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  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 26. 2022 04:32 PM
    China has a long history in an ancient civilisation dated back to 4,000 BCE. A country filled with many beautiful mountains, highlands, ranges, hills, plains and so forth. Mount Wutai, known Wutaishan is one of them and is a sacred Buddhist site in Shanxi Province. It is one of the four great sacred Buddhist mountains of China as well as a World Heritage Site. A place worth visiting as it is rich in Buddhist culture and has a lot of spectacular natural scenery. With an altitude of 3061.1 m, amazingly gorgeous scenery Mount Wutai as the only one Bodhimanda of both Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism in the world. It has many historic valuable religious sites to admire which is associated with Manjushri a very special place in the more than 1,000 years of Buddhist and Chinese history. Manjushri embodies the perfect wisdom of the universe. China is considered to be the Land of Manjushri where the people are blessed with intelligence. It is also a wonderful place to see the sunrise in the morning from this location. Reading this article remind me of my pilgrimage trip with Kechara.
    Interesting read. It would be easy for anyone going on pilgrimage to see the beauty and sacred place of the Land of Manjushri
    Thank you Rinpoche and Pastor Adeline for this detailed article.


  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 26. 2022 04:28 PM
    Beautiful Shanti Stupa in Pokhara being the first World Peace Pagoda in Nepal . It is a massive Buddhist Stupa with relics of the Buddha, having an immense role to beautify the Pokhara valley. It is situated at Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha. It is a perfect pilgrimage place for some and holiday place to tourist where it provides a clear view of the Himalayan range. The hilltop location also provides a splendid view of sunrise and sunset. Pokhara Peace Stupa is popular with locals, pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Looking at the beautiful pictures paints a thousand words. Merely looking at the beautiful Shanti Stupa is a blessing.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this wonderful sharing.

  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 26. 2022 04:26 PM
    The Buddha Statue of Hyderabad is a monolith located in India. It is the world’s tallest monolith of Gautama Buddha, erected on Gibraltar Rock in the middle of Hussain Sagar Hussain Sagar Lake, located in the heart of Hyderabad. Absolutely amazing, architecture carved by 200 sculptors which took them about two years to complete. The statue was chiseled out from a white granite rock. The man behind the iconic monolithic statue is other than the famous sculptor and Indian architect Sattanatha Muthaiya Ganapathi Sthapathi. A magnificent view for one to see at night.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing with beautiful pictures

  • Saras
    Tuesday, Jan 25. 2022 11:31 PM
    Thank you for the advice and the sharing. Practicing the Dharma is the best, and not practicing is the worst. Prayer is rooted in the belief that there is a power greater than oneself that can influence one’s life.

    It is very true we must be prepared for our death prior for me to know the Buddha teaching. Dharma is not about just trying to improve oneself. The Dharma is really working for other beings.

  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jan 25. 2022 01:00 PM
    Big statues are such a blessing merely by looking at it. Buddha sculptures serve as visual imagery intended to narrate the various aspects of the Buddha’s life and lessons. Having a Buddha statues in Gompa helps students to accumulate inconceivable merit, to create the cause of enlightenment for oneself and for other sentient beings. Looking at those pictures , all those involved in this no a easy project tells us more. Rejoice. With the guidance of Rinpoche , all goes well to where it is as today. We are indeed very fortunate to have Rinpoche bringing Tibetan Buddhism in Malaysia. For-most having these incredible statues at Gompa and at Kechara Forest Retreat.
    Thank you Rinpoche with folded hands.

  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jan 25. 2022 12:55 PM
    The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer. In Buddhism, practicing generosity is to help train the mind in a way conducive to attaining enlightenment. Giving serves as a way to eliminate one’s greed and ill-will and expecting nothing in return. By giving away what is valuable, we reduce attachment by letting them go So wonderful of CK Liew giving a gift and card to Rinpoche , with love.
    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing that beautiful gift and card of CK Liew.

  • Samfoonheei
    Tuesday, Jan 25. 2022 12:52 PM
    Wow such a beautiful art piece of mind map conceived/compiled up by Thierry and artistically placed and painstakingly written beautifully by Lili . Great idea indeed each and every work of art with meaning behind it. Simply incredible which tells us a thousand words. Rejoice. A mind map of the Lamrim helps us to visualize and organize all the knowledge we need to think and understand better. It is a powerful technique that helps us to visualize our thoughts
    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing with us.

  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jan 24. 2022 04:12 PM
    Life is all about growing and developing. We learn through training given by our teachers. Nor matter how hard the training takes is for our own good. Training instils loyalty and commitment , challenges where we learn new skill , knowledge, information for the betterment of this life alone. Those incredible training given by our teacher will shape us , transform us in away to improve self- esteem, motivation, and confidence. Training in the Dharma is teaching us how to leave our samsaric trap and transforming us to be a better person.. At the end of the day it will last us for our whole life and in spiritual terms for lifetimes. Any failures we don’t blame our teacher, its ourselves to blame. Through hardship, patience , we learn. Have a strong will powerful, accept and through determination ,self-belief and hard work, we will get through to where our goal is.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this precious teachings.

  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jan 24. 2022 03:32 PM
    Inspiring reading this beautiful post were there is a lot to learn. Let’s face it. No matter who we are, at some point, we will feel insulted by the remarks of others. Silence is the best solution. The only way to accept an insult is to ignore it. If we do feel like there’s any truth in the insult, make the decision to only take the information that’s helpful to our growth. Then, ignore the rest. Keep calm and control the anger in ourselves. Its our choice whether or not to take it, laugh it off and keep it moving. Quickly forgive and move on.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this profound teachings.

  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jan 24. 2022 03:28 PM
    Buddha, born with the name Siddhartha Gautama, was a teacher, philosopher and spiritual leader who is considered the founder of Buddhism. Born as a prince , gave up everything to become a monk . Saw the outside palace for the first time. Met an old man, a sick person, a corpse being carried to cremation, and a monk in meditation beneath a tree. He had a traumatic encounter with suffering and pain life made him decided to leave behind a Palace life to comprehend the nature of sufferings. Wonderful video to watch.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing

  • Samfoonheei
    Monday, Jan 24. 2022 03:27 PM
    Thank you Joy for this sharing of Rinpoche with us . Through reading this post we have a better understanding of Rinpoche. Inspecting the cleanliness of altar and the surrounding of homes is more or unless teachings or training us . With the right motivation and attitude, when we invoke daily doing our sadhana, it becomes easy to collect merits an offering to the Buddhas. Rinpoche extended all the way out, teaching the Dharma as well as seeing students living conditions and welfare. We are so fortunate to have Rinpoche as our teacher who cares more than Rinpoche himself.
    Thank you Rinpoche , may Rinpoche have a swift return , continue turning the wheel of Dharma.

  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 19. 2022 03:01 PM
    Wangze is an emanation of Manjushri as an enlightened being, will assist us when we are having to face difficult situations or dealing with difficult people . With a good motivation and right visualisation, Wangze’s practice will remove our obstacles and purify our negative karma. Relying Wangze with trust will assists us to exert control over our own minds our words transforming difficult situations into opportunities.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing of a powerful practice.

  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 19. 2022 02:56 PM
    Lama Thubten Phurbu is a well-known and learned Gelug lama and an outspoken Dorje Shugden practitioner who has beneficiated many in Tibet, China and the west as well. He travels occasionally to the West, India and Nepal to give teachings on Lama Tsongkhapa’s precious lineage as well as Dorje Shugden’s practice. A prominent Gelug lama, is at the forefront of spreading Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition, giving teachings on Lamrim and mind transformation in order to propagate Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings. He even spoke against the Tibetan Leadership ban on Dorje Shugden in Tibet and the harm instigated against Dorje Shugden practitioners. Interesting read of a great Lama.
    Thank you Rinpoche foe this sharing.

  • Samfoonheei
    Wednesday, Jan 19. 2022 02:54 PM
    Watched this powerful, heartfelt and painful video again . Earthlings is a American documentary film about humanity’s use of other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research. There is a strong and insightful message in this documentary film which took SIX years to make. Not an easy task after all but managed to obtain through hidden camera. More people will be aware of those sufferings of those kill for the human greed exploitation of animals. It also shed light the truth the very truth of the sufferings of those innocent been exploited. Interesting read and great video to watch.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.

  • Samfoonheei
    Sunday, Jan 16. 2022 02:23 PM
    Spirits do exist due to their karmic retribution for their greed, selfishness, and jealousy while they were alive. Buddhist scriptures describe spirits as beings which could manifest in many dimensions, and varies forms. Some spirits are harmful and some spirits are neutral , never get involve with them. We could do prayers and dedicate to them. There are many methods we can invoke upon to protect ourselves, for example relying upon the Dharma Protectors Trakze . Watching the interesting video again about this Bryn Athyn spirit . As described by witnesses Jeremy, Kristin and Michelle how it appeared and disappeared, that glided across the field in a dark appearance. Interesting watch.
    Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing.


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