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The Lochness Monster of Alaska

Aug 8, 2021
The Lochness Monster of Alaska

One of my students sent me an email regarding the appearance of another sea monster. This time the sighting is in Alaska...

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Flatwoods Monster: Close Encounter of the Third Kind?

Nov 25, 2017
Flatwoods Monster: Close Encounter of the Third Kind?

If you were in Flatwoods in Braxton Country, West Virginia around September 1952, chances are you would have been caught up in the hype surrounding the first sighting of an unknown creature. Back in 1952, the town of Flatwoods was practically unknown. Hence, the media of the time opted to name the controversial creature...

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The Eerie Enigma of the Mothman

Oct 25, 2017
The Eerie Enigma of the Mothman

A terrifying man-bird hybrid of sorts with glowing red eyes. That is the common description of the creature christened “The Mothman” by the press, named after a character from the popular Batman television series. Since its first reported sighting back in 1966, many subsequent reports and wild speculations have ensued. However, conclusive photographic evidence...

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Creepy Tales of the Lizard Man

Sep 20, 2017
Creepy Tales of the Lizard Man

The mere mention of the Lizard Man conjures creepy images of mutant-like humanoid reptilians. Interestingly, despite possible disapproval from the grammar police, the term “Lizard Man” is used interchangeably to refer to a broad spectrum of bipedal hominid-like reptilian creatures (sometimes also referred to as “Homo-subterreptus) instead of just one specific cryptid. Thus, reported...

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Werewolves: The Shapeshifters

Apr 27, 2017
Werewolves: The Shapeshifters

Commonly associated with the full moon and silver bullets, lycanthropes or werewolves are said to be humans with a mysterious ability to morph into actual wolves or wolf-like creatures during the full moon. Whilst the former is easy to envisage, there is no conclusive consensus on the appearance of the latter, a mutated wolf...

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The Hidden Nature of Trolls

Apr 27, 2017
The Hidden Nature of Trolls

Long before trolls became synonymous with abhorrent pot-stirring sociopaths on the Internet, they were popularly known as mythical creatures who roamed the ancestral lands – mountains, forests, bridges, etc. Many parts of the world have tales of troll-like monsters deeply rooted in their culture but trolls are undeniably most prevalent in Scandinavian mythology and...

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The Balan-Balan

Apr 14, 2017
The Balan-Balan

My adventures in Sabah are kept alive in Kota Belud – a place where the natives are firm believers of paganism and the practice of dark magic since hundreds of years ago. According to the locals, the remote areas of this town were once infested by a type of spine-chilling creature known as the...

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The Legend of “Nessie”, the Loch Ness Monster

Apr 10, 2017
The Legend of “Nessie”, the Loch Ness Monster

Of all the monsters in the world, one creature outshines them all. None are more notorious than the beast that is said to inhabit Scotland’s Loch Ness. In fact, it is so well known that it has been affectionately given the moniker “Nessie” . Some dismiss Nessie as a myth while others firmly maintain its...

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The Beast of Bray Road

Mar 15, 2017
The Beast of Bray Road

The Beast of Bray Road is an American mystery creature or cryptid (from the Greek word ‘crypto’, meaning ‘hidden’) which, according to sighting reports, has the appearance of a large wolf, dog, or bear with the ability to stand upright on its hind legs like a biped. Often referred to as the American werewolf...

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The Curse of Otzi, the Iceman

Mar 7, 2017
The Curse of Otzi, the Iceman

When Helmut Simon and his wife, Erika, stumbled upon an odd sight during their hike of the Ötztal Alps on the Austrian-Italian border in September 1991, they chalked it up to being the remains of a lost mountaineer. They had come across the mummified corpse of a person half-entombed in the ice at an...

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Ogopogo: The Canadian Water Dragon

Feb 20, 2017
Ogopogo: The Canadian Water Dragon

The name Ogopogo is perhaps the most unlikely designation for a mysterious creature that continues to divide opinion on whether it actually exists. Ogopogo is the popular name for a lake monster or a huge water snake in Canadian Native American folklore, said to reside in the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. Known as...

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Tales of the Mystical Firebird

Dec 28, 2016
Tales of the Mystical Firebird

Since ancient times, there has been much fascination with bird-like creatures because of their ability to fly and their freedom to go where mere mortals cannot, at least until the advent of modern technology. Their mystery and seasonal disappearances also add to their allure. It is no wonder then that the Firebird continues to...

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Mysteries of the Goatman

Dec 25, 2016
Mysteries of the Goatman

Half goat, half man. A cryptid dubbed the “Goatman” has, over the years, easily become one of the most horrifying and mysterious creatures in the United States of America. Amongst the list of eerie and sometimes violent incidences that have been attributed to the Goatman are reports of animal mutilation, property destruction, ravaging of...

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Can you believe in this?

Jan 11, 2014
Can you believe in this?

I have always had an interest in mythology and folklore... about mysterious occurrences or beings that were described in books, or from stories shared by our family and friends...

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