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7 Parts

Jan 8, 2020
7 Parts

The video below is a 7-part video of a man called Peter Byrne… his quest to find the great Bigfoot and his findings so far! Peter Byrne is an Irish man, and after graduating from school he joined the Royal British Air Force to serve in World War II. After his service, he went...

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Monsters & Mysteries In Alaska…Sasquatch!

Nov 8, 2019
Monsters & Mysteries In Alaska…Sasquatch!

For most people, what they don’t see…they don’t believe. One of the biggest mysteries of the world is the legendary Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch). I really like this mystery… Apparently resembling a 9ft, 2-legged ape, they do not and have not been appearing in the open public. It is reported that the Bigfoot is nocturnal...

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Yeti Exhibition

Sep 8, 2019
Yeti Exhibition

Below are photos from the International Mountain Museum (IMM) in Pokhara, Nepal. This museum explains all about the 14 highest mountains in the world…all of them are at least 8,000 meters in height! Those interested in mountaineering would come to Pokhara as most of the trekking routes start from there. Out of the top...

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Sir Edmund Hillary’s Yeti

Nov 2, 2017
Sir Edmund Hillary’s Yeti

The legendary Sir Edmund Percival Hillary was a mountain climber and an explorer of the Antarctic. He was born on 20 July 1919 in Auckland, New Zealand and lived until the ripe old age of 88. Together with the Nepalese mountaineer Tenzing Norgay...

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Bigfoot in Malaysia

Oct 16, 2017
Bigfoot in Malaysia

Dear friends around the world, Since young, I have always been attracted to “unusual” subjects such as Bigfoot. On this section of my blog here, you will find a lot of Bigfoot-related subjects. Bigfoot or Sasquatch has been a subject of discussion by numerous researchers and Bigfoot followers around the world. With the advancement...

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Mysteries of the Goatman

Dec 25, 2016
Mysteries of the Goatman

Half goat, half man. A cryptid dubbed the “Goatman” has, over the years, easily become one of the most horrifying and mysterious creatures in the United States of America. Amongst the list of eerie and sometimes violent incidences that have been attributed to the Goatman are reports of animal mutilation, property destruction, ravaging of...

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Finding Bigfoot

Apr 30, 2016
Finding Bigfoot

Hello everyone, it’s me again. Ever since young, I have always been very interested in paranormal subjects especially spirits, Loch Ness Monster, fairies and of course, the last but not least, Bigfoot. I find this book very informative and I highly recommend fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts to read this book.   Short Introduction of Bigfoot...

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The Best Evidence of Sasquatch

Apr 10, 2016
The Best Evidence of Sasquatch

Bigfoot has fascinated the world for decades, but records of their sightings have been seen centuries ago. Although it has been so many years since people first talked openly about Bigfoot sightings, and even gone on active search for this mysterious being… Not many have actually acknowledged the authenticity of these recorded sightings. While...

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British Hiker Found the Elusive Yeti in the Himalayas?

Mar 4, 2016
British Hiker Found the Elusive Yeti in the Himalayas?

Dear friends, I’ve had a life long interest in things not-ordinary. The first time I heard about Bigfoot I think was from a show called ‘In Search Of’ hosted by Leonard Nimoy which explored paranormal and mysterious phenomena across the world. It was one of my favorite shows. I use to hate the fact...

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Giant 7-Foot to 8-Foot Skeletons Uncovered in Ecuador Sent for Scientific Testing

Feb 19, 2016
Giant 7-Foot to 8-Foot Skeletons Uncovered in Ecuador Sent for Scientific Testing

More people in various parts of the world are finding these types of skeletons. I feel mainstream science should research, publish more and ‘enlighten’ the public on this as information on our past is important. When I was very young, my foster mother Dana Bugayeff told me in the past people were double or...

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Nepal is the land of spirituality, beauty and mystery

May 16, 2014
Nepal is the land of spirituality, beauty and mystery

  Two very nice documentaries you must watch and enjoy! I love watching documentaries searching for Yetis (Bigfoots) in Nepal because it combines the search for these powerful beings with Monasteries, lamas, monks and spectacular landscape. I like this combination very much. With wonderful Nepalese music and the Sherpa people and the anticipation of...

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5 Years + USD500,000 = EVIDENCE!!

Jan 13, 2014
5 Years + USD500,000 = EVIDENCE!!

Dear friends, You know I am very interested in mysteries of our planet as I have explained in my previous blog posts. While surfing the internet for interesting things, I have came across this group who have spent five years searching for Bigfoot, FIVE YEARS.

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The neatest footage on film!

Nov 14, 2011
The neatest footage on film!

I have a fascination with Bigfoot which will never-end. While surfing the internet for interesting things I stumbled upon a website called

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