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Here is the latest news and pictorial updates, as it happens, of our upcoming forest retreat project.

The Kechara Forest Retreat is a unique holistic retreat centre focused on the total wellness of body, mind and spirit. This is a place where families and individuals will find peace, nourishment and inspiration in a natural forest environment. At Kechara Forest Retreat, we are committed to give back to society through instilling the next generation with universal positive values such as kindness and compassion.

For more information, please see (english), (chinese), or the official site:



Outcall Puja team led by Pastor Yek Yee did a prayer to place the ancestor tablet. By Puja House. 25 April'15 #prayer #funeral #ancestor #tsemtulku
12 minutes ago
Before birds was release, Pastor will do a short Puja. By Puja House. 25 April'15. #tsemtulku #pets #release #wish #birds #liberty
12 minutes ago
Kechara Gompa have set up for Nepal earthquake Puja. By Puja House , 25 April'15. #Puja #Nepal #earthquake #disaster #tsemtulku
12 minutes ago
Beginners adult English beginners Dharma class at Kechara House gompa was taught the topic on "offering to the sangha" by Ron Wong. Lucy Yap
24 minutes ago
Adult English Dharma class at Kechara House gompa was taught by Pastor Niral.Today's topic is Day 5: Seven - limbed prayer 2 of the Lamrim text. Lucy Yap
2 hours ago
Kechara House gompa welcome all well-wishes for #PrayforNepal at 1.00pm -3.00pm Dorje Shugden & Setrap puja today. Prayers to the people of Nepal affected by the earthquake. Lucy Yap
2 hours ago
Kechara Ipoh Study Group has started our monthly recycling activities at Ipoh Garden (in front of post office) today, from 9.30 am until 12.00 pm. We will dedicate our merits today to all the earthquake victims at Nepal and its neighbouring countries. All the funds raised through this recycling activity will be channeled for puja dedicated to all Nepalese. Thank you for your kind support. Kin Hoe
2 hours ago
Children from Kechara Dharma class were led to light candles and offer prayers at Kechara House gompa for Nepal earthquake victims by Pastor Adeline and Pastor Niral. Lucy Yap
3 hours ago
Puja team doing preparation at Kechara House gompa for Dorje Shugden & Setrap puja at I.00pm - 3.00pm today in dedication to Nepal earthquake victims. Lucy Yap
4 hours ago
Dorje Shugden and Setrap puja will be held at Kechara House gompa on 26/4/2015 at 1.00 pm - 3.00pm for Nepal earthquake victims. All are welcome. Lucy Yap
12 hours ago
Buddhas can be invoked by mantras & change within~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
Life should be used for others.~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
If you believe in Shakyamuni, Amitabha, Kuan Yin, Manjushri, their nature is the same – not to harm others.~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
How Far Would You Go to Care for Another Person? #zen #yoga #dalailama #tibet #humanrights #wisdom #buddha #Buddhism #shugden #spiritual From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
別因为信仰的不同而放弃那些曾经对你有恩的朋友和人们。 ~詹杜固活佛 #zen #yoga #dalailama #tibet #humanrights #wisdom #buddha #Buddhism #shugden #spiritual From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
我们找寻一位上师或灵修导师,加入一个道场或研修佛法的理由纯粹是为将佛陀教诲中的方法,吸收并融入我们的心中。要达到心与法合一,我们一定得透过实践佛法教诲才能做到,而从中所获的成果,必然将利益我们自身,以及我们所遇见的每一个人。~ 詹杜固活佛 From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
Dzambala puja + Dorje Shugden puja at Kechara (JB) was led by Casteven Lim. From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
How do u think if got a beautiful Dorje shugden mural in Malaysia? From: June Tang (khjb)
16 hours ago
佛教道场不是个让你找寻奇迹般的解决方法的地方,因为你所面对的种种问题,都源自你错误行为中的无明或执念。你不能做尽坏事、大难临头了,才急急赶到某个道场,求个马上解决难题的“万灵丹” ,而你在求不得的时候又感到气恼……~詹杜固活佛 From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
May the practice and lineage of Lord Tsongkhapa pervade the ten directions. ~Tsem Rinpoche From: June Tang (Khjb)
16 hours ago
Puja House did an urgent Dorje Shugden Puja for sponsor this evening. By Puja House, 25 April '15. #Puja #tsemtulku #urgent #critical #dangerous #protection
18 hours ago
Sponsors attended to Puja House for Dorje Shugden Puja. By Puja House, 25 April 's . #tsemtulku #Shugden #prayer #families #love #blessing
18 hours ago
Puja House did a Dorje Shugden prayer for sponsor today. May the sponsor protect by Dorje Shugden. By Puja House. 25 April'15 #Shugden #prayer #Puja #protect
18 hours ago
Two more of our clients living life away from the streets. Justin@KSK
22 hours ago
KSK helped to reconnect Dorai with his family. Justin@KSK
22 hours ago
Pastor Yek Yee Conducted a Birds liberation in morning for a little boy Tenzin, may he always be kind to animal when he is grow up. By Puja House 25 April'15. #bird #pets #tsemtulku #liberate #kind #family #love
24 hours ago
Volunteers and staffs gathered at Puja House this morning to learn Dhama from Rinpoche's blog. By Puja House, 25 April #blog #dhama #buddhist #dharma #learn
Uncle Poon was accidentally knocked down by a car on his way back after collecting his portion of food from our soup kitchen this afternoon. We received this bad news from the driver who contacted us after he found Uncle's Kechara registration card in his wallet. Uncle Poon was unconscious after the accident and was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance. Fortunately, the driver found his Kechara registration card in the wallet for Uncle did not keep any other contact numbers with him. Justin@KSK
Kechara Puja House conducted Puja for sponsors everyday. Pujas ordered not only from Malaysia but also overseas. #country #Puja #Malaysia #tsemtulku #tsongkhapa #sponsor #prayer #blessing
Conceptualised by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, our Buddhist Pastors are empowered to give blessings, perform rituals, confer teachings, and provide spiritual guidance and counselling. These special individuals have chosen to dedicate their lives towards their spiritual journey, bridging the gap between the lay practitioner and a fully ordained person. DR.
2 days ago
Celebrate the birth, enlightenment and passing of the awakened one with virtuous activities this Wesak Day in Kechara House. DR.
2 days ago
With David Grad, Creative Strategist who is also Emmy Award winning leader of high impact marketing and pro-social campaigns. David is the Executive Producer of a video on this topic and after being nominated 4 times, he won the award last year. DR.
2 days ago
A wellness programme aims to reconnect individuals of the fast-paced 21st century with their environment and self. It is designed to offer an opportunity to realise peace and happiness through meditation, which contributes to improved perception of oneself and others, harmonious relationships and increased professional contentment. DR.
2 days ago
With Consul General of Malaysia to New York, Encik Abdul Razak at his office in Malaysia Consultae in NY. DR
2 days ago
All the homeless whom I spoke to said something in common: for the first few months that they are out on the streets, they were too shy and distraught to even look up. All that they see is just feet going back and forth all day. It takes months for reality to sink in before they can look up, let alone look at a stranger in the eye and talk to them. DR.
2 days ago
From Malaysia to NYC, LA, Jakarta, Shanghai, the reasons for homelesness are the same few reasons: lack of job opportunities, too old to work, misunderstanding with spouse /family members, cost of city living too high. DR.
2 days ago
Walked around the streets of New York and chatted with several homeless and gave them some money. Some didn't want to have their photos taken. DR.
2 days ago
Veteran from US Marine Corps. 52 years, been on the streets for two years. Told me that for the first few months he was on the streets he was depressed that he couldn't look at anyone so he just stared blankly on the pavement all day. He's been robbed, and lost his ID 17 times! DR
2 days ago
Founded in 1982, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is currently the biggest soup kitchen in NYC serving 1,000 meals daily from Monday to Friday with 65 volunteers and 6 full time staffs. Just like Kechara Soup Kitchen, they also provide counseling, job placements and light medical services. The Director of Operations was a chef who found a more fulfilling meaning in life since he joined the soup kitchen 7 years ago. DR
2 days ago
Visited Food Bank For New York City. It was founded in 1983 and currently serves almost 1,200 emergency and community providers including soup kitchens, food pantries, shelter homes, low income day care centers, as well as youth, senior and rehabilitation centers. Their warehouse in Bronx is about 90,000 sq ft. An eye opener to learn how they operate. DR
2 days ago

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