers the most? The Dairy cows! What is presented is true where u do not see people drink elephant or rat’s milk? All milk are produced for their young, unless you are a calf, then cow’s milk is good for you. Even if hte milk is good for you, nowadays with growth hormones being injected to the cows, how good would it be for you?

    Do not endanger your health by drinking milk. THere are other alternatives which are more nutritious and good for you. Choose wisely.

  104. William on Feb 2, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Video 18.
    This teenager is ought to be thrown into the river! At least she would be big enough to help herself to safety. But these puppies, which looks barely a few weeks old, are helpless. How could she do such a thing throwing the puppies as if they are rocks? And her accomplice is also ought to be blamed (the one filming) as well. They are heartless and darn right cruel. If the one filming is an adult, then what are you teaching your child? You are suppose to teach her to be kind and loving and be compassionate to all living beings and not the other way! You are not setting the right examples for her. I could not imagine what other inhumane things this teenager could and will be doing when she grows up. Maybe she would be one of the seal hackers or the one working in the slaughter house!

  105. William on Feb 2, 2011 at 10:35 am

    Video 17.

    Brutal killing! They just hack and hack and hack at the baby seals who have not had the chance to live! And all these for their fur. I can understand that during the cave man ages, they need clothing to warm and protect themselves, hence they kill for the fur. But we are in the 21 century now! We do not need fur to keep us warm. We all sorts of materials being natural wool or cotton etc which do not harm animals. This video shows us that we still live in the dark ages where brutal killing occurs. I wish this cruelty will end.

    We would be hypocrites if we go to Sea World (or anywhere) and buy furry seal soft toys for our children to play cos they are so cute AND turning a blind eye to this real issue that is happening in Canada. Do I make sense? I hope I do.

  106. Ivy on Feb 2, 2011 at 9:59 am

    12. Kosher Slaughter

    This video was really hard to watch. It is unbelievable how long these cows are allowed to suffer before they finally die. I have heard some defenses of kosher methods of slaughtering that basically say that the animal’s throats are cut so deeply and quickly they instantly loose consciousness. Clearly this is not the case.

    It is so horrible to watch these poor creatures stumble around, trying to escape, knowing that the pain and the panic that they are experiencing must be unbearable.

    The thing that really gets me in these videos are the people that are working in these factories. I understand that these people are most likely poor and are simply taking whatever job they can get, but I still just don’t see how they can do it. To make matters worse, these workers often display such barbaric and unnecessarily cruel behavior (such as kicking blood into the dying cows face.) I wonder if these tendencies drew these people to these professions, or if the violence inherent in the job desensitized them, and conditioned them towards cruelty.

    February 1, 2011
    Breakfast- doughnut
    lunch- veggie spaghetti and french bread
    dinner- cheese pizza

  107. Ethan Hoo on Feb 1, 2011 at 11:13 pm


    Breakfast: Didn’t take breakfast
    Lunch – Vege soup
    Snack – Pita bread
    Dinner – Vege soup, rice

  108. Sean Wang on Feb 1, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    Febuary 1——
    Brunch——- potato pancakes and a desert pancake
    Dinner—— gado gado

  109. Adeline Woon on Feb 1, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    9. Hidden from View Pro-Veg Commercial

    Though this video is short and simple, but the message that is being conveyed is very strong. You do not normally get to see these scenes on commercials that encourage meat consumptions simply because these true facts will evoke the inner qualities of humans: compassion and empathy for others.

    Human is the only creature on earth that have the abilities to think, analyze and capability to sacrifice their desire for the sake of others. They have the intelligence to choose doing the right thing that benefits themselves and others. Obviously, by not showing those ‘highly confidential scenes’ on cruelty to animals to consumers is to prevent their inborn qualities from arising.

    Since the whole thing has come to light, people now get to see the truth on what actually happened to these animals before all parts of their carcass are being served onto humans’ plate. So everyone, please let your compassionate rise high and bright, do not pretend that you don’t care, do not be shy to show your best qualities, do not be afraid to be different, be a vegetarian and help these vulnerable animals from the cycle of continuation of cruelty. Thank you very much.

    Jan 27, 2011
    Breakfast — Brown rice + thin noodles with sesame oil + steam tofu with goji berries + stir fry baked potato cubes with long beans and mushrooms + boiled lettuce with soy sauce + raw mixed nuts
    Lunch — White rice + stir fry toufu with capsicums + boiled lettuce with soy sauce + seaweed paste

  110. William on Feb 1, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    Video 15.

    Can you imagine going into the operating theater for surgery and the procedure is done without pain killers and you are conscious when the doctors operate on you? Well, this is what the piglets have to endure and go through! Where is the heart for animals? Where is the love? The pigs are seen as a commodity instead of a living being, therefore money is more important than anything else.

    Can you also imagine a family member slamming another family member on the floor because he is sick and the medical costs is too high to bear and would be a burden to the family? This is also happening to the pigs which are sick and slamming them would save the company some money. This is barbaric and it constitute to murder of it were to happen to the human race.

    Will man ever going to see them as equals? The day may come if we practice compassion.

  111. William on Feb 1, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Video 16.

    It is good to see that there are people out there who are fighting for animal rights as the animals itself could not communicate to the public. The awareness created will hopefully lessen the intake of meat especially pork as the pigs suffer from the time they were born till their death. If you stop eating pork, you are helping the animals. Start a vegetarian diet now as you can make a difference. I started eating vegetarian meals since 20/1 and it has been great. I do not have craving for meat and getting vegetarian meals are not that difficult as one would think. It is healthier and lots of choices available. It is a matter of intention that is important.
    Just like the people in the video who are protesting, their intention is to create awareness for the sake of the pigs but ultimately for the health of humans.

    Jan 31
    Breakfast – Flaxseed oat biscuits
    Lunch – brown rice, braised tofu and vegetables
    Dinner – Thosai

    Feb 1
    Breakfast – Sesame biscuits
    Lunch – Vegetarian Mee Jawa

  112. Lee Torres on Feb 1, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    Hello Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

    I found your blog about watching the 19 videos through David Lai’s blog. I’ve never been to your Kechara organization but your idea was compelling and I like the intention behind it.

    I posted my blog in reponse to the 19 videos here.

    Thanks for the blog post, hope all is well

  113. Ivy on Feb 1, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Today I ate:
    chocolate berry smoothie
    veggie stir fry
    and a bean burrito

  114. Ethan Hoo on Feb 1, 2011 at 12:45 am

    Video 19:

    No mom wants her newborn to be taken away, and no newborn wants to his mother to be out of sight. To separate one’s newborn from the mother is a very cruel act to both the mother and the child. Yet despite having a higher intelligence, we human acted cruelly and took the newborn calves away from their mothers.

    When there are employment acts and laws that governs the working hour of an employee, shouldn’t there be laws to forbid cows from overworking as well? I’m sure cows have physical limit just like human before they go into exhaustion. The cows need rest just like you and I, why are we treating them differently?

    And particularly for Asians, it is better not to drink cow’s milk or consume dairy products as most Asians are lactose intolerant. Dairy products will cause stomachache, indigestion and diarrhoea for those who with lactose intolerance.



    Breakfast: Didn’t take breakfast
    Lunch: Vege soup (seaweed, broccoli, bean curd tomato), rice, nectarine
    Snack: Waffle
    Dinner: Vege soup rice vermicelli

  115. […] The 19 videos I will be commenting on can be found here. This is a longer post than I usually do and will be probably the longest I’ll ever do, but I think its worthwile. […]

  116. Nicholas on Jan 31, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    V1: 15 Reason to Quit eating Meat and Be a Vegetarian

    A lot of people always think of being a vegetarian is all about religious, at least my friends do. They are so wrong. At this modern day, it is not about just spiritual but health.
    Diseases that affect us from the meat that we take cause us so much trouble & suffering. We will only realize this when they is no point of return. It’s not that we are not aware of but just ignorance.
    Being vegetarian is also a practice of love. Not to ourselves but others. Not only to our kind of species or species of our favorite but to “ALL” kind. We are not the only living being in this world…..respect for others too especially those who are unable to protect themselves. There are pretty much like us, they scream for pain, they cry for worries…..they do react for things that make them uncomfortable just like us. So why torture them just to fulfill our selfish attachment.

    V2: Animal Slaughtering in Today’s World

    Animal were killed not just to fulfill our hunger attachment to meat but also for entertainment, clothing, products testing & experiment…..
    Just because we can overcome their strength and there were born in this unfortunate forms (as an animal) we us them for our pleasure, for test or I should say to torture them for us to feel safe to use certain products, that is cruel. How can we see other being suffer just for our selfish attachment? This action is totally worst then being an animal.
    No human would be scarify for such reason so to animals. If we thought that we are better than animal because we can think well than we should act like one. Not to be even worse than the predator who’s live just to eat.
    There are other alternative or options that able to serve the same purpose or need. Stop using others for our own benefit.

    V3: Animal Survivor Fay

    Looking at how many stray dogs around us for some people they are just some unpleasant guest wondering around their area. But sometime if you notice carefully some of these dogs are injured and need helps….for some cases ‘need urgent’ help.
    We as a human we seek help from doctor for any injuries or sickness but animal unable to do the same by themselves. Just imagine ourself when we need helps but no one can give us a hand and we are just crying in pain……is just the same as how the animals felt. They are just like our kid that sick which need the parents to bring them to see doctor. They need us to help them not add on pain to their wound.
    What we need is just to let go our selfishness and treat these animals just like our loves one or at least our lovely pets or our good friend that we would like to see them in good condition all the time.

    V4: Bull Sacrifice

    So sad to see the bull being sacrifice in such a way. Why to sacrifice?
    The poor bull slaughtered alive, cut off the skin without any anesthetic, screaming for pain. Imagine if that is our lovely pets or if any of us then we called that as murder but make no different. There are still living beings. What make things worst is not just the animal being killed brutally but the person who does it that created so much/heavy bad karma. How much suffering this person going take?….
    So glad we are able to meet the dharma to understand the truth meaning of precious life and being a human. By appreciating the precious of human life we move our view wider to appreciate others and all beings. The wider our view the more we will do to help, to secure and to benefit others for the harmony of all being.
    It’s poor to be an animals of course due to our own karma but we don’t have to make it worst.

    V5: Cats and Dogs Massacre in China

    Seeing how the dogs and cats being killed, skinned boiled in hot pot alive (where you still can hear they scream) & brutally….with no mercy. The rest of the animals are just watching in fear thinking of themselves as next….can we live in this way???
    Living in a place where no animal welfare laws to protect the poor animals and having them as a meal is openly everywhere is so horrible! How bad is the group karma created at this place… bad is the mind set for this place where there is no dharma to learn & practice?
    I really appreciate what I have now….a kind Guru never tired to love us, teach us, help us and with us, a center which provide all the necessary for us to learn & practice and the people that always encourage & motivate us. What else can we ask since everything is already prepared?

  117. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    Video 18:

    Pure evil and malice. It’s just so heart breaking to see someone throw those puppies into the river. The video paints a very sharp contrast of the other video I watch on facebook – the one where someone died (presumably in a gunshot) on the street and his dog doesn’t want to be parted with him, stayed by his side all the time, and see ambulance took his body away with sadness – an unconditional love and loyalty of dog to man. In this video, the teenage girl just throw those puppies into the river as if they’re just lifeless garbage. It’s so sad to see someone would be so low to do such a thing.

    We just need to love and take good care of the pets, and they will reciprocate with their unconditional love and loyalty for many years to come. Pets are part of the family for us to love and cherish.

  118. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Video 17:

    The question keep popping in my head when I see this kind of videos – why would anyone wants to kill these cute, furry animals with their cute round eyes? It’s not just seals, but dogs, cats, etc bludgeoned to death. And it’s heart wrenching to know most of these seals are not even three months old. It’s a bloody cruel massacre of innocent babies – seal’s babies.

    We don’t need animal skin, animals do. We gained nothing by buying animal skin or fur, only very big negative karma. Animal fur or skin don’t look good on human – it’s a very big label that says “I’m an animal murderer” if we wear animal fur or skin.

    We condemned war crime, we condemned massacre, we condemned Hitler, etc. We should equally condemned seal massacre – both those involved in the business AND the consumers of such products – demand drives supply. Whether directly or indirectly, both hands are stained with the seals’ blood.

  119. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    Video 16:

    It’s so disgusting to know that those pregnant pigs are confined in such tiny crates. I assume it’s a lot worse than having someone thrown in prison. Imagine having a pregnant woman thrown in the tiny crate – utterly barbaric act. Yet that’s what those pregnant pigs are being treated. Having going through the stress of pregnancy, and confined in small space where they can’t even properly stretch their limbs out, I wouldn’t be surprised if those pigs go crazy or develop physical problems as they can’t even move.

    Human society knows we need to have compassion towards pregnant woman, offer them the seats in trains, bus, etc. Couldn’t we extend our compassion towards animals as well. I’m sure animals have to go through the same labour of pregnancy and doesn’t need human to torture or make them suffer. No excuse is justifiable to lock the pigs in the dirty crates.

  120. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Video 15:

    Kudos to those who protest to raise awareness of the cruelty and sufferings those pigs have to endure in the pork industry. We need to create more awareness to the general public on the facts about what the eat, through any sorts of medium – facebook, youtube, twitter, tv, radio, etc. More than 100 million pigs suffered in the hands of man is a big number, and that’s only a year’s number – one year’s alone already have more pigs suffered than the number of people living in most countries including Malaysia (27.57 million in 2010).

    Just by adopting a compassionate, peaceful vegetarian diet, we can save more than 100 million pigs in US alone, without them having to endure having their ears mutilated, tails cut off, slammed head first to the floor, beaten by gate rods, throat slitted while still awake, etc. And that’s just the number in US alone. Much, much more pigs, chickens, cows, sheeps, etc will be saved if only we adopt vegetarian diet.

  121. Ivy on Jan 31, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Today I ate:
    granola ceral for breakfast
    stir fry with vege protein and rice for lunch
    a pancake for dinner

  122. Ivy on Jan 31, 2011 at 10:22 am

    11. Kindness and Compassion by EVOLVE Campaigns

    This was a beautiful video to watch. It is so nice to see these animals, shown suffering so badly in the other videos, happy and living as they should.

    When I was initially coming to terms with being vegetarian I had a thought… If I was not willing to kill an animal for food myself, then I should not eat it at all. This led me to think… If I had to do the killing, I would much rather go hungry than slaughter an animal.

    Furthermore, how can we get health and happiness from eating something that existed in a state a of fear and suffering for the entirety of its short life. Logically, it seem that the result of consuming the body of a tortured animal would only be more suffering.
    The great men quoted in this clip seem to all be saying the same thing… There is no way we can evolve as a species if we continue to see ourselves as separate and superior to other beings.

  123. Ivy on Jan 31, 2011 at 9:57 am

    10. I am scared and I don’t want to die

    The people who shoot these videos must be very courageous individuals. Clearly they love animals, or they wouldn’t go through the hardship of doing this type of undercover investigation. Yet, they are able to keep their cover and continue to videotape awful scenes such as this one. If it was me I would never be able to go through with it… I’d want to stop and save the cow, and completely blow my cover… The cow. I’m sure, would still die.

    There was so much emotion shown in this cows eyes as he looked back trying to find a route to escape. The expression was very recognizable… that of fear and panic. Also, it was a very innocent look, without anger or malice. Like that of a small child. My heart goes out to this poor creature.

    If we can look at an animal and see and understand its emotions as ones that we too experience, then how can we write it off as a lesser being and continue to perpetuate its suffering.

  124. Ivy on Jan 31, 2011 at 9:30 am

    9. Hidden from View Pro-Veg Commercial

    The fact that the suffering of animals raised for food is hidden from view is precisely why factory farms continue to operate as they do. The people who purchase the meat are blissfully unaware of the where the it comes from. As far as they are concerned it just appears pre-packaged and ready to eat on the store shelves.

    This is not to say that people don’t know that their meat comes from animals, and that these animals had to suffer and die so that they could eat it. This is not even saying that the people who purchase meat for food don’t love animals such as their pets. However, since they don’t have to come face to face with the suffering of their food, they are able to ignore it. The attachment to eating flesh is so strong it is easier for them to perpetuate a kind of cognitive dissonance about the source of their food.

    Therefore, it is important to get videos like this out there. When the suffering of these creatures is in your face it is hard to ignore it. Of course, some people will brush it aside, but over time the realization of what they are perpetuating by supporting the meat industry will hopefully build up to the point that at least some people will make changes in their diets.

  125. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 3:49 am

    Video 14:

    Very gory to see the cow’s head detached from its body at the end of the video. Like those old chinese series where the prisoners have their head decapitated. I’m glad they put the fish in the video – some of my friends don’t eat “meat from the land” from seeing those PETA videos, but they still consume seafood. Their notion is they don’t see the fish suffer, so it’s ok for them to eat the fish. But fish suffer just as much. Fish also bleed, they’re feel scared also when human wants to capture them. Like what Video 1 said – because eating fish doesn’t make you a vegetarian.

    If you have a fish pond at home, you’ll know the fish knows their owner who feeds them. They’ll be swimming to the surface when they see the owner nearby, expecting food from the owner. If they know they want happiness, I’m sure they know they don’t want any suffering.

  126. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 3:12 am

    Video 13:

    The video reinforced the fact lives as livestocks in the farm is a living hell for the animals. Plain brutality and cruelty to have the chickens packed tight in the farm that they don’t have much space to move, or having their beaks cut off; or having hot iron pressed against the skin of the cows, which screamed in agony, or chopping off piece by piece while still fully conscious, etc. No human can endure this kind of madness and torture, yet it is human that put these poor animals into these kind of insane sufferings.

    Just take a comparison of the animals at the end of the video which runs freely and happily, and to those earlier in the farm which suffered tremendously in the hands of man. Which image would we rather see? I know I’d rather see them in where they should be, what nature intends them to be – free and happy.

  127. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 2:48 am

    Video 12:

    Like the bull sacrifices video, the images are very disturbing. If we can’t stand the electric shock, what makes us think the cows enjoy it? If we think a paper cut on the skin is painful, what are we thinking when the cows have their necks slitted and the tracheas ripped out? If we can’t hold our breath without some form of suffering, what about the cows when they can’t breathe after the tracheas are ripped out? If we immediately try to stop the bleeding after a minor paper cut, what about the cows covered in their pool of blood?

    It’s so painful to see the cows struggling in agony, trying to scream their lungs out, in vain, as their tracheas have been ripped out. All these happened because of human greed of flesh on the taste buds. Demand drives supply. When demand stopped, the supply will stop and there will be no more sufferings for these cows. Go vegetarian now.

  128. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 2:30 am

    Video 11:

    Beautiful and cute animals should be left where they should be, in the wild roaming freely. Not in a crammed tight space in farm, tortured and suffered and be ready to be butchered. Left in the wild where they should be, they live happily with their own kind. Packed in a farm not meant for them, they suffered so much and some get so sad they go crazy.

    Even for pigs, whom many people associate as dirty – if only mankind open their eyes and see, they’ll find pigs love cleanliness and not packed into a crammed dirty place in a farm. I saw another video about two months ago about a Taiwanese ex-pig farmer turned vegetarian after seeing the sadness in the eyes of one of his pig that’s about to be taken to slaughter house. He said pigs are cute and they like to be cleaned. They’re friends, not food.

    We all should treat animals right ‘cause we know better.

  129. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 2:03 am

    Video 10:

    I saw and shared this video a few times before. Some people said animals don’t have feeling and they don’t know if they’re being killed. Yet this video is a solid proof of the contrary. The cows are really scared of the butcher. They know they’ll die if they go inside. The second cow is so scared he doesn’t want to be parted from the first cow. And when the first cow was killed, the second cow tried to escape as he knows he will be the next one.

    Or if you watch National Geographic documentaries, you can see even in the wild, the gnus know danger is approaching when a pack of lions is nearby and the cow pack will try to defend themselves and the young calves. But here, the cows are defenceless against human when the butcher stunt the cow with taser to force it to move into the slaughter house. So sad to watch this video again and again.

  130. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 1:50 am

    Video 9:

    Like one of the reason why we should become vegetarian in Video 1 – because no living creature likes to see her family slaughtered. Similarly, no living creature likes to see her family tortured and suffered. No pigs, chickens, or cows wants to see her family members get stepped on, get thrown into a cage literally, or separated and drove into insanity.

    Whatever the workers have done are inexcusable. Whether they’re having a bad day or not, or whatever that has gotten into their mind at that moment, nothing gives them the right or reason to torture those poor defenceless animals.

    By eating meat, we’re only encouraging these kind of sick behaviour. If we wish to stop this kind of inhuman torture to the animals, the only way to help them is by having everyone become vegetarian. As said before, when there’s no demand, there’s no supply. The power is really in your hand if you choose to end these kind of lunacy.

  131. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 1:36 am

    Video 8:

    Ducks and geese should roam freely in the wild, not jammed into a tiny cage that they can’t even straighten their legs or spread their wings. I’ve seen ducks walking freely before. They’re so cute and adorable and often they’ll follow one another forming a line while going from one place to another.

    When a human is full, in his right mind he won’t continue to stuff himself with food. And no parents in their right mind would force feed their children when the kids are full. Why would these people force feed the ducks and geese when the birds are already full and don’t want to eat.

    And what have human become – eating diseased liver as a delicacy? Isn’t it time to think about why there are so many diseases these days in a human body when we can just avoid them by adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating habit? Go vegetarian and change for the better.

  132. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 1:02 am

    Video 7:

    The dogs looked so sad. They must have known the fate that awaits them or depressed that they’ve been through so much sufferings in the hands of man. Seeing their friends get slaughtered time and time again must have make them so sad and wonder will they be the next one.

    As mentioned in my comment in video 5, dog is a man’s best friend. It’s just so sick to see men betray the trust dogs have for us and go around torture them, beat them with metal rods, pierce their chest with knife and kill them, just so men can earn money stained with blood and lay meat on the plate that was once their best friends.

    It reminded me of the video I saw few days ago of a Malaysian Chinese brutally beat his toy poodle. Isn’t human supposed to be better? Aren’t we supposed to repay love and kindness with love and kindness? Why are we turning around and torture or kill our best friends?

  133. Ethan Hoo on Jan 31, 2011 at 12:51 am

    Video 6:

    It puzzles me as to why the cows were treated the way they did in the video. Isn’t there regulations in food industry in the States that governs what should and should not be done? I’ve been to a dairy farm here in Malaysia and it looks nothing like this at all. The cows I saw were in wide open pasture, not crammed into tight places like in the video.

    The tail docking part is so horribly painful to watch and totally unnecessary. Injuries and disease should be treated. They should not be left there to suffer for days or weeks without treatment. There’s provision on how a employer treated their employees of working hours, medical benefit, etc. Why should the cows be treated any differently? They’re lives, not working machine. Even machines are given maintenance periodically. There’s no excuses why the injured or sick cows are not getting any medical treatment.

  134. Ethan Hoo on Jan 30, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    Video 5:

    Just simply inhuman. Sick to the very core. When treated right, cats and dogs are very loyal pets to human. Especially dogs, they give their owner unconditional love and loyalty. They said dog is a man’s best friend. You don’t rip your best friend’s skin out and eat his flesh. You should never rip a dog’s skin out and eat his flesh as well.

    It’s so sickening to see this video on how they torture the cats and dogs. The cats and dogs are beaten, tied with barb wire, hanged, killed, skinned and cook in pot. What did those cute, furry animals do to deserve these kind of inhuman torture. Centuries of loyalty and love to human kind, only to suffer in the hands of human so human can gain some money that’s stained with those lost souls’ blood.

    Stop buying fur, stop eating flesh. When there’s no demand, there’s no supply.



    Breakfast: Didn’t take breakfast
    Lunch: Olive vege fried rice
    Dinner: Mushroom, vege, rice, pineapple, nectarine.

  135. William on Jan 30, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    Video 14.
    Blood Blood Blood everywhere!!! Yukk! How can we kill something with a soul and a life and has blood running through their body? PETA is doing such a good job in having all this video available to the public to promote vegetarianism. And this video in particular is shocking and hopefully will change the minds of the viewers to eat less meat and eventually stop. By changing our diet a little, we can help a lot! Less animals die. Less pollution to the environment. Less diseases in the world and people are healthier. People need to see this video so that they know what is really happening and not be ignorant and think that the animals live a full life before they are killed and eaten. Be compassionate to all living being so that we can accumulate more positive karma and be free from samsara. Being a vegetarian is a good start.

  136. William on Jan 30, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    VIdeo 13.
    I may not get much of what the video is saying but the visuals are very sad indeed. Basically all animals which humans consume have to go through suffering throughout their life and then killed violently by humans. A whole life being caged up and could not move which results in diseases and pain. Inhumane procedures were done to them when they were born which is unnecessary but it is to convenient the breeders, like de-horning the calfs and removing the reproductive organs of piglets. Diseased animals were left to die and suffer. It is really sad to see this happening.

    It may be the karma of the animals to be born as animals but I wonder what have they done in their pasts lives that created such living conditions for them in this life. May they meet the buddha dharma in their future lives and have better rebirth. They deserve a life of freedom!

    Jan 29
    Lunch – Mee hoon with chick pea and potato curry
    Dinner – Vegetarian Pasta

    Jan 30
    Breakfast – Vegetarian sambal bun
    Lunch – Vegetarian Wan Tan Mee
    Dinner – Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh

  137. Ethan Chu on Jan 30, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Video 1.
    This is a very nice video produced by Peta and provide us a good reasons why we should become a vegetarian. There are more and more reasons each day why we shouldn’t kill another being for our stomach and taste bud which is clearly stated in the video itself. Many are contaminated with diseases these days because of the unclean meat, let alone that we have to slaughter the animals to see all the blood, pain and sufferings that they have to go through. Imagine it is being done to us? How much pain it brings… I particularly feel it with the statement: “when animals feel pain…they scream too.”

    So when should make another being suffer? It is not like we can not survive with their flesh and blood. If we can think what we feel like eating tonight then why can’t we think a little bit deeper? I know we can. (152 words)

    Video 2.
    This is truly upsetting. Thankyou Rinpoche for posting these videos up. Due to our ignorant mind, we never really sit down and think, actually everyday we are contributing to the demand of meat eating and animal killing… We were super fascinated on how the meat would taste like, that ounces of juice from the meat with the flavoring makes us craving for more! We were blinded by the packaging, our taste buds, and our ignorant mind to not able to take a deep look into the fact that we are actually killing another being. It is truly astonishing to find billions of animals were killed for food on our plates. And the funny thing is I used to think that fishes don’t suffer as much. I remembered one friend had said to me, it is not as bad as fishes don’t scream… Now I know imagine if I am deaf and mute, if a person slit my throat I will feel as pain even with my own voice. Today, I have my own voice and I want to make a difference to do something about it. I will listen to my own voice, your voice and together we’ll make a noise, and our voice will be heard. (206 words)

    Video 3.
    Many like Fay has underwent pain, abuse from human. It is very sad to see Fay in that state. But look into her eyes, they showed compassion. She did not reject human or becoming more violent, in fact she accepted what had been done to her and move on. There are many of us human beings today being so petty about things around, complain and always try to “get even” with one another. But imagine if someone would have done something like Fay to us beings? Do we moved on or we completely reject the person who had done it to us? Since we have to wisdom and a smarter way of living and surviving, shouldn’t we protect weaker beings, protector-less beings? And why are still spending most of out time looking at equal beings and be petty about almost every small little things? We should now look at life and help those who are weaker and needed help the most. (162 words)

    Video 4.
    I wonder what courage does a person have to perform such disgusting act. I understand many people “for survival” factor they were being so called “force” into the profession. Imagine when a person were “trained” to kill daily? Days after days, I am sure they are used to seeing blood and fleshes of the animals, their mind will soon think that it is not much a big deal after all. If a person is “trained” to become as such, he will too be able to do it to human, another being of flesh and blood. This is just a “natural” for him eventually. Anger, violent and brutalness arise from his “training” of his daily work. This is very very sad for the person’s mind, and more sad for the people who have to be around with these kind of people. When I was a child, I heard chef talking showing off how when you cut the meat, there are techniques on how to get the perfect “cut”. I wonder why on earth there is a job who gets paid so well and all they have to do is killed and cook? Because there are so many people who are impressed with the perfect “cut” and “taste”, there is why there are also many perfect “dead”. Are we still going to be the perfect spectator like those in the videos or are we going to do something with the perfect “cut” on the animals? (245 words)

    Video 6.
    OOUCH! This is usually what I said when someone pinched me, accidentally knocked something but i am very sure it is more painful than it sound for the cows in the video. It never occur to me that the situation in the daily farm is like that, it also never occur to me that the cows have to go through all that to give us all our dairy nutrition. I remembered someone commented on Rinpoche’s blog before, saying “what kind of karma does the animal have to be born in such state?” It is sad that they too are given the precious life to live but it is just their conditions are not conducive. They were given the chance to life but not for long. I wonder what have they done in their previous lives to be born in such situation? But if we can put a stop to such action, are we able to change their destiny and karma? I am sure we can do something about it. (170 words)

    Video 7.
    I heard much about dog meat eating in China. But never get a chance to witness it with my own eyes. Even when people posted videos of such topic on youtube or Facebook, I choose not to look at it because of its animal cruelty and I couldn’t stand the sound of dogs whaling… I think part of the reason is because human are closest to dog so I feel it the most. To be honest, I am not a big fan of pets nor dogs. Most of time I just think they are such adorable beings but I never thought of raising them because I know I would bring them more sufferings if they are not well taken care of. I thought by not looking, 120 not thinking and not having, I could avoid the responsibility as a human to protect and take care of helpless beings. No matter how I choose not to, when I clearly see it with my own eyes, I can not deny the fact that they do exist. And it is happening everywhere in the world. With deeper thought, I can actually do something about it. It is just the matter of fact whether we want to do it or not.

  138. Ivy on Jan 30, 2011 at 10:27 am

    What I had to eat today:
    breakfast: cereal
    lunch: fried tofu dumplings and vegetarian Thai red curry with tofu
    I skipped dinner today

  139. Ethan Hoo on Jan 30, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Video 4:

    I have a friend who saw this kind of sacrifice process for religious purpose before. He said the cows were in great fear, you can see it from their eyes. It’s so sad to see the cow has it’s legs tied and mouth tied up and unable to defend for himself, and having several men holding him down while his throat is being slitted. The pain and agony that he has to endure, fully conscious, wriggling in great pain and struggling to break free for the next minute or so before he died.

    Why would anyone see it fit to have animals going through so much pain as an offering to god? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to offer fruits or vegetables instead, and spare the animals. Isn’t the whole purpose of religion is to have us to be more loving and compassionate towards others? By killing, isn’t go in contrary to what religion teaches us?

  140. Ivy on Jan 30, 2011 at 10:24 am

    8. Force-Fed to Death

    So much pain for such a little so-called luxury. I have never understood how people justify to themselves spending a great deal of money on luxury food items where the entirety of what makes it a luxury is that another being had to suffer an inordinate amount to produce it. Not to mention the fact that these ducks are force-fed grain to produce little more than a condiment, while people elsewhere are starving.

    The ducks in this video are treated simply as nothing but objects as they are cruelly subjected to the torture of having a feeding tube rammed down their throats. The manner in which they are handled is reminiscent of factory workers on an assembly line. However, they are inflicting intense pain on these defenseless creatures.

    The fact that so much suffering is caused for the sake of something so trivial is disgusting. I sincerely hope that more governments will take a stand and outlaw this cruel practice.

  141. Adeline Woon on Jan 30, 2011 at 1:08 am

    8. Force-Fed to Death

    The word “foie gras” sounded nice, but unfortunately the meaning does not, especially the causes that create such painful liver disease in ducks and geese.

    Foie gras is not something new and we can trace the history of force-fed geese back to between 400 BC – 2500 BC

    ( The power of this “tradition” is so strong that it produces over 25,000 tonnes foie gras today

    (refer same link). Imagine how many geese and ducks have to be tortured and killed in order to manufacture the amount of diseased liver for humans’ desire?

    We have to admit there are great traditions that worth humans’ admiration, but definitely not the creation of foie gras. This is the act of violence continuation

    and there is nothing to be proud of. Though there are initiations taken today to ban the production of foie gras through forced-feeding, or the sale of foie gras

    producing by the same method, but the cruelty to geese and ducks remain. Humans’ greed for fortune gained from selling foie gras will not stop them from

    thinking of other methods to conitue this supply, but no guarantee it will not create more harm on these birds. Therefore, the best way to stop causing harm on

    geese and ducks is to cease the production of foie gras.

    There is a great variaty of what we get to eat today, not having foie gras is not the end of the world. Please have mercy for these birds and prevent yourselves

    from sickness that may manifest from the consumption of foie gras.

    Jan 26, 2011
    Brunch — Guava + brown rice + curry rendang with potatoes, yams and soy balls, topped with green capsicum cubes + 4 veges curry + stir fry chinese

    spinach + seaweed paste + longan, barley and carrot clear soup

  142. Ethan Hoo on Jan 30, 2011 at 1:07 am

    Animal survivor: Fay

    Addition to the comment above. I just check out the same video in Youtube. Seems like Fay passed away one year ago. May she rest in peace and take good rebirth.

  143. Ethan Hoo on Jan 30, 2011 at 1:01 am

    Video 3:

    I really don’t understand why human wants to have dogfighting or any sort of animal fighting as entertainment. It’s just so sick. And as these fighting operation involves gambling for sure, it just creates a big chain reaction of bad karmas to follow – the animals suffered tremendously and some lost their lives, human gamble away their money and some ended up borrowing from loan shark, then family falls apart and their children suffers. And it just goes on and on.

    Some of the dogs lost their limbs or like Fay, her lips shredded. What form of sick entertainment and evil doings in the hands of man. The only silver lining from this is some of dogs are rescue. And in Fay’s case, her wagging tail means she’s finally in good hands and she lives happily now. For the less fortunate ones, hope they’ll take good rebirths and not go through these kind of sick behaviour of man again.

  144. Ethan Hoo on Jan 30, 2011 at 12:42 am

    29 Jan:

    Breakfast: Tofu salad and wild vege soup noodle
    Lunch: Bean curd, cabbage, rice
    Dinner: Bean curd, wild vege, rice

  145. Ethan Hoo on Jan 30, 2011 at 12:39 am

    Video 2:

    Very graphical pictures – bloody and horrific. But at the same time, I think people need to see these kind of pictures, along with the statistics to be aware of how many animals have been through tremendous sufferings and being slaughtered, to become food on human’s plates, or what human wear in the name of fashion, etc.

    I can’t imagine how much pain elephants have to go through to have their tusks sawn off. The same goes for black rhinos, where their horns are used, particularly by Chinese, as traditional medicine. It’s must have been like having one’s arm sawn off – without anesthetic. The pain, and the fear of hearing the chainsaw’s sound, and dying from bleeding. It’s just too much. There must be herbal alternatives.

    And how cruel and barbaric it is to have the bull pierced with a vara, and later killed by a sword – tortured and killed for entertainment for the crowds. Just how sick is that?

  146. William on Jan 29, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Video 12.

    Such a high tech slaughter house! They could have such machines means that the demand for beef is very high and they could afford to put in those machines. How do we stop this? By becoming vegetarian! Stop eating meat and it will make less animals suffer. The cows are still conscious and left to die after having their throats slit. They must be experiencing extreme pain. 🙁

    The workers there are so immune to this killing everyday that they have no more feelings for the animals. The blood, the screaming and howling means nothing to them. What a shame! They could even kick blood into the faces of the dying animals. This is how inhumane and stone cold they have become. The workers are the actual animals and have created so much negative karma that they will be reborn in a realm worse than the animals!! May the cows take good rebirths.

    Jan 28
    DInner – Stir fried ling beans with tofu, bitter gourd, and stir fried water crest with brown rice.

    Jan 29
    Breakfast – flaxseed oat biscuit

  147. Ivy on Jan 29, 2011 at 10:24 am

    My food today:
    breakfast: granola cereal
    lunch: veggie sandwich
    dinner: spinach mushroom pizza

  148. henry lai on Jan 29, 2011 at 3:17 am

    My dear friends
    After watching video 1 and 2, there is no question ask about being vegeterian. I Have been a pure vegeterian since the year of 2000 because it is a new millenium. I made a commiment to myseft that I do not kill. I sometime picked some herbs and vegetable that I grew them in my garden by cutting their leave. One Tibetan lady said it was also considered killing when I told her to be vegeterian. But I asked her if she ate rice, barley, and vegetable beside eating all kind of meat, butter, eggs, cheese and cow milk. As a Buddhist, our body must have less burdened by animal instincts and substances, and we become purer in body and mind. For all health reasons, we should be vegetarians. For all scientific reasons, we should be vegetarians. For all economic reasons, we should be vegetarians. For all compassionate reasons, we should be vegetarians. As well, to save the world, we should be vegetarians. It is stated in some research that if people in the West, in America, eat vegetarian only once a week, we would be able to save sixteen million starving people every year. So be a hero, be vegetarian. For all of these reasons, even if you don’t follow Buddha, or don’t practice the same method, please be a vegetarian for your own sake, for the sake of the world.

  149. Ethan Hoo on Jan 28, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    January 28:
    Breakfast – didn’t take breakfast today
    Lunch – Bitter gourd, bean curd, rice
    Dinner – Vegetable soup (tomato, bean curd, mushroom), water spinach, rice

  150. William on Jan 28, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Video 11.
    All living beings deserve to love and be loved. Just like human beings, when a child is born, it is loved by the mother until the end. No matter what! It is the same as animals. They love they young and would protect them from harm. It would hurt so much when humans take their young away and they cannot do anything about it but to feel hurt and sorrow. All can be seen in their eyes! Can you bear the pain if your son or daughter is taken away from you and you would not see them again? However you are feeling, it will be the same as the animals or even more because they are defenseless and could not communicate. Humans do not eat the same kind, but what makes it right to eat another kind?

    When meat is served on a plate to you, have you ever thought where it came from? How their life was before ending up in the plate? They were the piglets, chicks, ducklings, lambs etc which you thought they were cute and cuddly once before.

    Jan 28
    Breakfast – bean biscuit
    Lunch – Vegetable fried rice

  151. Ethan Hoo on Jan 28, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Video 1:

    The part that struck me most is the one about not having to lie to your children where the meat comes from. Not just from parents to children but from anyone to children. Advertisements in cinema, like KFC for instance, painted the message of little chickens happily go to cinema with Colonel Sanders for movies. It’s like brainwashing the children that chicken lives happily in farm when the truth is they suffered tremendous fear and pain.

    And as more and more reports linking obesity and heart disease with fat-laden fast food like burgers, McDonalds tried to brush those away with their “wholesome goodness” campaign. The undeniable fact is heart disease death rates and stroke deaths has been the no. 1 killer in Malaysia for many years, long catched up with the Western countries where the fast food chains came from.

    And to top it all, many diseases like mad cow disease, bird flu, or those closer to home like SARS and Nipah virus, all originally transmitted from animals to human. Plenty of reasons why we should stop eating meat, yet so few are vegetarian.

    I shared this page at:!/tuxxie

  152. Ivy on Jan 28, 2011 at 9:05 am

    What I ate today:
    breakfast: smoothie
    lunch: grilled veggie sandwich
    dinner:mashed potatoes with peas and carrots

  153. William on Jan 28, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Video 10.
    What lies ahead of them? They already know. Their fate is sealed. They have no where else to go but to stay alive a bit longer. To survive a few more minutes in a place filled with their own faeces is better than moving forward. They are restless cos they know they will suffer in pain in a moment. He is sad because it will be the last time he will see their friend who is ahead in line of him. When he heard cries of his friend, he gets even more fearful. He backtracked! Hoping to escape the narrow alley towards the gallows by struggling to turn around even though there is no way to run, but it is still worth a try cos he wants to live. He probably has not tasted freedom in his lives before or has not even smell fresh air before or see the blue sky or green grass. He does not want to die! He is hopeless and helpless and tears are streaming down. His time has come. He was zapped and had no choice but to go into the dark space. He can feel his body all tensed up as he moved ahead. He heard a loud bang and before he knows it, he experienced sharp pain hitting him, his vision blurred and he fell!

    All this happened in a mere 3 minutes. Can you imagine what kind of life he has endured before this?

    Jan 27
    Dinner – Assam Laksa, curry mee, lotus rice, mee goreng and pasembur (at vegetarian restaurant shared among 4 ppl)

  154. Sean Wang on Jan 27, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    January 27
    Breakfast —– Tomato ad peanut butter sandwhich
    Lunch —— Chee Cheong Fun with bean curd skin only
    Dinner —– Mushroom Pizza

  155. William on Jan 27, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Video 9.
    When we go to the supermarket or the market to buy meat, we just see that they are just meat and nothing else. If we look deeper and beyond just the meat, they are actually lives. Lives which have feelings, just like you and me. Humans are ignorant beings, just because we do not see with our very eyes the rearing/breeding process and the killing process before the animals end up in the market/supermarket, it does not mean that cruelty to animals are not happening. The animals are suffering from the time of birth till time of death. They are confined to tight spaces, tortured and abused before being killed. Again, all for greed and the sake of our stomachs. Please do not turn a blind eye to this.

    The next time when u want to buy meat, think again! Think of all the suffering that they have to go through. Be compassionate! We can make a difference!

    • William on Jan 27, 2011 at 3:50 pm

      Jan 27
      Breakfast – Flaxseed oat biscuits
      Lunch – Rice, Seaweed tofu soup, stir fried vegetables & braised tofu w vege.

  156. Ivy on Jan 27, 2011 at 11:27 am

    TOday I ate:
    breakfast- Half baggel and coffee
    lunch- french fries, salad, and vegetable orzo soup
    dinner- vegan carrot cake, black bean chips, and apples

  157. William on Jan 27, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Video 8.
    If i ask you to eat a piece of diseased liver, would you eat it? if not, then why would you wan to eat a piece of foie gras? Isn’t it diseased? Why poison yourself by eating something cancerous? It does not make sense. Something cancerous has become a delicacy? It has no nutritious value unless you want your cholesterol level to increase. Furthermore it is expensive! There are lots of other food that are far more nutritious than foie gras. The birds are supposed to live and fly freely and not be confined in tiny cages and be fed huge amounts of food to satisfy our stomachs. It is an act of selfishness. By eating foie gras, we are fueling the industry to grow bigger. And that’s creating bad karma for ourselves and others. Indirectly, we are contributing to the deaths of this birds. We are killers!!!

    Stop eating foie gras and stop promoting this industry! It starts from me! No meat.

    Jan 25
    Dinner – lotus root soup, stir fried vegetables, stir fried bitter gourd.

    • William on Jan 27, 2011 at 3:27 pm

      oops, it is suppose to be Jan 26.

  158. Adeline Woon on Jan 26, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    7. Dog Meat Trade

    Dogs are man’s best friend! They guard our home from theft; they stay close to your new born baby as if he or she is their own; they wag their tails to welcome you home, though they are left on their own when you are away; they will stay by you regardless of your status; their happiness is you; their whole life become meaningful because of you; they love you for you; they are loyal to you…!

    How can you threat your best friends with such cruelty: hit them harshly, stab them in their heart, let them bleed till death, chuck them into hot boiling water when they are still conscious? What happen to your human dignity? What is the meaning of life when nothing is worthy apart from money? You will never be satisfied and happy even if you own every single cents on earth. No empathy for your best friend is no different from no happiness plus a lot of bitterness that will soon turned into horrible diseases for you.

    In the end, you won’t get to spend any of the black money you have gained from this wrong livelihood for whatever you have dream of, because you are too busy paying the hospital bills for your terminal illnesses. Your immediate beneficiary will wish for you to die sooner, so that there will be money left for them to spend for themselves. Afterall, what kind of people will be around people who kill their own best friends for selfish purposes?

    Jan 25, 2011
    Breakfast — Sweet potato cereals with black sesame powder + butter coconut biscuits + “cun1 zao3” (a type of snack made with glutinous rice and coated with icing sugar after deep-fried)
    Lunch — Zongzi (glutinous rice stuffed with peanuts, gluten and mushrooms fillings wrapped in reed leaf) + fried beancurd parcel topped with shreddered celery and carrots + stir fry long beans, cauliflower & black fungus + seaweed paste + imitated tom yam soup :-p

  159. Sean Wang on Jan 26, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    January 26 ——-
    Breakfast —– Cereal
    Lunch —– Chee Cheong Fun with just bean curd skin.
    Dinner —– Vegetaria Curry

    Video 1

    There are many very good reasons to be vegetarian . Such as it is able to reverse heart disease. It is unfair towards animals when they are processed to become meat. Eating meat is very unclean as there is still some poop left in the meat.

    If you love your dog, then why would you eat meat as you would be eating something that also had been a living thing.

    It is very true to not eat something living only for our taste buds. That is extremely selfish.

    When we are eating something that was once living. We would be telling someone else to kill for our stomachs. It is unfair towards the animal and the human as they will be accumulating a fathomless amount of bad karma as they are slaughtering many animals. Even if it is for a living, I think that some bad karma will be accumulated.

    We are not an environmentalist if we are not vegetarian as a lot of pollution is created within the farms. The pork furnaces create a lot of CO2 and the cow farms release a lot of methane in the air.

    The animals are defenseless. They cannot protect themselves from the hand of the humans who want to eat them.

    We know it is wrong to eat meat. We should stop eating meat. Animals have feelings too. Go vegetarian.

  160. William on Jan 26, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Video 6.
    Please choose kindness over cruelty! The richest and most advanced country in the world, USA, does not have standards and rules set for the milk industry? No checks done by the authorities? Or are they just blinded by the “cash cow” (no pun intended). The workers could not even care less of how the cows feel, burning off the horns of calfs and cutting off their tails. The cows does not understand why the humans are treating them that way when they are producing milk for them. Any living being would go mad having to endure in these poor living conditions and being caged up, unable to move. Hence, Mad Cow disease. Do not blame the animals for developing this disease and causing financial losses to toe owners. Humans are the cause of it. Blame yourselves. Be responsible!

    Awareness of what we eat and drink is important! We should also know how our food is produced so that we can choose wisely and that no other living beings are affected by what we consume.

  161. William on Jan 26, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Video 5.
    Animals have the right to live as much as humans and should be treated with the same respect. Just because their size is smaller and could not fend for themselves, it does not mean that we humans have the right to mistreat them, sell them and eat them. Even kittens and puppies were not spared. They deserve to live a decent life, even as strays. It is all because of greed! Wanting to make money from the fur/skin. Wanting to fill their stomachs in the expense of other lives. If they really do not have a choice to be involved in this trade, at least let the animals have a better living condition and treat them better before they are executed. Still, the act of killing created bad karma. Having said this, i have already reduced my meat intake significantly and will eventually become vegetarian. Hopefully it will make a difference, however insignificant.

    Therefore, i believe that Kechara Animal Sanctuary is going to do it’s part in saving the stray animals and treat them the way it should be. I will get involved in it.

    Jan 26
    breakfast – Flaxseed oat biscuits
    Lunch – fried vegetables with glass noodles, soyasauce egg and cauliflower.

  162. Sarah on Jan 26, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    ahhh…. i read this too late! had a very very meaty breakfast T__T

    just to confirm… eggs and dairy products are considered vegetarian right?

  163. Ivy on Jan 26, 2011 at 10:05 am

    7. Dog Meat Trade

    The behavior of the people in this video was simply utterly cruel. Like in the other video where they were killing the cats and dogs in China, it seems like the people doing the killing are making the whole process unnecessarily torturous for the animals involved. The whole fact that they are killing dogs for food aside, there is no reason to stab them like that, or beat them with bats. The whole thing is just so vicious!

    What makes this worse for me is that I own a dog, and care for others in my work. I understand that their faces and body language are expressing fear. The poor things are just sitting there watching this happen to the other dogs one by one. They must know what awaits them, but certainly they have no idea why this happening to them. To be born into an environment of such senseless cruelty is just heartbreaking.

  164. Ivy on Jan 26, 2011 at 9:44 am

    My food today:
    breakfast- half bagel
    lunch- tomato basil soup,cheese sandwich
    dinner- cheese pizza

  165. Ivy on Jan 26, 2011 at 9:43 am

    6. Cruelty at New York’s Largest Dairy Farm

    There is so much hopelessness and pain in this video. How horrible for these animals to know nothing but pain and suffering from the moment they are born. People don not realize how much pain goes into producing milk. These animals are used up until they are completely exhausted and then slaughtered because they are no longer of any use. The life sustaining milk produced to nourish their offspring is transformed into the source of their suffering.

    I really do feel that the best choice is to go vegan. That way, there is surety that no animal has been harmed. Unfortunately, for myself, and I imagine many others, living a vegan lifestyle is very expensive and somewhat difficult (taking into account the demands of feeding a family with a small child.) I try to do the next best thing, which is to buy dairy products from local cruelty free farms. This also supports smaller farms, which are being wiped out by large factory farms such as in this video.

  166. William on Jan 26, 2011 at 2:22 am

    Video 7.
    Pure cruelty! In this part of the world where dogs are mostly kept as pets, it is uncommon to see dogs served as food for humans. This video totally grossed me out!! Not only grossed out by the act of killing the dogs, also grossed out by the men who kill the dogs and those people who buy the meat!!! Inhumane! I can see fear in the dogs’ eyes when they were being transported in cramped cages in the lorry. Poor souls, they have no idea what their fate is. What have they done to deserve this? All because of the thought that animals who suffer more makes their flesh more tasty and to fill up the stomachs of humans. I would not like to be strangled, bashed by a bat on my face until i become unconscious, then stabbed in the heart with my blood spewing out and boiled in hot water, then hanged to be subsequently cut into pieces, cooked and packed! This trade should be stopped and banned in the world!

    Jan 25
    Dinner – brown rice, mixed vegetables, vegetarian duck, beansprouts

  167. Adeline Woon on Jan 26, 2011 at 1:26 am

    6. Cruelty at New York’s Largest Dairy Farm

    Cows’ milk are for cattles. It is not suitable for human, and is definitely not good for human. (Cow’s Milk is the Perfect Food for Baby Calves But Many Doctors Agree: It is Not Healthy for Humans, It doesn’t make sense when human do not breast feed their own child, instead, choose to feed them with cow’s milk. As shown in the video, in order to feed the endless desire of consumers, injections of posilac were used to forcefully increase the amount of milk in cows. If human are claimed to be the most intelligent animal on earth, why would they then feed their most precious “creation” with milk that consist of cancerous substance? Only humans’ milk are the best for their babies. It has all the nutrition human babies needed in order to grow healthily, most importantly: with no harmful ingredients. Besides, milk is only needed as main food until the child is weaned. Solid food will replace milk from there onward. We already have enough artificial ingredients in our food, we do not need more for our babies.

    Say no to milk and dairy food, save your child and stop the cruelty on the dairy cows!

    Jan 24, 2011
    Breakfast — Chocolate swiss roll + grapes + coffee with black sesame seed powder and brown sugar.
    Lunch — Plum rice + roasted brans and seaweed stew + stir fry bean thread + miso soup

  168. Sean Wang on Jan 25, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    January 25
    Breakfast —– bread with tomato and lettuce
    Lunch —– Bread with tomato and lettuce
    Dinner —– Vegetarian Curry with rice

  169. William on Jan 25, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Video 4.
    In some religion, animal sacrifice is an offering to the god and to thank the god for blessing them. I am in no position to comment on these practices but the question i would ask is, Did god ever asked anyone to kill for them or to sacrifice animals for them? I mean all these practices are created by man. Logically, would god teach us to create bad karma for ourselves by killing animals for Him? Totally does not make sense. And I think god will also be happy even if we offer fruits to him. The bull died innocently and later will end up on the plates on the dinner table. In actual fact, it is we humans who are enjoying the sacrificed animal offering. It must be so painful for the bull to be cut and left to drown in its own blood. The part when the cameraman zooms into the head of the bull, you can see that it is still alive and the eyes are still blinking! May it take good rebirth in the next life.

    Jan 25
    Breakfast – flaxseed oat biscuits
    Lunch – Long beans omelette, stir fried vegetables and bean curd skin with vegetables.
    Tea – Peanut pancake.

  170. Uncle Eddie on Jan 25, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    Reasons to quit eating meat and be vegetarian:-
    1. To ensure the early success of our KH Animal Sanctuary.
    2. To abandon the senseless killings of animals for food.
    3. To practise pure Dharma is to avoid eating meat.
    4. To be a vegetarian forms part of a purification process to undo whatever wrongs done in the past through eating meat.
    5. To prevent contracting animal dieseases throgh the eating of meat.
    6. To avoid violating the Karmic Law of cause and effect.
    7. To be a vegetarian is to generate loving kindness and compassion in one’s heart for all animals.
    8. It is better to be a vegetarian than to be a murderer and flesh eater of animals.
    9. To stop the abuse, tortures and sufferings of all helpless animals.
    10. After witnessing the savagetry, sadistic violence and cruelty done to the defenceless creatures, the mere sight of animals’ meat will invoke vomiting rather than eating of animals’ meat.
    11. Animals are like humans, with feelings of fear, love and kindness, therefore they should be treated as sentient beings instead of eating their flesh and drinking their blood.
    12. Last but not least,on a wider scope, becoming a vegetarian is said to be an all-planetary-encompassing compassion one should have to help keep our poor mother-earth clean and green from pollution and destruction by going vegetarian.

  171. William on Jan 25, 2011 at 11:29 am

    Video 3.

    Oh no! So horrible……. Is there such a thing as dog fighting as a sport/entertainment? The people who started this is just out of their mind and the people who watches it are just sick. If you are one of them, please stop. All these dogs are suffering just for a few bucks. I guess, when humans are bored, they would create some inhumane games just for their entertainment and not think of how it will affect other lives other than theirs. This is just plain selfish act. Thank Buddha that they were rescued and given a better home. But how many are there of such operations are still operating? Fay is just an example of the many many dogs who are suffering and how many more has to die before an end can be put to it? I can see the happy face of Fay after she is rescued, and you can see that she does not hold any grudge on what has happened to her. Can we human do so?
    I truly look forward to the opening of Kechara Animal Sanctuary which will provide a place where animals can be free.

  172. Ivy on Jan 25, 2011 at 9:57 am

    My food for today:
    Half a cinnamon raisin bagel for breakfast.
    Spicy veggie noodles for lunch.
    A baked potato with broccoli for dinner.

    for snack, a banana smoothie, and cinnamon graham crackers.

  173. Uncle Eddie on Jan 25, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Thanks to organisations like Peta and many similar others, through whom we are able to witness how animals were being abused, tortured, and murdered cold heartedly for their flesh,beautiful skins, furs, feathers and even for their internal and external oragans for commercial and financial benefits to entreprenuers in the fashion industries, as well as food & restuarant enteprises. It seems Peta and others have to go under cover to film all these horrifying acts of cruelty and abuses on videos and films. Just watching such disgusting scenes on tv makes one really feel nusueating and vommiting. In some scenes, one could see piles of skinless bodies of animals on top of each other still alive awaiting for death. The immensed pains and sufferings were reflected on the pitiful faces of the poor animals, which had their skins practically torn off their bodies alive! Can anyone imagine that – How could anyone be so sadistics to remain so mindless to the sufferings that such acts could bring to the anumals? Looks like we are today not only living in a degenerating but also a mad, mad world filled with mindless and emotionless beings!! This may also concern those who declared that they love animals, but do not really care when comming to “dinner/chow’s time”, when everyone’s hungry and dishes of meat are served for them out on the dinners tables. In record, it has been shown that tens of millions of tons of meat are cut out from the animals in the aforesaid manner to feed the meat hungry- vagrants of this mad, mad world. “OM MANI PADME HUM’.

  174. Jean Mei on Jan 25, 2011 at 6:17 am

    Video 2 – Animal Slaughter in Today’s World

    Watching this video reminds me of how unnecessary most of humans actions are.

    Do we need to kill a whole elephant just for ivory?
    Do we need to skin an entire cow just for leather?
    Do we need to shoot down a lion to just prize it on our wall?
    Do we need to kill 750,000,000 animals a year just to fill our stomachs?

    It’s all so, so unnecessary. We don’t need any of these items. Are we so bored with our mere existence that we find ways to please ourselves by buying and consuming unnecessary items that do nothing for ourselves, but hurts so many others in the process.

    One thing though is that I do use make-up frequently. How are we sure whether they have been tested on animals or not? Sure we can use products that swears and prides itself on believing in anti-animal testing, like Body Shop, but just like how some organic eggs are really not organic, some anti-animal testing products..might not be. 🙁

    I hate to think that my mascara was shoved into some bunny’s eyes, just to make a product that makes my eyelashes artificially longer legal.

    • Jean Mei on Jan 25, 2011 at 6:19 am

      Didn’t have lunch.
      Dinner = Rice + Mushroom Omelet from Yong Chew. Yum.

  175. William on Jan 25, 2011 at 2:55 am

    Video 2.
    Animals are killed each day to fulfill the wants of humans. Do we need all these from the animals? The tusks/horns, the animal fur and mostly for food? This is because there is a demand for all these things that the animals are killed inhumanely. It is really disheartening to see the animals being skinned and dumped just for their fur and to dress the rich! All of these could be stopped if more and more people are aware of these actions and become vegetarian and stop killing animals for their entertainment and decorations. The bulls should not die in vain in Spain. And we should only buy products which are not tested on animals. Use natural products instead of chemically produced products, that way there is no need for tests to be done as all natural products are safe. Thank you Rinpoche, for opening my eyes to the cruelty done to innocent animals.

    Jan 24
    Dinner – Curry cauliflower/potato and Naan

  176. Adeline Woon on Jan 25, 2011 at 12:16 am

    5. Cats and Dogs Massacre in China

    “Help! Please help me mum and dad! I will not see you again, if you don’t. *weep* I’m sorry for not listening to you and stray on the road on my own. The last thing I remember before finding myself in this densed and rusted cage was being thrown so hard onto the ground until I lost consciousness. Until I gain my consciousness again, I realised there are many others who made the same mistake as I did. All of us have no idea what will happen until we see the light at the end of the corner. We were forcefully thrown down by some two-legged creatures. Apart from us screaming for fear, we also heard horrified screams in the area. There are many more of us being in the same condition and were put near to an area flooded with red fluids. I’m now clear with what my destiny will be. I started to tremble and lost control of my excretory system. I screamed and struggled hoping to get out of this shocking situation, but to no avail. Why do these two-legged beasts do this to us? What have we done to deserve this? I miss my mum and dad; I wanted to go home; I don’t want to be here; I hate you; I’m going to get you when I come back; I’ll make sure you’ll be dead in a more dreadful way; I will get you!!!”

    Please help stray animals, be a vegetarian for life!

    Jan 23, 2011
    Appertizer — Grapes + jujubes + Lays Potato Chips (salt flavour)
    Brunch — Plum rice + vegetarian chicken stew with carrots and star anise + stir fry cabbage with capsicums and black fungus + salted turnips with chili + chick peas soup

  177. Yee Ling on Jan 24, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    PS I have posted my comments on Facebook. I no longer eat meat of any kind but do not consider myself vegetarian. I still cook meat for my husband who is not vegetarian and use meat based seasoning in my cooking.

    • Yee Ling on Jan 26, 2011 at 10:56 am

      Ate oatmeal for breakfast, instant noodles with vegetables for lunch and vegetarian chilli for dinner.

  178. Yee Ling on Jan 24, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    Video One
    “Might doesn’t make right” How true!

    What makes us think we are the “smart” beings and better than animals? What gives us the right to kill another living being so we could eat it? All this cruelty just to put the flesh of dead animals in our stomachs. It smacks of cannibalism even if we are eating another species. Have you ever thought how much pain and suffering an animal goes through in its existence when it is raised as food for your table? Do you know that each time an animal is killed it is a cruel execution? Can you imagine the terror and pain the animal goes though before it dies? Now try to imagine if it was the other way round and you were raised to feed the animals and are treated the exact same way for their benefit. Your children dragged away from you to be slaughtered. How do you feel? Helpless and outraged?

    The meat you buy in the supermarket is the sanitized version so far removed from the reality of what the animal was that you can eat with impunity and with no guilt. The next time you go to the supermarket or walk through a market, take a deep breath and notice what you smell. It is the smell of death and fear that the animals went through before they are killed and their meat is nicely packaged for your benefit.

    I may not be vegan but I no longer eat meat. Would you consider doing the same?

  179. Sean Wang on Jan 24, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    January 21

    Breakfast – Cereal
    Lunch – Mustard and Peanut Butter Sandwich
    Dinner – Vegetarian Fried Rice.

    January 23

    Breakfast – no breakfast
    Lunch – Quattro fromaggi
    Dinner – Mac and Cheese

    January 24

    Breakfast – Cereal
    Lunch – Chee Cheong Fan with bean curd skin only
    Dinner – Rice with sweet and sour vegetarian pork

  180. William on Jan 24, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Video 1.
    There should be more reasons why we should go vegetarian but these 15 are enough to make me feel sad and bad. I always thought that the meat i eat are from animals being bred and killed in a humane way and that their sufferings are reduced to a minimum. I was in denial and ignorant. Animals have feelings the same as we humans do but they could not communicate to us. It does not mean that they do not feel the pain and suffering. The fact that we humans are larger/smarter than them does not mean that we can treat/kill the animals. They deserve a full live as much as we do.

    We kill the animals for food. We eat the animals which are bred in poor conditions and that the animals are diseased (the chicken coop which is too cramped, mad cow disease…etc). So, we are actually killing ourselves indirectly.

    Lastly, I also do not want to be fat by eating meat!

    Jan 24
    Breakfast – flaxseed biscuits
    Lunch – Brown rice, 2 vegetables and curry mushroom

  181. martin on Jan 24, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Video 4 Bull Sacrifice:

    It would be almost funny if it weren’t a serious matter but true to the human character,when asked to sacrifice something, we chose to give up some other’s beings life instead of anything we really deem to be precious…such as our own lives.

    I am glad that the spiritual path that I am taking, asks for a sacrifice that is actually good for me, immediately the moment the sacrifice takes place.

    We are not being asked to kill or to send another being to have its blood spilled in our stead. In Buddhism, the only sacrifice we need to make it the letting go, of our self cherishing mind, the giving up of our selfishness and ego, the leeting go of all the things that cause us to be miserable.

    It is easy to kill another being as an offering. It is not so easy to give up the “Self”. Although i respect all religious practises
    it would be a serious conflict for me to have to kill, so that I am spared. Shouldn’t the sinful be sacrificed so that the sinless are spared…if ever we could justify the spilling of another’s blood under the guise of sacrifice?

  182. Ivy on Jan 24, 2011 at 9:31 am

    Today I ate…
    Veggie omelet for breakfast
    veggie chili for lunch and dinner (too much leftovers today, lol)

  183. Ivy on Jan 24, 2011 at 7:02 am

    5. Cats and Dogs Massacre in China

    This was by far the hardest video to watch so far. In the beginning it says that some Chinese believe that the more an animal suffers, the better the meat will taste. This seems like such a ridiculous notion, but having viewed this video I have to conclude they must truly believe this… there is no other explanation for this kind of cruelty.

    Not only are these people killing these beautiful animals that we are accustomed to keeping as cherished pets, but they are doing so in such needlessly inhumane manners. There is simply no reason to beat an animal to death, or skin it alive… The only explanation for this is cruelty for cruelties sake.

    It is so terrible to see the fear and suffering on the faces of these animals… knowing that they are forced to sit there and watch there fellows die horribly and wait their turn.

    The people seem utterly unmoved by the suffering they are inflicting on the animals. It is really sad to see whole families participating in the brutal killing… One can only assume that they are conditioned to this behavior from an early age, so they simply do not see the creatures before them as feeling beings. However, it seems that when humans participate in this kind of behavior, they lose that which makes them human, and they are lower than the animals.

  184. Adeline Woon on Jan 23, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    4. Bull Sacrifice

    I feel I’m the one who is being cut on the neck. Seeing the fear and helplessness in the poor bull, its silent protest and struggle towards the end fighting for its own life made me hurt.

    Have you ever wonder why human choose pig, chicken, lamb and cow when it comes to meat? Simply because these animals shared some common characteristics, i.e. soft, kind, herbivores and most importantly, they do not fightback and threaten humans’ lives like tigers. In fact, if you think about it, animals like bulls helped to plough land for famers before crops are served on our table, dogs watches our home, and so on. Do we human show our gratifications by eating them? If so, something is seriously topsy-turvy here.

    Human has superior intellectual abilities compare to any other animals thanks to our unique brain, but it will be completely useless if we can’t even show

    our gratifications like Fay and the rest did (refer video 3). Despite being tortured by human, they still show hope in human. In contrast, human bully

    these vulnerable animals. Not only do they not feel grateful for the help these animals provided, human also take animals lives for the sake of their 3 inches long tongue! It is not ok for human to behave in this way, it is just not ok to continue eating meat, it is definitely not ok if human do not stop their own kind to do more harm to these animals! Be a vegetarian!

    Jan 22, 2011
    Brunch — Barley rice mixed with longan porridge + toufu skin and black fungus dish + fried toufu and carrot stew + kai lan.
    Dessert — Orea + Lin Chi kang (Lotus seed soup)

  185. Lawrence on Jan 23, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    After two years I have reactivated my blog, especially to share the link:

  186. Ivy on Jan 23, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Today I ate:
    breakfast- Veggie omelet
    lunch- veggie pizza
    snack- oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
    dinner- veggie chili

  187. Ivy on Jan 23, 2011 at 9:52 am

    4. Bull Sacrifice

    This video was horrible to watch. The unfeeling manner in which the men take this bull’s life. How they slit his throat in a businesslike manner, with no sign of consideration for the suffering that they are causing that poor animal. Then, they continue to stand around, wading barefoot in this bull’s blood, as it continues to suffer horribly. Yet, they continue to pay it no mind. It is awful to watch a beautiful healthy animal have its life taken from it in such a way.

    If I am not mistaken this is bull is being slaughtered in this manner to conform to religious dietary laws. There is often quite a lot of outrage about these customs because they are seen by some barbaric and cruel. While this may be the case, it is important to remember that animals slaughtered in factory farms suffer just as much if not more. The methods used in modern factories are not fool proof or painless. All animals slaughtered for food suffer. To believe otherwise is just an exercise in cognitive dissonance.

  188. Sean Wang on Jan 22, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    January 22 2011

    I ate the following things.

    Breakfast —— banana nut crunch cereal
    Lunch ——- peanut butter and mustard sandwich
    Dinner —— Vegetarian fried rice

  189. Ivy on Jan 22, 2011 at 10:37 am

    today I ate:
    Breakfast- potato cake and one ocal cruelty free egg
    lunch- griled veggie sandwich and feies
    dinner- homemade pizza topped with grilled pepppers, mushrooms and spinach

  190. Adeline Woon on Jan 21, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    3. Animal Survivor Fay

    “Cruelty to animals is a precursor to violence against humans.” (Animal Fighting Facts

    Let’s close our eyes, take three deep breath, and while doing so, calm our mind down and relax for a few minutes. Now, please read the above statement and take it into your heart slowly. Do you feel the impact of this alarming statement? Cruelty to animals is a life threatening behaviour to human being!

    How does this works? This should be rather straightforward for us all. Imagine animals like Fay, have been trained to be vicious but not as lucky to be rescued and escaped euthanization, will be wandering around in our neighbourhood. What happen next is obvious — human will be attacked, injured or killed. Who is this to be blame on if not human?

    Please do not risk your lives and others, stop cruelty to animals, start finding the key to true happiness from the inside instead. Be a vegetarian and see the transformation in you.

    Jan 21, 2011
    Breakfast – Cream crackers with nyonya kaya + dried dates + ginseng tea.
    Lunch – Barley rice with ma po toufu + black fungus and carrot dish + kai lan + salad.

  191. Sean Wang on Jan 21, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    January 20, 2011

    Breakfast—- porridge
    Lunch —- vegetarian sushi
    Dinner —- plain Caesar Salad

    Shared the link on my blog ——-

    Shared the link on my facebook ——-

    Shared the link on Twitter ——!/tenzinkhenchen

  192. Ivy on Jan 21, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Today I ate:
    cereal for breakfast
    a grilled vegetable sandwich and fries for lunch
    potato cakes, broccoli, and vegetarian baked beans for dinner

    for a snack I had a chocolate, banana, and strawberry smoothie

  193. martin on Jan 21, 2011 at 3:45 am

    Video 3: Animal Survivor Fay

    Dog fighting, like bull-fighting, cock fighting etc are all disguised as “sports” and “game”. Essentially, there are nothing but acts to satisfy the sick human beings’ blood lust. In reality, dog fighting is a coward’s way of expressing a sickness without having to feel the pain and suffering of the animals.

    The actual dog fight is but one stage of the abuse which begins when the dog is still a puppy. Tortured and mentally and emotionally manipulated, the pups are “programmed” to kill. The torment does not stop after the fight itself.

    The fact that these dogs suffer is a foregone conclusion. That fact that the act is cruel and senseless is also clear. What remains to be asked, is what sort of people would do such things?

    Fays story shows us that human beings are capable of tremendous cruelty as well as tremendous good. It was human beings who forced Fay to fight and it was also human beings who rescued Fay from that fate.

    What is the difference between these 2 groups of human beings? That is something worth contemplating. I am sure amongst the dog fight enthusiasts are “good God-fearing people” who do an honest day’s job and love their family and children.

    We are quick to judge but were we just as cruel before we meet the Dharma? Perhaps we abhore the sight of animals being forced to kill one another. Perhaps, it is easier if we pretend not to know what goes on being closed doors at the slaughterhouses and keep eating meat. Is it any better if the animal is not forced to fight but instead is strung by its hind legs and have it throat slit, its skin ripped off when it is still alive?

    I cannot really say what separates one group of people from another. All I can say is that WE who have met the Buddha and the Dharma have a duty to spread the Truth as far as we can, because that is the ONLY way this cruelty will stop. When people, through wisdom and compassion, see all beings as equal in value. It stops when people learn of the kharmic effects of such acts. We show the way by example.

    Bad is the sight of the animals killing one another and the karma of those animals. Worse, is the karma of the people motivated to create such cruel acts and causing life to end, worse is the karma of those who participate in this activity and worst still is the karma of those who enjoyed the fight and cheered and encouraged the continuation of such abuse.

    On an important to note, it is good to see Fay rise above all that suffering and not lose faith in people and our ability for kindness. But Fay’s escape from suffering does not exempt those responsible from their kharma which will return in spades.

  194. Adeline Woon on Jan 20, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    2. Animal Slaughtering In Today’s World

    “The number of animals will outgrow humans’ if you do not eat meat.” This is one of the many ‘persuasive statements’ I get whenever people learn about my choice of vegetarianism.

    If I’m not mistaken, supply and demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics and it makes better sense ‘Where There’s Demand, There’s Supply’. In other word, if there is no demand for meat, there won’t be ‘Animal Slaughtering In Today’s World’.

    However, some people might say “Where There’s No Supply, There’s No Demand.” Think about this, suppose I’ve been offered a cigarette for the first time and refused it, then no cigarette will be given to me in the future. If everyone choose the same choice, who are the manufacturers selling their products to? On the other hand, if I accepted the offer and like it, then I’ll start getting it myself and more when I’m addicted to it. When more people are doing the same thing, the manufacturers will make sure they continue this supply no matter what it takes. We can imagine what follows next, don’t we?

    Life is always about making the smart choice after realising what consequence follows. We know now how these helpless creatures is being slaugthered if we continue being a meat eater. So, please end this demand and help those people in butchery to be refused ‘VIP pass’ that allows them to continualy wonder and trapped in the cyclic existence.

    Allow me to share what I had today with you:
    Breakfast – Sweet Potato cereals + Green peas with wasabi + apple.
    Lunch – Nasi Briyani rice (Taiwanese style) + stir fry long beanss, red pepper, sweet potatoes and button mushrooms + soybean cake, made with dregs from soybean milk making and mixed beans + baby kai-lan with ginger + salty soy milk with tomatoes and cabbage.

  195. Martin Chow on Jan 20, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Video 3: Animal Survivor Fay

    The story of Fay juxtapose the duality of the human character: we can be cruel or we can be compassionate. Human beings put Fay to fight and be tortured and human beings rescued Fay from a tortured life and gave her relief from her suffering. Its a matter of choice.

    How we treat animals reflect what is going on inside ourselves…. dog fights are nothing more than the actualization of our lust for blood. But it also reflects the human cowardice…the human being insists on seeing blood being spilled so long as it is not their own and so long as the human being doesn’t personally feel the pain.

    How can we condone the abuse of animals for “sports” and “game” and cry foul when strong nations annex weaker ones, when stronger forces annihilate weaker ones. We condemn Hitler but at least Hitler had a vision, deluded and sick as it was. What is the vision and purpose in seeing animals getting hurt and killed, all in the name of “sport”?

    We “celebrate” bull fights, we cheer at cock fights and we enjoy dog fights? What is the karmic effect of forcing animals to kill and maim one another? What is the karmic repercussion of causing directly or indirectly such cruelty?

    I imagine that dogs like Fay would have to be “pushed” or emotionally manipulated to become vicious fighters. It is to her credit that despite having gone through such roughing, she maintains her faith in people and kindness. And that is the only thing worth celebrating.

    Its sad that not only do we abuse animals to satisfy our palette, we abuse them to “look nice” and we abuse them to satisfy a blood lust we dare not fulfill by ourselves.

    Is it wrong for me to conclude now that the most undeserving species on earth, the most cruel and short-sighted, the most foolish … is us, the human beings. It is truly sad, because we are supposed to have gained the most ideal rebirth as human beings. Instead we are very animal-like.

  196. PY on Jan 20, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    Video #5
    I coughed,almost puked and sick to my stomach when I saw what these people did to the animals. I remember mum saying that Chinese people eat anything that has their back facing the sky. So many choices to have yet they want cats and dogs. I pity the people and animals at the same time. Samsara goes on and on…

    Video #6
    I love drinking milk but now it’s different after watching the clip.

  197. PY on Jan 20, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Video #4
    Its really painful to watch. I cried while watching it. Why do people sacrifice animals as offerings for festivals? It is so inhumane. I remember going to Nepal in 2009 while they were in the midst of a festival and blood was all over the road when they were slaughtering the animals. Why cant we offer fruits instead? I wish that all of us can be guided the correct way to stop misunderstandings like this.

  198. PY on Jan 20, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Video #3
    Human Boxing is not enough? People with the ability to think, box and throw themselves on each other doesn’t hurt? Throwing chairs and tables at each other doesn’t hurt as well? Animals can’t feel pain because they cant talk or express themselves? People amusing themselves with the fight while all the animals can think of during that time is how to stay alive?
    May all of us be free from cruelty and sufferings in all lives.

  199. PY on Jan 20, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Video #2
    And so the saying goes…’When there is a demand there is a supply!’
    Instead of eating them now we wear them on our bodies. I dare not even imagine the excruciating pain of being skinned alive and hung upside down at the same time. No more leather goods!

  200. PY on Jan 20, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    The ignorance of not knowing how these animals suffered tremendously just to end up on our plates. Adrian, my sis and I have been going meatless for months now and it feels great.
    May we NEVER eat red nor white meat for the sake of our pleasures in this life and all our future lives.
    Thank You Rinpoche for showing us all the cruelty we’ve indirectly indulged in.

  201. Ivy on Jan 20, 2011 at 11:27 am

    3. Animal Survivor Fay

    They story of Fay is so very sad and heart-warming all at the same time. It is beyond comprehension to me that someone could be so cruel as to cut off this poor dogs lips! The worst part is that I know that this is probably just the tip of the iceberg as far as what she underwent as a fighting dog.

    Dog-fighting is one of the basest of human past-times. The people involved torture these animals to take advantage of their instinctual aggression. In the process, they degrade themselves to a place far below that of the dogs that they pit against each other.

    However, the loving nature of these creatures is seldom destroyed by the unbelievable hardships they receive at the hands of humans. Fay, having had half her face cut off by the person she most loved and trusted, is still able to show love to another human. The amount of loving spirit in these dogs is incredible!

    I am the owner of a pitbull (like Fay) which we saved from the local SPCA. When I look at him, I am constantly amazed that these are the dogs used in these kind of fighting operations. My dog doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body (he is afraid of the cat), he can’t stand to lay anywhere but a nice soft bed, and he basically lives for love from people. Because of him, fighting dogs like Fay have earned a special place in my heart. It is so sad to see such beautiful beings treated so cruelly by the people they love.

  202. Ivy on Jan 20, 2011 at 10:37 am

    2. Animal Slaughtering in Today’s World

    I think this type of video is very important to see. People really have no idea of where their meat comes from. It seems like they believe that these animals live on an idealistic “Old MacDonald’s Farm” somewhere, when in fact, the desire of humans to have meat with every meal of the day has caused these animals to be raised and slaughtered in completely inhumane conditions. To actually see the suffering and death of these poor beings has to bring awareness to some people…
    Unfortunately, no matter how much you put this type of thing in some people’s face, they will not change. Some people will swear off meat then and there, but pick it back up the next day… the habituation is just too strong . Or even worse, the person you show it to will get mad at you for pointing out the reality of what they are putting into their bodies…
    It can be very frustrating! However, occasionally someone who is open to learning about vegetarianism but has not been exposed to the realities of the meat industry will come across videos such as this one, and it will cause them to wake up to the suffering they are perpetuating through their eating habits.
    Thanks you for having the courage to stand up for these poor animals and put these videos out there!

  203. Ivy on Jan 20, 2011 at 9:18 am

    1. 15 Reasons to Quit Eating Meat and Be a Vegetarian

    There were many powerful reasons for becoming a vegetarian presented in this video. The two that had the strongest impact on me were two of the main reasons why I initially became a vegetarian: “Because no living creature wants to see her family slaughtered,” and “Because you shouldn‘t have to lie to your kids about the food that you eat.”
    Since becoming a mother, the suffering of animal mothers in the meat industry has really struck a chord with me. These poor creatures have strong maternal instincts, and certainly love their babies dearly. Yet they are forced to stand-by, unable to offer protection, as their offspring are taken from them to be tortured and killed… and then to have this process repeated over and over…
    My own daughter is two, and ever since she started eating food she has outright refused any kind of meat or egg product. Family members try to suggest I should start sneaking meat in her food to get her used to the taste, but to me, that is just wrong… She loves all animals, and I will not give her meat and pretend like it did not come from the suffering of the animals she loves so much. Neither her father nor I wish to lie to her about where her food comes from. We are happy that she has naturally made compassionate and healthy choices, therefore, we have all begun to eat vegetarian 🙂

  204. Ivy on Jan 20, 2011 at 8:34 am

    Dear Rinpoche,
    Thank you for this opportunity to do something for you and to receive a beautiful dharma gift! I will begin to watch the videos right away. In the meantime, let me start with listing my food for the day:
    Breakfast- granola cereal and milk
    lunch- leftover casserole (potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, cheese, and biscuit topping)
    dinner- spicy veggie noodles
    cookies, and chips and salsa for snacks 🙂

  205. Jean Mei on Jan 20, 2011 at 7:09 am

    Video 1 – 15 Reasons to Quit Eating Meat and Be A Vegetarian

    Watching this video, for some odd reason, reminds me of Science class.

    When we were given a sheep lung to blow into, to see how the lungs inflate and deflate…or when we were given a chicken’s heart to dissect.

    All of us 14 year old’s would squirm and let out a few good ‘bleugh’’s when we had to touch and cut up “animal bits”.

    What we saw in front of us, is exactly what most people ignore from thinking about.

    If we had to kill, de-feather, de-skin, de-bone, de-gut a pig..a chicken..a whole bloody cow – would we?

    Could we stand to look at a cow, slice his throat, watch it squirm to death, de-skin it, remove his stomach, uterus…left over poopoo (ew) etc and then enjoy his meat as a meal?

    I highly doubt it, so how can we eat meat if we can’t even face to what we’re eating.

    The act of cruelty is one thing. What do we gain? In this video, clearly we gain nothing.

    The animals have everything to lose. We have nothing to gain. It’s a disgusting cycle of an unnecessary lose-lose situation.

    • Jean Mei on Jan 25, 2011 at 5:44 am

      Lunch – Roasted Cashew nuts.
      Dinner – Vegetarian Panini from O’Brians.

  206. Tyler Mihalson on Jan 20, 2011 at 6:54 am

    I’m sorry, Rinpoche. I can’t watch some of these videos. I became a vegetarian this year although I still consume dairy products and eggs. After seeing the video of the “bull sacrifice” I cant watch any more. It is too much suffering for me to see all at once. I am overwhelmed and cant imagine how the animals being slaughtered feel. To be honest, I sometimes feel cravings for meat, but it feels better on my conscience to not eat the animals. I will raise awareness about this cause by posting and commenting, but there are just some videos that I cannot watch the entire way through.

  207. Tenzin Samdrub on Jan 20, 2011 at 5:28 am!/TenzinSamdrub

    1. Eating fish does not make you a vegetarian! That is right.
    2. Our food should not be slaughtered for our entertainment or at all.
    3. Namaste Fay. You are a survivor. You are in my daily prayers for animals.
    4. Sick to my stomach for this Bull. Namaste to this Bull for a good rebirth.
    5. This horrific slaughter of cats is horrifying.
    6. Milk should be outlawed because of how it is produced. SOy milk for all
    7. No one, dogs, cats or otherwise should suffer like this.
    8. Foi Gras is a total abomination. Who wants a diseased ANYTHING?
    9. Force feeding anything at anytime is cruel on millions of levels!
    10. Animals have feelings, get scared and know when something is wrong.
    11. Peace comes in many forms, our plate is a good start.
    12. Kosher does not equal anything but Murder!
    13. I don’t understand chinese but I understand inhumane, cruel and suffering.
    14. The music makes this video even that more painful to watch.
    15. Compassion is needed for humans, animals and these pigs.
    16. Please ban gestation crates. Support vegetarianism now!
    17. I have been lucky enough to have watched seals in the wild. This is cruel.
    18. This teenager is coming back as one of these puppies. Tears now!
    19. And as a mother you thought you were overworked! Namaste to these mothers!

  208. martin on Jan 20, 2011 at 3:30 am

    Video 2: Animal Slaughtering In Today’s World.

    Being vegetarian is only a start..only a start. I realised that a while ago but i too was in denial when i sat on my leather couch and pretended not to notice that i was sitting on a dead animal, and i wore my leather shoes and belt and kidded myself that i had to wear them “for work” purposes. But the stark reality is that I am still very much contributing to the meaningless slaughter of animals.

    Even though I am a vegetarian, there is still much i need to do and can do to at least send a message to the leather and fur industry.

    The only reason I bought expensive leather couches is to stoke my ego that i can afford nice imported things, to satisfy a very selfish human desire, because I was unwilling to change my “preference”.

    I can hardly look at the couches without feeling like a hypocrite.

    Video 2 made me realise that we are all immersed in a sea of wanton sin and we are so used to our lives that we no longer question how they got there and what happened in the process of producing those things. It made me realise how we are all really trapped in our wordly prisons that makes us unconsciously create causes for negative karma.

    I cannot undo what I have done, but I can intensify my efforts to correct the wrongs. As a start, I shall no longer buy and wear leather belts. This change won’t affect me at all, but it is something I should have done a long time ago.

    If we were to genuinely face ourselves and the things we do, we are not as pure as we would like to think.

    • Martin Chow on Jan 22, 2011 at 4:28 pm

      Breakfast: bananas
      Lunch: egg and tomato sandwich
      Dinner: roti and dahl

  209. martin on Jan 20, 2011 at 2:42 am

    Video 1: 15 reasons to quit eating meat and become a vegetarian.

    I played the video over and over again, and each time the message becomes clearer: We gain NOTHING by eating animall meat other than being a critical REASON for them to be tortured. NOTHING WHATSOEVER …AT ALL.

    If you think that so long as you are not the one doing the killing its ok, then you are in serious DENIAL. When we eat meat, we directly create the cause for animals to be abused and killed. How can that taste nice.

    By not responding to the call to be a vegetarian, we often come up with very lame excuses eg our body needs it. Our bodies do not. I have been a vegetarian for 8 months and i am a living, walking and talking proof that our bodies don’t need meat. Our deluded minds tells us that we need meat and when we keep looking for reasons and alibis to continue eating animals, we are simple being LAZY and UNWILLING TO CHANGE from a mindset which we now know to be wrong and cruel.

    We directly cause the imbalance in the distribution of resources away from where they should be….we should be feeding human beings instead of animals purely for the sake of eating the meat. How can that be right, unless we think that our “tastebuds” over-ride other human being’s right to a basic meal and other sentient being’s life to a decent life.

    If we are a true follower and student of our Guru, we do not even need 15 reasons to stop killing. We only need ONE: Rinpoche tells is its NOT OK to eat meat, nor is it ok for our Guru that we reap the karma of continuing to contribute to this needless slaughter.

    This morning, i had a bowl of cereal with slices of bananas. Yummy. For lunch, i had mushroom soup and a few slices of quatro formaggi pizza and dinner was a simple vegetarian beehoon goreng at a mamak.

    Eating meat is writing karma cheques frivolously which our future bodies cannot afford to honour. Not heeding Rinpoche’s instructions is creating the cause to shorten his life.

    There are no 2 ways about it. Choose.

    • Adeline Woon on Jan 20, 2011 at 9:57 am

      “By not responding to the call to be a vegetarian, we often come up with very lame excuses eg our body needs it. Our bodies do not.”

      Our teeth says it all!!

  210. Adeline Woon on Jan 19, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Jan, 19, 2011

    Breakfast – Malt drink with malt biscuits and seaweed.
    Lunch – Mixed vege fried rice with tomato beancurd, stir fry vege and marinated radish.
    Dinner – I don’t take dinner.

  211. Adeline Woon on Jan 19, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    1. 15 Reasons to Quit Eating Meat and Be a Vegetarian

    An ex-colleague once said meanly to me that it is wrong to have just vegetable on pizza. My immediate response to her was: “So it is ok to put corpse’s meat on pizza then?” Needless to say, she was offended.

    Being in a culture that enjoy BBQ on the weekend with booze for 7 years was not easy when I decided to be a vegetarian and took up the lay person 5 precepts from the 3rd year onward. Worst still my job as a PA made me stood out as the “weirdo” during company functions, Christmas and etc for being a vegetarian who doesn’t drink. Despite that, I have no regret and proud of myself for making the smartest decision I’ve ever made in my life.

    My reason for being a vegetarian is obvious and since I would also like to generate compassion toward myself and others, there is no way I’ll succeed if I enjoy eating someone else’s flesh.

    Everyone wants happiness and have every right to be happy! But the most stupid way of gaining happiness is definately through causing great fear and suffer in others. Because it means while I enjoy the flesh, I’am also taking the bonus (poison and disease of the meat) into my body that was produced by great fear the minute the animal realized it’s going to be slaugthered. I, in the end will be one who suffer with diseases. What goes around, comes around, make the smart choice!

    • martin on Jan 20, 2011 at 4:29 am

      “I’am also taking the bonus (poison and disease of the meat) into my body that was produced by great fear the minute the animal realized it’s going to be slaugthered”

      Thank you for highlighting this Adeline. Something i had no considered prior to reading your post. Imagine ingesting fear and panic and pain and bitterness and confusion and horrow. Yes, its very toxic.

      Thanks once again.

      • Adeline Woon on Jan 20, 2011 at 9:54 am

        Thank you Martin for reading my comment.

        Keep up with the good work!

    • Connie Fong on Nov 9, 2011 at 12:45 pm

      I totally and truly agreed with you Adeline… since I started just a month ago and I share alot of things in common with you and since I started to practise the PATH, alot of these things mean alot to me…be kind to animals… will always remember this phrase by Rinpoche…

      You happened to write this on the day which is my birthday too and I happened to pick out yours to do my posting in FB too… Om Mani Padme Hum… bless you..

  212. Adeline Woon on Jan 19, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Dear Rinpoche,

    I can’t view any of the view. All of them shown below message when I click on them.

    “Video not found or access denied:*name of each video.”

    With palms together,

    • bengkooi on Jan 20, 2011 at 2:14 am

      Dear Adeline,
      I do not have any trouble viewing the videos but i have changed some of the settings. Please try again, and let me know if you are able to view the videos now.

      Kind regards,

      • Adeline Woon on Jan 20, 2011 at 9:48 am

        Many thanks Beng Kooi.

        I think I have problem with Firefox, so I viewed the videos with IE yesterday.

        Btw, it works fine now with Firefox!!

        With much mettaa,

  213. Sean Wang on Jan 19, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    I will do all as you requested. I have been vegetarian ever since January 1. I will make comments. Thank you for giving everyone a great opportunity to everyone to promote Vegetarianism. I will update everything I do. It is just so inhumane for those who know what is happening to these animals and still eat meat. I only drank water today as I am a bit sick but even today, I believe that some lives are saved by me doing what I am doing now. There are still a lot of cruelty happening now. I wish that everyone in the world could prevent this cruelty by not eating meat.

  214. Lawrence on Jan 19, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    I am a vegetarian for more than one year and I’ll be forever, thanks to Venerable Tsem Tulku Rinpoche.

    Venerable Guru, already sent me a very precious gift about one year ago, and I’ll be ever grateful.

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    Lama Tsongkhapa was an influential Tibetan Buddhist monk, philosopher and tantric yogi, whose activities led to the formation of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism . Lama Tsongkhapa was hailed as the second Buddha by contemporary Buddhist masters of his time. Famous for reviving Buddhism in Tibet and revered for elevating the Dharma to all its present glory. Hence having a 12 ft Lama Tsongkhapa Statue at new Kechara Gompa (Prayer Hall) is indeed a blessing. Its truly beautiful. Merely by looking at it is a blessing .
    Thank you Rinpoche and team effort making it possible.
  • Samfoonheei
    Thursday, Jan 4. 2024 04:09 PM
    The Pemayangtse Monastery is a Buddhist monastery, near Pelling in the northeastern Sikkim. The monastery is about 375 year old and is one of the oldest and premier monasteries of Sikkim. Its also the most famous monastery in Sikkim and one of the most important monastery belonging to the Nyingma order of Tibetan Buddhism. Pemayangtse monastery was founded around 1647-48 recording to history. Well the Monastery is part of Buddhist religious pilgrimage circuit built with scenic backdrop of snow-capped mountains on two sides. Where many locals and tourists will travel to Sikkim yearly . Over the centuries, the monastery has withstood earthquakes and has gone through series of refurbishments and preservation efforts. Interesting story behind this monastery, would love to travel to Sikkim again .
    Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell was a British explorer, collector in Tibet, and author, travelling throughout India,Sikkim and areas on the borders of Nepal and Tibet. He wrote about the Tibetan Buddhist religious practices from what he observed while there. In Sikkim he made a stunning discovery, that Dorje Shugden existence in the Nyingma monastery as written in his book. Hence it has proven that Dorje Shugden been worshipped not only in Gelug lineage but as well in the Nyingma centuries ago too. Its not a minority practice afterall .
    Thank you Rinpoche and Seow Choong Liang for this interesting sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Thursday, Jan 4. 2024 04:07 PM
    Revisit this interesting post of a great Master
    Buton Rinchen Drup, was a 14th-century Sakya master and Tibetan Buddhist leader. He is widely considered to be one of Tibet’s greatest scholars, historians, translators, and writers. He has been the role model for many of Tibet’s greatest masters over the centuries, including the present Dalai Lama. His legacy also included the compilation of 500 years’ worth of translated teachings into the encyclopedic Kangyur and Tangyur collections. This monumental effort helped to preserve and propagate the teachings throughout Tibet. These collections have become well known by all of the schools of Buddhism in Tibet, and continue to this day. He truly was one of the brightest lights of Tibetan Buddhism.
    Throughout his life, Buton Rinchen Drup has continued to serve humanity and the Dharma. Interesting read.
    Thank you Rinpoche and Pastor David for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Thursday, Jan 4. 2024 04:05 PM
    Toyuq, located 50 km east of Turpan a unique city in the Flaming Mountains.From all sides the city is surrounded by deserts and mountains, destroyed medieval towns and ruins of ancient settlements. Toyuq, an Islamic pilgrimage center, nestles at the base of the Flaming Mountains. Here there are many mosques, both medieval and modern ones been built over the years. The first Uighur ruler had converted to Islam, and shrines was then built in the locality honouring the ruler. There was a story behind the legendary Seven Sleepers of Ephesus where there was a group of youths hiding inside a cave, at the Flaming mountains outside the city of Ephesus around 250 AD. Buildings can be seen practically everywhere with pierced walls that is used for drying grapes to make raisins. Raisins and melons are most known products of the region. Turpan is one of the most densely populated cities in Xinjiang the popukation consists of mainly the Muslim Uyghurs.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this interesting post with many interesting history dated to 6,000 years ago.
  • Troy
    Sunday, Aug 27. 2023 08:09 PM
  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jul 25. 2023 04:37 PM
    The Fourth Takpu, Pema Vajra Jampel Tenpai Ngodrub was a highly attained lama. He was also commonly known as Takpu Dorje Chang who had many authentic visions of the Buddhas. He had even received directly teachings from Buddhas. He had received direct visions of Tara herself. Tagpu Pemavajra had travelled to Tushita, the heavenly abode of Lama Tsongkhapa as requested by Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche where he received the complete cycle of teachings on Dorje Shugden. Tagpu Pemavajra was one such lama who was attained enough to receive these teachings for the benefit of others. He was instrumental in the development of the Dorje Shugden practice within the Gelug tradition. Wow he was able to astral travel to various pure lands and receive special teachings. Interesting biography of a great lama.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jul 25. 2023 04:32 PM
    Jan Salter a renowned artist, and inspiring lady who founded the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre, a charity organisation. She was an inspiring lady whose energy and commitment to the goal of alleviating the suffering of street animals. She used her own saving to building and starting the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre the first organisation in Nepal. In recognition of the work for the welfare of the stray animals she was awarded by the International Human Society and the British government. She had benefitted many with her generous nature that she used to benefit others in ways that went far beyond the meaning of normal charity work.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this inspiring sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jul 25. 2023 04:30 PM
    Amazing discovery a 2,000 year old Indian Buddhist document as it tell us how Buddhism took root in India. It’s the oldest Buddhist manuscripts yet discovered, dating from about the 1st century BCE to 3rd century CE. Found in the north-western outskirts of the Indian subcontinent an ancient Buddhist kindgom. The document, written on a birch bark scroll offers rare insight into the early history of Buddhism. Surviving manuscripts are rare only a few hundred are known to still exist. Understanding the history of the region helps us realize the significance of this scroll.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jul 25. 2023 04:27 PM
    Yu Pengnian a real estate tycoon ‘s journey from poor street hawker to be one of a richest person in mainland China. His passion for charity is a result of his own humble beginnings. He has donated all his assets of billions to charity, making him China’s top philanthropist. Whatever profits he made from his business he donated to the Yu Pengnian Foundation which he founded. He became the first Chinese national to give more than billions to charities, scholarships, helping poor students. Self- made Chinese billionaire he gives away entire fortune to charity.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this inspiring sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jul 25. 2023 04:25 PM
    Even though its an old post its definitely very inspirational article. About Master Cheng Yen, a Taiwanese Buddhist nun, teacher, and philanthropist. Master Cheng Yen was an inspiring spiritual leader who was the founder of the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation. Due to her incredible work she was featured on FORBES a leading news and information source. As the founder of the international charity and humanitarian organization Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Master Cheng Yen has become a global icon. As a revered Buddhist nun and Dharma teacher, she has been a key figure in the development of modern Taiwanese Buddhism. With the great aspiration of compassion and joy, she embarked on a great mission of helping and saving those sufferings and hardships. She initiated and dedicated herself to whole life long mission of helping people and spreading kindness. The Tzu Chi Foundation has million supporters and volunteers throughout the world. They are known for the astonishing speed and efficiency which it brings aid to victims of natural disasters. Countless numbers of victims had benefitted from their compassionate work. Interesting read of an inspiring Master.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jul 25. 2023 04:23 PM
    With a supportive parents Tsechen Wongmu ( Ma Ying ) a college-student-turned nun at a young age. She moved to Xinlong Dongzhi temple in southwest China’s Sichuan province amid the snow-covered mountains 4,200 meters high. She had made brave move. As a little girl she learned about Buddhism from her grandparents. This holy mountain is reputed as “King of Mountains in Sichuan” with fascinating snow and alpine. She has made a choice to be there. She has won public attentions after posting her poem and diary on internet with millions of followers. Interesting read.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this inspiring read.
  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jul 17. 2023 03:27 PM
    We are not alone , there are many unexplained mysterious monsters sightings. These sightings has remain unsolved mysteries. All these encounters has send shockwaves throughout many parts in the world. The video of mysterious monsters which was narrated by Peter Graves , has viewers to believe mysterious monsters do exists after all. Very convincing . Many interesting frightening creatures such as Lochness, Bigfoot,Yeti and so forth are explored in this video. Do watch .
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jul 17. 2023 03:25 PM
    We are not alone , there are many unexplained mysterious monsters sightings. These sightings has remain unsolved mysteries. All these encounters has send shockwaves throughout many parts in the world. The video of mysterious monsters which was narrated by Peter Graves , has viewers to believe mysterious monsters do exists after all. Very convincing . Many interesting frightening creatures such as Lochness, Bigfoot,Yeti and so forth are explored in this video. Do watch .
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.
  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jul 17. 2023 03:23 PM
    Visited this stunning standing Manjushri which is located at the Manjushree Park at Chobhar, in Kathmandu, Nepal recently. Feeling so blessed able to see it , with my friends. Manjushree Park, one of most natural, historic attactive park within Kathmandu valley. Fantastic well managed picnic spot one should visit and not to be missed when one is at Kathmandu Nepal. Visible 33 ft. high black stone carved Manjushree statue .Manjushri is one of the most important iconic figures in Mahayana Buddhism. The powerful image representing ever-present wisdom plus the sword of awareness to cut off all delusion. An interesting story behind this Kathmandu Valley where mythology and geology intertwine.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this interesting sharing .
  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jul 17. 2023 03:15 PM
    According to Buddhist teaching, prostration manifests the spiritual growth, faith of a person. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, prostration is an important element of practice. Traditionally, prostrations are more than a show of respect for Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Making prostration is a basic part of our lives in Buddhism. They are a method to purify our mind, or the antidote for ego-clinging. One of the general benefits of prostration is that in the future we will achieve a good rebirth . Prostration is a very powerful activity that can clear away obscuration of our body, speech, and mind as well as clearing our past and present negative karma. A huge merits for anyone doing prostration with proper visualization as well as the proper motivation.
    Having seen practitioners doing prostration along the road at Lhasa and reading teachings on prostration on blogs had motivated me to do retreat on it. Its was during the MCO back in 2020, I did a prostration retreat then. Even though it took me a longer time somehow I have completed 100,150k prostrations . Now I am still continue to do but not as many prostration as before.
    Well even though this is an old post I would to congratulate those involved in the prostration retreat at that time. It’s a good that Kechara is have a teachings on prostration and retreat .
    Thank you Rinpoche.

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The Unknown

The Known and unknown are both feared,
Known is being comfortable and stagnant,
The unknown may be growth and opportunities,
One shall never know if one fears the unknown more than the known.
Who says the unknown would be worse than the known?
But then again, the unknown is sometimes worse than the known. In the end nothing is known unless we endeavour,
So go pursue all the way with the unknown,
because all unknown with familiarity becomes the known.
~Tsem Rinpoche

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According to legend, Shambhala is a place where wisdom and love reign, and there is no crime. Doesn\'t this sound like the kind of place all of us would love to live in?
4 years ago
According to legend, Shambhala is a place where wisdom and love reign, and there is no crime. Doesn't this sound like the kind of place all of us would love to live in?
108 candles and sang (incense) offered at our Wish-Fulfilling Grotto, invoking Dorje Shugden\'s blessings for friends, sponsors and supporters, wonderful!
4 years ago
108 candles and sang (incense) offered at our Wish-Fulfilling Grotto, invoking Dorje Shugden's blessings for friends, sponsors and supporters, wonderful!
Dharmapalas are not exclusive to Tibetan culture and their practice is widespread throughout the Buddhist world -
4 years ago
Dharmapalas are not exclusive to Tibetan culture and their practice is widespread throughout the Buddhist world -
One of our adorable Kechara Forest Retreat\'s doggies, Tara, happy and safe, and enjoying herself in front of Wisdom Hall which has been decorated for Chinese New Year
4 years ago
One of our adorable Kechara Forest Retreat's doggies, Tara, happy and safe, and enjoying herself in front of Wisdom Hall which has been decorated for Chinese New Year
Fragrant organic Thai basil harvested from our very own Kechara Forest Retreat farm!
4 years ago
Fragrant organic Thai basil harvested from our very own Kechara Forest Retreat farm!
On behalf of our Puja House team, Pastor Tat Ming receives food and drinks from Rinpoche. Rinpoche wanted to make sure the hardworking Puja House team are always taken care of.
4 years ago
On behalf of our Puja House team, Pastor Tat Ming receives food and drinks from Rinpoche. Rinpoche wanted to make sure the hardworking Puja House team are always taken care of.
By the time I heard about Luang Phor Thong, he was already very old, in his late 80s. When I heard about him, I immediately wanted to go and pay my respects to him. -
4 years ago
By the time I heard about Luang Phor Thong, he was already very old, in his late 80s. When I heard about him, I immediately wanted to go and pay my respects to him. -
It\'s very nice to see volunteers helping maintain holy sites in Kechara Forest Retreat, it\'s very good for them. Cleaning Buddha statues is a very powerful and effective way of purifying body karma.
4 years ago
It's very nice to see volunteers helping maintain holy sites in Kechara Forest Retreat, it's very good for them. Cleaning Buddha statues is a very powerful and effective way of purifying body karma.
Kechara Forest Retreat is preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. This is our holy Vajra Yogini stupa which is now surrounded by beautiful lanterns organised by our students.
4 years ago
Kechara Forest Retreat is preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. This is our holy Vajra Yogini stupa which is now surrounded by beautiful lanterns organised by our students.
One of the most recent harvests from our Kechara Forest Retreat land. It was grown free of chemicals and pesticides, wonderful!
4 years ago
One of the most recent harvests from our Kechara Forest Retreat land. It was grown free of chemicals and pesticides, wonderful!
Third picture-Standing Manjushri Statue at Chowar, Kirtipur, Nepal.
Height: 33ft (10m)
5 years ago
Third picture-Standing Manjushri Statue at Chowar, Kirtipur, Nepal. Height: 33ft (10m)
Second picture-Standing Manjushri Statue at Chowar, Kirtipur, Nepal.
Height: 33ft (10m)
5 years ago
Second picture-Standing Manjushri Statue at Chowar, Kirtipur, Nepal. Height: 33ft (10m)
First picture-Standing Manjushri Statue at Chowar, Kirtipur, Nepal.
Height: 33ft (10m)
5 years ago
First picture-Standing Manjushri Statue at Chowar, Kirtipur, Nepal. Height: 33ft (10m)
The first title published by Kechara Comics is Karuna Finds A Way. It tells the tale of high-school sweethearts Karuna and Adam who had what some would call the dream life. Everything was going great for them until one day when reality came knocking on their door. Caught in a surprise swindle, this loving family who never harmed anyone found themselves out of luck and down on their fortune. Determined to save her family, Karuna goes all out to find a solution. See what she does-
5 years ago
The first title published by Kechara Comics is Karuna Finds A Way. It tells the tale of high-school sweethearts Karuna and Adam who had what some would call the dream life. Everything was going great for them until one day when reality came knocking on their door. Caught in a surprise swindle, this loving family who never harmed anyone found themselves out of luck and down on their fortune. Determined to save her family, Karuna goes all out to find a solution. See what she does-
Very powerful story! Tibetan Resistance group Chushi Gangdruk reveals how Dalai Lama escaped in 1959-
5 years ago
Very powerful story! Tibetan Resistance group Chushi Gangdruk reveals how Dalai Lama escaped in 1959-
At Kechara Forest Retreat land we have nice fresh spinach growing free of chemicals and pesticides. Yes!
5 years ago
At Kechara Forest Retreat land we have nice fresh spinach growing free of chemicals and pesticides. Yes!
See beautiful pictures of Manjushri Guest House here-
5 years ago
See beautiful pictures of Manjushri Guest House here-
Beginner’s Introduction to Dorje Shugden~Very good overview
5 years ago
Beginner’s Introduction to Dorje Shugden~Very good overview
Fresh eggplants grown on Kechara Forest Retreat\'s land here in Malaysia
5 years ago
Fresh eggplants grown on Kechara Forest Retreat's land here in Malaysia
Most Venerable Uppalavanna – The Chief Female Disciple of Buddha Shakyamuni - She exhibited many supernatural abilities gained from meditation and proved to the world females and males are equal in spirituality-
5 years ago
Most Venerable Uppalavanna – The Chief Female Disciple of Buddha Shakyamuni - She exhibited many supernatural abilities gained from meditation and proved to the world females and males are equal in spirituality-
Thailand’s ‘Renegade’ Yet Powerful Buddhist Nuns~
5 years ago
Thailand’s ‘Renegade’ Yet Powerful Buddhist Nuns~
Mahapajapati Gotami – the first Buddhist nun ordained by Lord Buddha-
5 years ago
Mahapajapati Gotami – the first Buddhist nun ordained by Lord Buddha-
The Largest Buddha Shakyamuni in Russia | 俄罗斯最大的释迦牟尼佛画像-
5 years ago
The Largest Buddha Shakyamuni in Russia | 俄罗斯最大的释迦牟尼佛画像-
Sacred Vajra Yogini
5 years ago
Sacred Vajra Yogini
Dorje Shugden works & archives - a labour of commitment -
5 years ago
Dorje Shugden works & archives - a labour of commitment -
Mahapajapati Gotami, who was the first nun ordained by Lord Buddha.
5 years ago
Mahapajapati Gotami, who was the first nun ordained by Lord Buddha.
Mahapajapati Gotami, who was the first nun ordained by Lord Buddha. She was his step-mother and aunt. Buddha\'s mother had passed away at his birth so he was raised by Gotami.
5 years ago
Mahapajapati Gotami, who was the first nun ordained by Lord Buddha. She was his step-mother and aunt. Buddha's mother had passed away at his birth so he was raised by Gotami.
Another nun disciple of Lord Buddha\'s. She had achieved great spiritual abilities and high attainments. She would be a proper object of refuge. This image of the eminent bhikkhuni (nun) disciple of the Buddha, Uppalavanna Theri.
5 years ago
Another nun disciple of Lord Buddha's. She had achieved great spiritual abilities and high attainments. She would be a proper object of refuge. This image of the eminent bhikkhuni (nun) disciple of the Buddha, Uppalavanna Theri.
Wandering Ascetic Painting by Nirdesha Munasinghe
5 years ago
Wandering Ascetic Painting by Nirdesha Munasinghe
High Sri Lankan monks visit Kechara to bless our land, temple, Buddha and Dorje Shugden images. They were very kind-see pictures-
5 years ago
High Sri Lankan monks visit Kechara to bless our land, temple, Buddha and Dorje Shugden images. They were very kind-see pictures-
This is pretty amazing!

First Sri Lankan Buddhist temple opened in Dubai!!!
5 years ago
This is pretty amazing! First Sri Lankan Buddhist temple opened in Dubai!!!
My Dharma boy (left) and Oser girl loves to laze around on the veranda in the mornings. They enjoy all the trees, grass and relaxing under the hot sun. Sunbathing is a favorite daily activity. I care about these two doggies of mine very much and I enjoy seeing them happy. They are with me always. Tsem Rinpoche

Always be kind to animals and eat vegetarian-
5 years ago
My Dharma boy (left) and Oser girl loves to laze around on the veranda in the mornings. They enjoy all the trees, grass and relaxing under the hot sun. Sunbathing is a favorite daily activity. I care about these two doggies of mine very much and I enjoy seeing them happy. They are with me always. Tsem Rinpoche Always be kind to animals and eat vegetarian-
After you left me Mumu, I was alone. I have no family or kin. You were my family. I can\'t stop thinking of you and I can\'t forget you. My bond and connection with you is so strong. I wish you were by my side. Tsem Rinpoche
5 years ago
After you left me Mumu, I was alone. I have no family or kin. You were my family. I can't stop thinking of you and I can't forget you. My bond and connection with you is so strong. I wish you were by my side. Tsem Rinpoche
This story is a life-changer. Learn about the incredible Forest Man of India | 印度“森林之子”-
5 years ago
This story is a life-changer. Learn about the incredible Forest Man of India | 印度“森林之子”-
Part 2-Beautiful billboard in Malaysia of a powerful Tibetan hero whose life serves as a great inspiration-
5 years ago
Part 2-Beautiful billboard in Malaysia of a powerful Tibetan hero whose life serves as a great inspiration-
Part 1-Beautiful billboard in Malaysia of a powerful Tibetan hero whose life serves as a great inspiration-
5 years ago
Part 1-Beautiful billboard in Malaysia of a powerful Tibetan hero whose life serves as a great inspiration-
The great Protector Manjushri Dorje Shugden depicted in the beautiful Mongolian style. To download a high resolution file:
5 years ago
The great Protector Manjushri Dorje Shugden depicted in the beautiful Mongolian style. To download a high resolution file:
The Mystical land of Shambhala is finally ready for everyone to feast their eyes and be blessed. A beautiful post with information, art work, history, spirituality and a beautiful book composed by His Holiness the 6th Panchen Rinpoche. ~
5 years ago
The Mystical land of Shambhala is finally ready for everyone to feast their eyes and be blessed. A beautiful post with information, art work, history, spirituality and a beautiful book composed by His Holiness the 6th Panchen Rinpoche. ~
Beautiful pictures of the huge Buddha in Longkou Nanshan-
5 years ago
Beautiful pictures of the huge Buddha in Longkou Nanshan-
The reason-Very interesting thought-
5 years ago
The reason-Very interesting thought-
NEW Bigfoot cafe in Malaysia! Food is delicious!-
5 years ago
NEW Bigfoot cafe in Malaysia! Food is delicious!-
DON\'T MISS THIS!~How brave Bonnie survived by living with a herd of deer~
5 years ago
DON'T MISS THIS!~How brave Bonnie survived by living with a herd of deer~
Global Superpower China Will Cut Meat Consumption by 50%! Very interesting, find out more-
5 years ago
Global Superpower China Will Cut Meat Consumption by 50%! Very interesting, find out more-
You can download this beautiful Egyptian style Dorje Shugden Free-
5 years ago
You can download this beautiful Egyptian style Dorje Shugden Free-
Beautiful high file for print of Lord Manjushri. May you be blessed-
5 years ago
Beautiful high file for print of Lord Manjushri. May you be blessed-
Mongolian (Oymiakon) Shaman in Siberia, Russia. That is his real outfit he wears. Very unique. TR
5 years ago
Mongolian (Oymiakon) Shaman in Siberia, Russia. That is his real outfit he wears. Very unique. TR
Find one of the most beautiful temples in the world in Nara, Japan. It is the 1,267 year old Todai-ji temple that houses a 15 meter Buddha Vairocana statue who is a cosmic and timeless Buddha. Emperor Shomu who sponsored this beautiful temple eventually abdicated and ordained as a Buddhist monk. Very interesting history and story. One of the places everyone should visit-
5 years ago
Find one of the most beautiful temples in the world in Nara, Japan. It is the 1,267 year old Todai-ji temple that houses a 15 meter Buddha Vairocana statue who is a cosmic and timeless Buddha. Emperor Shomu who sponsored this beautiful temple eventually abdicated and ordained as a Buddhist monk. Very interesting history and story. One of the places everyone should visit-
Manjusri Kumara (bodhisattva of wisdom), India, Pala dynesty, 9th century, stone, Honolulu Academy of Arts
5 years ago
Manjusri Kumara (bodhisattva of wisdom), India, Pala dynesty, 9th century, stone, Honolulu Academy of Arts
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  • Pig puts his toys away
    4 years ago
    Pig puts his toys away
    Animals are so intelligent. They can feel happiness, joy, pain, sorrow, just like humans. Always show kindness to them. Always show kindness to everyone.
  • Always be kind to animals-They deserve to live just like us.
    5 years ago
    Always be kind to animals-They deserve to live just like us.
    Whales and dolphins playing with each other in the Pacific sea. Nature is truly incredible!
  • Bodha stupa July 2019-
    5 years ago
    Bodha stupa July 2019-
    Rainy period
  • Cute Tara girl having a snack. She is one of Kechara Forest Retreat’s resident doggies.
    5 years ago
    Cute Tara girl having a snack. She is one of Kechara Forest Retreat’s resident doggies.
  • Your Next Meal!
    5 years ago
    Your Next Meal!
    Yummy? Tasty? Behind the scenes of the meat on your plates. Meat is a killing industry.
  • This is Daw
    5 years ago
    This is Daw
    This is what they do to get meat on tables, and to produce belts and jackets. Think twice before your next purchase.
  • Don’t Take My Mummy Away!
    5 years ago
    Don’t Take My Mummy Away!
    Look at the poor baby chasing after the mother. Why do we do that to them? It's time to seriously think about our choices in life and how they affect others. Be kind. Don't break up families.