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Introduction to the Four Noble Truths

Jan 24, 2021
Introduction to the Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths (Tibetan: Pakpei Denpa Shi, Sanskrit: Catvari Arya Satyani) form the utmost foundation of the Buddhist faith. In fact, every other Buddhist teaching is based upon these truths, because they form the framework of how to practice. These truths were first expounded by the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, also known as Gautama...

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Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s Explosive Special Message

Mar 9, 2018
Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s Explosive Special Message

This special message from Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje was played during the 35th Kagyu Monlam festivities held in Bodhgaya, India. While this is not unusual, the meaning behind his message was. The Karmapa is the highest incarnate lama and the head of the Karma Kagyu sub-sect of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism; and...

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Dorje Shugden Videos in Indonesian and Nepali

Dec 25, 2017
Dorje Shugden Videos in Indonesian and Nepali

Language is a tool for communication, but it can also be a barrier to one who wishes to learn the Dharma if the teachings are not in a language he or she understands. Many people around the world need the Dharma and need the assistance and blessings of the Great Protector Dorje Shugden but...

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Why Accepting Dorje Shugden Is Good for Tibetan Democracy

Nov 4, 2017
Thank you everyone for giving me the opportunity to speak about a topic that deeply concerns me which is Dorje Shugden, and how acceptance of his practice is one of the keys for unity in the Tibetan community.

Dear friends around the world, As some of you may already know, I am part-Mongolian and part-Tibetan. My father was Tibetan, as were my gurus, monastic and lay friends, and many people whom I regard as important. And so I identify very much with the Tibetan people and when I see them suffer, I...

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Rinpoche dalam TV Nasional Istimewa Hari Wesak!

May 8, 2017
Rinpoche dalam TV Nasional Istimewa Hari Wesak!

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche muncul sebagai tetamu utama dalam program “Hari Tersuci Agama Buddha” di TV2 Nasional pada Hari Wesak 2013. Rinpoche diundang oleh TV2 untuk mendapatkan pendapat beliau berkenaan Hari Wesak. Mereka inginkan segmen ini sebagai sebahagian daripada dokumentari Hari Wesak Istimewa di TV2. Selain daripada Tsem Rinpoche yang mewakili tradisi Vajrayana di Malaysia...

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May 8, 2017


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Starting On Vajra Yogini NOW! | 今天就开始修习金刚瑜伽母

Oct 31, 2016
Starting On Vajra Yogini NOW! | 今天就开始修习金刚瑜伽母

(译文请往下阅读) (By Tsem Rinpoche) Oct 28, 2012 The best anyone can do if not enlightenment for now, is to gain mastery over taking rebirth coupled with developing Three Principle Paths. Where you want to take rebirth can be determined by yourself if you practice the sacred Vajra Yogini Tantra thoroughly. Start now before you are awarded the Vajra Yogini empowerment by: Holding vows and commitments Be honourable and have integrity Whatever work or practices you’ve been assigned, do it diligently and happily Develop contemplations on the good qualitie...

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Buddha At First Sight

Dec 17, 2015

  Transcript of the video (lightly edited by the blog team) Tashi delek His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and my fellow friends, My name is Jacky Lee and I am from Johor Bahru. Maybe Rinpoche is not familiar with me but, humbly, I am one of the participants that got approval/permission from Rinpoche to invite home...

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Nov 3, 2014

  (中文翻译, 请按此.) (Jan 18, 2014) Dear students and friends from all around the world, About a month ago, I gave an assignment to a few of my students to come up with 1-minute videos about Kechara’s services and very wonderful products. 3 teams were selected to create promotional videos for our Kechara restaurant (Kechara Oasis), our Dharma stores (Kechara Paradise), and our publishing house for Kechara books (Kechara Media & Publications). It was the first time any of them produced professional promotional videos… and I am ver...

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Facebook Answered: Vajrayogini’s Sacred Initiation

Jan 1, 2014
Facebook Answered: Vajrayogini’s Sacred Initiation

(By Tsem Rinpoche) I would like to share with you the transcript about a talk I did on Vajrayogini in response to the Facebook question: What are the Commitments After Receiving Vajrayogini's Sacred Initiation.

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Treadmill Offering

Jul 6, 2013
Treadmill Offering

I wanted to share with you this touching gift that I received just a week ago. As everyone knows, many people are always expressing concerns about my health due to my weight and always encourage me to do some light exercise to keep healthy...

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BBC: The Lost World Of Tibet

Nov 12, 2012
BBC: The Lost World Of Tibet

Dear friends, You have to watch this very interesting and extremely rare footage of a past time in Tibet. I was mesmerized and watched a few times. I love the part where they show His Holiness Dalai Lama going to Gaden. Also for debates examinations where you can see Trijang Rinpoche/Ling Rinpoche sitting by...

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Baby Jane parody

Sep 27, 2012
Baby Jane parody

  The original Baby Jane clip Dear friends, I have always enjoyed the acting of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. They are some of my favorites. As they aged, it was harder for them to find acting roles as they did when they were in their heyday. But yet, they were world famous and...

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Blog-Man Celebrates 1,000,000 views!

Jan 5, 2012
Blog-Man Celebrates 1,000,000 views!

When this blog hit 1,000,000 views, Blog-Man found something to celebrate about! Watch him in his tight suit planking all over KL… perhaps we’ll see him again when the blog hits 2,000,000 million views?  Very cute and well done. I am sure everyone out there will enjoy this very creative video my blog team...

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A beautiful video from Jill Carroll

Dec 19, 2011
A beautiful video from Jill Carroll

A few months ago, Jill Carroll contacted me. During that time, she was dealing with the loss of her beloved dog, and just like everyone else who has lost a loved one... she found it hard to deal with the situation. I video-recorded a message and gave her some teachings on Medicine Buddha's practice...

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Dear blog friends,

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