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Kechara Forest Retreat’s Vajra Yogini

Jul 21, 2023
Kechara Forest Retreat’s Vajra Yogini

Vajra Yogini statues are all created and painted in-house in Kechara (By Tsem Rinpoche) Dear friends, Kechara Forest Retreat is designed to be a direct portal to Vajra Yogini’s heaven and the more meritorious activities we conduct on this holy land that connects with her, the more people will benefit. Recently I was thinking...

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A Quick Note on Food Offerings

Apr 20, 2021
A Quick Note on Food Offerings

Making offerings to the Three Jewels on your altar or in a temple is actually part of the Perfection of Generosity. When you make an offering, you take something you own and you give it to the Three Jewels. As such, after you make offerings they no longer belong to you but the Three...

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Sebuah Catatan Mengenai Persembahan Makanan (Bahasa Indonesia)

Mar 11, 2021
Sebuah Catatan Mengenai Persembahan Makanan (Bahasa Indonesia)

Memberikan persembahan kepada Tiga Permata di altar pribadi atau di wihara adalah bagian dari Menyempurnakan Kemurahan Hati. Ketika anda memberikan persembahan, anda mengambil sesuatu yang anda miliki untuk diberikan kepada Tiga Permata. Karenanya, setelah diberikan sebagai persembahan, benda tersebut bukanlah milik anda, melainkan milik Tiga Permata. Karena benda tersebut bukan milik anda, anda harus...

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Ullambana Festival at Kechara Forest Retreat

Jul 2, 2019
Ullambana Festival at Kechara Forest Retreat

Join us for the annual Ullambana Festival on Saturday August 10th at Kechara Forest Retreat and make the most of the auspicious Ullambana month...

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Celebrating Ullambana: The Original Hungry Ghost Festival

Sep 1, 2017
Celebrating Ullambana: The Original Hungry Ghost Festival

The 15th day of the 7th Lunar Month is an important date for Buddhists and Taoists alike. For Taoists, the highlight of the month-long Hungry Ghost Festival is to appease wandering spirits and hungry ghosts who are released from Hades by Tai Su Yah. Many Chinese regard the Hungry Ghost Month as an inauspicious...

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100,000 Butterlamp Offering Retreat | 十万盏酥油灯供养闭关

Mar 12, 2017
100,000 Butterlamp Offering Retreat | 十万盏酥油灯供养闭关

(译文请往下阅读) “It is very important to practice the offering of butterlamps. Try to complete a minimum of 100,000. It is very good for your realizations on the sutra path. It is excellent for results on the tantric path.” ~ Tsem Rinpoche His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche has advised on many occasions that it is very beneficial to engage in a retreat of offering 100,000 butterlamps. Such a retreat allows the practitioner to develop deeper wisdom, increase realizations and make a connection with the deity to whom the butterlamps are offered. Rec...

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52 Years of Generosity

Feb 4, 2017
52 Years of Generosity

Those who have the merits to be in Rinpoche’s sphere will very quickly realise that one of Rinpoche’s most prominent qualities is that of generosity. It is a quality that has always inspired me because not only is the scope of Rinpoche’s generosity vast and far-reaching, but it also comes after a lifetime of difficulties. From the moment...

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Attitude When Receiving Offerings

Dec 8, 2016
Attitude When Receiving Offerings

(By Tsem Rinpoche and Pastor Jean Ai) As Buddhists, we are taught that making offerings generates tremendous merits to be dedicated towards our spiritual progress. Not only are we encouraged to make offerings to the Three Jewels – the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – but even more so, we are encouraged to make offerings...

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Make Offerings to Vajrayogini in Kechara Forest Retreat

Feb 1, 2016
Make Offerings to Vajrayogini in Kechara Forest Retreat

(By Tsem Rinpoche) Vajrayogini is a female Buddha and she is also one of the most sacred and profound of practices within H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche’s lineage. Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche is one of the main lineage holders of this tradition and he had particularly recommended her practice for modern spiritual seekers. Vajrayogini is...

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Mandala Offerings and Dharma Attitude |《曼达拉供养与学佛的态度》

Jan 3, 2016
Mandala Offerings and Dharma Attitude |《曼达拉供养与学佛的态度》

(译文请往下阅读) (By Tsem Rinpoche, Pastor David and Pastor Adeline) On 6 December 2015, Pastor David Lai gave a Dharma talk and workshop on the topic “Mandala Offerings & Dharma Attitude” in Kechara House. A total of 71 people attended the talk and listened very attentively as Pastor David gave a clear explanation on the correct way of engaging in the Mandala Offering of 37 Heaps, the significance of each offering and the accompanying visualizations. Besides explaining what mandala offerings are really about, Pastor David also covered...

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Bangkok Monks and Why Make Offerings

Jan 25, 2015
Bangkok Monks and Why Make Offerings

  Making Offerings to Monks in Bangkok! (By Tsem Rinpoche) Our large group in Bangkok woke up around 4 am to get ready. We left the hotel at around 5 am to drive to Banglampoo area of Bangkok. Without traffic, it took us around 20 mins to get there (Remember Bangkok is a huge...

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Food offerings from Kuantan

Aug 9, 2010
Food offerings from Kuantan

The Kuantan study group came to visit Kechara House and other departments today. They also visited Ladrang and made some offerings of food. Everyone is so kind and generous.

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