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Dorje Shugden Miracles

Jun 22, 2020
Dorje Shugden Miracles

As I began this article in tribute to the loving kindness of our Protector, Dorje Shugden, a thought ran through my mind. Is this the same everyday story, as there have been many miracles performed by the Great Protector Dorje Shugden and many people narrating their accounts of the miracles? Is my story one of...

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The benefits of the Wrathful Dakini Ucchusma

Apr 1, 2019
The benefits of the Wrathful Dakini Ucchusma

I would like to share with you the practice of a very rare and powerful Buddha that you can incorporate into your daily purification practices. While I was looking through a book called Deities of Tibetan Buddhism...

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Oct 3, 2018

金泽, 或称大宝雄登,是佛教护法多杰雄登五部的其中一个化身。多杰雄登的此一化身以增益相示现。心诚的行者若供奉金泽,我们将召唤其加持,来增长我们内、外之财富,健康及福德资粮。

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Medicine Buddha Healing Fountain at Kechara Forest Retreat!

Sep 8, 2018
Medicine Buddha Healing Fountain at Kechara Forest Retreat!

In today’s world, most people live in densely-populated cities. Constructed out of steel, concrete, cement and glass, these artificial environments may be attractive to some. Unfortunately however, man-made materials emanate trace amounts of negative energies that accumulate in our bodies over time. This, combined with the ever-present pollution in the air that we breathe, the...

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வாழ்க்கையின் ஆழமான அர்த்தத்தை அறிய டோர்ஜே ஷுக்டேனுன்

Apr 17, 2018
வாழ்க்கையின் ஆழமான அர்த்தத்தை அறிய  டோர்ஜே ஷுக்டேனுன்

(Finding Deeper Meaning in Life with Dorje Shugden) மாநகரங்களில் வாழும் மக்கள் அவர்கள் விரும்பினாலும் விரும்பாவிட்டாலும் அங்குள்ள பரபரப்பான வாழ்க்கைக்குப் பழக்கப்பட்டவர்களாகிறார்கள்.

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Finding Deeper Meaning in Life with Dorje Shugden

Apr 17, 2018
Finding Deeper Meaning in Life with Dorje Shugden

For many, life is a constant pursuit of material possessions and tangible achievements. Yet, having achieved our goals and dreams, we may find there is a feeling of emptiness deep within our minds...

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10 Herbs Used as Incense for Healing and Purification

Mar 15, 2018
10 Herbs Used as Incense for Healing and Purification

(By Tsem Rinpoche) Since the start of time, humans have used herbs for a variety of different applications, including the flavouring of food in cooking, in healing and medicinal applications, for cleansing and purifying the environment and even for religious and spiritual use. It is believed that when herbs are burned, the resulting fragrant...

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Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Nov 9, 2017
Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Do you know anyone who is constantly engaged in excessive, unreasonable and repetitive behaviour such as cleaning, hand-washing, or rearranging? If you do, that person is most likely suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is characterised by irrational fear or obsession that triggers repetitive actions. Many people suffering from OCD are aware that...

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Mystical Magic and Medical Science

Aug 28, 2017
Mystical Magic and Medical Science

In Yogyakarta, I visited Hospital Nur Hidayah where not too long ago, a young woman caused quite a stir. When the woman in question, Supiyati, arrived at the hospital, she was barely conscious. Her legs were badly infected and a number of foreign objects were found lodged in her feet, shins and heels. The...

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Kyabje Gangchen Rinpoche knew who I am

Jul 31, 2017
Kyabje Gangchen Rinpoche knew who I am

The first time that I met His Eminence Kyabje Gangchen Rinpoche was in Nepal. It was truly an unplanned meeting. I was staying with another monk at the time who told me about this incredible lama, his guru, who was coming to town and he asked if I would like to meet his teacher....

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US Health Experts Call on Hospitals to Serve Vegan Food

Jul 5, 2017
US Health Experts Call on Hospitals to Serve Vegan Food

Dear friends, I am extremely happy to know that plant-based diets are being promoted in hospitals and medical institutions for their health benefits. Such places are the foundation for patients to get healed, therefore it’s important that they also heal through the food they serve. I hope that other hospitals and medical centres will...

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The Sound of Light

Feb 25, 2017
The Sound of Light

In this episode, I explore how sound and light affect the environment and also our daily lives. I have with me, in this episode, a radiant energy scientist, a sound healer, an energy healer and a music composer, and with their expertise I acquire the knowledge of cold energy through an enlightening experiment, which...

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Science Finally Proves Meridians Exist!

Feb 23, 2017
Science Finally Proves Meridians Exist!

Dear friends, I have been a fan of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), especially acupuncture, for quite some time now. During my time in Malaysia, I have met a few TCM doctors specializing in acupuncture who have been very helpful and skilled in treating various ailments, from swellings to joint pains, muscular aches, headaches, migraines,...

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