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A case of “Karma” and “Possession”

Jun 8, 2022
A case of “Karma” and  “Possession”

What karma awaits you if you harm another living being? For this man he immediately saw the karmic effects when he killed and ate a snake. The video title says, "Hit a snake, eat a snake, turn into a snake". He really did...

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Snake Spirit

May 8, 2022
Snake Spirit

This week, I share with you a story that relates to the time when I was residing in southern Thailand. I stayed there for about a month to do a retreat in a monastery called Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang...

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Chinese New Year shopping!!

Mar 26, 2014
Chinese New Year shopping!!

Every year, before the Chinese New Year celebrations begin, I like to treat my students out on a little shopping trip. Just like all the other festive celebrations, there are many traditions associated with Chinese New Year (CNY). The concept of "out with the old, in with the new" applies to everything during CNY......

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20 things you don’t wanna eat!!! Or do you??

Sep 17, 2012
20 things you don’t wanna eat!!! Or do you??

Dear students and friends, In Scotland, it’s normal to eat the coagulated blood of a sheep. In Vietnam, it’s a norm to eat cats. In Australia, it's normal to eat a kangaroo's tail. What’s weird, and what’s not?

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55ft Snake

Mar 6, 2011
55ft Snake

Below is a photograph of a 55ft (16.2 meter) snake found in China! So far, this is the only article about this incident that is available online. There aren’t many people who reported the story..However, a man died from shock upon seeing the snake… Do take a read. Imagine seeing a snake the length...

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The Snake and the Five Elements

Aug 15, 2010
The Snake and the Five Elements

The Fire is of the Fire element. Generally, the Fire element determines a very strong sense of confidence, leadership and a strong personality...

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Dear blog friends,

I’ve created this section for all of you to share your opinions, thoughts and feelings about whatever interests you.

Everyone has a different perspective, so this section is for you.

Tsem Rinpoche


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Please come and join in the chat for a fun time and support. See you all there.

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Be Patient

Give the room a chance to answer you. Patience is a virtue. And if after awhile, people don't respond, perhaps they don't know the answer or they did not see your question. Do ask again or address someone directly. Do not be offended if people do not or are unable to respond to you.

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This is the blog of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. Please respect this space. We request that all participants here are respectful of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and his organisation, Kechara.

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Who says the unknown would be worse than the known?
But then again, the unknown is sometimes worse than the known. In the end nothing is known unless we endeavour,
So go pursue all the way with the unknown,
because all unknown with familiarity becomes the known.
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